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    Cannes Film Festival 2017

    Cannes is the most fashionable event of the film industry. The South of France festival lasts for 10 days and there’s a different premiere every single night. That’s not all though because after the parties, there are jewellery parties, fashion parties and charity galas. We’re Cannes veterans, we know exactly what happens as we’re usually there.

    This year, we’ve taken a break from being at the parties ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look (and admire) what’s going on. It’s the best place to look for fashion inspiration for weddings and summer balls.

    Our top 10 fave outfits so far this year are those worn by:
    Kendall Jenner




    Kate Moss


    Jourdan Dunn


    Bella Hadid


    Kristen Stewart


    Nicole Kidman


    Jessica Chastain


    Kourtney Kardashian


    Uma Thurman


    It’s been sooooo glam! Whose outfit do you like the most?

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  • Oscars 2017: Red Carpet Looks

    It’s one of our favourite times of the year! The Oscars is not just a celebration of film, but of fashion. The stars put on some stunning, magical dresses and we can wake up lusting over them and pretend everything is ok in the world.

    Unless you’ve missed all news on the TV / radio / web  you’ll know that there was drama when La La Land were accidentally named Best Picture instead of moonlight, which was v awkward! But we don’t care about that too much. Mistakes happen, let’s just look at what went well – eg the fashion.

    These are our top 10 Best Dressed:

    (1) Emma Stone


    (2) Jessica Biel


    (3) Karlie Kloss


    (4) Naomie Harris


    (5) Viola Davis


    (6) Nicole Kidman


    (7) Chrissy Teigen


    (8) Kirsten Dunst


    (9) Hailee Steinfeld


    (10) Halle Berry


    Who do you think looked the best? We liked Jessica Biel’s strong look, but Chrissy Teigen always looks gorgeous, doesn’t she?

    Have a great day – do something to make yourself feel like an Oscar winner before you go to bed!

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  • BAFTA Awards 2017

    Hi VIPs! One of our favourite events of the year took place at the weekend – The BAFTAs. This is a celebration of British film, honouring our nation’s creative talents. Plus it shows the world we can host a grand party.

    We loved looking at all the glam outfits on the red carpet too. People look gorgeous but more individual and quirky at the BAFTAs than the Oscars. These are our top 10 Best Dressed Stars:

    Emma Stone


    Michelle Williams

    Amy Adams

    Nicole Kidman

    The Duchess of Cambridge

    Laura Whitmore

    Sophie Turner

    Emily Blunt

    Amelia Dornan

    Penelope Cruz


    Who do you think looked the best? Have a great day and we’ll have some Elle Style awards fashion for you tomorrow.

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  • The Weekend’s Top Celeb Goss

    Hi VIPs! We hope you had a fabulous weekend! Whether you rested or played or both, we hope you had chance for some ‘me time’. It’s important to take time to chill every day, weekday or weekend, to mark the difference between work and play.

    In fact, perhaps it’s time to take a mini break right now to catch up on the celeb goss. It will invigorate you so you feel ready to go back to real life with a fresh, new mindset. So, here’s the goss:

    (1) Lady Gaga did a fab Super Bowl half-time set


    (2) Chrissy Teigen looked stunning at a Superbowl party – total yummy mummy!


    (3) Nicole Kidman looked gorgeous at The Director’s Guild Awards in LA with her LION co-stars


    (4 ) Kerry Washington looked bootyliciois at the same event


    (5) Michelle Williams glowed at The Santa Barbara Film Festival


    Now have a great day and we’ll be back tomorrow with some celeb and fashion news.

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  • The Week’s Top Celeb Goss

    Hi VIPs! We’ve reached the weekend. It’s time to celebrate :) That could be by cracking open the bubbly, pampering yourself, online shopping or with some Netflix and Chill. Take time out for yourself. The celebs have been doing just that all week.

