Lucky’s Chocolate Honey Cakes And Brownies


Life’s stressful enough without having to make decisions like whether to treat yourself with a chocolate bar or a chocolate brownie. Why not have both?

And with the Lucky’s range of luxury cakes enrobed in chocolate you don’t even have to decide between milk or white chocolate as you can get white chocolate casing a moist mocha brownie. Coffee and chocolate – two of my favourite things.

The first bite is a satisfying block of white chocolate, creamy and not too sweet like some of the cheaper white chocolates on the market. As it’s 1cm thick, the quality of the chocolate is especially important and so it is rather lucky that Lucky’s don’t disappoint.

The second bite is when you get the mixture of moist cake and chocolate with the white chocolate providing a nice complement to the heady taste from the brownie. There’s such a flavour of explosion from the rich brownie infused with espresso, which is super moist given that it’s been encased (and maturing) in it’s own chocolate box.

And then it’s time to pick off some chocolate and then dip your finger into the brownie just to check how moist it is and lick your finger and have a chocolate kick on its own and WOW! (NOTE: do this alone or people will stare at you, or even worse – they may ask you for a bite)


Inspired by the fantastical world of Alice in Wonderland, there are six flavours in all with three creations in The Honey Time range, which is Valhrona chocolate enrobed spicy honey cake with a variety of fillings.

(1) Fancy Fudge – 60% cocoa dark chocolate cover and caramel filling (2) Nutty Delay – 35% cocoa white chocolate cover and Nutella filling (3) Sour Kick – 60% cocoa milk chocolate cover with apricot and bourbon filling

OR the mad-hatter bars (the best for chocaholics) are made from and encased in 70% Valhrona chocolate!

(1) Fruity Rhapsody – 60% dark chocolate cover with cranberries (2) Chunky Nutter – 40% milk chocolate cover with white chocolate and pecans  (3) Mocha Madness – 35% white chocolate cover with a hint of espresso

COST: £10 per cake, £59 per box of six. Available at Raoul’s Deli, 10 Clifton Road, London W9 1SZ (020 7289 6649); online at

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