Get Whitney Port’s Summery Boho Hair

On the beauty front, the summer season is all about skin, with both bronzed make-up and facial SPF products being talked about non-stop. But what about the hair?! Whitney Port’s relaxed, beachy plaitted hairstyle has majorly inspired us to give our locks a bit of lovin’ as the weather warms up, so here’s a simple routine that’s been helping us channel Whitney’s look…

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1. Headmasters Miracle Repair SOS Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner: £4.49 each at

Despite being bleached blonde, Whitney’s hair always looks in great condition. The first step to healthy hair starts with your shampoo and conditioner and we’ve been loving the SOS Moisture range from exclusive hair salon brand Headmasters. They’re doing a really great job of keeping our locks smooth and shiny on a daily basis and are an absolute bargain!


2. Tangle Teezer hairbrush: £10.99 at Boots

Tangled, wet hair is an absolute nightmare, and spending half an hour raking through knotty hair on a hot day is just way too much effort. That’s why we insist every girl runs out to buy a Tangle Teezer immediately. Seriously, they’re that good. They’re safe to use on either wet or dry hair and make post-shower hair brushing so, so much easier with minimal damage. Less damage equals less breakage and longer, healthier hair, so you could be on your way to getting Whitney’s gorgeous locks sooner than you think. They’re also amazing for back-combing, as well as being the perfect size for popping in your handbag – hands down the best £10 we’ve ever spent!



3. Headmasters Miracle Repair Heat Defence Serum: £5.99 at

If you want your hair to look sleek in the sun, then a heat defence serum is essential before blow drying. We find they work much better than heat defence sprays, as you can really work them into the hair. The Heat Defence Serum from Headmasters is easily comparable to the infamous Kérastase Chroma Thermique, just without the hefty price tag, and leaves your hair feeling silky smooth. We’ve tried our fair share of hair serums, and really, this stuff is good. It prevents frizz (hugely important in warm weather) and tames flyaways, leaving our hair looking and feeling absolutely amazing!


4. V05 Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray: £3.49 at Boots

After blowdrying, hair can sometimes be left feeling a little too soft and fluffy (I know, we can’t win!) Tipping your head upside down before liberally spraying V05’s Dry Texturising Spray will leave you with tons of volume and texture whilst feeling like you have no product in your hair what-so-ever. This stuff creates the perfect base for a relaxed, side plait like Whitney’s; just let your layers fall down and loosely secure the plait at the bottom with a hair band – simple!


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