Zoe Visits Perfect Eyelashes For Lashes Like Eva Longoria


Are you the girl (or know the girl) who reapplies make-up before her boyfriend wakes up so he thinks she’s naturally beautiful? Do you dread the gym because your make-up runs when you get sweaty? Then read on, my lovelies, I’m about to introduce you to a concept that is changing my life – eyelash extensions. In particular, the eyelashes expertly applied at Perfect Eyelashes. This is founder Agnes dos Santos with I’m A Celebrity star Jessica Jane Clement.


Lots of celebrities visit Perfect Eyelashes to extend their lashes naturally. In addition to Jessica Jane, Agnes and her team have beautified Lucy Watson and some of her Made in Chelsea friends  and they’ve done the lashes of gorgeous acid attack survivor Katie Piper. So I went in with a challenge…could they make me look like Eva Longoria? Or maybe Megan Fox?


Just like hair extensions, there is a lot of snobbery surrounding eyelashes. So before you have time to remember your own scary stories, I’m going straight in to show you the end result. How amazing is my transformation from stumpy and clumpy lashes on the left to a full set of flutters on the right? That really is me.

perfect-eyelashes-zoeAnd here’s a close up of one of the eyes, so you can really see the growth in length and volume.


So was it painful? This is the main complaint of most people who’ve had bad experiences with extensions. Either the glue is sticky and causes a burning sensation in the eye or the lashes themselves are heavy and painful as they weigh down the eyelid.

However, I knew immediately I was in good hands with Agnes, who told me she has been applying lashes for seven years. The visit started with a thorough consultation where she asked me what I wanted (glamorous, of course) and then showed me what I had to start with. The Perfect Eyelashes philosophy is that they work with what you have already so if you’re missing bits of lashes like I am on the ends, they won’t apply anything on the baby lashes as this will cause them to fall out. And if your own lashes are curly like mine then they won’t put on a heavy thickness as your own lashes won’t be able to handle them and again could fall off.

The 90-minute application felt as good as a massage as I laid on a bed and almost fell asleep. And when I woke it felt like a dream had come true as I saw my new eyelashes. I’m told they’ll last for eight weeks, although I may need a top-up after four. And as they are so good on my natural lashes, I can keep getting them done again and again without worrying about any damage to my natural lashes.

AND THE COST? Prices for a full-set of glamorous naturally light mink lashes start at £80 while a full-set of shinier, almost weightless diamond lashes start at £100. VISIT THE PERFECT LASH WEBSITE FOR FULL PRICING AND BOOKING DETAILS

As a single girl about town, I’m now off to put these lashes to good use…wink, wink 🙂

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