Video Report: Explore The Mayfair Hotel Bar


The Mayfair hotel is ALWAYS a celebrity hotspot. Not a day goes past without paparazzi outside waiting to catch a shot of the gorgeous people inside. Personally, it holds a special memory for me because it was where I first met Lady Gaga.

I go back a lot and I think I have worked my way through most of the cocktails on the menu but there are some new fashion inspired cocktails for a limited time only. All is explained in this video:

And if you want to try and create it at home this is how to do it:
The Red Stiletto

15 ml Stoli Raspberry

5 ml Cherry liqueur

5 ml raspberry pure

150 ml Duval LeRoy

Champagne glass garnish with raspberry,mint leaves and stir

The Peep Toe

65 ml Hennessy

25 ml creme de mure

5 ml lemon juice

5 ml gomme syrup

Martini glass garnish with cocktail cherry and orange twist on the stir


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