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We’re sure most of you have already been able to have a little peek at Channing and Jenna’s new baby girl (as you can see on the headline picture), Everly, who the couple debuted on Facebook this past Sunday. What do you think of her? We think she’s adorable. Also, find out the latest on Nigella Lawson and Saatchi’s row that has been making headlines since last week. Choking your wife is definitely not cool. And there’s some pretty hot pictures with Harry Style’s top off in Miami. Check it all out below- enjoy VIPs!



Channing Tatum and wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum debut their newborn little girl on Facebook for the first time on Father’s Day. An emotional Channing said: “Thank you everyone for all the loving messages! Chan, myself and Everly are happy as can be and appreciate them all.” Awe, find out what else the Hollywood couple said here.


When Nigella Lawson’s husband was caught doing, what appeared to be, chocking Nigella at a high-end Mayfair restaurant, fans caused uproar and fury. Nigella was also seen in tears when leaving the venue. Police have been involved since, but there is no word of an investigation taking place. Saatchi defended himself saying it was a ‘playful tiff”, but the latest news confirms that he has accepted a caution from the police. What do you make of it? Click here to find out what else he said. 


One Direction have wasted no time whilst being in Miami for their Take Me Home Tour and this picture of Harry and Niall is full proof. Since renting a 2 million yacht for much needed chill time, the band members decided to make a splash in their Miami hotel pool for a bit of fun and horsing around. To see a topless picture of Harry in Miami, click here. 


Will.i.am speaks out about last year’s Voice winner saying “the label company should be freaking embarrassed. Someone should be held accountable.” Ouch! Winner of The Voice 2012, Leanne Mitchell recently failed to reach the top 100 albums of the year, not to mention her fizzling debut single [that didn’t even make it to the top 40]. Click here to see what else was said. 


Britney is back again! And this time, its The Smurfs 2 theme song Ooh La La. When officially posting the video on YouTube she dedicated the song to her boys saying “For my two precious boys & the adorable #Smurfs… hope y’all love it as much as they do :)” What do you think? Click hereto watch.

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