Celebrity Nail Art By Nazila Love Glamour

I think it was this photo of Rihanna that first got me into Nail Art. I loved the contrast between her masculine outfit of combat baseball cap and denim jacket and the super girliness of the nails. Animal print and crystals – so OTT but so fabulous!


Having nice nails is like having lovely lingerie – they perk you up just that little bit more. So when I received a press release saying that Nazila Love Glamour had opened a salon in London’s Westfield and they were leaders in 3D nail art, I wanted to visit straight away. Notice Rihanna has gems stuck to her nails? This makes it 3D as opposed to salons where they just do nail designs using variations in colours and no crystals (2D),

So how did it turn out? Let’s play a little game…spot my nails from the line-up of celebrity nails:


It’s hard isn’t it? Ok, here’s who the nails belong to:


Mine are top right! Below me is Vanessa White from The Saturdays, then it’s Zooey Deschanel, below is Amelia Lily and the main image is Frankie Sandiford from The Saturdays. I love mine so much that here is a close-up:


I think the images speak for themselves. And as it’s a gel manicure it will last between two to three weeks. The crystal bows on the striped nails are stuck on using glue that reacts with the LED light so they feel super secure and all this took just one hour, which passed quickly as I was able to people watch all the way through. The salon is in the huge Westfield London mall, located on the first floor (just by the large Oasis fashion shop) and very near an escalator so there is a constant stream of people walking past, from wealthy women in with designer handbags to teens still in their school uniform. Couples arguing, other couples kissing – I could have happily stayed for longer.

If you can’t get to Westfield, you can buy some false nails that have 3D embellishment on from the Nazila Love Glamour wesbite. (My favourites are the Zebra Glitz nails). But if you do go, please tweet me @zoegriffin showing me what colours you picked. They have so many colours and embellishments there must be a million permutations of what you can do to your nails!



PS Isn’t this cupcake gorgeous? It was custom made for Nazila Love Glamour by Cakes 1st (hence the N, L, G letters). Check out the Cakes 1st website as I can testify that they taste as good as they look!

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