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    How To Contour Like Kim Kardashian

    The Kardashian sisters raised their cheekbones high and their faces, sculpted instantly. Together they helped to introduce one of the most influencing make up techniques of all time.

    Kardashian Sisters


    I think we can all agree that when it comes to contouring, Kim Kardashian takes the crown.



    Kim spilled the beans when she posted a candid selfie exposing her methods for make up success to the world. Around the globe celebs have been highlighting their faces in order to achieve the same flattering effect.





    Doesn’t Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna look stunning all contoured and highlighted? This is because contour and highlighting helps to enhance the structure of your face by both pushing forward and drawing backward specific features. It slims your face with the use of light and dark tones to make parts of your face look smaller or bigger, as well as lifting your cheekbones and giving your jawline a bit more definition. The whole point is to create a triangle of light (like the one in the photo below) on your face so light is focused on your eyes, nose, lips and cheekbones.

    Triangle Of Light


    Yes! The secret behind the magic has come out and contouring and highlighting is no longer a trick only known by celebs and top makeup artists. Now everyone can join in on the glam and you don’t need a big fancy makeup kit to do it.  You can purchase the super affordable Sleek MakeUp Face Contour Kit for just £6.49. Inside the kit you’ll find a lighter shade and a darker shade. You should purchase the kit that isn’t extremely far from your normal color, but is a few shades darker and lighter than your normal tone. Just choose from between the light, medium and dark shade kit and get to work with it.

    Now here’s your how to.

    (Use the photo below as a guide for areas to highlight or contour)




    (1)Complete your face with foundation, as you normally would do.

    It’s important that the following steps aren’t done too heavy otherwise you’ll end up looking more drag queen than beauty queen. Apply lightly and add more if needed after.

    (2)To start highlighting your face, with a brush use the lighter shade of from the Face Contour Kit to fill in the area underneath your eyes, just underneath your eyebrows, along the T-zone (down your nose and across your forehead) of your face and just above your cupids bow on the top of your lips.

    (3)To begin contouring your face, use a soft fluffy eye shadow brush applying the darker shade to the crease above your eyelid.

    (4)Use an angled face small brush and apply the darker shade to the sides of your nose, following its original line. If you don’t follow your own nose line and apply it in a straight line, your nose will end up looking unrealistic.

    (5)Use the same brush to apply the darker shade gliding it around the upper hairline, just under the hollow of your cheekbones back out and on your jaw line. Follow the motion of a 3.

    (6)After this you may want to go in and apply some bronzer on in the same places as stated in the above step

    (7)Now blend the sides of the shades together.

    And there you have it. High cheek bones and a sculpted face.

    Here’s my attempt. It works right?

    Alysha Contour


    Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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  • New York Fashion Week Goss

    Hi VIPs! It’s London Fashion Week next week, which means it’s New York Fashion week right NOW! All around Manhattan, gorgeous girls have been walking the catwalk and sitting FROW.

    Let’s have a quick look at who wore what. Have a look and see who you think looked best. Tweet us @livelikeavip !

    Kendall Jenner



    article-2747373-212B8FD200000578-1_634x809Candace Swanepoel


    Cara Delevigne (but what’s with her face?)


    Olivia Palermo


    Crystal Renn


    Jennifer Hudson


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  • Weekend Showbiz Round-Up!

    Happy Monday VIPs! Start of a fresh new week and as usual we have some of the freshest showbiz stories from the weekend for you. Enjoy.

    One Direction’s Niall Horan celebrated his 21st birthday early in style with Louis Tomlinson and Laura Whitmore in Shoreditch. Happy birthday!

    Niall Horan

    Sam Faiers showed off her incredible figure whilst on holiday in Marbella with Joey Essex. Glad to see her illness isn’t holding her back.

    Sam Faiers

    David Beckham was spotted at New York Fashion Week in the front row with Anna Wintour supporting Victoria Beckham. He also made an incredibly stylish arrival at the airport with Brooklyn.

    David Beckham

    Rihanna also made waves at NYFW wearing a very skimpy black ensemble- she stills kills it in the fashion department though!


    Bad news for Cee Lo Green. After he made the controversial rape comment on Twitter, he was dropped from a military based gig. Learn from you mistake Cee Lo!

    Cee Lo Green

    Charlie Hunnam is quite the sexy model, isn’t he? The former Christian Grey cosies up to Doutzen Kroes in the new Clavin Klein ad. Looking good.

    Charlie Hunnam

    Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian have widened the age range for Kardashian Kids, which now goes up to 5 years. The collection has been inspired by Penelope Disick. So cute!

    Kardashian Kids

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  • Friday Showbiz Round-Up!

    Hi VIPs! How was your week? Good we hope. To top it all off- today is Friday! Here’s a round-up of all the latest gossip to help you start your weekend off in style.

