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American Apparel’s controversial new ad:

American Apparel have never been known for boasting a wholesome image. In fact their clothing style has often been described as fashion porn with its series of skin tight leotards, lace all in ones and tight spandex ensembles.

But now the clothing label has caused uproar with their controversial new campaign. The company, who are experiencing severe financial difficulty, have released new adverts that have been accused of flashing too much skin.

In one photo, a young model named Eva is snapped showing stubble on her armpits and a slight nipple slip.

In another more controversial snap, a model is photographed completely topless painting her nails, amongst a room full of mannequins.

The adverts have been referred to as ‚Äúcreepy‚Äù, ‚Äútasteless‚Äù and ‚Äúoffensive‚Äù.  Whilst we were a tad surprised by the new snaps, it’s hardly the most shocking thing to have been produced in fashion. In our minds, the most offensive element is the armpit stubble. Shave much?

Kate Middleton loves TK Max:

Honestly, Kate Middleton is really growing on us. Shunning an array of designer outfits to pose for her official engagement snaps in a two year old blouse was the first inkling that despite her soon to be royal status, she’s a girl after our own hearts.

Now our love for Kate has been cemented further as a source claims that her favourite clothing store is none other than TK Max.

The high street chain known for selling designer clothes at discount prices and is one of our favourite haunts for picking up a cheeky bargain. But we would never have pegged Kate as a bargain bin shopper.

However, a source claimed:

“Believe it or not, Kate’s favourite shop in the U.K. is TK-Max.  She loves to shop for bargains, mixing and matching high street clothes and designer. She has a great eye for that.”

We admire your attitude to shopping Kate. As much as we’d like to think money wouldn’t change us, we know that if we were to ever be bestowed with your wealth, the sales advisors at Chanel would be facing one hell of a frenzied customer‚Ķ

Brit Awards trophy gets Westwood makeover:

After 34 years of service, the prestigious Brit Award trophy has finally been given a much needed makeover.

Whilst musical stars showcase the hottest trends at the Brit Awards ceremony, the trophy has been rocking the same tired look for almost 40 years.

First to take up the challenge was legendary fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. Such a symbol of British musical culture was always going to be in safe hands with the original British eccentric.

BRITs Chairman David Joseph said:

“Vivienne stands for all the things we want to inspire in tomorrow’s generation of artists. She continues to be unique, innovative, not to mention massively inspired by music and vice versa. We are honoured she accepted our offer of designing 2011’s trophy.”

Vivienne has channelled her fashion talent into environmental issues as of late and has expressed strong opinions over climate change. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the new trophy is emblazoned with the radical message, ‚ÄúStop! Climate change.‚Äù

Rocking a patriotic look, the new trophy dressed in a Union Jack print toga dress. It’s not yet known who will be in charge of the design for next year but Vivienne Westwood is a tough act to follow.

H&M reveal next collaboration:

Fresh from the manic frenzy that surrounded H&M’s stunning collaboration with Lanvin, the fashion chain have revealed their next venture with fashion blogger Elin Kling.

We’re so jealous – click here for more details

Victoria will show at New York Fashion week:

To further cement Victoria Beckham’s designer status, it’s been revealed that the star will show her autumn/winter collection at New York Fashion week this year.

What does that mean for London? Click here

Alexa Chung reveals her fashion faux pas past:

Whilst we’ve come to know Alexa Chung for her quirky sense of style and ability to look effortlessly stylish yet never overdone, the star reveals it hasn’t always been this way.

Find out exactly what she says here

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