    This is what we’re all talking about:

    (1) Gemma Arterton looked GORGEOUS at the premiere of Their Finest during the London Film Festival


    (2) Eddie Redmayne attended A Return To JK Rowling’s Wizarding World film event at the BFI IMAX


    (3) Nicole Kidman wowed at the London Film Festival at the premiere of Lion


    (4) While Amy Adams dazzled at the premiere of Arrival with co-star Jeremy Renner


    (5) But the biggest hit of the autumn looks set to be Inferno starring Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones



    Has this got you in the mood to party?

    Now have a great weekend and we’ll be back on Monday with a round-up of the weekend’s juiciest celeb goss.

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  • How To Spot Celebs

    Hi VIPs! As we approach the month of September, I want to do something a bit different. Instead of summarising what’s happened, I want to look forward to some cool celeb events happening in the month ahead. This way you can potentially be part of the action. If you’ve ever wanted to see Nicole Kidman, Kylie, Helen Mirren, Pharrell Williams and more in the flesh then read on below to find out where they will be this month and when.

    3 September


    Film Premiere: One Hundred Foot Journey starring Helen Mirren

    Venue: Curzon Mayfar, 38 Curzon Street, Mayfair

    4 September


    Film Premiere: Before I Go To Sleep starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth

    Venue: Ham Yard Hotel, Denman Street, Soho

    03 September – 30 September


    Music Events: iTunes Festival featuring nights with stars from David Guetta, Pharrell Williams and Kylie

    Venue: Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road, Camden

    12 September – 16 September


    Fashion: London Fashion Week

    Venue: The official British Fashion Council’s show space is at Somerset House, Strand. Celebrities are usually walking round between shows.

    28 September


    Sport: Hope For Tomorrow: Celebrity cricket match ft. Emily Berrington, Rupert Young, Lewis Moody, Ollie Phelps and James Phelps

    Venue: Kent County Cricket Club, The Spitfire Ground, Old Dover Rd, Canterbury CT1 3NZ

    We hope those dates are firmly marked in your diary now and who knows, we may see you there. Hope so! Tweet us @livelikeavip and let us know if you’re going.

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    The Hidden Gems Of VIP Australia

    Often when you think of VIP Australia holidays, the first place that springs to mind is the glorious white sails of Sydney Opera House. But for those looking for lesser known travel gems there are a few places I’d recommend for capturing a little piece of VIP lifestyle. Here’s my top five locations…


    1. The beaches of Perth:

    Perth is known as the most isolated city in the world. Surrounded by the mining towns and remote deserts of Western Australia, it’s often a city that gets missed out by backpacking tourists (usually travelling the East Coast).

    But the capital city of Western Australia, which was the birth place of Heath Ledger and the city where he spent his first 20 years growing up – and learnt to act, has some of the best beaches I visited in the country.


    Scarborough beach and Cottesloe beach would be my beaches of choice close to the city, but travelling a little further afield Rockingham’s Penguin Island is well worth a visit (and yes, there are penguins there!), as well as the popular coastal city of Fremantle, well known for its brewery (Little Creatures is great for a meal with a few drinks, either for a night out or a ‘Sunday sess’) and as the city of glamorous weddings and vintage cars! Admittedly, the prices of …everything! are little more expensive in Perth, but it’s well worth a visit just to enjoy the laid back lifestyle.


    Other celebrity VIPs which hail from Perth include Pirates of the Caribbean and The Great Gatsby star Gemma Ward and RomCom favourite and spouse of Sacha Baron Cohen, Isla Fisher.


    Essential Info:

    Nearest Airport: Perth Airport (18 hours 50 minutes approx. from Heathrow via Singapore)

    Currency: AUS Dollar. £1.00 = $1.82

    Time difference: +8 hours

    2. Melbourne excursions:

    Stylish Melbourne is best known for its cocktail bars and tea rooms. Madame Brussels is my favourite cocktail bar, situated on a rooftop terrace overlooking the city, it’s a unique little bar in that it’s made to look and feel like a garden party. To me it has a look and feel of Alice in Wonderland.

