Budget Beauty Treat: Garra Rufa Fish Pedicure

Used by: A new fixation in the celebrity world, with stars including Jessica Simpson swearing by it.

Where: Salons all over London are introducing this new treatment, with the Aqua Sheko Fish Spa in Kensington a firm favourite. This is what it looks like inside Aqua Sheko – so stylish!

What happens: The idea of dipping your feet in a tank of fish for them to remove your dead skin is certainly not everyone’s idea of a luxuryspa treatment, myself included, so it is safe to say I was a little reluctant to try. However, after hearing the rave reviews and claims of baby soft feet as a result, I felt I owed my toes a break from the high heels and a trip to the tank.

After your feet are cleaned and any excess nail varnish removed (apparently this can kill the fish, so it is good idea to ensure your toes are varnish free), you are placed on a stool and instructed to place your feet slowly into the adjacent tank. You are told to keep your toes curled to avoid grabbing the fish in between them if you jump.

Instantly, the tiny black garra ruffa fish flock. Your dry skin to them is the chocolate to us – each to their own! The sensation is completely pain-free, more like a light tickling. It is best to think of it as just a pedicure, rather than nibbling, as this allows you to relax. Once I relaxed, I began to really enjoy the feeling.

Treatments are available for different time periods. I had a 20-minute session, and once the time was up my feet were rinsed and massaged with moisturiser. As bizzare as the whole experience is, the difference in my newly exfoliated feet was clear to see, from everything to soft heels and smooth cuticles around my toenails. The more sessions you have, the softer your feet become!

Cost: At Aqua Sheko a fish pedicure costs £45 or £30 for a 25 minute express fish pedicure and feet wash. However, keep an eye out for special offers.

Visit the Aqua Sheko website

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