• Get The Look: Bun And Plait Up-Do Like Beyonce


    If you want an elegant up-do then why not look at Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez for inspiration? A large plait wrapped around a bun adds a new twist on the bun style and keeps everything neat. This is ideal for girls with hair sensitive to frizz like JLo and Beyonce (and me). This hairstyle will last all night!

    Tatiana Karelina from Tatiana Hair Extensions has shown me exactly how to do it, step by step.



    Here’s a quick overview

    bun-stepsThis is what you need to do:


    Stage 1: Put the hair in a ponytail


    Stage 2: Roll on a bun ‘donut’IMG_7145

    Stage 3: Attach a thin elastic band over the bun to keep it neat. Pin loose strands underneath


    Stage 4: Attach the Tatiana Hair extensions clip-in, which you have pre-plaited.


    Stage 5: Fasten with grips

    If you’d like to see how the expert does it (eg Tatiana) then we have a video to demonstrate the process:

    This is what the clip-in looks like mid-plait. It’s made from human hair so it looks really natural around the bun!


    What do you think? Visit the Tatiana Hair Extensions website to see more or follow them on Twitter @TatianaHairExts

    Follow us on  Twitter @livelikeavip

    Come back soon for more Step by Step celebrity-inspired hairstyle tutorials.

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  • Get The Look: Festival Style Side Plait



    A side plait is the hair style of choice for celebrities when they want toget their hair away from their face without scraping it up. It’s neat, it’s feminine and Tatiana Karelina, CEO of Tatiana Hair Extensions, showed me that it’s easy for anyone to recreate the look.


    In just four key stages, with the help from a clip-in extension, I followed in the footsteps of celebs like Rihanna and Pixie Lott and it took less than five minutes.


    Let’s talk through each stage…


    Stage 1: Start by sectioning the hair. Make it 2-3 cm to the side of the centre parting.


    Stage 2: Use a clip to secure the sectioned hair. Backcomb the top of the section (as it will mean the clip-in has something to attach to)


    Stage 3: Attach the clip-in to the top of the section. (Each of the Tatiana Hair Extensions clip-ins are hand-sewn using human hair of the highest quality. You do not have to braid them as they come straight but they are super-easy to plait)

    Stage 4: Start to braid the clip-in, mixing it with your own hair


    Step 5: Continue braiding and secure with an elastic band.

    This is what the clip-in looks like when it’s plaited before going in the hair. However, it’s best to braid it once it’s in the hair as it means it will be more4 secure. Notice this is a shade lighter than my natural hair so that it stands out from the front and side.



    Just in case you didn’t get all that, here’s a video to explain the process:

    What do you think? Visit the Tatiana Hair Extensions website to see more or follow them on Twitter @TatianaHairExts

    Follow us on  Twitter @livelikeavip

    Come back soon for more Step by Step celebrity-inspired hairstyle tutorials.

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    Inside The Tatiana Hair Extensions Fashion Show

    Nothing beats a day when you have great hair to make you feel like a VIP. If your hair looks great then everything else seems to fall into place – every time you walk past a mirror it makes you smile because you know you look good and when you smile people want you in their lives. And I always think that most of us need a little help to get better hair, which is why I love Tatiana Hair Extensions.
    I have blogged about Tatiana a lot so most people know I get my hair extensions done at Tatians’ gorgeous salon in Kensington, but did you know just how fabulous hair extensions can make anyone look? Last night, I was invited to the first ever catwalk hair fashion show, which took place on the eve of London fashion show. I attended with my personal trainer, Derrick Twum from MEM Fitness – this is us below with the gorgeous Tatiana on the right.


    Hosted by TOWIE star Bobby Cole Norris, we were shown just what hair extensions can do to enhance a look and shown some trends and some future trends. Just like what you see with LFW clothes, some looks were wearable and some were just dreamy (and not practical) but it was all spectacular. I think my favourite look was modelled by Miss Universe, Cherelle Rose, who showed off volume and curls and a bit of a backcomb:
    I often wear my hair in a bun to keep it neat but I never realised you could pile them high on your head. I think I may get a fake bun ring and add it to my normal bun and see what happens. Do you think I could get away with more than one like the model below?
    And there was a very surreal look that looked great on the models but probably wouldn’t work on me It’s Fah-Shion Dah-ling:
    As the models posed for the finale shot, you could really see the statement looks especially on the models that are standing up at the back. Tatiana and her team (in the middle) did a fantastic job, not least because it was raining and the show was outside.
    The event was also quite celeb-studded as Tatiana tends to the tresses of several VIPs. I saw TOWIEs Jasmin Walia and her model friend Junaid Ahmed, actress Rebecca Ferdinando and ex TOWIE star turned beauty entrepreneur Lauren Goodger. Catching up over Blue Nun sparkling wine with gold flakes and Aspire cranberry drinks, Lauren looked super content and told me she has just got back from three weeks in Antigua with her man. Jell!
    I also got the chance to check out a new jewellery trend. I can now say that I have one thing in common with Miss Universe, which is a Lucet Mundi necklace. These aren’t any ordinary necklaces because if you look at the photos below you’ll see a box of circles. These circles are interchangeable coins so you can change your necklace as often as you change your outfit but keep the chain and just swap the circular disc.

    If you visit the Lucet Mundi website you’ll see just how many options there are – I’m a bit indecisive so I love that flexibility.

    Anyway, I hope this blog post has taken some of the stigma away from hair extensions. I’ve shown you photos of my hair extensions in the past and now this blog post has photos of others looking fab. If you want to add some VIP-ness to your hair, then do check out Tatiana’s website for prices and booking details.

