Get Alexa Chung’s Effortless Beachy Waves: Bumble And Bumble

There’s something appealing about that ‘I just rolled out of bed look’ that Alexa Chung loves to channel through her slightly dishevelled, textured hair. The irony is that achieving any kind of effortless look, whether that be with your make-up, hair or even clothing, often takes far more time and effort than going for a more polished finish.


Getting beachy, textured hair without actually having to visit a beach is a genius idea, but not a new one. There are so many sprays and waxes claiming to give that effortless, messy effect, yet it’s a struggle to find one that really does the job. Until now!


One celeb who manages to continuously perfect the look is Alexa Chung and we’ve managed to track down her secret: Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. Blow drying her hair after sprizting this through the lengths leaves her with that undone, messy and effortlessly textured hair that we’ve strived to achieve for years! We’ve also heard One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson is a fan of the Surf Spray and his hair stylist uses it to give a messy finish before he goes on stage – who would’ve thought?!


To get the Alexa look at home, apply a bit of hair oil first to reduce the risk of the salt spray drying the hair out (we love the Jenoris Pistachio Oil) and then spritz the Surf Spray through the lengths before moving onto the hair dryer. Rough dry your hair (without a hairbrush or comb) whilst gently scrunching it, and you’ll be left with textured ‘just stepped of the beach’ wavy locks.

Avoid brushing your hair for the best of the day, as this will fluff out the texture that the salt spray has created and ruin the effect. If you suffer from tangled tresses and the thought of not running a brush through your locks during the day fills you with dread, don’t worry. Bumble and Bumble sell a mini version of their Surf Spray, which is perfect for popping in your bag should you need to re-spritz whilst you’re on the go. It’s also a good option if you just wanted to give it a go, as at £8.50 it’s less than half the price of the full size version.

You can pick up Bumble and Bumble products in larger Boots stores, or from the Boots website. The full size retails at £20.50 (125ml), whilst the miniature (50ml) will set you back just £8.50. Other stockists include Space.NK, Liberty, John Lewis, Fenwick and Selfridges.

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