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Suri Cruise gives fashion advice:

Suri Cruise has gained quite the reputation in the fashion industry for being a style conscious tot. Since a tender age, the child star has had a penchant for party dresses, cute handbags and even heels.

Speaking with US Elle magazine, Katie Holmes discusses her daughter’s eye for style.

‚ÄúShe’ll really tell me [what she thinks],‚Äù Katie says. ‚ÄúLike today I’m wearing brown suede pants, and she said, ‚ÄòI don’t like your pants.’

‚ÄúBut then she’ll say, ‚ÄòYou’ve got to wear these shoes.’ Or ‚ÄòThat’s so pretty, Mom. Wear that.’ She’s got a great eye,‚Äù.

Katie added that Suri has also developed quite a talent for shopping.

‚ÄúThe other day we came out of a store, and she said, ‚ÄòI want to go there,’ pointing at another store quite a distance away. In that store was the dress that she wanted.

I said, ‚ÄòWow, Suri. You’re something. You picked that out from a football field away.’‚Äù

Wow Suri, we could sure use your eye on a trip round Westfields, the crowds are bleeding manic.

Nicole Kidman knows nothing about fashion:

We might not call Nicole Kidman a style icon but we’ve certainly seen the actress tread the rep carpet in some amazing outfits.

Therefore, we were shocked when the Aussie star admitted she is not up to date with fashion. Speaking with Harper’s Bazaar, Nicole revealed that she’s more likely to dress for comfort than fashion and her style has not changed much over the past few years.

‚ÄúI like boy-girl looks. I have no sense of what’s fashionable; I just know what I like to wear,‚Äù she explained.

‚ÄúI don’t believe in something being in and out. I don’t like changing with the wind. I like sticking with my own self.‚Äù

You have millions of dollars and a multitude of designers lining up to dress you and you don’t enjoy fashion?! Oh Nicole.

Roland Mouret tells us to respect Mrs Beckham:

If you find yourself interviewing designer Roland Mouret (which admittedly is not a situation we imagine many of us to find ourselves in but go with it) you may want to steer clear of any questions that insinuate an involvement with Victoria Beckham’s collections.

Find out what he said to one journalist here

Kate Middleton gets the pop art treatment:

Tatler magazine have chosen Kate Middleton as their latest cover star. However, rather than asking the royal to be to pose for the cover, the magazine have taken an already existing image of Kate and transformed it into an Andy Warhol style piece of art.

More details here

Cheryl Cole talks fashion with Elle:

Cheryl graces the cover of February’s Elle and  spills the beans on her style.

See the behind the scenes footage below!

And find out more about the actual interview here

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