• Five Star Holiday Destinations You Can’t Miss

    The key to travelling like a VIP is to visit the most glamorous destinations possible. Without the correct destination, there is no way that you can consider yourself a VIP. Let’s face it, important people would never imagine rocking up in a shanty town in the middle of nowhere! Getting the location right is the first thing that should be on your list, which is why we have created a list of our own. Our list is a list of the best holiday destinations in the world that scream glamor and demand luxury. There are unmissable if you get the opportunity.

    Paris, France


    The odds are that when you think of glamor and luxury, you think of Paris. To start with, Paris is one of the wealthiest and most prosperous cities in the world. So, there is a huge amount of affluence and prosperity throughout the capital of France. Then, there are the five-star restaurants and hotels that house some of the most important and famous people on the planet. And to finish it all off, there is the five-star attractions, such as the Louvre, that are unique and that are steeped in culture and the arts.

    Provence, France


    Sticking with the France theme for a moment, let’s move onto Provence. Provence is the southwest area of France that is home to Cannes, Nice and the best weather in Europe. When you visit the region, it seems as if the area was made to provide luxurious experiences to anyone who has the good fortune to visit. The small, retro towns are surrounded by hills that make you feel as if you are going back in time to a France of the past. Plus the beaches are the epitome of golden brown and sandy while the attractions are varied and provide an amazing experience. It doesn’t whereabouts in Provence you stay because all over South West France is beautiful and worth a visit.



    Fiji is in the South Pacific, and that is what gives the islands their five-star rating.  As they are so remote, they are almost untouched by mankind. The islands are incredibly beautiful as a result because there is no skyscrapers or pollution to ruin the scenery. In simple terms, the islands are pristine, something that is hard to find in the twenty-first century. Although there isn’t a whole lot to do, you can scuba dive and go for hikes. Or, you can just lie back and experience the true meaning of peace and quiet.

    New York City, USA


    The city that never sleeps is always one place that appears on everyone’s bucket list. If you are lucky enough to get the chance to visit, make sure you take in all the sights. Yes, that might wear you down, but it is well worth the hassle! From Broadway to the Upper East Side of Manhattan, there is a wide range of luxurious and lavish attractions to sample.
    The above are just a sample of some of our favorites and the most popular five-star holiday destinations. There are plenty more out there to experience, so what are you waiting for?

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    Running Like A VIP In New York: Part 1

    I’m a regular visitor to New York. I love the shopping, I love the eating out options (no one cooks in New York), I love the cocktail bars and I love the 24-hour vibe. This is the city that never sleeps and every time I visit I feel like I’m constantly running around. Thinking I should probably put my energy to good use, I signed up to run the New York marathon in 2013.

    There’s so much to say about the experience that I’m writing up the experience in two parts with the first one about how to rest and fuel up in style. The second part will be about where to practise running so even if you don’t do the marathon you can stay fit on holiday.


    To leave New York without seeing The Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty in Manhattan would be like going to London and missing out on Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. However, you won’t see any celebrities in the queue for the tourist sights – they have better things to do. So once you have that selfie of yourself in Times Square to plaster over Facebook, please remember that there is more to New York than Manhattan.


    There’s more to NYC than this!

    If you want to do New York the VIP way, you won’t find it in any of the guidebooks as once a place makes it into a guidebook it gets packed with tourists. Did you go all the way to New York to hang out with other tourists? I may be the Queen of Showbiz in London, but I don’t have as many connections in New York so I put my words into practise and did my own research. I asked my friends for hotel / bar recommendations and I got over Google to find out restaurants / clubs that celebs were seen leaving. Some of it worked (and I’ve listed these places below) and some didn’t (and I’m not going to dwell on the negatives so I’ve forgotten about it and moved on).

    1)     WHERE TO STAY

    AVOID TIMES SQUARE.  When I was 21 I went to New York with my friends to celebrate graduating from University. We stayed in Times Square and we ate at chain restaurants like Ruby Tuesday. At the time I didn’t know any better but looking back on it it’s the equivalent of staying in London’s Kings Cross and ‘dining’ at Aberdeen Angus Steak House. I would never do this! In London, I like places with character.