    Danielle O’Hara has been channelling her post break-up angst by working out- And she has some incredible results with those washboard abs!

    Danielle O'Hara

    So Robert Pattinson has bagged himself a new girlfriend. The lucky lady is British singer K Twigs and apparently this time it’s the real thing. Really hope it works out this time.

    Robert Pattinson

    Happy birthday to Beyonce who celebrated her 33rd birthday yesterday. The pop icon definitely has it all and has worked extremely hard for all of her success.


    Ariana Grande has reassured her fans that those leaked photos weren’t of her. She also mentioned that her derrière is much cuter!

    Ariana Grande

    Rihanna was spotted on a luxury yacht getting cosy with a female companion in Italy. Living the life!


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  • Tuesday’s Hottest Celeb News

    Good morning VIPs! Did Monday treat you well? Let’s make today better for the simple reason that every day should be better than the preceding day. Live for today, people!

    Let’s take example from Rihanna who is the latest celeb to jump on the Shmoney dance bandwagon. Have you heard of that yet?


    Click here to see the video in full.

    Now here’s a rare photo of Jay-Z smiling…


    He’s smiling because the Made in America festival that he founded has been attended by so many celebs in the past few days from the youngsters like Chloe Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham to the established artists like Kanye Wests (who attracted the entire Kardashian clan). Kerr-ching in Jay’s already huge bank account!

    Who is the celeb on the cover of this magazine?


    It’s Pamela Anderson! Weird how she looks better with less make-up?

    Talking of hot girls, I want a bum like Bar Rafaeli!


    How many squats does she do to get it looking like this I wonder? Orlando Bloom must regret letting her slip through his fingers. She’s on hols in Mykonos with her new man. Lucky him!

    But with clothes on, I want to look like Olivia Palermo, who looked as effortlessly stylish as always at a Magnum ice cream 25th birthday party. I love how she matches stuff together, nobody does it quite like her.


    Who’s your celeb fashion icon? Tweet us @livelikeavip

    Have a fab day!

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  • Tuesday’s Sexiest Celebrity Gossip

    Good morning and happy Tuesday! People say Tuesday is the worst day of the week because the previous weekend is a distant memory and the next weekend feels so far away but let’s change that! Let’s try to have some fun today and do something to make ourselves feel special. We deserve it!

    There’s a lot of optimism in celeb land right now. The Saturdays have a Greatest Hits Album out, which is exciting for us. And what’s exciting for them is they all seem to have lost their baby weight, especially Frankie Sandford. Not many new mums could wear a blue playsuit like that.


    Lady Gaga is on tour and her stage costumes are predictably wacky. She’s been criticised for putting on weight but have you seen her boyfriend? If she can bag a man like Taylor Kinney then who does she have to impress now?


    Rihanna, on the other hand, is desperate to impress everyone. I do like the animalistic shoot she did for W magazine but find it a bit sad she always tries so hard to be new and controversial.


    Talking of new, is there a new romance going on with actress Chloe Moretz and Posh and Becks’ son Brooklyn? They looked rather friendly at the Teen Choice Awards. He’s a chip off the old block (although maybe slightly less good looking?)


    And finally, Davina MacCall was on a one-woman mission to advertise denim as she popped out for coffee yesterday. What do you think? It’s so bad it’s almost good.


    So rest assured whatever you do today you probably look less outrageous than Lady Gaga. Just make sure you have as much fun as her!

    Follow us on Twitter @livelikeavip and let us know what you’re up to.

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  • Weekend Showbiz Round-Up!

    Hello VIPs! Hope everyone is doing well. It’s a start of a brand new week so let’s make this a good one. Here’s some juicy showbiz gossip to get you going.

    Michelle Keegan has showed off her toned tanned abs yet again in a little crop top. Cannot believe that’s how she looks on a ‘chill’ day!

    Michelle Keegan

    Danielle O’Hara has confirmed that her marriage is over to husband Jamie O’Hara after his cheating scandal. Her three boys are her top priority right now.

    danielle lloyd

    Tulisa has admitted to having plastic surgery after her appearance raised a few eyebrows at her assault trial. She states that she’s very happy with getting her lips done and getting filler in her cheeks.


    Rihanna has unveiled the ads for her new perfume ‘Rogue For Men’. The images are black and white white her arms wrapped around a sexy male model.


    Christina Aguilera obviously doesn’t have body image issues. The pregnant singer posed nude for a sexy shoot for V Magazine. Looking good.

    christina aguilera

    There’s a new young couple on the block. Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Moretz are apparently seeing each other! Ahh young love.

    Brooklyn beckham

    Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult have parted ways for the second time! Apparently Jennifer’s hectic schedule doesn’t give much time for the relationship to work.