    karl 2

    One of the more popular nights out however, is the Neighbour’s Night – an excursion which runs from all the hostels and hotels I came across. I went along to the Neighbour’s night’s final ‘party’ of the year, where the audience gets to listen and dance to Karl Kennedy’s band, and Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) himself hosts the night, which includes songs and party games/drinking games with several of the shows casts – past and present. Neighbours fans can also use their time in Melbourne to visit the Ramsay Street set, where the soap is filmed.

    karl 1

    Aside from all things Neighbours, Melbourne gives you the chance to get up close to some icons of the film world – namely some of the most well-known movie costumes! The Australian Centre for the Moving Image is in the centre of the city and boosts a collection that includes Heath Ledger’s Ned Kelly armour and fellow Aussie Nicole Kidman’s Moulin Rouge outfits.

    moulin rouge dress

    Essential Info:

    Nearest Airport: Tullamarine, Melbourne International Airport (21 hours approx. from Heathrow)

    Currency: AUS Dollar. £1.00 = $1.82

    Time difference: +10 hours

     3. Using Brisbane as a base:

    Brisbane, in Queensland is a city known for its Southbank beach – a genuine beach in the middle of the city! It also has a good live music scene in the evenings, and some great exhibitions in it’s art gallery, and library! (I actually spent an entire day at the library, which is like a mix of library, community centre, art gallery and museum in one). But one of the things that made this an appealing stop on my tour is that it’s a great base for traveling to the likes of Fraser Island (a little pocket of paradise and a rare place where you can see wild dingoes), the Gold Coast (with its many theme parks) and one of my ‘must see’ attractions; Australia Zoo.

    aus zoo

    Although, sadly, the days of bumping into zoo owner Steve Irwin are of course gone, there is a chance to see his wife Terri and children Robert and Bindi (who’s a big star of American TV) doing their thing at the Crocoseum. Well worth a watch to see the family carrying on his legacy!


    Essential Info:

    Nearest Airport: Brisbane Airport (24 hours 50 minutes approx. from Heathrow)

    Currency: AUS Dollar. £1.00 = $1.82

    Time difference: +10 hours

    4. Alice Springs tour:

    If you don’t mind bus tours (which can actually be pretty fun when you’re traveling the outback – nothing like the English countryside bus tours that you expect to be filled with pensioners), Alice Springs to Uluru is a great bus tour. Uluru was formerly known as Ayers Rock, and is one of the icons of Australia as a country. Although when you get there, it is… well, just a rock, for me it was the journey and all it had to offer that was interesting!We stopped of at King’s Canyon – which you may recognise from the film version of Priscilla Queen of the Desert starring Guy Ritchie, and while the film played in our tour bus, our guide pointed out all the pieces of scenery you can see along the way.


    I know this doesn’t always happen, but making this journey was particularly special for me because we came across three film crews (although that said, the area has been used as the setting for several films due to the fact it is so isolated and devoid of people – bar the odd tour bus). They were filming a reality to TV show to find the next stars of the Priscilla musical; I assume this is the Australian equivalent of the Andrew Lloyd Webber series; Over The Rainbow. Needless to say, it was pretty exciting to see a Priscilla bus being filmed as it came driving towards us – especially as we were mid-way through watching the movie!


    Essential Info:

    Nearest Airport: Alice Springs Airport (22 hours 35 minutes approx. from Heathrow)

    Currency: AUS Dollar. £1.00 = $1.82

    Time difference: +9:30 hours

    5. Jewellery trading in Coober Pedy – Opal capital of the world

    The final destination on my hidden gems list is very fitting of such a description, as it is actual an opal mining town. This is probably the strangest place I’ve ever been in my life, but also the most fascinating. The town, called Coober Pedy, looks almost apocalyptic on first sight – not helped by the fact it has an abandoned space craft from the Chronicles of Riddick left right in its centre (apparently it has been touched be Vin Diesel). There are Hollywood film props and relics left abandoned in several places, as the town is favoured as a film location for the same reasons and Alice Springs. But this places does actually have a population, they’re just underground!


