The Worst Celebrity Beauty Blunders

Beauty posts here on Live Like a VIP usually give tips and tricks to help us all look red carpet ready. Whilst celebs usually look polished to perfection, it’s always nice to know that they have their beauty blunders just like the rest of us! So, here are a few of the worst make-up ‘mares we’ve ever come across and a bit of advice on how to avoid making the same mistakes…

1. Nicole Kidman and that loose powder


When we think of celeb beauty blunders, poor Nicole Kidman’s white, dusty face is the first image that comes to mind. We’ve done a bit of digging and have discovered that Make Up Forever’s HD Powder is actually to blame here, with the ingredient silica being the problem. The name might have you believe that this is the perfect camera-ready powder, but that’s just not the case. The powder looks fine in real life, but once flash photography gets involved you’ll get the same nasty surprise Nicole did. This is most definitely a product to avoid if you’re ever lucky enough to be stood in front of the paps (or just happen to fall victim to snap happy friends on a night out).

2. Catherine Zeta Jones’ Terrifying Tan


Five years on and we still haven’t quite got over Catherine Zeta Jones’ bronzer blunder. Shimmery, orange-toned powder applied all over the face is never, ever a good idea. Shimmer should always be reserved for the high points of the face that would naturally catch the light (e.g. the brow bone and tops of cheekbones). As demonstrated by Catherine, when applied anywhere else it sinks into the pores, accentuating them and creating anything but a flawless finish. Always keep your bronzer matte and add shimmer with a highlighter!

3. Amy Childs’ Clown Face


We all know that you should focus on the eyes or the lips when it comes to bold make-up. Whilst some can get away with rocking both, Amy Childs is unfortunately not one of those people, especially when a garish blusher is also thrown in for good measure. The effect is rather scary and could easily pass for clown make-up. So, the rule is simple, listen to your mum when she says don’t mix a bold lip with a smoky eye, or you’ll live to regret it!

And for some, there are just no words…



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