• Midweek Celebrity Gossip

    Good morning VIPS! Did you see the football last night? I was shocked by just how much the Germans beat the Brazilians. In a way it’s kind of sad that the host team are out as it would have meant a lot for them to win, but I guess they just aren’t good enough.

    That one paragraph was all I have to say about it as I’d rather talk about showbiz. Here’s a quick look at what the celebs are doing now.

    Ashton Kutcher


    Ashton was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was in Brazil when Brazil lost. No wonder he has a sheepish expression on his face. Doh! (Ok, this really is all I have to say about the football now, honest)

    Prince William, Prince Charles and Prince Harry


    The Prince’s attended a charity event at the Royal Albert Hall, hosted by David Walliams and Caroline Flack. Before the event, David Walliams cheekily asked them if they wanted to see Peter Andre with him as he spotted a flyer in the venue. They probably thought Walliams was a bit of a wally!

    Kendall Jenner


    The half-sister of Kim Kardashian looked stunning at the Dior catwalk show during Paris Fashion Week. Very classy!

    Sam Faiers


    Sam’s doing dressed-down chic very well, strolling around her hometown of Essex. Loving the neat plaits and cropped top, which shows off her figure subtly. I’d say she’s better than Rihanna right now (find out why if you scrolll down)

    Marge Simpson


    MAC make-up have all the best celebrity collaborations….so now they’ve chosen Marge Simpson. I don’t know how she’s in the same league as Lady Gaga or Rihanna but MAC see something in her. Maybe the eyelashes are good as Marge does have cute pointy flutters…



    Why does one of the best looking women in the world seem to make a deliberate effort to look as bad as possible? I’m not feeling the outfit she wore in New York yesterday. Rihanna’s either naked or wearing ugly outfits, why can’t she find a middle ground?

    What are you up to today? Have a good one and we’ll be back with more of what’s happening in showbiz land tomorrow.

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  • Get The Look: Festival Style Side Plait



    A side plait is the hair style of choice for celebrities when they want toget their hair away from their face without scraping it up. It’s neat, it’s feminine and Tatiana Karelina, CEO of Tatiana Hair Extensions, showed me that it’s easy for anyone to recreate the look.


    In just four key stages, with the help from a clip-in extension, I followed in the footsteps of celebs like Rihanna and Pixie Lott and it took less than five minutes.


    Let’s talk through each stage…


    Stage 1: Start by sectioning the hair. Make it 2-3 cm to the side of the centre parting.


    Stage 2: Use a clip to secure the sectioned hair. Backcomb the top of the section (as it will mean the clip-in has something to attach to)


    Stage 3: Attach the clip-in to the top of the section. (Each of the Tatiana Hair Extensions clip-ins are hand-sewn using human hair of the highest quality. You do not have to braid them as they come straight but they are super-easy to plait)

    Stage 4: Start to braid the clip-in, mixing it with your own hair


    Step 5: Continue braiding and secure with an elastic band.

    This is what the clip-in looks like when it’s plaited before going in the hair. However, it’s best to braid it once it’s in the hair as it means it will be more4 secure. Notice this is a shade lighter than my natural hair so that it stands out from the front and side.



    Just in case you didn’t get all that, here’s a video to explain the process:

    What do you think? Visit the Tatiana Hair Extensions website to see more or follow them on Twitter @TatianaHairExts

    Follow us on  Twitter @livelikeavip

    Come back soon for more Step by Step celebrity-inspired hairstyle tutorials.

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  • Tuesday Showbiz Round-Up!

    Hello VIPs! We’re on a roll with the sizzling showbiz gossip. Let’s keep it going! Enjoy.

    Katie Price has had a tough time lately with the cheating scandal but she’s not one to shy away from a baby bump selfie. She looked adorable cuddling her son Junior.

    Katie Price

    Danielle Lloyd seems to be having the time of her life in Las Vegas as she was photographed twerking in a blue bikini. She seems to have put her recent fight with fellow holidaymakers behind her.

    Danielle Lloyd

    Danielle Radcliffe made his red carpet debut with his rumoured girlfriend Erin Darke at the Tony Awards. I guess that means it’s confirmed!

    Daniel Radcliffe

    Kris Jenner apparently made former lover Todd Waterman sign an agreement promising to never spill secrets of her infidelity. It makes you wonder what she’s hiding!