    Genuinely, the houses are built underground, but are a lot more impressive than you would expect. The temperature is always right (nice cool relief from the desert sun – but warm and cosy at night so no need for air con or central heating), they’re very private and secluded and building permission is apparently easy to obtain. Not to mention some of them have opals lining their walls (though not always the valuable kind). Even the church in this town is an underground cave of sorts.

    underground house

    Coober Pedy does bring in its fair share of VIP visitors too. It’s streets are lined with entrances to underground jewellers selling the spoils of the risk takers who have traded in conventional lifestyles to take their chances of making their fortunes in mining and panning. People travel from far and wide to trade in genuine local precious stones and Coober Pedy opals – the local pizza shop paying homage to the town’s VIP visitors in a hall of fame. Funnily enough it was in line at that very pizzeria that I literally bumped into Jason Donovan, probably fresh from filming for the Priscilla Queen of the Desert TV show.


    Nearest Airport: International Airport = Alice Springs: 22 hours 35 minutes approx. from Heathrow, Coober Pedy Airport: 55 minutes approx.

    Currency: AUS Dollar. £1.00 = $1.82

    Time difference: +10:30 hours

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    Eat Like a VIP: House Of St Barnabas

    When it came to the night of my visit to the House of St Barnabas in London’s Soho, it was cold, wet, raining and the taxis were driving through the narrow streets splashing sopping wet pedestrians and shouting with cyclists. I really didn’t want to be out.

    I don’t get a chance to spend a night at home very often but I do love that at home you can be yourself, know the food and drink will be exactly how you like it, dress how you want and talk about subjects without fear of eavesdroppers. Wouldn’t it be a dream if we could get the ‘night in’ feel while we were out and about so we could mingle – if we can be bothered – without washing or cleaning up afterwards?


    Well maybe sometimes dreams do come into reality as stepping through the front door of The House of St Barnabas took me out of one world and into another…in an almost backwards version of Narnia. Outside it was blowing a gale and pouring with rain and I didn’t like it very much, but inside it’s like an old home that you can imagine the children from Narnia living in.

    On walking in, I was greeted by a corridor that looked homely, albeit stately homely with a sweeping staircase and antique chandeliers, and big smiles from the front desk.


    And, breathe…I almost immediately felt relaxed.

    I had heard of the House Of St Barnabas before as it operated as a pop-up club run by the watch brand Omega during The Olympics in 2012. It’s now a new team running it, but Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban checked it out in 2012 along with actor Eddie Remayne, model Jodie Kidd and lots of athletes. That’s very VIP!

    Now in it’s current use as a non-profit members club that directly helps homeless people and charity (I’ll explain how that works later in this blog post), you still get VIPs in arts and music. Jarvis Cocker (below) hosted a music evening recently and there was a literary salon event with author Damian Barr. You can see the full programme on the  events tab at the House of St Barnabas website.


    As I said earlier, my guest and I were rather wet when we visited but this was no trouble at all for the staff, who took our coats and led us through to the ground floor bar. There’s low lighting, dark wood and a HUGE selection of spirits. The photo at the very top of the blog post is of the ground floor bar -so cosy! BUT if you visit in summer months you can go and sit in the garden for a drink – this has to be one of the best outside spaces in central London.


    However, we did not visit on weather to drink outside! The ground floor bar was a shelter from the elements and you can either sit at the bar on a high stool and chat to the smart barmen as they mix and pour, or sneak off to one of the leather banquettes to have a little bit more of a private conversation. As the cocktail menu was at the bar, and it would take a bit of effort to work out where to start working through the selection of coktails, wines and spirist, we decided to sit at the bar and take the weight of our legs while we used our brains to decide.

    My guest went for a Gin Gimlet to test the bartender, while I spotted some Nyetimber Rose (English sparkling wine) on the long and varied wine list. English wine for a quintessential English looking building – I was warming up nicely.

    Through to the dining room for dinner…another fabulously lovely room to look at:


    The menu further made me feel at home. Why? You know sometimes you get home and you’re ravenous and you want a meal to fill the edges of the plate but sometimes you’re happy to sit down and pick at a few things while you enjoy conversation or the television? The House of St Baranabas has several small dishes which you can mix and match as tapas for mains or enjoy as a starter, as well as larger dishes. Check out the quality of these small dishes. Starting with chilli squid with rocket and parmesan:


    Fresh king prawns in garlic:


    Boqueros on toast (I learned that boqueros are anchovies – these were sharp but tasty!)