    I found out about The Jane Hotel through Google, typing in ‘New York Travel Budget Hotel’ and seeing that there was a recent article by Time Out (NOTE – always check the date that an article is published). In the Time Out article  The Jane got 4 stars and I liked the history involved in the building, which was where the survivors of The Titanic stayed in 1912 when awaiting an inquest into the ship’s sinking. The wood-paneled, 50-square-foot rooms are actually called cabins and were inspired by vintage train sleeper compartments—there’s a single bed with built-in storage and brass hooks for hanging up your clothes, but also iPod docks and wall-mounted 23-inch flat-screen TVs (see above). However, what really sold it for me was the location – in the chic West Village, just round the corner from where Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie character had a flat in Sex and The City.


    As rooms are approximately $99 a night, depending on the season you visit, I was initially sceptical about what I would be getting, but I was greeted by a doorman in a chic uniform and walked into a lobby that looked like it was full of character. Instead of impersonal plastic room key cards, you get a full blown brass keys.


    Should you be feeling peckish the restaurant is an authentic French brasserie, Café Gitane. However, my favourite room by far was the bar, which is so large it is actually a ballroom.  Full of mismatched chairs, taxidermy and oriental rugs and lit by candles, it’s a midweek hipster hangout and I wouldn’t have to stumble home after one of their insanely strong cocktails. How lucky was I?





    Yes, rooms are small but how much time do you sit on a sofa on a hotel room anyway? Exactly! I found all I needed was a bed and a TV (and that’s all you get at The Jane). There’s no bathroorm – you share a communal one with three showers per floor –but  they were immaculately clean and there was never any queuing for the shower. Towels for the shower are provided and there are toiletries inside so it is like staying in a hotel with hostel prices. You even get a fresh bottle of filtered water every day, which is more than what you get in a hotel! I photographed the view of The Hudson River from my window and my parents said it was better than their $250-a-night hotel further uptown.  I had the best view, a good TV, friendly staff and a hip bar for next to nothing prices – win, win!

    For more details about price and availability, visit The Jane Hotel website.

    2)     WHERE TO EAT

    This is a very important subject for me because I was in New York to run the Marathon. Therefore it was important to get some good hearty and healthy food into my system pre-race and to indulge in a few carbs. However, when I say carbs I don’t mean pancakes with syrup for breakfast and super-size donuts and giant squidgy cookies type of carbs. That was my reward to myself  post-race. ..so I’ve divided the food part into a few sections:

    (i) Healthy Eats

    Crosby Street Hotel


    I found out about this through it’s sister hotels in London  – The Charlotte Street Hotel, The Covent Garden Hotel, The Haymarket Hotel and The Soho Hotel – which  are all great places to spot celebs in. If the Firmdale group which owns them can run four consistently good hotels in the UK, I was pretty convinced they could operate one in New York…and I was right.

    The hotel is decorated in a similar style to the ones in the UK – modern, classic and contemporary and full of character. Think bright fabrics, texturised wallpaper and unique sculptures.


    However, it manages to be chic yet cosy. And it was the best meal I ate in my entire trip to New York. Three of us runners indulged in a main course and dessert and check out the photos as a partial illustration of how good it was.


    Lamb chops with cumin mint scented Satsuma. Tender and moist with a fruity kick from the satsuma


    Grilled rib-eye, herbed tomatoes and onions – a perfect image of what medium rare should be. The meat was packed with flavour.


    Scallops, polenta, caper raisin sauce – large, succulent scallops, served in an extraordinarily rich sauce. Beats the traditional black pudding / pea serving suggestion by miles!

    For sides, we shared sweet potato mash (which we fought over because it was so tasty), hand cut French fries (seasoned with garlic) and fresh spinach. When it came to the table it was so pretty it was like an artwork. We trashed it all quite quickly, which is often the case with delicious food – you can’t get it in your mouth quick enough. But check out how we ended it – three spoons and one of these:


    Funnel cake with hard cider caramel sauce and black pepper ice cream.

    I ended up running the marathon in the fast time of 3 Hours 36 Minutes and for one of the miles I visualised this cake as a motivation for me to keep going. My thinking was that if I died on the spot, I’d never get another funnel cake, which would have been tragedy!

    For details about price and to make a booking, visit The Crosby Street Hotel website.

    Bianca Italian


    This was my ‘night-before’ meal and if I was on death row, I woudn’t be sad if I was served something like this as my last meal ever. For the price I paid, it was incredible value. Ok, it’s not as fancy as The Crosby Street hotel but it’s hearty and delicious, homely and most dishes are less than $10 (although the catch is that you do have to pay in cash not by card).