    Kris Jenner

    Rihanna has been pushing boundaries with her fashion lately but the singer showed her softer side as she cuddled up her baby niece. She captioned the picture, ‘I can’t get enough. I’m so in love’.


    Scary! Sandra Bullock has taken out an emergency protective order against the intruder who broke into her home whilst she was sleeping. The man was discovered by Sandra the next morning.

    Sandra Bullock

    One is engaged to Johnny Depp whilst the other is notorious for his naked selfies, but Amber Heard and James Franco have joined forced on the film set The Adderall Diaries where they were filmed smooching.

    James Franco

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  • Wednesday Showbiz Round-Up!

    Hello VIPs! So we’ve made it to hump day. Have you been reaching all your goals this week? We hope so. Here’s some extra motivation in the form of some juicy showbiz gossip.

    Lewis Lewis has left Sony Records after seven years and has now signed with Island records. She revealed her excitement in a statement where she noted her new music label home allows artists to flourish and are encouraged to express themselves.

    Leona Lewis

    Jessie J has shared a make-up free selfie as she woke up. She’s definitely one to champion natural beauty.

    Jessie J

    Keira Knightley has revealed that she wouldn’t want her daughter to become an actress after the verbal abuse she went through at the beginning of her career. She stated that horrible remarks were made about her acting as well as her thin frame.

    Keira Knightley

    Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson showed off her incredible figure in bikini selfie. The reality star is currently having the time of her life as she is filming in New York.

    Lucy Watson

    Rihanna made an extremely daring outfit choice at the CFDA’s where she was honoured with the Fashion Icon Award. The singer wore a completely see through Adam Selman gown that were adorned with 216,000 Swarovski crystals. Definitely a risk-taker!


    Filming has begun on Khloe and Kourtney Take The Hamptons. Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick were spotted with cameras outside a $13 million waterfront rental home. Living the good life.

    Khloe Kardashian

    Kendall and Kylie Jenner are now authors! The famous sisters have launched their new book Rebels: The Story of Lex and Livia. The book apparently took them two years to write. Will you be reading?

    Kendall and Kylie

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  • Friday Showbiz Round-Up!

    Happy Friday VIPs! Another long weekend is here so enjoy it as much as you can. Ofcourse we’ve provided you with the latest showbiz gossip to keep you entertained.

    Kieran Hayler has finally broken his Twitter silence as he wished Katie Price a happy birthday and offered to repair her heart. Erm, we think it’ll take more than a tweet to get on Katie’s good side.

    Kieran Hayler

    Cara Delevigne and Michelle Rodriguez will both head to Marrakesh this weekend for Poppy Delevigne’s wedding celebrations. This will put all those splitsville rumours to rest.

    Cara Delevigne

    Vanessa Hudgens has showed off her abs in a photo uploaded onto Instagram. The fitness freak looks in great shape. Jealous!

    Vanessa Hudgens

    Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson are celebrating their four year anniversary. She uploaded a cute and quirky shot of them kissing on Instagram with the caption, ‘can’t wait to marry you’.

    Jessica Simpson

    Charlie Sheen isn’t too happy with Rihanna. He took to Twitter to rant about her after she refused to meet his fiancée when she was eating at a nearby restaurant. That is certainly not ‘winning’ behaviour.

    Charlie Sheen

    Quvenzhane Wallis looked absolutely adorable modelling for Armani Junior. This is her first ever fashion campaign at ten years old. Already achieved so much!


    It has been confirmed that Jay Z will indeed be best man at the Kimye wedding. Apparently Beyonce has to think about attending and really didn’t want to go, but now she has to with Jay Z!

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  • VIP Trend: Denim Jumpsuits – Kylie, Kourtney Kardashian, Rachel Bilson, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and more!

    This week’s VIP fashion trend is the denim jumpsuit – Everyone from Kylie Minogue, Kourtney Kardashian, Rihanna and Myleene Klass have been spotted wearing this VIP trend. Take a look below.


    Gwen Stefani, Jaime King and  Kourtney Kardashian


    Miley Cyrus, Rachel Bilson, Rachel Zoe


    Love this Grease inspired look? Take a look at some similar fashion finds below.

    Mango £59.99


    Miss Selfridge £35


    M&Co £24


    Zara £39.99


    Want all the gossip about celebrity fashion finds?

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  • Weekend Showbiz Round-Up!

    Hello VIPs! How’s everyone feeling? The sun was out this weekend, so let’s hope that summery glow lingers throughout the week. Here’s some showbiz gossip to make you feel extra special.

