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Good morning everyone! Do you want to know the latest celeb gossip? Well, we have found the juiciest and most exciting gossip for you today. We have news on Henry Cavill’s possible new lover, Justin Bieber’s new car design, Megan Fox’s rumoured hair disaster and more!

First though, I thought I wanted to let you know what Simon Cowell bought Cheryl Cole for her birthday. We saw in the ‘Celeb Gossip’ yesterday that Cheryl had a £50,000 birthday bash in Las Vegas but I didn’t mention presents and of course, we’re all interested in what someone like Cheryl gets treated to on her birthday. So, what did Simon get her? Well, unusually he bought her a land deed which gives her a ‘Lady’ title! What do you think of this gift?  Let us know by tweeting @zoegriffin.


land deed

Henry Cavil, Man of Steel actor, is apparently dating The Big Bang Theory star . The pair are keeping their relationship quiet at the moment but Kaley did drop a hint recently by tweeting “Everyone go see man of steel.Kaley Cuoco It’s fantastic in every single way,” with a photo of herself staring admiringly at Henry on the film’s poster, showing support for her new man. Do you think Henry and Kaley make a cute couple? Let us know by tweeting @zoegriffin.

henry cavil

Justin Bieber is one of the most talked about celebs but what has he done this time to get us talking about him? Well, he has had his £125,000 Audi R8 painted with leopard spots, yes, you read correctly…leopard spots! Would you get this done?

bieber 1

bieber 2

Poor Megan Fox has had a hair disaster – her hair has reportedly been falling out in massive clumps after a dye-do went wrong. A source said “she was hysterically bawling in the salon” and we can’t blame her if this is true.

megan fox

The Wanted’s Max George and TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh have been seen cosying up to each other at a nightclub – will this be the start of a relationship? Well, we’re not sure just yet but they did look very close after The Wanted had performed at London’s G-A-Y club. It’s all a bit strange when you think Max’s ex fiancé Michelle Keegan is now dating Lucy’s former flame Mark Wright – love square right there. What do you think of Max and Lucy, perfect match or disaster waiting to happen?

lucy towie

max wanted

Lastly, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s wedding is one we are all looking forward to – we wish we could get an invite! But talking of invites, Angelina has apparently banned Brad from inviting certain people, people she considers a “bad influence.” These are: Quentin Tarentino, Jonah Hill and Philip Seymour Hoffman. I wonder how they will all react?

angelina and brad

Well I hope you have all enjoyed today’s gossip – there sure has been a lot to take in. Make sure you check tomorrow for all the latest gossip, as we will always keep you informed with the best, juiciest and exciting celeb gossip! 🙂

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