Mayfair Hotel Bar Buzz: London Fashion Week

The Mayfair Hotel is one of London’s best known celebrity hangouts. But why do people love it so much?

If you look at the video above you may start to see why. It is the official hotel of London Fashion Week so tons of beautiful people are around and sipping even more beautiful drinks. In fact, the cocktails look so stylish you almost don’t want to drink them!

Have you visited the Mayfair hotel bar? Are you planning a trip? Tell us about it on Twitter @zoegriffin – we love talking cocktails and nights out.

PS – If you liked the cocktails in the video above, we’re going to find out the recipe and update this post later today. They ARE tasty!

Zoe Griffin

Editor In Chief

Editor In Chief at Live Like A VIP. Author, Journalist & Copywriter. Often found with a glass of Champagne in hand!

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