• Thursday Showbiz Round-Up!

    Happy Thursday VIPs! It’s nearly the end of the week- what has everyone got planned? No matter what make sure you stay up to date with all the latest showbiz gossip!

    Linda was left kissing Jim Davidson’s dust as he was crowned Celebrity Big Brother champion last night. Despite being up for nomination every week, Jim nabbed the support of the viewers from the beginning. The final 3 was an all male head to head race with Dappy coming in second and Ollie Locke third. Congratulation Jim- that was well deserved!

    Jim Davidson

    Emma Watson has turned into a high fashion model in her latest photo-shoot. As well as guest editing Wonderland Magazine for the February issue, she posed like a pro on not one, but two covers. She tweeted her efforts saying ‘Being an editor…Not totally easy eh?’

    Emma Watson

    Hugh Grant is now dad to baby number three- And apparently he welcomed his baby boy back in September 2012 following a relationship with Swedish TV producer Anna Elisabet Eberstein. What makes it a but unusual is that his other son Felix with Tinglan Hong was born three months later. Boy Hugh has been busy!

    Hugh Grant

    Siva from The Wanted has come forward and labelled Max George as ‘disappointing’ after he claimed that their personal lives were to blame for the band’s split. Siva’s relationship was seen in full view on their reality show ‘The Wanted Life’ where he regularly spent most of his time with his girlfriend Nareesha McCaffrey. Maybe there was some truth to what Max was saying?

    The Wanted

    Apparently Jennifer Lawrence has confessed to being obsessed with The Only Way is Essex. She refers to the reality show as ‘ridiculously amazing’. No doubt it was her British boyfriend Nicholas Hoult who introduced her to Britain’s pride and glory over the festive period. Who would have thought little ol’ Joey Essex would have a huge Hollywood star as a fan?


    Oprah is 60! Can you believe it? Apparently whilst planning her birthday party the guest list was getting out on control so she decided to cancel it and opted for a low key celebration instead. Whatever type of celebrations Oprah had, you can pretty much guarantee we would have loved to be there!


    Justin Bieber has many Beliebers that have his back no matter what. He also has a lot of people who dislike him- to the point they have signed their name on a petition to deport the singer back to Canada. Over 100,000 people have signed an official We The People petition which asks the White House to remove Justin from the US. Ouch! Will this be taken seriously? Only time will tell.

    Justin Bieber

    Whilst Justin Bieber seems to be going through a difficult time, his ex Selena Gomez couldn’t be happier- And apparently she is dating singer Austin Mahone who is only 17. Nothing has been confirmed yet but the pair where introduced by their mutual friend, Taylor Swift. They do make such a cute couple!

    Selena Gomez

    So do you think Selena is really seeing Austin and do you think the White House is really going to take notice of the Justin Bieber petition? Send your thoughts to @zoegriffin

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  • Thursday Showbiz Round-Up!

    Hi VIPs! How is everyone’s day so far? Here’s some showbiz gossip for you to indulge in!

    There seems to be a battle of the best butt selfie! It seems like many are trying to copy Kim Kardashian’s famous derrière shit, especially TOWIE stars Jasmin Walia and Maria Fowler! Nice try ladies!

    Jasmin Walia

    The Wanted have confirmed they will split after their Word of Mouth tour! The band posted the statement on their website and cited their reasoning behind the split was to ‘pursue personal endeavours’. Many fans have been left disappointed however they still have some time before the band officially split!

    The Wanted

    He was recently crowned King of the Jungle and now Kian Egan has announced a solo music career! Kian announced he has signed a deal with Warner Music UK and is obviously excited to carve out his own music style other than Westlife! You’re on a roll Kian!

    Kian Egan

    He’s one of the sexiest Brits in Hollywood and now Robert Pattinson looks ever dapper in the new Dior Homme Eau for Men ads. He’s also revealed that he’s added to his once simplistic beauty regime and started to moisturise! He even jokes about it being a profound change in his life! Well looks like the moisturising is working- he looks great to us!


    Kris Jenner has credited her fabulous figure to working out at 4.30am! This revelation came in light of a poolside bikini snap Kris posted on Instagram not long ago where her figure looked toned and in shape-especially for a 58 year old! We couldn’t get up that early so kudos to Kris!

