• A NEW Insight Into A VIP Lifestyle

    Sometimes you might think VIPs’ dressing rooms are overflowing with Champagne, luxury food and attractive members of the opposite sex. But actually it’s not always the case. As you can see in the video above, it’s a lot more relaxed and easy-going than that.

    I got the chance to chill with former X Factor contestant Misha B and one of the sweetest boys of the British music scene, Chipmunk, when they performed at the Musicalize night in the Indig02 at the O2 Arena in Greenwich.

    Stay tuned for more videos showing you what it’s REALLY like inside celebrity events. I know I’m lucky I get to experience it but in these videos I’m taking you along for the journey. You can also follow me on Twitter @zoegriffin for live updates. Let’s go!

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  • London Last Night: Rihanna at O2

    The Event: Rihanna plays 3rd London gig

    The Venue: 02 Arena, Greenwich, London

    The VIPs: Rihanna, Calvin Harris

    The Gossip: (1) Fresh from her controversy in Ireland, where she was kicked off a farm by an irate landowner – a devout religious man – for dressing in skimpy clothing, popstar Rihanna arrived in London on Wednesday night and headed straight to Stringfellows strip club. This made us worried about what she’d wear for last night’s performance – had she learned a lesson or would she comeout starkers?

    We’re glad to say she wore clothes (but some outfits were skimpy)

    ( 2) She didn’t have to worry about religious Irish farmers last night. Instead, Calvin Harris was the supporting act. He warmed up the massive crowd nicely with his recent Rihanna collaboration We Found Love, as well as hits of summer’s past like Acceptable in the 80’s and You Used To Hold Me.

    (3) And then it was time for the main act herself. The 20 million album-seller brought the crowd to their feet with her opening hit Umbrella, before diving into more tunes off her Loud album. It proved an appropriate title, and it’s no wonder she’s dubbed this her ‘Loud Tour’. The sound was immense! Our favourite moment? Definitely when she arrived on stage to perform Only Girl In The World  in what seemed to be a hamster ball. Weird but absolutely wonderful!

    Check out the video below to see how she owned the stage!


    (4) This was her third show at the O2, which mean there are 7 more. Click here to visit the O2 website to see some upcoming dates and try to get some tickets because the girl knows how to entertain!

    (5) With her tour in full sway she’s now in ‘music diva mode’, but we can’t wait to see her ‘acting diva mode’ when Battleship, her debut film role, is released early 2012.

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  • VIP GIG: Snoop Dogg at O2

    The Event: Snoop Dogg gigs at O2

    The Venue: O2 Arena

    The VIPs: Snoop Dogg, Dynamo, William Gallas

    The Gossip: (1) The world’s of hip hop, football and magic for some reason collided this weekend at London’s O2 arena in a massive strange explosion, causing mass Tweets and camera phones to spontaneously take snaps. The occasion? Globally famous rapper Snoop Dogg put on a little gig, wherein he rapped about life, gin and juice and people put their hands up.

    (2) As there isn’t a person on the planet who doesn’t love a bit of Snoop (unless you’re on some sort of  ‘side’ on America and defined by one of four points on a compass), it should come as no surprise fans and celebrities alike were queuing round the block to meet him. Spurs defender William Gallas, quite a big bloke, took a photo with the star and was dwarfed in his presence.

    (3) Our favourite magician Dynamo also snapped a few pics with Snoop, neglecting to do the ‘pull the coin out the ear’ trick both because he wouldn’t reach, and because he might get shot by a hasty entourage. After the event, Snoop as always took to Twitter to some up his feelings: “liverpool, london, cardiff – your local Nandos better have my name on it ya digg?” He was evidently hungry. Perhaps Dynamo can pull a kebab out of a hat?

    (4) Snoop’s now off to Europe and then back to America. Visit Snoop Dogg’s website for details.

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  • Charity Chat: Our Interview With Chipmunk

    Chipmunk has been busy! Other than being the face of the white-hot British rap scene, recipient of countless awards including Radio 1’s Teen Award, and collaborator with Snoop Dog and Chris Brown, the 20-year old hip hop rapper has found time for a little charity work and studying (see above). In an interview with Livelikeavip.com, he revealed all.

    As he tells us, the campaign is in partnership with O2’s Think Big programme, designed to help millions of youngsters work hard inside and outside school. It provides study groups and resources for young people to drop in and complete homework assignments in fun and safe work environments. “It’s going good”, said Chipmunk. “Encouraging kids is always good, you know?”

    That’s his contribution to academia; what of his contribution to music? With his second and most recent album, Transition, Chipmunk marked a change in style. “Transition is a lot more mature sounding. I’m not getting any younger. It’s darker. I think it’s the better of the two.”

    With Transition, and the launch of the inspiring single Born a Champion, came a surprising twist. Wrestling corporation WWE used the song for their reality TV series Tough Enough – and Chipmunk didn’t know anything about it! “I turned on the TV one day and they were playing my song. I don’t know if I’m getting paid for it. I probably am.” So, the important question: does Chipmunk watch wrestling? “I used to, until Kane took off his mask. Then it just got stupid.”

    From one form of acting to another, does the rapper hope to branch out into acting like his contemporaries? “My acting skills are top-notch”, Chipmunk boasted. “I’ll start out in the British scene like Plan B. He’s a great all-rounder. Then maybe branch out into Hollywood.” He continued, “But I need some massive hits before that. Need some bangers.”

    And what did he have to say about the British rap scene at the moment – who’s the best? “It’s so new”, he started, “that no-one’s got enough albums out to say who’s best.” That might change with Chipmunk’s third album. Keeping it secret, he assured us, “It’s going to be more mature than ever.”

    So if his mysterious third album won him accolades, how would he celebrate? “I might finish off my tattoos. Get my stomach done.” Not before you’ve done your homework, Chipmunk.

    Chipmunk is working with Marie Perryman, one of four inspirational young people passionate about tackling important issues in our society who are being backed by O2 with support and funding to deliver their campaign and make their voice heard on national level. To find out more about Marie’s campaign visit www.O2thinkbig.co.uk

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  • London Last Night: National Reality TV Awards

    The Event: National Reality TV Awards

    The Venue: Proud 2, Peninsula Square, London,

    The VIPs: Ricky Hatton,Anthea Turner,Imogen Thomas,Spencer Matthews,Caggie Dunlop,Ollie Locke,Rosie Fortescue,Fredrik Ferrier,Amber Atherton,Hugo Taylor,

    The Gossip: (1) Another awards show was vying for attention last night. For people who don’t like celebrations of radio marketing, the National Reality TV Awards is right up your alley.

    (2) Before we got started mingling, we had to admire Proud 2’s fabulous second floor, which boasts a ‚ÄòLeopard Lounge’ with gold Art Deco inspired leopard sculptures set amongst a backdrop of lavish turquoise marbling. It’s how our next living room design will look.

    (3) The brilliant The Only Way is Essex triumphed last night, picking up Best Entertainment Show, while star Amy Childs bagged Best Reality Personality. BBC One’s ‘The Apprentice’ also cleaned up, winning Best Business Show and Best Reality Competition Show. Keeping up with the Kardasians won Best International Reality Show, while The Model Agency was crowned Most Inspiring Show.

    (4) If you want to see what US reality TV car crash wins an award, we’ll update you on the US Reality TV Awards when it happens 1 December.

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