Outrageous Celebrity Beauty Treatments

Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Demi Moore and Angelina Jolie are some of the biggest A-listers with the craziest beauty regimes. Whilst we’re still trying to get to grips with the concept of the ‘fish pedicure’, celebrities are indulging in all sorts of weird and wonderful beauty treatments. Here are some of the most bizarre…


Jennifer Lopez and Madonna: The Human Placenta Facial

Yes, you read it right… human placenta. Well, a facial cream that uses human placenta to repair the signs of ageing, to be precise. Whilst most of us would probably feel queasy at the sight of such an ingredient on the back of our pot of moisturiser, apparently J.Lo and Madge swear by it! We have to say that both these ladies are looking fantastic for their age (who would’ve guessed J.Lo was 43?!) but we absolutely draw the line at a $1000 human placenta face cream. We’d rather grow old gracefully (and with that $1000 in our back pockets) thank you very much!


Demi Moore: Blood Sucking Leeches 

Much to our surprise, there are people in this world who are quite happy to hop into a bath tub full of blood sucking leeches all in the name of beauty. And would you believe it, the fabulous Demi Moore is one of them. Supposedly the treatment has cleansing benefits, and according to Demi, the leeches are ‘highly trained medical leeches’. We’re sceptical as to whether a leech could ever be ‘medically trained’, but it’s safe to say that Demi looks amazing for her age. Still, each to their own but this is still pushing the limits of alternative beauty therapy a bit too far for our liking, sorry!


 Angelina Jolie: The Caviar Facial

Finally, a crazy celebrity beauty treatment that doesn’t make us feel too nauseous! Angelina Jolie’s love for caviar facials makes her beauty indulgence seem tame compared to J.Lo, Madonna and Demi! Angelina’s said to be a big fan of La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Luxe Cream, which contains extracts of caviar to help nourish the skin. Thankfully, the fishy aroma has been left out of this little pot of moisturiser, meaning it’s actually feasible that we might consider letting it within 100 metres of our faces (which is more than can be said for the human placenta and the leeches!) Sadly, we probably will never get the opportunity to do so considering a pot of the Caviar Luxe Cream will set you back £278. Some things are just best left to the celebs…

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