    Joey Essex has confirmed that he is in fact seeing Sam Faiers and has strong feelings for her once again. Sam was his first serious relationship and the pair started seeing each other again after her Crohn’s disease diagnosis.

    Joey Essex Sam Faiers

    Sam’s sister, Billie Faiers on the other hand showed off her baby bump in a selfie before she headed out to spend time with her friends. That’ll be one yummy mummy!

    Billier Faiers

    Lauren Silverman took a break for mummy duties as she stepped out in a LBD alongside Simon Cowell. The pair headed to London’s Palladium Theatre to watch the new musical, I Can’t Sing. Hopefully little Eric will be able to sing one day.

    Lauren Silverman

    Kesha looked happy and healthy after she emerged from rehab. She was sporting a top that said ‘I’m a Survivor’ and rainbow hair. She also informed her fans that she’s working on a lot of new music. Well done Kesha!


    Jennifer Hudson is not only an incredible singer and actress but she also has an extremely long tongue! Jennifer recalled a time when a fan asked her to stick her tongue out to identify whether she was the real Jennifer on the Jonathan Ross Show.

    Jennifer Hudson

    Some more serious images of Miley Cyrus have been released for the new Marc Jacobs campaign. The singer has a backdrop of sand and storm clouds and looks moodily into the distance.

    Miley cyrus

    Shakira has revealed that her boyfriend Gerard Pique has banned her from appearing in raunchy music videos with men. She can now only do them with women, hence her steamy chemistry with Rihanna in the Can’t Remember To Forget You music video.


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  • Thursday Celeb Goss (And Freaky Fashion)

    Good morning VIPs! Do you want to start with the good news or the bad? There was a LOT of terrible fashion in celeb land last night. Do not eat when you’re reading this blog post as seeing the photos of the celebs wearing such cringeworthy outfits might make you choke.

    For that reason, I think we should start with the bad. It’s funny. Firstly, top marks to Lily Allen for getting the tube to the Beyonce gig at the O2 (saves on petrol and all that) but what on earth was she wearing? It’s the tacky belt that looks the worst (although the outfit looks like a couple of highlighter pens). And that smug expression? I’m not impressed…


    Helen Flanagan – why are you wearing two tone jeans? Black on one leg and white on the other. And with the scary make-up it reminds me of the cartoon character Beetlejuice.


    And last but not least, I know it’s cool to look weird during fashion week but I thought Rihanna was above following the crowd. Clearly not as she looked just as weird as everyone else sat FROW at the Miu Miu show during Paris Fashion Week.


    Anyway, I think I’m beginning to sound harsh so here’s a bit of eye candy to lighten the mood. One of my celeb crushes – Duyane ‘The Rock’ Johnson posted a photo of himself enjoying pancakes. I wonder if he ate all those! Did you have a good pancake day?



    Even more happy news – weddings! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have set a date. The wedding of the year (which will hopefully be 3rd time lucky for Kim) will be on 24 May in Paris.


    And finally, there’s another take on THAT famous Oscars selfie. There’s a lot going  round (including a Simpsons cartoon one) but the Made in Chelsea one is pretty genius:



    So that’s it for today. Enjoy your Thursday knowing the weekend is almost here. What will you be getting up to? Tweet us @livelikeavip and let’s share ideas for a VIP weekend!

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  • Tuesday Showbiz Round-Up!

    Hi VIPs! The Oscars are still fresh on everyone’s mind. Check out all the celeb gossip post-Oscars, as well as other news from the world of showbiz!

    Former Westlife member and King of the Jungle Kian Egan has released his new single Home from his solo album which will go on sale March 17th. His wife Jodi Albert also makes an appearance!

    Kian egan

    Lucy Mecklenburgh is on holiday in Miami and she brought her personal trainer along with her! The pair were seen strolling along the beach looking in great shape.

    Lucy Mecklenburgh

    Nichole Scherzinger’s debut range for Missguided is finally here! The 30 piece collection will be on sale next week and is extremely affordable. She describes her range as ‘urban chic’.

    Nicole scherzinger

    Justin Bieber has been gushing about the way Selena Gomez looked at the Oscars. On social media, Justin shared a picture of Selena at the post-Oscar Vanity Fair party and captioned it ‘most elegant princess in the world’. Will there be a reunion in the works? We have to wait and see!

