The British Soap Awards 2013!

So the British Soap Awards were held in Manchester yesterday and as usual members of the soap world turned out in force in a flurry of glitter, sky-high heels and big hair. As award shows go, it isn’t exactly known for being the classiest of affairs which makes my job as a writer a whole lot more fun. For your enjoyment, here are my best and worst looks of the night!

Brooke Vincent (Corrie): Opting for blazer and trouser combo instead of a dress, white can often look cheap and nasty on the wrong person but with her flawlessly pale complexion she just about pulls it off. She also did the right thing and broke the outfit up with a black bag and sandals, black nails and vampy red lips.

Brooke Vincent

Charley Webb (Emmerdale): This outfit is like fashionable marmite, you’re either gona love it or hate it. Personally I love it! The top knot and punky make up really add to the gothic vibe and the detailing and embellishments on the matching crop top and maxi skirt are just beautiful.

Charley Webb

Chelsea Halfpenny (Emmerdale): Her orange t-shirt dress is a sure head turner and compliments her tan but is rather basic compared to some of her red carpet cohorts. However, she adds a rocky edge to the ensemble with a fishtail plait, black purse and black buckled boots. I kinda love it!

Chelsea Halfpenny

Diane Keen (Doctors): Oh man! The dress, the shoes, the bag, it’s all just awful! I know she’s a lady of a certain age but that’s no excuse (look at Helen Mirren). The cut of the dress is totally wrong for her figure and the ruching on her chest is horrendous. I’d have loved to have seen her in something long and flowing with capped sleeves. Sigh.

Diane Keen

Diane Parish (Eastenders): Another Diane, another terrible outfit. I honestly don’t know what makes middle aged women decide to dress like they’re still in their twenties because honestly, it makes them look even older. And, this outfit is so hideous that even someone in their twenties would turn their nose up at it. Plunging neckline, thigh-high split? Put it away!

Diane Parish

Gemma Merna (Hollyoaks): Nude paneling is so in right now and this is a daring ensemble to say the least but Gemma pulls it off with style.  I’m not sure about the lace trim along the boddice and I would have liked to have seen it without the sleeve. Her top knot is also slightly harsh (no croydon facelifts please) so next time she should go for a softer hairstyle. Just saying.

Gemma Merna

Hetti Bywater (Eastenders): I won’t lie, she looks stunning! Exactly how a young actress should look. The black gown is classy and fits her small frame perfectly but the peekaboo slit adds a sexy edge without being too erm slutty? Top marks!

Hetti Bywater

Jennifer Metcalfe (Hollyoaks): Another white blazer comes courtesy of Hollyoaks babe Jennifer Metcalfe. Is it just me or is she totally bra-less? I think we all know the answer but I don’t blame her. She needed to do something to spice up her skinny trouser and black heel ensemble and she about managed it. Just!

Jenifer Metcalfe

Jessie Wallace (Eastenders): Oh Jessie this outfit is so tragic I don’t really know where to start. To say she’s been an on/off soap actress for over 10 years she should really know better! Sack your stylist now or appoint one quickly, whichever one applies!

Jessie Wallace

Jorgie Porter (Hollyoaks): The sexiest woman nominee rocks the Grecian goddess look with absolute ease. It’s not hard to see why she was nominated in that category, easily one of the best dressed of the night!

Jorgie Porter

Kym Lomas (Corrie): Personally, I’m not blown away by the dress but it’s definitely not the worst of the night. The neckline doesn’t suit her athletic frame and aside from the sparkle, it’s all just very underwhelming.

Kym Lomas

Michelle Keegan (Corrie): The dress is spectacularly made and fit her very well. However, the colour is slightly blah and her usually coiffed hair looks flat and greasy but maybe she didn’t have time since she hasn’t let go of Mark Wright since it was confirmed they were dating. Oh and I’m glad too see she’s toned the tan for once. Good girl.

Michelle Keegan

Nikki Sanderson (Hollyoaks): This outfit confuses me. To her knees it’s beautiful. However, she doesn’t seem to have noticed that someone has made off with the bottom half of her skirt and is just smiling like she doesn’t realise her underskirt is on show. My advice is rip off the pointless material and carry on!

Nikki Sanderson

Rachel Bright (Eastenders): Her yellow ensemble definitely brings a touch of colour to the evening and her mismatched bag and shoes add a youthful touch, making her look a lot younger than her twenty-nine years.

Rachel Bright

Zoe Henry (Emmerdale): Doing the I’m a Little Teapot dance isn’t going to distract people from this train wreck of an outfit. A leopard print tie, yellow lace dress, black tights and clunky heels shouldn’t be allowed to be worn together in any circumstances. It’s actually giving me a migraine.

Zoe Henry

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