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Hey everyone, we’ve made it to the weekend! For some the weekend has already started as they’re at the Glastonbury festival – are you jell? To be honest, I’m not as I’d rather be at a glam nightclub in London swigging Champagne than sitting in a tent. The two sexiest Davids in the world are just like me. David Gandy took his girlfriend Samantha to Elton’s decadent White Tie and Tiara while David Beckham attended the glitzy launch of a new Breitling shop in London. More of that later…

If you are in the Glasto mood I guess a lot people are doing the glam-ping thing. Wayne Rooney and Colleen are an example of that. They took a helicopter to Glasto with all their best mates. That’s definitely the way to travel! Here’s a photo Wayne’s sister Claire posted on Twitter:


For the best gossip about what is going on over the weekend go to the Glastonbury area of the BBC website here!

Over in New York, I have a story that will melt your heart. Check out this photo of Adele showing off her new baby Angelo at New York city zoo:


Awwwww! See more cute pics here. WARNING: It could make you broody.

Last night in London, John Travolta opened a Breitling watch shop on London’s Regent Street. David Beckham showed up and looked HOT!!! See more photos here but here’s one for now. See what I mean?


It was Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball and I thought Uma Thurman looked the best.


It wasn’t as amazingly star-studded as it has been in previous years. See who attended here.

There was an F1 ball at the Hurlingham club at Spencer Matthews from Made in Chelsea attended with a random blonde. It’s such a shame! I though he and ex girlfriend Lucy Watson were such a cute couple. Get more gossip here Spencer is so cheeky!


And finally, Zayn Malik got the worst tattoo ever! Get the full story here but here is a sneak preview. It’s his now-girlfriend Perrie Edwards face. WHAT??????


Now go out and enjoy le weekend!

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