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    Sleek MakeUp Launches New Collection

    When it comes to make up palettes, Sleek is definitely my number one go to for sparkling sultry greatness. So when I heard they were launching a new range of beauty products, I was literally counting down the days until I went to the Sleek MakeUp Launch Party and finally had their new products in my hands.

    photo 1 (1)

    And it was well worth the wait!

    While I was there, I discovered three new beautiful palates that I know you won’t want to miss out on.


    Precious Metal £9.99

    photo 3

    Precious Metal is gold, glossy and all round good.  The colours are rich and shimmery so it promises you a radiant glow. It’s creamy dewy texture makes it easy to use for blending, so easy that if you wanted you could probably apply it with your fingers. Use Precious metal to highlight your face, lifting your cheek bones for more of a defined contoured look. This is also a multi-functioning palette, which means you get your money’s worth, using it as either eyeshadow or for a nice glistening shine on top of a bronzer.

    In addition to the collection, Sleek have two brand new Eye and Cheek palates that are travel size so you can bring them with you everywhere. It’s really easy to open and close because of it’s snap shut magnetic mechanism, and it comes with a mirror and brush. Colours in these compacts also have a high pigment which makes them long lasting.

    See You At Midnight £9.99

    photo 1


    With inspiration from Sleek’s Romance i-Divine Palette, See You At Midnight has a range of deep purple tones and an option of either gold or brown suitable for all skin tones. Equipped with four eyeshadow shades and two intense blush colours, I would say this palate would be fantastic for an iridescent evening look.

    Dancing Till Dusk £9.99 

    photo 2

    These shades were influenced by Sleek’s Au-Naturel i-Divine palette and also have a mix of eyeshadow and blusher. Dancing Till Dusk includes browns and golds which work great for cheek and eye definition. Both coral and pink blushes are bold and bursting with colour, which work well for a fun and flirty look. I’d recommend using this palate for a cheeky night on the town.

    As well as those, Sleek have a new range of lipgloss “Gloss Me” colours to try out – all of them luscious and totally wearable. Sarah Jane Crawford who hosted Sleek MakeUp’s launch tested and wore a gloss with red tones and looked amazing.

    new new new

    Along side the make-up, Sleek also have a new collection of “Sleek Loves Gel Nails” varnish available. I tried this out and the colours provide complete coverage and give you a silky smooth finish. My favourite was this beaut up in the forefront called Purplesque.

    photo (3)

    As all the glam goodies made their debut, Sleek gave us a fashion show in which  the new collection was used and put to the test. Here’s some looks from the show.

    photo 4

    photo 5

    photo 2 (1)

    Gorgeous right?


    Try them out and let us know what you think!

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    How To Contour Like Kim Kardashian

    The Kardashian sisters raised their cheekbones high and their faces, sculpted instantly. Together they helped to introduce one of the most influencing make up techniques of all time.

    Kardashian Sisters


    I think we can all agree that when it comes to contouring, Kim Kardashian takes the crown.



    Kim spilled the beans when she posted a candid selfie exposing her methods for make up success to the world. Around the globe celebs have been highlighting their faces in order to achieve the same flattering effect.





    Doesn’t Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna look stunning all contoured and highlighted? This is because contour and highlighting helps to enhance the structure of your face by both pushing forward and drawing backward specific features. It slims your face with the use of light and dark tones to make parts of your face look smaller or bigger, as well as lifting your cheekbones and giving your jawline a bit more definition. The whole point is to create a triangle of light (like the one in the photo below) on your face so light is focused on your eyes, nose, lips and cheekbones.

    Triangle Of Light


    Yes! The secret behind the magic has come out and contouring and highlighting is no longer a trick only known by celebs and top makeup artists. Now everyone can join in on the glam and you don’t need a big fancy makeup kit to do it.  You can purchase the super affordable Sleek MakeUp Face Contour Kit for just £6.49. Inside the kit you’ll find a lighter shade and a darker shade. You should purchase the kit that isn’t extremely far from your normal color, but is a few shades darker and lighter than your normal tone. Just choose from between the light, medium and dark shade kit and get to work with it.

    Now here’s your how to.

    (Use the photo below as a guide for areas to highlight or contour)




    (1)Complete your face with foundation, as you normally would do.

    It’s important that the following steps aren’t done too heavy otherwise you’ll end up looking more drag queen than beauty queen. Apply lightly and add more if needed after.

    (2)To start highlighting your face, with a brush use the lighter shade of from the Face Contour Kit to fill in the area underneath your eyes, just underneath your eyebrows, along the T-zone (down your nose and across your forehead) of your face and just above your cupids bow on the top of your lips.

    (3)To begin contouring your face, use a soft fluffy eye shadow brush applying the darker shade to the crease above your eyelid.

    (4)Use an angled face small brush and apply the darker shade to the sides of your nose, following its original line. If you don’t follow your own nose line and apply it in a straight line, your nose will end up looking unrealistic.

    (5)Use the same brush to apply the darker shade gliding it around the upper hairline, just under the hollow of your cheekbones back out and on your jaw line. Follow the motion of a 3.