    One of my friends and I went for meat ragu with penne while our friend opted for tagliatelle. The portions were huge, making it ideal for pre-marathon carb-loading and the pasta was fresh and perfectly soft, but not too soft.


    Its location in Soho, where some of the New York celebs like Maggie Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst own apartments means that you may spot a celeb popping in for a quick bite. But everyone is made to feel like a celeb at Bianca’s as they immediately treat you as part of the family whether it’s your first visit of your 50th. This is why the grin on my face is this big after eating there!


    The dining room is homely, a white dolls house and the tables are squished close together so the atmosphere is electric and buzzy. I was told about this by a friend who lived in New York for a few years and she told me it was her favourite Italian in the whole of New York. I can definitely understand why.

    For more details and to see the menu, visit the Bianca website

    (ii) Brunch Treats



    Westville is open all day so you can have sweet potato fries with a lunchtime ceasar salad or an evening-time piece of grilled chicken for healthy yet deliciously tasty restaurant food. We visited the one in the West Village, near The Jane Hotel, but there are branches across the city.

    The one in the West Village is absolutely tiny, you can see the kitchen from all the tables and if you want the toilet you have to walk through the kitchen! But it’s worth it.


    Sweet potato fries with eggs benedict? Apple pancakes with apple sauce?  Poached eggs with smoked salmon, avocado and asparagus (for just $13)?


    After a visit to Westville your stomach will be thanking you. The portions are huge and I sometimes get bored munching through a full plate of food but every mouthful of my eggs and fries triggered involuntary moans of pleasure.

    Visit the Westville website for a full list of locations and a look at the delicious menu



    This is one of THE most popular weekend brunch places. Set your alarm for a decent hour as by bagging a table at Pastis, you’re very likely to see someone very famous walk through the door. It’s run by Keith McNally, who also owns the Balthazaar restaurant in New York (which has also just opened in London) and counts USVogue editor Anna Wintour among one of his closest pals.

    It’s the food and the general Parisian chic ambience which draw the celebs to these places rather than any freebie meal – the celebs go in and pay because the place is cool in its own right. We all had a vegetable omelette with homecooked potatoes washed down with some fresh orange juice.


    If it had been post Marathon I would have tried the pancakes with berries after seeing a plate get taken to the table opposite me. The next time I go to New York I will be returning to Pastis and I will order the pancakes, unless I go in the evening – when I’m told they do a mean steak frites followed by crème brulee.

    Check out the full menu and some pics of the gorgeous decor on the Pastis website

    (iii) Real Indulgences

    Momofuku Milk Bar


    The cornflake with marshmallow cookie was mighty tasty but the speciality is a Compost cookie.


    This is a mix of graham crackers, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, pretzels and potato chips. Yes, potato chips! This gives it a unique salty and sweet taste, plus it’s crispy and soft in the same mouthful. My only regret is that I only bought one. This is what it looks like, you need to get one to fully appreciate the taste.

    Find out more at the Momofuku milk bar website.

    Umami burger

    Friends in LA keep telling me that Umami is the best burger place ever. So when I heard there was one in New York, I knew it was the place for our post Marathon celebration. After running 26.2 miles, my body craved red meat and quick carbs (in the form of chips).


    I went for a medium done classic burger served with a parmesan crisp and in a brioche bun with a martini on the side. Slightly sweeter than what I was expecting but it was reasonably priced and just what the doctor ordered. Plus if you’re going out for fancy food every night, sometimes you just need a burger. You can’t get Umami in England yet, so you’ll be one step ahead of your friends.

    Salivate over the menu on the Umami burger website.

    Make sure you add all these places to your New York must-visit list. You’ll have a better experience at these places then anywhere you would find in a guidebook. Enjoy!

    Don’t forget to see my blog post about the best running routes!

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  • Get The Gossip Girl Look

    Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively gave everyone at the Van Cleef and Arpels soirée in New York something to ‘gossip’ about on Tuesday, for she showed up in a gorgeous lingerie-inspired lace dress.



    Not only has she acquired a hot Husband, actor (and total heartthrob) Ryan Reynolds, but also has a figure to die for! She showcased her svelte silhouette in a sheer and floral LBD from Marchesa – a dress that oozed classiness and sophistication.


    Undeniably lingerie-inspired dresses are a tricky trend to pull off, but when worn decorously they can exude elegance, which Blake Lively pulls off so well! Her glamorous look was complete with a luxurious fur coat and on-trend burgundy lip.