    Jennifer Lawrence

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  • Midweek Celebrity Gossip

    Good morning VIPS! Did you see the football last night? I was shocked by just how much the Germans beat the Brazilians. In a way it’s kind of sad that the host team are out as it would have meant a lot for them to win, but I guess they just aren’t good enough.

    That one paragraph was all I have to say about it as I’d rather talk about showbiz. Here’s a quick look at what the celebs are doing now.

    Ashton Kutcher


    Ashton was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was in Brazil when Brazil lost. No wonder he has a sheepish expression on his face. Doh! (Ok, this really is all I have to say about the football now, honest)

    Prince William, Prince Charles and Prince Harry


    The Prince’s attended a charity event at the Royal Albert Hall, hosted by David Walliams and Caroline Flack. Before the event, David Walliams cheekily asked them if they wanted to see Peter Andre with him as he spotted a flyer in the venue. They probably thought Walliams was a bit of a wally!

    Kendall Jenner


    The half-sister of Kim Kardashian looked stunning at the Dior catwalk show during Paris Fashion Week. Very classy!

    Sam Faiers


    Sam’s doing dressed-down chic very well, strolling around her hometown of Essex. Loving the neat plaits and cropped top, which shows off her figure subtly. I’d say she’s better than Rihanna right now (find out why if you scrolll down)

    Marge Simpson


    MAC make-up have all the best celebrity collaborations….so now they’ve chosen Marge Simpson. I don’t know how she’s in the same league as Lady Gaga or Rihanna but MAC see something in her. Maybe the eyelashes are good as Marge does have cute pointy flutters…



    Why does one of the best looking women in the world seem to make a deliberate effort to look as bad as possible? I’m not feeling the outfit she wore in New York yesterday. Rihanna’s either naked or wearing ugly outfits, why can’t she find a middle ground?

    What are you up to today? Have a good one and we’ll be back with more of what’s happening in showbiz land tomorrow.

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  • Get The Look: Festival Style Side Plait



    A side plait is the hair style of choice for celebrities when they want toget their hair away from their face without scraping it up. It’s neat, it’s feminine and Tatiana Karelina, CEO of Tatiana Hair Extensions, showed me that it’s easy for anyone to recreate the look.


    In just four key stages, with the help from a clip-in extension, I followed in the footsteps of celebs like Rihanna and Pixie Lott and it took less than five minutes.


    Let’s talk through each stage…


    Stage 1: Start by sectioning the hair. Make it 2-3 cm to the side of the centre parting.


    Stage 2: Use a clip to secure the sectioned hair. Backcomb the top of the section (as it will mean the clip-in has something to attach to)


    Stage 3: Attach the clip-in to the top of the section. (Each of the Tatiana Hair Extensions clip-ins are hand-sewn using human hair of the highest quality. You do not have to braid them as they come straight but they are super-easy to plait)

    Stage 4: Start to braid the clip-in, mixing it with your own hair


    Step 5: Continue braiding and secure with an elastic band.

    This is what the clip-in looks like when it’s plaited before going in the hair. However, it’s best to braid it once it’s in the hair as it means it will be more4 secure. Notice this is a shade lighter than my natural hair so that it stands out from the front and side.



    Just in case you didn’t get all that, here’s a video to explain the process:

    What do you think? Visit the Tatiana Hair Extensions website to see more or follow them on Twitter @TatianaHairExts

    Follow us on  Twitter @livelikeavip

    Come back soon for more Step by Step celebrity-inspired hairstyle tutorials.

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  • Tuesday Showbiz Round-Up!

    Hello VIPs! We’re on a roll with the sizzling showbiz gossip. Let’s keep it going! Enjoy.

    Katie Price has had a tough time lately with the cheating scandal but she’s not one to shy away from a baby bump selfie. She looked adorable cuddling her son Junior.

    Katie Price

    Danielle Lloyd seems to be having the time of her life in Las Vegas as she was photographed twerking in a blue bikini. She seems to have put her recent fight with fellow holidaymakers behind her.

    Danielle Lloyd

    Danielle Radcliffe made his red carpet debut with his rumoured girlfriend Erin Darke at the Tony Awards. I guess that means it’s confirmed!

    Daniel Radcliffe

    Kris Jenner apparently made former lover Todd Waterman sign an agreement promising to never spill secrets of her infidelity. It makes you wonder what she’s hiding!

    Kris Jenner

    Rihanna has been pushing boundaries with her fashion lately but the singer showed her softer side as she cuddled up her baby niece. She captioned the picture, ‘I can’t get enough. I’m so in love’.


    Scary! Sandra Bullock has taken out an emergency protective order against the intruder who broke into her home whilst she was sleeping. The man was discovered by Sandra the next morning.

    Sandra Bullock

    One is engaged to Johnny Depp whilst the other is notorious for his naked selfies, but Amber Heard and James Franco have joined forced on the film set The Adderall Diaries where they were filmed smooching.

    James Franco

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