    Kris Jenner

    Justin Bieber’s mum Patti Mallette has voiced her concern over her son. She has asked everyone to pray for Justin and not kick him when he’s down. Patti speaks from experience as she’s dealt with her fair share of hardships after being involved in drugs and alcohol and falling pregnant with Justin when she was 17. Mummy knows best!

    Justin Bieber

    Glee star Amber Riley has created her own plus-sized online clothing boutique! Amber and her sister Ashley have set up a website called Rileyland Fashions, which features her hand me downs. Her one off pieces promise to flatter curvier figures and are mostly never worn! Whatever your body shape, we should all dress like Amber- she’s perfect!

    Amber Riley

    Want to let us know your showbiz thoughts? Tweet @zoegriffin!

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    How To Visit Istanbul Like Rihanna

    I love shopping, I love clubbing and I love hot weather (which is why I go to Ibiza every year) but I also want to do things I wouldn’t get a chance to do at home when I’m on holiday. I want to try new food and get inspired by beautiful architecture and that’s in limited supply in Ibiza now that I’m used to it.

    If you’ve only got a few days off from work as you’re so busy earning money for your VIP lifestyle , then Istanbul ticks all the boxes and it’s just 3 hours 40 mins flying time from London. Bond films From Russia With Love, The World Is Not Enough and Skyfall were filmed there but I first became intrigued by it last year when Rihanna posted photos of herself at the city’s W hotel after a gig.


    There were some other photos of Rihanna in the city at the time, including this one of her walking through a local bar. Having wrongly assumed Istanbul was full of historical and ancient things, this bar looks sleek and modern – just the sort of place I’d happily sip a glass of Champagne in.


    Justin Bieber and David Guetta also performed in Istanbul in 2013, while The Wanted are heading there in March 2014 and Justin Timberlake will be there in May. There’s never been a better time to visit!

    Fans of Istanbul love it for the individuality – it’s the only city in the world where Europe meets Asia and it also straddles the ancient and the modern worlds. The skyline is a glittering ribbon of palaces, mosques, and minarets, but also of sleek skyscrapers, where the restaurant and nightclub scene challenges New York’s or London’s with beautiful people dancing til the early hours. Just my kind of place!

    If you’re planning a trip to Istanbul, this is what I recommend:

    (1) Taking photos at the Blue Mosque…a great Instagram shot!


    The Blue Mosque is one of Istanbul’s best sights . I also recommend visiting the Basilica Cistern – a 1,500-year-old building supported by 336 columns and the Hagia Sophia – It was a church, then a mosque and is now a museum; standing beneath its 55m-high dome is a humbling experience. Look out for superb mosaics of Christ, the Virgin Mary and Byzantine emperors  and the Viking graffiti scratched on the balustrade of the south gallery.

    (2) Shopping and savouring the flavours of the Bazaar

    The Grand Bazaar is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world, with 61 covered streets and over 3,000 shops which attract between 250,000 and 400,000 visitors daily. Go by tram to  Sultanahmet or Sirkeci for a real oriental shopping experience.


    The Spice Bazaar (also known as the Egyptian Bazaar) near Galata Bridge in Eminönü is small compared with the Grand Bazaar, but is packed with excellent delis and shops selling Turkish delight, packs of apple tea, honeycombs, cheeses, dried nuts and fruit, stuffed figs, caviar, coffee, spices, and an incredible range of herbal teas for every complaint and condition.


    (3) Checking out the prices of designer labels…and enjoying coffee in the mall

    When you’ve had your fill of Oriental design, it’s time to head for the city’s modern malls which cover everything from high-end to high-street. Funky Istinye Park ( istinyepark.com) is a mini village populated by Bond Street-style stores under one roof – with golf carts available to help heavily laden customers back to their cars. It’s huge!


    Kanyon  (kanyon.com.tr) has everything from Harvey Nichols to Wagamama – but you could be in London.

    (4) Bar-hopping and clubbing

    If you want to be a bit sophisticated, Sensus is a trendy wine and cheese ‘boutique’ a stone’s throw from the landmark Galata Tower, this cellar bar is lined with literally hundreds of bottles of Turkish wines. This is the place to come and try a wide variety of domestically produced wines, few of which you’ll find in the average restaurant, best accompanied by a platter of surprisingly varied Turkish cheeses.

