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    Good day VIPs! We’ve passed the hump of the week so it officially gets more fabulous from now on. London last night was a mixture of Frieze Art fair festivities (see my separate blog post for more info on that) and sexy Dreamboys strippers. And to top it all off there was

    So without further ado lets start with something to start Thursday on the best note – naked men. Well, semi naked men…here are the Dreamboys


    The Dreamboys – the supremely popular UK strip group – launched their 2014 calendar with a big party at The Rise super club in London’s Leicester Square. The audience was actually warned to stand at least 3metres back form the front of the stage because of fire. How fabulous! Visit The Dreamboys website for more info.

    Keeping on a high, the Frieze art fair week is kicking off with some true glamour (see my other blog post on that). Two of the VIP guests were Sugababes singer Jade Ewen and aristocratic chef Emma McQuiston. I mean, seriously how glam do they look?


    There are Frieze parties happening all over London, but one of the best was at London’s Old Sorting Office venue, which was hosted by Christie’s, Vanity Fair and the Saatchi gallery, The Beluga vodka cocktails were simply divine.

    Talking about ‘divine’, let’s not forget Nicole Scherzinger, who is looking Sch-amazing right now. She pre-recorded an episode of Celebrity Juice in London in a gorgeous outfit. I can’t wait to see it on ITV2 tonight!


    I’m not sure about Britney’s outfit though…is she displaying a bit too much cleavage?


    Britney’s in London right now and although I HEART Britney, I think she could have chosen something more flattering.

    Finally, Millie Manderson (nee Mackintosh) is not comprising on her style now she’s married. I spotted her at Claridges hotel in a gorgeous country chic outfit with SEXY boots. Her husband Pro Green is one lucky guy.

    Who do you think looks best? Tweet me @zoegriffin – I love hearing from you! Now have a fabulous day, hold your head up high and go out and make mischief!


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