    (6)After this you may want to go in and apply some bronzer on in the same places as stated in the above step

    (7)Now blend the sides of the shades together.

    And there you have it. High cheek bones and a sculpted face.

    Here’s my attempt. It works right?

    Alysha Contour


    Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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    Met Ball Make-Up On A Budget

    Whilst this year’s Met Ball may have seen a whole host of disastrous outfits (Kim Kardashian we’re looking at you in particular), the make-up on show was, for the most part, absolutely gorgeous. The Ball’s theme, ‘punk: chaos to couture’, clearly had the celebs’ make-up artists thinking two things and two things only: dark vampy lips and smouldering  smoky eyes.



    Cara Delevingne, Taylor Swift and Kristen Stewart all wore a striking, dark smoky eye paired with a toned-down, nude lip. Kristen updated this classic look to match her dress with a slightly red toned shadow blended across the lid – risky, but we think she manages to pull it off! To create the look at home arm yourself with Avon’s Supershock Gel Eyeliner Pencil, it’s the softest, most pigmented pencil eyeliner ever. You can get it for just £6 on the Avon website, or you can get one for free with this month’s Marie Claire magazine, such a bargain, it’s the best eyeliner you’ll ever try!


    Simply line the upper and lower lash line and blend, blend, blend! Use a firm blending brush to pull the colour up towards the crease of the eyelid until it fades out subtly and for the bottom, keep it closer to the lash line to avoid looking like you’ve been punched! Finally, take a light, shimmery eyeshadow and highlight the brow bone and inner corners of the eye to keep your eyes looking bright. If Kristen’s look is more your thing, use MAC ‘Cranberry’ eyeshadow (£12) and lightly blend it over the top of the smudged out eyeliner – simple!

    Katy Perry and Miranda Kerr opted out of the smoky eye in favour of a bold, vampy lip which looks equally as striking. Going easy on the eye make-up is a must if you’re wanting to have a go at this one and a simple, black winged eyeliner keeps the look feeling classic whilst ensuring your eyes are more subtly defined.




    Katy went for a more purple toned hue, whilst Miranda opted for a deep red stained look. Sleek Makeup’s ‘Vamp’ lipstick, which you can get at Superdrug, is a purse friendly way to give dark lips a go, so if you decide they just aren’t for you it’s no great loss at just £4.99.

    So, whilst the highlight of this year’s Met Ball most definitely (and disappointingly) wasn’t the dresses, we think the make-up made up for it!

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    Get Cara Delevingne’s Big Brows In Three Simple Steps

    Thanks to Queen Delevingne bushy brows are back with a bang. Whilst Cara claims she’s never touched hers, we weren’t all born with gorgeous full eyebrows. However, thanks to a few wonderfully cheap beauty buys and not a lot of effort, you can cheat and channel the big brow look (we won’t tell if you don’t.)


    A bold brow frames the face like nothing else, and if you’ve never picked up an eyebrow pencil or angled brush, then now is the time! Trust us, you won’t believe the difference it makes! So, here are three simple steps towards achieving Cara’s big, bold brows…

    1. The Spoolie


    Perhaps the most amusingly named beauty tool ever invented, but a godsend when it comes to unruly brows. You can pick these up for next to nothing either in the beauty section at the supermarket or in Boots and Superdrug. Simply take your spoolie and comb it through your brows to tame any hairs sticking out in odd directions. If you’re a bit more fancy, you could buy a proper brow/lash comb, but a plain old spoolie will do the job just as well!


    2. The Brow Powder


    When it comes to filling in your brows, it’s important to find the right colour match. MAC sell a huge array of matte eyeshadows that are perfect for filling in brows with an angled brush. Sleek and Benefit also do great affordable brow kits containing powder and an angled brush, so you’ve got everything in one place. Really make a concious effort not to pick a shade even the tiniest bit darker than your natural brow colour though, we want to stay well away from the drag queen look here. Once you’ve found your perfect shade, take an angled brush, dip it in your powder, tap off the excess and begin to fill in those eyebrows.

    Start about a third of the way along and go back to fill in the rest once there’s less product on your brush. If you’re a novice don’t be tempted to stray outside of your natural brow shape – this technique is best left to the pros (and by that I mean professional make-up artists who really know what they’re doing). Avoid creating too much of a harsh arch and beware of making them too square. Remember, when you’re done nobody should be able to tell you’ve done anything drastically different – it’s all about enhancing your natural eyebrows a la Cara.


    3. The Setting Gel


    If your brows are quite tame, a clear mascara should do the job for this step; you can pick these up from most cosmetics brands, but for a real bargain head to the Natural Collection stand in Boots (their’s is a mere £1.99). For the more unruly brows, try using a proper eyebrow gel. Anastasia’s Tinted Brow Gel is constantly raved about by industry insiders (and even Cara herself!), so try this if yours have trouble staying in place.

    And there you have it, brows that rival those of Queen Delevingne. Well, maybe not quite, but near enough is good enough for us!

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