    I was tempted to try the hoummous and the beef tartare as well but I wanted to make sure I had room for a main. I felt like the weather and the stress of walking through the weather had made me hungry! I went for fish, which came in a satisfyingly large portion while my guest’s lamb was beautifully cut and tender. Spinach was the perfect mix of moist without being soppy (and trust me this is hard to do). From the happy chat and buzz in the dining room, I could tell that other people were happy too. In the restaurants I’ve visited where food isn’t the main priority (ie they’re a place to see and be seen), there is a certain coldness as people push food around with their forks, looking around the restaurant to see if they’re missing anything. Here, people are so engrossed in their own little perfect bubbles of food and wine they don’t care what’s going on around them. All they’re caring about is will their date let them share some of their food and how long can they stay without having to go back outside.

    The House of St Barnabas is a members club so it’s a sanctuary away from the elements until 2am in the morning. And talking of sanctuaries, it is not only a safe place for members (particularly on wet days) but it is a haven for the staff. London’s homeless are supported back to work through professional work experience and accredited City & Guilds hospitality training. These are offered at the House of St Barnabas during a 12 week Employment Preparation Programme before all participants receive structured post programme support. However, there is no way on earth I could have picked some of these staff out as former homeless people, and I’d go so far as to say they were a lot better than the ones I’ve had in some other London members clubs. Our dinner waitress was called Agnes and she was happy to answer every single one of our questions about the club (there were a lot) as well as come over at exactly the right times.


    COST: If you want to visit The House of St Barnabas then you’re going to need to become a member (or befriend a member). HOWEVER, don’t be scared. Annual membership starts at £345 (a third of the cost of Soho House nearby) PLUS it’s for charity.

    Details of how to apply can be found on the House of St Barnabas website.

    CONTACT: House of St Barnabas, 1 Greek Street, London W1d 4NQ. 020 7437 1894

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  • Best And Worst Dressed Stars At The CMA’s!


    So the Country Music Awards were in full swing in Nashville, Tennessee yesterday and country music’s elite were out in force. As always, we here at LLAVIP were more interested in what everyone was wearing rather than what was actually won and trust me, we weren’t disappointed. There didn’t seem to be a specific theme with the outfits which made it all the more exciting as most of the guests flaunted their own style. Here are some of our fave fashionable celebs and some that, let’s say, probably shouldn’t be invited next year.

    Ali Dee: The singer looked like she’d just completed a stint on Dancing With The Stars when she rocked up to the CMA’s in a tacky sequined bodice complete with feathered skirt and beige peep-toes. Major thumbs down!

    Ali Dee

    Annasophia Robb: The Carrie Diaries actress keeps it simple with a nude halterneck. The patterned detailing is gorgeous and the silvery chiffon material gives the dress an ethereal touch. The shoes are a tad matchy matchy but overall it’s a good look.

    Annasophia Robb

    Carrie Underwood wears Edition by Georges Chakra: Kudos to her for bypassing a traditional dress but am I the only person who doesn’t get this? The sheer panels don’t make sense and and the ridiculous rectangular patterns in green and silver cheapen the outfit. If the top and shorts had just been plain pastel green I could have so gotten on board but unfortunately they weren’t.

    Carrie UnderwoodEdition by Georges Chakra

    Cassadee Pope: The American Voice winner sparkled in a gold sleeveless number. Or did she? At a glance the dress is just ok, nothing to really shout about, but if you look closer it gets worse. It doesn’t really do anything for her shape and it should have been floor length to add some wow factor. Blah.

    Cassadee Pope

    Jana Kramer wears Pavoni: Wow, definitely my favourite dress of the night. The black lace embellishments are stunning, it hugs her figure in all the right places and the black sheer material works beautifully against the nude bodice and under skirt. Love it!

