Nicki Minaj Goes For Gold at Caesars Palace Party

The Live Like A VIP team have dress envy. It’s controversial and not everybody could pull it off, we know, but we do like the gold outfit Nicki Minaj wore in Las Vegas on New Years Eve. It’s important to start the year as you mean to go on and the singer clearly wants to have a rich, golden year…So do we!


Inspired by Ms Minaj’s style, we had a look round and found a very similar dress at Vestry Online for just £110. Single girls, this is an investment – you cannot fail to attract a man in this hot creation. Coupled up girls, show your man the dress and he’ll probably buy it for you to see you looking AMAZING:


If you want to step over your rivals and hot foot it to success this coming year then you need some seriously powerful shoes. We’ve seen some gold sparkly ones like Nicki wore in the ASOS sale.  They’re just £24 but buy quickly as they’re in the sale and won’t be around for long.


Are you going to join us in going for Gold this year? Even if you don’t do it with the outfit, do take charge of the year. 2013 is full of golden opportunities for us all, just open your eyes and look around.

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