Video: Lady Gaga’s London Gig Rehearsal

Lady Gaga’s London gig was streamed live last night on iTunes – did you see it? If not, you need to follow me on Twitter (@zoegriffin) as I did tell you in advance.

Or you could listen to it again below…In fact, listen to it as you read this post to relive the vibe!


The gig, which took place in Camden’s Roundhouse, was INSANE! It was about an hour of crazy dance routines and brand new material from Gaga, all of which is taken from her new album #ARTPOP, which will be released on 11 November.

But because we can never have enough Mother Monster and because the Live Like a VIP team are fascinated to see what she looks like au naturel, we were excited to see some photos and video she posted on her website and YouTube before the gig, showing what her preparations were like. I take it it must have been pretty hot and sweaty as she wore her underwear instead of clothes!



With her hair swept up into a messy bun (and none of the weird seashells or extensions we saw recently) Gaga and her dances ran through the moves for the key tracks. In the photos above and below, they’re doing a song called MANiCURE.



We’ve also got a video for MANiCURE, which you can see below. It sounded a lot better on the night, but Gaga didn’t want to give away too much in advance. Just enough to get people interested…and then make them confused and wanting more.

What did you think? Crazy, right? In Spetember, there will be live music on iTunes every night from different artists. Make sure you visit the iTunes store on your Mac or download the App for your phone for the latest schedule.

Just make sure if you end up dancing round your living room to the gigs, you delete any photos that have you looking like this:






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