Monday’s Scorching Hot Wireless Gossip

It was the biggest event of the weekend! The Wireless Festival took over Queen Elizabeth Park in Stratford, with A’lister after A’lister taking to the stage while crowds got drunk, got sunburned, and stripped off. Yes, really. Aside from the awesome live music, my highlight was the fact that so many men were walking around shirtless. Yum!! I wish I took some photos of that although admittedly not everyone had the nicest bodies.

Anyway…you’ve come to this blog because you want to see what the VIPs got up to so let’s get on with it, yeah? Here’s a round up of the best performances of the weekend. The ultimate was Sunday night when Rihanna joined Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake on stage. Not sure what the beany hat was about, not suitable for one of the hottest days of the year, but I did like her skirt. Sexual!


The other best bits were:

(1) Jay-Z – Mr Carter performed EVERY DAY of the festival. On Friday he came out during Justin Timberlake’s set, on Saturday he headlined and on Sunday he did a duet with Justin. Every night was AMAZING


(2) Rita Ora – Rita also did multiple performances. She came out during Snoop Lion’s performance as well as giving everyone a headache with a bright outfit for her own set


(3) Justin Timberlake’s girlfriend Jessica Biel was spotted photographing her man from the side of the stage while the ever-everywhere Rita Ora joined her


Justin looked gorgeous for his solo set on Friday. He then joined Jay on Saturday night and the pair duetted on Sunday. Hat trick for Justin Timberlake too!


(4) Emeli Sande looked cute in a polka dot jumpsuit. Her voice just blows my mind


(5) Snoop Lion oozed swagger and cool as he rapped his way round the stage. Although I did think he’s getting really skinny now. What do you think?



(6) Trey Songz just looked FIT! I never really realised that before…


(7) Mind you Kes$ha probably won the prize for skimpiest outfit. She’s starting to go a bit Lady Gaga on us, I think.


That’s all for now I’m afraid. The Wireless festival was sponsored by Yahoo this year so if you want more goss check out the Yahoo OMG! website

Have a good Monday and rest assured that we will be back tomorrow morning with some more celebrity goss for you 🙂

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