    Got a Christmas do? Well you can pull this look off too. Here’s how…


    Karen Millen Lace Print Dress, £131.00, from Asos.


    For a cheaper alternative try Marie Crochet and Lace Bodycon Dress, £25.00, from boohoo.com.

     Oh My Love Cami Slip Dress in Dark Floral, £39.00, from Asos


    Jones + Jones Audrey Black Dress, £60.00, is perfect for creating a 50’s esque  look.

    Like Blake add show-stopping shoes, like these Orbit Embossed Cuff Platform Shoes By CJG, £150.00, from Topshop.


    Keep warm with a Tipped Fur Short Jacket, £695.00, from Dlux.

    Can’t afford the real deal? Opt for faux fur like this Collarless Faux Longline Faux Fur Coat, £80.00, from Asos

     Would you wear this look? We would love to know tweet us @zoegriffin or email zoe@livelikeavip.com



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  • Zoe Finishes The NYC Marathon Quickly

    I am proud to say that I am a finisher of the ING New York Marathon- maybe one of the hilliest cities in the world.



    I am even happier to report that I did it in 3 hours 36 mins!


    I did it with a crew from Barry’s Bootcamp – the celebrity gym that I go to in London and not only did we all finish, we made the most of our time in NYC. I’m going to do a full travel blog post on this as I can recommend several VIP places that are a must for any visitors to NYC. Central Park (where I’m posing with my gang below) is definitely worth a visit:


    We checked out brunch places, bars, hotels and some lovely Italian restaurants incuding Bianca, the place where I had AMAZING pasta the day before the marathon.


    However, right now I am dying so I will put some ice on my legs, take some painkillers and put hand to keypad to write the travel blog post when I’ve recovered. Owwwwww!

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    Run Like A VIP: Zoe’s NYC Marathon Training

    Did you know it was the New York Marathon on 3 November (less than three weeks away)? I do because I am running it this year with a few inspiring celebrities. Pamela Anderson is swapping her red Baywatch swimsuit and flip-flops for a tracksuit and trainers and Christy Turlington – the original supermodel – is making the streets of New York a catwalk in aid of her Every Mother Counts maternity charity. All this and she still looks glam while she is running, make-up free.


    Anyway….the preparation is taking up a lot of my time right now and the more I research it the more I’ve found tips and tactics to help me run better. So I thought I’d start a new section for the next few weeks – Run Like a VIP.

    There’s so much confusing information on the web that it’s hard to know what works and what has been written for SEO purposes to advertise a new brand of trainers. Everything I write about here is what I am trying…so let’s hope it works!

    In 2009 and 2010 I ran the London marathon – my best time was 3 hr 52 minutes – so this section will have worked if I run at a quicker pace than 3 hr52 when I get to New York.


    Today, I want to start with diet as all the experts I’ve spoken to (including celebrity trainer Shane Collins who is part of my NY marathon team) tell me that it’s 70% diet and 30% exercise.

    My first question was should I give up alcohol?

    All the forums I’ve read differ hugely on this but there is a common theme. The ones that are pro drinking (to relax or wind down) are the ones for whom alcohol is a big part of their life. Ie they are used to it. The downsides are that alcohol does affect your performance the following day, it makes you more dehydrated and it adds calories, which take you away from your optimal racing weight. Personally, I also tend to crave a calorific hangover cure after alcohol (as I am not used to it) and this is also harmful to my racing weight.

    Therefore, it depends on the time you want to get. If like me, you have a goal in mind, then you might as well give it up as you want to do everything possible to get a better time? I gave it up 4 weeks before the race BUT I am going to make an exception on 23 October, when I am nominated for London Personality Of The Year in the London Lifestyle Awards.

    My second question was how can I control my increased appetite without injuring myself?

    This is a serious question as I suffered an injury while training for 2010 and I truly believe it was because I wasn’t eating enough. I was on a mission to reduce my weight as I thought it would help me run quicker and I ignored the hunger pangs that were telling me to refuel my muscles after a run. Therefore my body was depleted while I was running distances of 10 miles or more and it took its toll on my Achilles tendon. My body had inadequate padding to cushion my running and my Achilles strained.

    This time, I am making sure to eat 2000 calories a day (a woman’s guideline) and I am doing it the healthy way. A 200 calorie breakfast before a run. 250 calories of carbs after. 500 calories for lunch. Then snacks and a balanced dinner (protein and carbs).

