• Get the look – Alesha Dixon’s casual boyfriend coat


    How great is Alesha Dixon looking at the Britain’s Got Talent auditions! this week We love this casual yet sophisticated style, so we’ve decided to show you how to get this same look for less. Take a look below…

    New Look: Grey boyfriend coat – £34.99

    River Island: White vest – £6.00

    Topshop: Blue jeans – £40.00

    New Look: Lace up boots – £29.99

    Superdrug: Red lipstick – £2.59

    get the look



    Do you have a celebrity style crush?

    Let us know on twitter (@Zoegriffin) and we will tell you how to get the look for less.

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    How To Get Kaley Cuoco’s Beach Waves



    Kaley Cuoco’s enviable beachy locks!

    Kaley Cuoco, why must you have such perfect salt spray hair?  Seriously, it’s so voluminous and textured and I’m just a little bit in love with it.  In case you hadn’t noticed, I appear to have a slight case of hair envy towards Kaley Cuoco and after seeing her tousled beach-waved mane at this month’s People’s Choice Awards it encouraged me to try out some salt sprays in a desperate bid to recreate Kaley’s laidback waves.  Here’s how those salt sprays went down:

    Superdrug Style Expertise Salt Spray (£2.99 for 100ml)

    The cheapest out of the bunch I tried, this salt spray was surprisingly good.  I felt that it worked best when sprayed onto dry hair as opposed to wet hair which I wasn’t expecting as in the past I normally find salt sprays give the best results when sprayed onto wet or as least damp(ish) hair.  I felt that the fragrance wasn’t the best out of the three but for £2.99 I wouldn’t really expect it to have a scent so it’s better than nothing.  Overall, this is a pretty decent salt spray and you can’t deny that it’s a bargain at £2.99!  7½/10


    Superdrug Style Expertise Salt Spray

    Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray (£5.61 for 200ml)

    Although more expensive than the Superdrug salt spray, Umberto Giannini’s salt spray actually works out cheaper as you get double the amount of the Superdrug one.  This was the first salt spray I ever indulged in and despite it being good, it has never stopped me from trying out other salt sprays.  I found that unlike the Superdrug salt spray, this one works best when sprayed onto damp hair and left to dry naturally.  It also works amazingly well if plait your hair and let it dry naturally after spraying on the salt spray (it’s probably best to do this before you go to bed otherwise you’re in for a very dull day waiting around for your hair to dry in pigtails!).  This also has a delish scent without being overpowering.  The only downside to this salt spray is that if you spray too much onto your hair then you risk it feeling quite crunchy which kind of lets this product down.  6/10


    Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray

    Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray (£7.19 for 200ml)

    Despite being the most expensive salt spray out of the three, I find myself struggling to argue with the price as it ticks most of the boxes.  Much like the Umberto Giannini salt spray, this one works best when sprayed onto damp/semi dry hair and left to dry naturally.  Toni & Guy have created a salt spray that gives a fantastic matte texture to the hair which is far more noticeable in my hair than the Superdrug and Umberto Giannini salt sprays.  It also gives definition to my natural waves without there being any of that dreaded frizz which likes to ruin my hair on a regular basis.  This salt spray smells great too but I have to say that I prefer the smell of the Umberto Ginannini salt spray purely because it has more of a hair salon smell to it which I weirdly like (don’t judge me, ok?!).  9/10 


    Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray


    I’m a pretty fussy individual when it comes to hair products but I would be happy to use any of these products again as none of them were awful and most did what they said on the tin (or bottle to be more precise).  Annoyingly (and just my luck!), my favourite was the most expensive salt spray out of the three as it was as near to perfect as you can get and hey, at least it’s under a tenner!  Also, a quick tip for if you’re using any salt spray, apply some mousse (I love Trevor Sorbie Styling Invisible Hold Mousse £5.59 for 200ml) to your wet hair beforehand as this will help define those waves a little more plus it’ll help to hold those waves and stop them from falling out.  Hopefully this will help you in your salt spray quest, now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to go and stare at Kaley Cuoco’s hair a little longer and pretend that one day my hair will look just like that!


    …and the award for the best hair goes to……

    Which salt sprays have you tried?  Have you got any other tips on how to create those enviable beach curls? Let us know!




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    Keep Your Skin Flawless at Festivals!

