Stars In Their Bras…Or Less: Featuring Zoe Saldana and Rob Wilson


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Hope you are well – the weather has unfortunately changed, it’s now cold and miserable, but have no fear as all of us at LLAVIP are going to heat things up for you. The photos coming up will get you all hot and flustered as it is time for “Stars in their bras or less…” again.

So far we have seen the Beckhams, Megan Fox, David Gandy, Kelly Brook, Cristiano Ronaldo, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Freddie Ljungberg all crowned our sexiest celebs of the day but who was your favourite?? Let us know by emailing or tweet @zoegriffin – we do love hearing from you!

So I am sure you are all wondering who will be crowned today’s sexiest celeb? Well *drumroll* today’s sexiest female celeb is: Zoe Saldana and our sexiest male celeb is: Rob Wilson.

Avatar’s Zoe Saldana definitely looks better without all the blue skin and CGI. She is a really naturally beautiful person – she’s got it all: gorgeous figure and stunning smile. She has the ability to turn a ‘meh’ runway look into something spectacular but we’re not interested in the runway look today, oh no, we want to spice up your day so we have some photos of Zoe that will get your hearts racing . . .

z 1

z 2


Zoe modelled for Calvin Klein proving sexy doesn’t have to be sleazy. The sultry, high-flying Avatar star gained this more down-to-earth role as the ‘face’ and ‘body’ of Calvin Klein’s underwear collection, ‘Underwear Envy,’ back in 2010 – Envy is definitely a feeling I get when I look at these photos. Not only did Zoe model for these shoots, she also featured in controversial moments of undress as she revealed A LOT of herself in three mini film commercials for ‘Envy.’

z 5


z 6


These photos are so cute and playful – she oozes sex appeal yet sophistication…she is one sexy lady! Also, I don’t know about you but I have body envy with that flat, toned stomach and gorgeous long legs.

z 4


z 7


z 8


Just as I thought there couldn’t be a hotter Calvin Klein underwear model than Eva Mendes, Zoe comes along. She looks slim and pretty as always – how do you like these shoots? Not only can she dress, as she’s demonstrated on the red carpet, but she can undress too, as proven in these shoots – and that’s why we have chosen her as our sexiest female celeb of the day.

Our sexiest male celeb of the day is Rob Wilson – yes, that one from “The Price is Right.” He became the first ever male model on “The Price is Right” and I am sure he got the viewings right up. Not only does he have a six pack but he is also making a move for gender equality so watch this space. He is quite young in the face (which I think is cute) but his body is amazing. He posed for a series of sexy shots wearing Calvin Klein, 2(x)ist, Puma and Spanx for Men International Jock so feast your eyes on these . . .

r 2

r 5


r 4


r 1


Yes, I know, it’s hard to not keep staring at these photos – he genuinely just looks irresistible with his clothes off. I feel bad I have only recently discovered how sexy Rob is – the guy poses in underwear so of course, he’s dreamy, but I had no idea just how much.

r 3


r 6

r 7

r 8

Well I hope you have enjoyed these sexy photos just as much as I have, if so, let us know by tweeting @zoegriffin or emailing  – as I said earlier, we always love to hear from you at LLAVIP. Let us know who’s been your sexiest celeb of the week, whose photos you have drooled over and who you want to see coming up next week in our “Stars in their bras or less…”?



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