VIP Fitness Video: Watch Us Try A Barretoned Class

Ballet is a lot tougher than what it looks! This may be why a new fitness craze is sweeping celebrity land – the ballet barre class. If you haven’t heard of it yet than get with the program because so many stars in New York and LA have been tweeting or instagramming statuses of how they are doing it…and then showing off about the results.

Slowly but surely the craze is coming to the UK and one of the specialist studios in London for it is Barretoned. I went along to show you what it’s really like inside a class and what an amazing figure you can get from it if the long, lean torsos of the teachers are anything to go by.

If you like what you see, visit the Barretoned website or follow them on Twitter @Barretoned

PS I’ll bring you a new Get a VIP Body video every week so come back every Friday…watch and enjoy!

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