    Inspired by Emma Watson’s healthy glow at Glastonbury, we’ve come up with our top 3 most desired skin products to keep your face glowing this festival season.

    emma watson1
    1) Number one skin priority is to cover up in sun cream, especially on your face and shoulders. Even on a cloudy day it’s still possible to get badly sunburnt, especially as you’re most likely outside all day, or even all weekend. Don’t worry, you don’t have to smear on the thick slimy stuff, that may clog up your skin, causing spots and/or irritation. You’re much better off getting a light suncream and you’ll barely even notice that you have it on – that is until you notice everyone else’s faces gradually getting fried! You’re welcome! Here’s a light suncream we’d recommend.

    Superdrug – Solait Light Texture Moisturising Lotion Spray spf30 £4.98

    2) Cleansing oils and lotions really help to remove even the most resistant makeups without straining your skin, revitalising your face for a fresh layer of makeup.

    Superdrug – Johnson & Johnson Nourishing Cleansing Lotion £3.29

    3) Festivals are known for their mud and dirt, and realistically it will probably get onto your face somehow. From touching the ground and then your face, to having a muddy hotdog at you – something will occur. So, make sure that you’re armed for when the odd spot is unleashed. If you can feel one coming up throughout the day, it’s unlikely it will develop enough for anybody to notice until the following day. So, before snuggling up in your tent, dab a bit of this beaut onto the affected area/s and get some sleep. By the morning it will have reduced enough to pretend it never happened! For a boost, put a waterproof plaster over the cream to keep it in place and to intensify its speed to recovery. Chances are no one else will have done this, so the next morning when they all wake up with volcanic spots feeling all gross, you’ll still look radiant!

    Burt’s Bees – Natural Anti-Blemish Targeted Spot Treatment £9.99

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    Get Leopard Print Nails Like Myleene Klass!


    Myleene launched her first ever nail wrap bar at the end of last year, in Debenhams, Oxford Street and sales have rocketed. Although pricier than the usual home nail varnish upkeep, the leopard print nails are now being used as single nails as opposed to using up ten each time. Pair the leopard nail art with golds, blacks, or even pinks or reds and stand out like a wild cat!

    Superdrug – Finishing Touches Short Leopard Print £2.96


    Superdrug – Finishing Touches Leopard Full Length £3.95


    If your budget is running on empty at the moment, use nail polishes you already have! Use a basecoat, gold for classy, bold colours for instant impact. Then use a black nail art pen to draw on the spots! Easy! You can then make the patterns as large, small, even, uneven, etc as you want them to be! You could even sneak the odd initial in there somewhere.

    Superdrug – Barry M Nail Art Pen (Black) £4.99


    Or, if your funds have disappeared over the last month, use tooth picks to sketch on some black nail polish for spots. Sounds strange but it really does work and leave you with professional looking nail art!

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    Shay Mitchell Has Neon Nailed It!

    Shay Mitchell, better known as Emily from addictive American series Pretty Little Liars, showed off her new nails recently on Facebook. As glam as they look, you don’t have to be a VIP to get them.

    These nail art ideas are absolutely perfect for beauty on a budget! We all have to admit that we a lot more nail varnishes than we manage to use regularly (and secretly even more than that!) which makes them likely to dry up or turn into that sticky gloop before we’ve got the best use out of them. (There are just too many pretty colours that have to be bought!) Nails like Miss Mitchell’s use a variety of your nail polishes, making your favourite ones run out slower and your least favourites get complimented by those you do like and not dry up! More money efficient and a false nail art look. Choose neons from our list of personal faves!

    Superdrug: Invogue Neon Green Polish £3.49


    Superdrug: 2True Glossy Neon Pink Polish £1.99


    Superdrug: Revlon Neon Nail Art Light £5.99 *Sale! 
    (White base coat for neons and neon yellow)


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    Top 5 Ways to Look Like Melissa McCarthy


    Melissa McCarthy outside ‘Good Morning America’ in NYC

    Melissa has always faced the media with a big grin on her face, and why wouldn’t she? She looks great! We sometimes forget that we don’t have to be size 8 to look fabulous! Here’s a list of 5 ways to dress like Melissa and work that bigger figure – for less than £50!

    1) The shirt

    ASOS £35


    2) The trousers

    New Look £6 *Sale!