    Leb-i-Deriya is one of the first, and still the best, of the rash of rooftop bars which have swept across the city in recent years. Mellow music, cocktails and a hip, sophisticated clientele. And the views down over the Golden Horn and Bosphorus are just fabulous. For dinner, try 360 restaurant, which combines traditional Turkish cuisine with 360 chef’s modern flair. The views are to die for!


    Now you’ve lined your stomach, dance it off at Indigo (famous for it’s electro scene) or if you want some style and glamour then Reina, on the banks of the Bosphorus – has two floors of house music and it’s where the Investment bankers and those with money go to party. Dress to impress!

    (5) Sleep off your hangover at the beach


    Şile and Ağva  are nice long, wide beaches on the Black Sea coast 72 km (45 miles) northeast of Üsküdar. Take Bus 139 (Şile) or139A (Şile & Ağva) from the Harem Otogar.  In summer there are about 27 buses per day in each direction (Harem-Şile and Şile-Harem) on the 139 route starting at 06:30 am, with the last bus returning from Şile to Istanbul at 24:00 (12 midnight).

    There are other beaches too, all within a 90min drive of Istanbul but you’ll need to hire a car to properly explore these.

    (6) Stay in style…relax in your own private villa


    If you’re staying in Istanbul for a few days you may not have time to do this…but if you want to extend your stay then you’ll find that Istanbul can be as vibrant or as relaxing as you make it. If your schedule is as busy as Rihanna’s and you stay in a hotel in the centre of town then you’ll be constantly on the go. However, chose to stay in a villa on the outskirts of town and you can explore the sights for a day, spend the next day relaxing and go back out when you’ve had time to collect your thoughts and work on your suntan There are amazing real estate villas for sale in Istanbul via Turkey real estate guru Spot Blue.


    Essential Info

    Nearest Airport: Airlines including British Airways and Turkish Airlines use Istanbul Ataturk airport, which is 3 hours 40 minutes from London. Low-cost flight operators like Pegasus and Easyjet use Istanbul’s SAW airport.

    Currency: Turkish Lira. £1 = 3.67 Turkish Lira. (Divide prices by 4 to get back to what it is in £’s)

    Tips: Istanbul’s equivalent of an Oyster card, the Istanbulkart saves the hassle of buying tokens (jeton; £1) every time you travel. You save a shade over 30p per journey after loading the card – it can be used on the tram, metro, buses, ferries, funiculars and suburban trains.

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  • Max George (and Nina Agdal) Beach Pictures

    It’s a cold day in the UK so we just wanted to bring you a look at something (or things) hot and gorgeous.

    Max George and girlfriend Nina Agdal stripped off for a day at the beach in Barbados. This is a pic girls and guys can enjoy.



    Is this couple of 2013?

    Let us know… Comment below!

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  • Celebrity Love Stories And Gossip

    Good day VIPs! I hope you’ve had a lovely week? If not, do make sure you have a lovely weekend. Think about what makes you happy and find a way to do it – there’s no excuses!

    As you can tell, I’m in a pretty positive mood right now, which is largely because the celebrities all seem to be falling in love this week. Well, actually Miranda Kerr is out of love right now, but I’m sure a lot of men will be happy she’s single again.

    First couple is Jemima Khan and Russell Brand who went on a date to a documentary (so far, so good). The movie was about drone missiles – not very romantic!



    Idris Elba announced he is dating his make-up artist and took her as his date to the Harper’s Woman of The Year awards this week. They make such a sweet couple and he’s been single for ages so it’s nice to see him make a girlfriend announcement.


    Now, getting less serious it’s time to talk about the Bieber.He’s still in Brazil but stopped visiting models. He hooked up with the girl below in a club. Shame he didn’t find out whether she was crazy or not before picking her up as it turned out she ended up filming him while he slept. Creepy! Click here to see the video.


    Talking of creepy, Max George from The Wanted was caught checking out TV presenter Maria Menonous’s bum on live TV. His ex-girlfriend Michelle Keegan (now engaged to Mark Wright) had a lucky escape, I think. Max’s meant to be seeing a Danish model. Naughty boy!


    And, as I said, Miranda Kerr may have split from Orlando Bloom but shes’s looking hot right now. I love this outfit below. There are rumours they split because Orlando got too close to one of his co-stars. Keep looking as sexy as this Miranda, and there’s no doubt he’ll work out what he’s missing!


