Stars in their bras or less: Featuring Natalie Martinez and Jake Gyllenhaal


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Hope you have all enjoyed your weekend – what have you been up to? Let us know by tweeting @zoegriffin – we love hearing from you. I’ve been busy preparing a new “Stars in their bras or less…” for you. Now, you might have noticed we didn’t do a “Stars in their bras or less…” last week and so we want to know if you missed our sexiest celebs of the day or not? Did you want something to spice up your day and were disappointed a new “Stars in their bras or less…” wasn’t up? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting @zoegriffin or emailing

With not having done a “Stars in their bras or less…” last week, I wanted to find extra sizzling hot celebs for you! Therefore, today’s sexiest female celeb is Natalie Martinez and the sexiest male is Jake Gyllenhaal.

Natalie Martinez is an overnight sensation, literally. She proves to us all that dreams come true as she beat 5,000 hopefuls to become the national spokesmodel for the one and only J-Lo (the world’s most famous Latino). As a result, her face sprung up on billboards and advertisements all over the world. It was Natalie’s mother that actually suggested she audition for J-Lo’s nationwide search for her clothing line ‘Spokesmodel’ – so it does pay to listen to your mother sometimes!

n 1

Wouldn’t every girl love a bum that looked this good? Super jealous!

n 2

n 3

Natalie is the full package – everything about her screams sexy (these sizzling hot photos help!). Her figure may not be a Beyoncé or a J-Lo but her gentle curves and exquisite symmetry go together perfectly and she looks beautiful (a figure most woman would die for). She is one smoking hot Cubana!

n 7

n 5

Since becoming the national spokesmodel for J-Lo her career has taken off and so you may also recognise Natalie from CSI: New York, Broken City or End of Watch. With a face and figure like hers though, she was bound to end up in the limelight.

n 6

n 9

I think she rightly deserves to be crowned our sexiest female celeb of the day with her stunning good looks and sexy figure that I know most make all the guys go crazy.

Now for sexiest male of the day . . . Jake Gyllenhaal. I’ve had a crush on Jake since I can remember, I am sure many of you feel the same. He just looks like the perfect guy – he’s attractive with unique features: huge blue eyes and sexy smile which captures any girl’s attention. He also doesn’t mind taking his clothes off (as you can see from these photos) and we’re definitely not complaining.

j 1

Another reason he is our sexiest male celeb of the day is because of his role in Love and other drugs – if you haven’t seen it already make sure you go and check it out. He couldn’t get any hotter in it. In the beginning of the film he plays a womaniser (in real life he must have women falling at his feet all the time) but later on he befriends Maggie and their relationship develops (with a lot of sex!)

j 4

Not only do we love Jake for his physique but also his acting ability. Born to a producer and screenwriter mum as well as his dad being a director, Jake was raised to be a good quality actor alongside his elder sister Maggie. He first came to our screens when he was 20 years old with his riveting performance in “Donnie Darko.” Since then he has gone on to star in numerous films including; End of Watch, Source Code, Jarhead, Prince of Persia, Brokeback Mountain and Zodiac. So if you’ve fallen in love with Jake, like we have, there are endless films you can watch him in and drool over.

j 2

What’s even more appealing about Jake is his sense of humour – for example, whilst promoting Prince of Persia he told AskMen ” I’d like to say my abs have been a little upset actually that they have been covered by suits and shirts for most of the publicity of this movie so…thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about them. I don’t know where I would be without them.”

Well I hope you have enjoyed “Stars in their bras or less…” today, if you have please do let us know by tweeting @zoegriffin or emailing Let us know if you missed it or not last week as we love hearing from you all. Also, if you have any suggestions for our sexiest celebs then do let us know 🙂


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