    If you make an effort with your clothes and make-up then you owe it to yourself to make your hair as fabulous as possible!

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    VIP Hair: Watch Zoe Get Tatiana Hair Extensions

    Sometimes we all need a little extra help to look VIP and I’m not afraid to admit I have hair extensions. There is so much fear and controversy surrounding hair extensions as it can either leave you looking full-haired au naturel or you can look like someone has stuck some dead animal to your head.

    I want all you readers to look as fab as you can so when I find something good I’m happy to share my tips. In April, I tried out Tatiana Hair Extensions, loved it and wrote a blog post about it. They lasted more than three months (they were that good quality) and the video above explains how to maintain them so they stay looking natural. Instead of paying lots of money to buy new hair on each visit to the salon, the hair is re-attached using new micro-ring bonds.

    Visit the Tatiana Hair Extensions website for details and prices. There are salons in London and Manchester. Want to know how to style long hair? Tatiana’s given me a few tips, which I’ll post on this blog next week.

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    Zoe Tries, Tests, Photographs And Videos Tatiana Hair Extensions

    The two words ‘hair extensions’ can stir up a whole lot of mistrust in people, but does it truly look like I have extensions in the photo below? Be honest!


    Recently I was invited to the Tatiana Hair Extensions Annual Anniversary Party, where I met the gorgeous Tatiana Karelina. At the event, my hair was in such a state that I had to wear it up in a high bun (using a bun ring for extra volume) . I was so jealous of Tatiana’s long curly locks and the hair of Tatiana’s other VIP customers including TV star Imogen Thomas and TOWIE’s Jessica Wright (below with Tatiana).


    I like to experiment with new beauty treatments and try what the celebs do to see whether it will work for the rest of us…it’s all very well styling celebrities as they start off well-groomed but this is an honest photo to show what I look like before I’ve styled my hair. No, I didn’t get electrocuted by my toaster, this frizzy mane is all mine (sadly).


    So what actually happens when you visit the Tatiana Hair Extensions salon? For a quick overview of the process, check out this video. It seriously was that quick. To go from frizz to fabulous took approx two hours, which is very quick compared to hair extensions I’ve had done in the past.

    Let me explain…where Tatiana Hair Extensions differs from some other salons is that you get a bespoke service. This starts from the moment you walk through the door and realise that this isn’t decorated like an ordinary salon. The interior is truly gorgeous with gold tables, antique mirrors, a cushioned wall, quirky glassware, two resident chiuhaha dogs and a captivating artwork of Marilyn Monroe, the original glamour girl herself.



    And look at how they serve tea…


    Where this attention to detail comes in really handy is at the start when Tatiana and her team take time to analyse your hair to work out what type of hair to put in. ‘The reason some extensions are bad is because you can spot where they start and where someone’s own hair ends,’ Tatiana told me. ‘If I put straight hair in yours then you’d be able to spot it but if we put in extensions that have a natural wave it will blend to your own hair more easily.’

    Tatiana also gave me a choice of colour. She suggested going a bit lighter for summer with some highlights of caramel to make the overall effect ‘more expensive.’ How fabulous! And you can really see the colour at the end when it’s straight…


    Even the bonding method at the salon is bespoke. This is how the extensions attach to your hair, which may be by Keratin Glue, a weft or micro-rings (which is what I had last time). I definitely prefer rings to glue as the glue starts to flake after a few months making it look like you have dandruff! However, at Tatiana’s I learned it was possible to improve on micro-rings even more…with Tatiana’s bespoke micro-rings. They’re made from silicone rather than copper and her ones are super light and thin. They’re so flat you hardly notice them, whereas the copper ones can stick out when you put your hair up into a ponytail you would never ever ever ever see these.

    I had nearly a full head of high quality Russian hair put into my hair using silicon micro rings and the photo below shows the process of what happened.



    After the initial consultation in my frizzy state (top left), the extensions are put in row by row.  The hair is straightened and then it is cut to blend into my own hair (top right). This process is very important and an extra touch done by the Tatiana team to make sure nobody can tell the extra hair is not naturally your own. Confident that it looks natural, you can then style the hair however you want as it is high quality human hair sourced from the local collectors in Russia to ensure that there is great value all round. I decided to go for some voluminous curls, which the Tatiana team did using GHDs (below left). And then for the finishing touch, I also got a braid (below right) which shows again how the Tatiana process is bespoke and unique to my needs. Not many places would bother to plait it for you after doing extensions!

    A full price-list is available on the Tatiana Extensions website but why I think it is especially good value is because the hair is such good quality you can use it again and just go back to fix the bonds without attaching new hair. If you buy cheap extensions they fall out regularly and it gets matted so you have to buy new hair every three months. Tatiana’s hair could last you for years!

    Now check out the plait in the photo below.


    Not only is Tatiana an expert at hair extensions, she is full of ideas about to style long hair as well. Her Twitter @TatianaHairExts has a different tip each day and there is even an iPad App (FREE!!) so you can see if long hair would suit you.

    Next week, I’ll do a separate blog post showing you how you can get that plait step by step so watch this space! But I’ll leave you with another before and after photo. On the left is Tatiana and I at the party, when I was forced to wear my hair up. On the right is Tatiana and I in her salon with my gorgeous, natural looking hair extensions.


    Later that night, I put the same dress on and went dancing – and the man in the photo below never guessed that I had extensions!


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