    Jana Kramer in Pavoni

    Kellie Pickler: This dress works from the waist down but I really hate the draped halterneck. The sparkly ensemble looks more page six than southern belle but hey if you’ve got it flaunt it…preferably in the bedroom or just away from my eyes in general.

    Kellie Pickler

    Kimberly Perry in Oday Shakar: One word, beautiful! The floor-length satin gown gives her an amazing shape and the pop of orange really brings a summery vibe to the carpet. You can tell she feels good I don’t blame her!

    Kimberly Perry in Oday Shakar

    Kristen Bell in Zuhair Murad: This leather dress adds a gothic vibe to an award show full of sparkles and sequins so I applaud her for choosing a different look. I would liked to have seen her wearing a brighter pair of shoes just to give the outfit a bit of colour but she just about pulls it off.

    Kristen Bell in Zuhair Murad

    Lisa Marie Presley: So the 45-year-old’s dress isn’t good but it isn’t bad either. The hat is just silly (I think she’s forgotten she’s wearing it) and the shoes are hideous but yeah, when you’re the daughter of Elvis you can pretty much wear what you like!

    Lisa Marie Presley

    Miranda Lambert: Is she trying to be hip? Or can she just not wait to get hubby and fellow country singer Blake Shelton home and whip him? Either way this outfit isn’t working for me. The dress would have been fine without the added bondage and the leather fingerless gloves definitely need ditching!

    Miranda Lambert

    Nicole Kidman: The actress looks majorly skinny in a sleeveless LBD but unfortunately that about all she looks. The shoes just about make up for the lack of effort she’s made but I’m still not buying it!

    Nicole Kidman

    Taylor Swift in Elie Saab: As much as I hate to admit it the ‘Twenty-Two’ singer looks amazing. The nude bodice dress looks great against her skin tone (let’s face it, with legs like those she could wear anything) and the pale gold beading makes the outfit look expensive. Also loving the matching statement shoes!

    Taylor Swift Elie Saab

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  • The Worst Celebrity Beauty Blunders

    Beauty posts here on Live Like a VIP usually give tips and tricks to help us all look red carpet ready. Whilst celebs usually look polished to perfection, it’s always nice to know that they have their beauty blunders just like the rest of us! So, here are a few of the worst make-up ‘mares we’ve ever come across and a bit of advice on how to avoid making the same mistakes…

    1. Nicole Kidman and that loose powder


    When we think of celeb beauty blunders, poor Nicole Kidman’s white, dusty face is the first image that comes to mind. We’ve done a bit of digging and have discovered that Make Up Forever’s HD Powder is actually to blame here, with the ingredient silica being the problem. The name might have you believe that this is the perfect camera-ready powder, but that’s just not the case. The powder looks fine in real life, but once flash photography gets involved you’ll get the same nasty surprise Nicole did. This is most definitely a product to avoid if you’re ever lucky enough to be stood in front of the paps (or just happen to fall victim to snap happy friends on a night out).

    2. Catherine Zeta Jones’ Terrifying Tan


    Five years on and we still haven’t quite got over Catherine Zeta Jones’ bronzer blunder. Shimmery, orange-toned powder applied all over the face is never, ever a good idea. Shimmer should always be reserved for the high points of the face that would naturally catch the light (e.g. the brow bone and tops of cheekbones). As demonstrated by Catherine, when applied anywhere else it sinks into the pores, accentuating them and creating anything but a flawless finish. Always keep your bronzer matte and add shimmer with a highlighter!

    3. Amy Childs’ Clown Face


    We all know that you should focus on the eyes or the lips when it comes to bold make-up. Whilst some can get away with rocking both, Amy Childs is unfortunately not one of those people, especially when a garish blusher is also thrown in for good measure. The effect is rather scary and could easily pass for clown make-up. So, the rule is simple, listen to your mum when she says don’t mix a bold lip with a smoky eye, or you’ll live to regret it!

    And for some, there are just no words…



    American Eagle Outfitters Times Square Flagship Store Grand Opening Party


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