The latest craze: Snake-skin Manicures


At LLAVIP we always love to find out the latest and craziest beauty trends for you and this one is right up there…Jennifer Anniston has been getting snake-skin pedicures. Yes you read correctly, snake-skin pedicures where dead snake-skin is placed on finger nails or toe nails for the ultimate luxury pedicure. However, Jennifer hasn’t actually used the real deal because her fiancé Justin Theroux, who has been a strict vegetarian for years, wouldn’t approve as he loves animals. Instead Jen uses a synthetic version which looks just as fabulous.

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This does sound like a very strange process to me but apparently the results are amazing. The real snake-skin manicure and pedicure are the hottest new trends overseas. Just to be clear – no snakes are hurt for this beauty process as real skin is used which has been naturally shed by a healthy snake.


Terri Silacci came up with the idea of using snake skin to actually create a whole new kind of manicure and pedicure. She has said “one snake’s trash is a toenail’s treasure.” The whole process takes about 2 hours as it is a very meticulous process – the snake-skin is hand cut to fit the shape and size of each nail and is placed between a thick layer of instant-drying gel base colour and a chip-resistant clear sealant. The manicure/ pedicure can last up to 3 weeks.



You could get a real snake-skin manicure or pedicure in the Hand and Foot Spa in Chelsea back in 2011 however, it’s popularity died down. Now with Jennifer Anniston re-sparking this trend in America, will we soon see this treatment available in the UK? I think so, as everyone in America, particularly New York, is going crazy for the snake-skin manicure.


Of course, this wacky and wild latest beauty trend comes with a hefty price tag – ranging from £150-300. Would you get a real snake-skin manicure or pedicure? How do you feel about snake skin being used as a nail effect? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting @zoegriffin or emailing

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