Juicy Celebrity News- Thursday

Looks like the sun decided to return today (well, for most of us!). There’s nothing that can make this day better- with the exception of some celebrity gossip! Find out why Kim Kardashian’s face is smothered in blood and which celebrity couple have called it quits. Don’t forget to check out Kimberly Garner’s photoshoot in Barbados either, extremely sexy and a good reminder that summer is just around the corner. Yipee!

Thursday 14 March

Charlize Theron attends TOMS And Blake Mycoskie Host Dinner With Charlize Theron To Celebrate Collaboration to Africa Outreach Project at TOMS Flagship Store on February 22, 2013 in Venice, California.

South African native, Charlize Theron collaborates with TOMS to raise money for her charity, Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project. She says: “It’s incredible to see real change!” We want a pair! If you want to know more, click here.

lady-gaga-gold-wheelchair-terry-richardsonWe don’t expect anything less from Gaga. Lady Gaga, approached New York designer, Ken Borochov to design a 24-karat gold wheelchair following her hip surgery. Find out what she tweeted fans and what other features the wheelchair has.


Ne-Yo is being sued by his ex-girlfriend, Jessica White, over defamatory comments made in September’s VH1 special, Behind The Music. Jessica says she has lost work and has turned to financial aid due to his comments. She is also in ill health due to this. What’s the story behind this? Find out here and tell us what you think.


Many of you might have seen the pictures that have gone viral of Kim Kardashian with blood all over her face. Well don’t worry, she hasn’t been slaughtered! Kim had a ‘blood facial’- also know as a ‘vampire facial’ , which extracts blood from the patient and is re-injected into the patients face. She said she would never have it again after discovering how painful it was. We don’t blame here! More details on this story can be found here.

mileyA source said that Miley Cyprus and Liam Hemsworth are ‘very, very much apart’. Liam is spotted in Australia with his mum and friends, whilst Miley stays behind in LA. So are they together or not!? More news on this here.


It wasn’t long ago since we saw Made in Chelsea”s, Kimberly Garner, at Zoe Girffin’s VIP book launch party last month, but we now know what she’s been getting up to since! The gorgeous blondie was spotted in the Caribbean island of  Barbados taking some very sexy shots. Take a look at them here.

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