    Now go out and have a fabulous weekend people, and I’ll be back on Monday for some more celebrity gossip.

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  • The Wanted Life Reality TV Show Is Coming to E!

    Do you like reality television? Do you like going to gigs? And what do you think of boybands? I LOVE all three, which is why I am very very very very very excited to announce there is a new E! Television show featuring the boyband The Wanted and it is starting really soon. (Sorry about all the very’s, there’s one in tribute to each member of the band).
    The show is called The Wanted Life, which for me brings back memories of one of my favourite ever reality shows, The Simple Life (starring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie). But the show about The Wanted could be even better as the boys Nathan, Max, Siva, Tom and Jay won’t be travelling round America doing rubbish jobs like Paris and Nicole. They will be touring the world doing the most glamorous job ever – being in the pop music world.

    Check out a trailer for the show here:

    We’re going to get to see them backstage (although sadly I’m not yet sure or not if we’ll see them in their pants, girls). But we will get to learn more about them and see what they’re really like. I’ve interviewed them a few times (yes, I’m lucky I know) and they are rather naughty. Some of the things they’ve said have been too sexual to print and they don’t hold back when it comes to dishing out the insults to their rivals, as you can see from their Twitter feeds.

    So we’re gonna get drama and eye candy. As you can see from this photo I’m always quite happy to meet them. Am I blushing?

    What are you going to be doing on Monday 24 June then? I know what I’ll be doing and it will involve a TV and the channel E! And maybe a bar of chocolate…I can’t wait!
    Sponsored Post

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    Meet Hot New Artist Ed Drewett

    Sometimes in this section we’ll give you backstage gossip from established artists and sometimes we’ll bring you information about people who are going to be HUGE. This is a bold claim but there is something special about Ed Drewett and we have gossip directly from him (scroll down below).

    But first, let’s explain who he is! He’s featured on a track with Professor Green and written songs for The Wanted and Olly Murs,and now he is set for even more success with the release of his brand new single, ‘Drunk Dial’.


    The up and coming Essex boy may have already had chart-topping song-writing success, but now it’s time for Ed to make a name for himself. With cheeky chappy charm, good looks and heaps of talent, we reckon Ed is the next big thing to hit the music industry.


    Plus, we can all relate to ‘Drunk Dial’ –  you know when you’ve had one drink too many and it suddenly seems like a great idea to call your ex? Yeah that..

    But what inspires a true talent like Ed? We caught up with the man of the moment himself to find out exactly what he’s been listening to!

    Here’s what’s on Ed’s Ipod –

    Check out Ed’s music video for ‘Drunk Dial’ below – The Live Like A VIP girls can’t stop singing it! Drunk Dial was released on March 10th, if you click on this iTunes link you can download it for just £0.99!

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    The Latest Celebrity Gossip- Thursday

    Whether you have any Valentine’s today or not,  it’s only right to treat yourself to some much needed celebrity gossip. Bradley Cooper has been spotted with yet, another lucky lady, but who’s it this time? Kate Middleton’s baby bump is making international news (again) and poor Kelly Brook is going through a rough time since her break-up with long term boyfriend, Thom Evans. Sounds juicy, right?  Well read on! We’ve got plenty more for you…


    Bachelor of the year, Bradley Cooper was seen leaving the Elle Style Awards on Monday night after dirty dancing at the Grammy awards the night before. British model, Suki Waterhouse was pictured leaving with him on the night. The awkward part is that she has a boyfriend. We wonder how she’s going to get out of this one! Find out more here.

    It looks like Kate is not having it easy these days with the paparazzi following her every move. After the photo scandal involving topless sun-bathing photographs, published in French Closer magazine, she’s now a part of another controversy with Spanish magazine Chi, who are reportedly in the process of publishing baby bump photos of the couple holidaying in the Caribbean. More details on this story can be found here.

    Lady Gaga

    Due to severe joint inflammation, Lady Gaga has been forced to cancel four shows after no longer being able to hide the condition from her staff and fans. She tweeted fans saying that she was devastated and could hardly forgive herself. We hope she’ll be smashing it again on the stage next week. For more on what what she tweeted her little monsters click here.


    Adele appears to be shouting at Chris Brown in this photograph taken at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night. We wonder if it had anything to do with Chris not standing up for Frank Ocean’s ovation, hmmm… You can get the low-down here.

