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Take a break and take some time-out from work. There’s no better way to relieve the stresses of work-life than catching up on the latest celebrity news. It’s always good to be ‘in the know’ about these things! What do we have for you today? We’ve got some cheerful news on weddings and some, not so cheerful news on break-ups (boo!). We’ve also got a Janet Jackson moment to share with you. Read on VIPs.

Wednesday 27 FEBRUARY


In the headlines today- Kerry Katona’s on stage nipple slip! During her reunion with Atomic Kitten at Hammersmith Apollo, Kerry made an obviously bad move, which caused her nip to pop out. You can’t really be too surprised, because her cleavage was up to her neck during the show! If you want to see more on this click here.


After one year of cuddling and kisses it was revealed yesterday that Michelle Williams and Jason Segel have split. Jason was the first man seen with Michelle Williams and her daughter, since Heath Ledger’s death in 2008. We hate break-ups!  Find out why it was called off here.


Since Just Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up late last year, its apparent that Bieber is already back in the ‘game’ with reports that he’s dating aspiring singer, Ella-Paige Roberts Clark. All these rumours were denied, but the pap caught Ella-Paige stopping by Bieber’s hotel after a night out on the town last night (hah!). Find out the details here.

Anne Hathaway apologises for ditching her Valentino dress. Anne makes a statement explaining why she made a last minute dress change before the Oscars. It was reported that someone was wearing a dress very similar on the night and she wanted to avoid this. It’s a shame, because her Valentino dress was stunning! And the only thing she got out of her pink Prada dress was the uproar of  her nipples (they even have their own Twitter account now!). Read her statement here.

Woo-hoo! We’re so happy for Jennifer Aniston and her fiance, Justin Theroux. The plans for the wedding are now underway and its expected to be the wedding of the year. Love this. All the juicy details are here.

Amy Winehouse’s ex-boyfriend, Blake Fielder, admits that he ‘regrets’ introducing her to heroin. He says he was there the first time Wino had the drug and he admittedly let her have some. It wasn’t long after she eventually died of alcohol poisoning in 2011. Find out exactly what was said here.

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