Beauty Indulgence: Double Gloss Blow Dry

Double Gloss Blow Dry at Lisa Shephard’s Salon

Used by: Cheryl Cole, Adele and Beyonce are all fans of blow dried hair styles.

Where: Celebrity hair stylist Lisa Shephard offers a great double gloss blow dry at her salons. Check out her website to see where your closest salon is.

What happens: After having a thorough wash at the salon, your hair is sprayed with a light heat protector, which also smells amazing. It is then sectioned and blow-dried. The process is then repeated with cold air before the hair stylist uses a natural-bristle brush to brush throught your hair. You leave the salon with beautiful glossy hair which makes you look and feel amazing.

Cost: Prices start at £35 depending what else you have done to your hair. It is definitely the treatment to go for if you want big hair and need to be looking your best.


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