    Selena Gomez

    Social media went crazy with disappointment after Leonardo DiCaprio lost out on an Oscar for the fourth time. There was also hundreds of memes that were shared on-line poking fun at his Oscar loss. Oh maybe next year Leo!

    Leonardo Dicaprio

    Lupita Nyong’o had to be the main attraction of the Oscars night and the next morning she announced on Live with Kelly and Michael that she hadn’t even slept. No doubt she’s running completely off adrenaline and looks fabulous doing so.

    Lupita Nyong'o

    Rihanna was spotted in Paris attending the Stella McCartney show in an oversized green and black print coat and quirky sunglasses. The designer described a ‘fondness’ over the singer and it’s no doubt that Rihanna feels the same way.


    Do you feel bad for Leo or are you rooting for Lupita to win an Oscar next year too? Drop us your thoughts at @livelikeavip

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  • ,

    Rihanna’s Fishtail Braid vs Amanda Seyfried’s French Braid

    Everybody loves a hair braid, and by everybody I mostly mean Rihanna and Amanda Seyfried in regards to this post!  Hair braids are easy-to-do (with a little practice) and can immediately transform your look whether it’s for a girly night out or an important meeting at work.



    The hair chameleon that is Rihanna showing us all exactly how a fishtail braid should look!


    For those of you out there who aren’t familiar with the fishtail braid (and shame on you, if that’s you!), the fishtail braid is pretty easy to create once you’ve done it a couple of times.  It’s simply a case of sectioning your hair into two sections and taking a small section of hair from one side and bringing it over to the other side – you alternate this method until you reach the end of your hair.  There are soooo many fishtail braid tutorials on YouTube (which is how I learnt to do this hairstyle myself and honestly, if I can do it then anybody can!) which are incredibly easy to follow so you’ve really got no excuse for not giving this mermaid-esque hairstyle a fair chance.  There is even a fishtail braid tool available called the Scunci Criss Crosser (RRP £6) to help those of use who aren’t adept at creating majestic hairstyles which does all the hard work to make life for all those wannabe mermaids that little bit easier.



    Rihanna opting for a slightly more boho-infused fishtail braid!


    So what is it exactly that I love so much about the fishtail braid?  Well, for one thing – who doesn’t want to look like a mermaid?  Secondly?  It’s amazingly versatile – you can make it sleek and neat for a chic look or make it a little messy and have loose strands flying everywhere to create a more boho/festival-inspired look.  There’s no denying that this is a showstopper of a braid – it also has the ability to fool people into believing that you’re an amazing hairstylist due to its intricate appearance despite it actually being no more difficult to create than your standard braid or plait.  Even Blake Lively’s getting in on the fishtail act – and if it’s good enough for Mrs Ryan Reynolds then it is most definitely good enough for me!



    Blake Lively’s eye-catching fishtail braid!


    However, who can forget the trusty old French braid?  The French braid stood me well throughout my younger school days, I mean, I would even sleep in French braids -it was a serious addiction which would result in crazy crimped hair the moment I unravelled my braid.  French braids are a classic, and I’ve recently started wearing them again which has renewed my once lost love for them.  The simplest way of describing how to do a French braid is basically just to do a normal 3-section braid but start higher up in your hair (well, as far up as you want the braid to begin – the higher the better I say!) and start off with a small amount of hair and add more to each section as you work your way down the braid. See a video here.



    Amanda Seyfried’s stylish French braid!


    Now, why exactly have I reignited my love for the French braid?  This hugely comes down to the fact that I can start off with a perfectly coiffed and elegant French braid, sleep in it and the next day be rocking a shabby chic boho braid – two looks for the price of one?  YES PLEASE.  I have to say that I do find this braid slightly more fiddly when plaiting than the fishtail braid but that’s probably down to the fact that there’s an extra section of hair involved in this scenario but I’m ok with that and you should be too because the overall look of this braid is just as classic as it is contemporary – it’s a gorgeous walking contradiction.



    Nicole Richie showing us all how amazing a side French braid can look!


    So which braid wins? For me, despite it being minutely more tricky for me to do, I have to speak up for more inner 8-year-old self and opt for the French braid as I can get two days’ worth of looks from it which satisfies my slightly lazier side.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t still love the fishtail braid, it just means that right now the time is right for me and the French braid to make my hair look a little more……..Parisian and a little less……fishy?!

    Any other braids out there that you love? We’d love to know so drop us a comment!


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