    The Wanted’s, Max George admitted to having a ‘snog’ with Lindsay Lohan- confirming the speculations of a romance. But, it doesn’t look like LiLo is in the picture anymore as he’s moving on to Taylor Swift, who is said to be working with the boy band soon. This is going to be interesting! Find out more on what he said about Lindsay and Taylor here.


    Kelly Brook has been going through a sad time recently, since her split with rugby player, Thom Evans. As it’s clear that she appears a lot curvier than her usual self, there is claims that she’s gained around 10lbs due to comfort eating from the break-up. We still think she looks amazing though. For more on this and why Katie Price called her a ‘hefer’, click here.


    Martine McCutcheon, former EastEnders star, has filed bankruptcy at Kingston-Upon-Thames Court this week. We’re always surprised to see celebs go bankrupt, we wonder how they do it! Find out, here.

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  • VIP New Years: Beach Parties In Barbados

    The Event: Lucky celebrities see in 2012 in style

    The Venue: Sandy Lane hotel, Barbados

    The VIPs: Myleene Klass, The Wanted, Michelle Keegan, Simon Cowell, Mark Wahlberg, Lizzie Cundy,

    The Gossip: (1)They may be in Barbados away from work and their parents, but the Wanted are responsible boys. Siva (below) tweeted about the importance of wearing sunscreen. But we think he should maybe have rubbed it in first?

    Saying that, The Wanted’s Jay seems to have been a bit naughty. Fellow bandmate Nathan tweeted that Jay jumped into a pool with his phone in his pocket. However, does this make him rock n roll or just stupid?

    (2) By day, jetskis and watersports were the order of the day for all celebrities. Tom from the Wanted looks a lot better than Simon Cowell on a jetski…

    The Wanted were in Barbados to perform at The Sandy Lane hotel’s exclusive New Year’s Eve party. Looks like they made the most of it!

    (3) We don’t know why Mark Wahlberg was in Barbados, but we do know that he has a fit body….

    The actor is now 40 – he’s looking goooood

    (5) And talking of looking hot, click here for photos of Myleene Klass in her polka dot bikini. Myleene is amazing, managing to take a flight with her two daughters – Ava, 4, and Hero, 0- because her husband Graham couldn’t fly out so early. Is there anything Myleene can’t do?

    (5) Rihanna disappointed us as she didn’t stay in Barbados for New Year. Despite being seen on the beach during the Christmas period, Ri-Ri saw in 2012 at P Diddy’s party in Miami

    Maybe she was traumatised by having to wear a life vest to go jet-skiing in Barbados earlier in the week. Check out her face as she realises black and orange don’t match. Trauma!

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  • VIP Holidays: Barbados Celebrity Spots Pt 2

    The Event: Celebrities strip to their swimming gear, showing off the fact they’re on holiday somewhere expensive. (Yes, we’re jealous)

    The Venue: Barbados

    The VIPs: The Wanted, Michelle Keegan, Simon Cowell, Sinitta, Lizzie Cundy, Westlife, Rihanna, Sir Phillip Green and family, Lizzie Cundy and family

    The Gossip: (1) It’s all kicking off on NYE – we’re told Rihanna is performing at the world renowned Sandy Lane hotel in Barbados. The Wanted are supporting her, lucky boys!

    (2) And talking of being lucky, the boys have really fit girlfriends. Max George and Michelle Keegan above are joined byTom Parker AND Kelsey Harwick. Siva Kaneswaran has a stunning lady too, who you can see in photos here

    (3) But despite their achievements in the past year, the boys are still naughty. In a recent interview with The Mirror, they said their main aim of the trip was to get Simon Cowell drunk. Nice!

    (4) Meanwhile it seems Rihanna’s main aim in sunbathing. She posted a photo of her on Twitter showing herself catching the rays. You can follow her on Twitter @rihanna

    (5) The other celeb-packed place this festive period is Aspen. Mariah Carey has gone there every year but this New Year, Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy are there with Kate’s mum Goldie Hawn. There’s also been sightings of Jack Nicholson, Paris and Nicky Hilton, Melanie Griffith and Heidi Klum and Seal. Click here for photos..

    Whatever you do for New Year’s Eve, enjoy it! You don’t have to be somewhere amazing to have a good time – it’s up to you to make it FABULOUS

    And happy new year from everyone at LiveLikeaVIP.com


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