Pamper Like Willow Smith With Lush’s Newest Products

Halle Berry, Jessica Biel, Willow Smith and even Jude Law have all publicly professed their love for Lush products, with little Willow even popping into the store in California to stock up on pampering treats for a girly sleepover… how cute?!


Us Brits are no strangers to the waft of sweet smelling bath bombs when walking past Lush stores on a weekend shopping spree either, and here at Live Like a VIP we can never resist popping in for a sneaky browse! When we heard Lush were reformulating their already fabulous lip balms and massage bars, we just had to give them a go. And guess what? We love them.


The lip balms come in tiny little screw lid pots that are perfect for popping in your handbag or even slipping in your jeans pocket if you’re having a low maintenance, lazy day. They come in four lovely scents: Lip Service, Honey Trap, None of my Beeswax and Whipstick. Honey Trap is definitely the pick of the bunch though. It’s described as a ‘white chocolate balm for vanilla-honey kisses’, but it smells exactly like mint humbugs… even better! All the lipbalms are 100% preservative free and are all colourless once applied, so they’re perfect for popping on under that beautifully matte but crazily drying lippie.


The massage bars have been reformulated with an aerated formula which means they melt onto the skin like a dream with zero dragging. These are best used when you’re fresh out of the shower or bath, as they glide onto warm skin beautifully leaving your skin nourished with super moisturising essential oils. We’ve been loving using the ‘From Dusk til’ Dawn’ scent during a weekend pamper session; it’s a blend of sweet wild orange and lemon oils which is supposed to awaken the senses but it’s actually really relaxing and luxurious!

Both the newly formulated lip balms (£5.50) and massage bars (£4.95 – £6.95) are available for you to get your mitts on at Lush stores now, or you could pop a few in your online basket at

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