    3) The heels

    New Look £29.99


    4) The curls

    Superdrug £9.99


    5) The nails

    Superdrug £2.99


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    Top 5 Ways to Look Like BB’s Emma Willis

    It’s 7am at the LLAVIP house and the fashion addicts are loving Emma Willis’ outfits. Presenting BB this year and looking glammed up, it’s hard to ignore Emma’s striking colour contrast image. So, if like us you’d love to get her look, here’s how!


    1) The dress

    ASOS £358


    ASOS (Oasis) £30 *Sale!


    River Island £20


    Topshop £15 *Sale!


    2) The shoes

    ASOS £28


    ASOS £40


    Sammydress £10.09


    3) The ring

    Dorothy Perkins £3 *Sale!


    4) The maroon nails

    Superdrug (2True Fast Dry) £1.99


    5) The hair colour

    Superdrug (Casting Creme Chestnut Honey) £6.49


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    Top 5 Ways to Look Like Alesha Dixon

    Miss Dixon has always had a warm glow about her and now that she’s expecting it’s even more mesmerising! Her wardrobe really enhances her skin tone and figure – she’s a celeb that has really got her look spot on! With a real body type we figured it wouldn’t be hard to get her look, and we were right. Here are our top 5 tips to look like Alesha.


    Alesha at the Britain’s Got Talent Final Party at Park Lane

    1) The blazer
    Coral is always a summer favourite in the fashion world. A vibrant pastel that always causes skin to appear a tone more caramel than it actually is. An effect desired by all but known by few. Add a blazer to absolutely any outfit, from jeans to a dress, and transform it.

    ASOS £35

    alesha asos

    Topshop £60

    alesha topshop

    2) The trousers

    Leather or wet-look trousers/leggings are still in, but maybe not for very long! You have enough time to make the most out of them though, so delve deep into your wardrobe and wear them to your heart’s content while you can! If you don’t have any, here are a few deals to keep your spending down but your trend up.

    Boohoo £10

    alesha boohoo

    River Island £25

    alesha river island

    3) The heels

    White heels are a must have. That is all.

    New Look £24.99

    alesha new look


    Missguided £29.99

     alesha missguided cropped

    4) The hair

    Big loose curls fill even the thinnest, most dry hair with volume. We use…

    Tresemme. Superdrug £5.49


    5) The lips

    Your lips can really pop your outfit. Bold colours are brave, it’s nice to flash a daring side occasionally. These are our favourites!

    Maxfactor. Lipfinity £10.99


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  • Five Tips to Look Like Jennifer Aniston

    Seeing as Zoe is on TV show ‘Something For Nothing’ tonight (on Channel 4!), we thought it would be a fun idea to share some tips on how to get the most out of your money! So, here are our top 5 tips to getting Jennifer Aniston’s California look for less, because let’s face it – who wouldn’t want to look like her!

    jennifer a

    Miss Aniston at the Sony Pictures Studios for the Spike TV Guys’ Choice 2013, in Culver City, CA

    We are completely head over heels with her dress here! A simple LBD with that little bit extra on the side and even fluttering pastel pink fabric – what girl doesn’t want a touch of pink in her outfit? Completed with elegant thin strapped heels, natural looking nails and neatly straightened hair. Want!

    1) The Dress – our favourite item to shop for!

    ASOS £38

    dress asos 1


    MissGuided £24.99

     dress 2


    New Look £25 *Sale

    dress 3



    2) The Shoes – our other favourite item 😉

    New Look £24.99


    ASOS £22.50 *Sale


    3) The Hair – these hair styling beauties only have to be bought the once! Already got a hair dryer? Well, you may think you have, but a Remington gets it done in practically half the time! It’s worth the money, and that’s even when it’s not in the sale!

    ARGOS £24.99



    Remington £14.99 *Sale! (Urban Dryer)


    urban dryer

    Remington £14.99 *Sale (Urban Straighteners)

    urban s


    4) The Nails – Barry M nudes have great coverage and seem to last longer than other nail varnishes before they begin to chip – Yes!

    Superdrug £2.99

    barry m

    5) The Tan – not all of us have Jennifer’s golden tan, and fake tanning can be messy, streaky and simply no fun at all. That’s why I personally tend to use tanning wipes! They last longer than the instant tanning mousses or lotions and they don’t show any streaks. The results all come up pretty similar, but the brand below smells the best!

    Superdrug £1.64 for 2 wipes – Ambre Solaire


    Happy tanning!

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