    There are three things in particular I’m loving right now:

    Fave Breakfast  – Banana on a bagel


    Fave Snack – Creative Nature’s  brownie bar, closely followed by the tropical treat bar. In fact, all three varieties are delicious (as well as being packed with protein and good stuff)


    Fave Dinner – Sweet Potato with salmon fillet and sweet chilli sauce


    So, there you have it – two of my training secrets. I’ll be back tomorrow with some more. Let’s build up slowly but surely…

    You can find ALL the tips in the training diary area of the blog here

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    New York: Shopping And Sightseeing

    Looking for a perfect VIP weekend? There is no other place to shop ‘til you drop or party all night long than ‘the city that never sleeps’; New York, New York. I’ve had a romantic view of New York for a long time, listening to the lyrics of artists such as Alicia Keys, Jay-Z and Paloma Faith, musing about the city of opportunity, where dreams come true, etc. and it certainly delivered.

    City Scene

    It’s probably not the kind of place to visit on a whim, as unlike the more accessible city breaks in Europe, it is quite a pricey trip, but for anyone with a spot of Carrie envy, it’s incredible. There are plenty of inclusive packages available, but for the savvy shopper, buying each element separately can lead to finding bargains. I believe for me, the entire cost of the 4-day, 3-night, weekend; flights, accommodation and shopping and spending included, was around £800.

    Times Square

    I arrived at night time, to find myself taking an infamous yellow taxi cab through the bright lights of the city. Times Square is the place to start any evening, with its poster-like scenery, gift shops galore and of course the Broadway theatre district.


    Broadway is a great place to go celeb spotting, especially as so many big names grace the stages, such as Tom Hanks in Lucky Guy (until 3rd July 2013), Jane Lynch in Annie (until 14th July 2013) and soon Orlando Bloom will be taking to the stage in Romeo and Juliet (from 24th August to 24th November 2013). I decided to go for Mary Poppins for my first Broadway experience, to ease my way in light-heatedly, but I also ended up seeing theatre classic Phantom of The Opera too, and managed to get signatures from all of the cast. Often signed merchandise can be purchased in aid of a charity event – I paid $40 for mine for World Aids Day.

    Cast Signing

    I decided to stay downtown, near the former the site of the World Trade Center, now home to the One World Trade Center tower. I actually stayed in the Marriott Hotel, which received considerable damage during 9/11, with the building split in half by the collapsing South Tower and flattened by the fall of the North Tower. For this reason there is a real atmosphere of respect and patriotic pride in the re-built hotel. Visiting during off-peak season, room prices can be as low as $151 (£98 GBP) a night.

    NYC Taxis

    If your stay is only a weekend, I recommend saving money on taxis (which run by the meter and on the busy roads can clock up high fairs quickly) by booking on a tour bus, such as the City Sightseeing bus which offer 3 day hop-on, hop-off routes and of course point out all the places associated with celebrities and movies. Seeing the hotel Beyoncé often stays at, much of Donald Trumps’ empire, and the location where John Lennon was shot outside his apartment were things I may have missed if I hadn’t used the tour service, as well as some of the locations that popular TV shows such as Sex and the City and Seinfeld were filmed.
    The City Sightseeing Tour takes you to the city’s big attractions, such as the Empire State Building, Central Park, Broadway, Macy’s Department Store and The Ellis Island (State of Liberty) ferry point, but some of the fun also lies in discovering the unexpected! Along my tour we came across the famous busker ‘The Naked Cowboy’.

    Naked Cowboy

    Also, don’t be afraid to ask for more, I was able to get a guided tour of a city fire station (by a group of hot fireman) and listen to first hand stories of the tragic events of 9/11 just by knocking on the fire house door and asking. It was pretty cool to see this, often missed, side of New York City.

    Fire house

    Walking round central New York in the day time feels like you’ve stepped straight onto a movie set. Not least because there are so many recognisable movie locations! I felt caught up in a strange mix of King Kong, I Am Legend and Home Alone 2! If you a film enthusiast, don’t forget to stop by the Natural History Museum to reminisce scenes of Ben Stiller playing fetch with the T-Rex skeleton. You can even have your photo taken with Dum-Dum.
    Night at the Museum

    Embracing your inner Carrie Bradshaw is easy on 5th Avenue, with all the designer stores just a stone’s throw from one another, it’s a shopaholic’s heaven. The fancier stores are often protected by armed guards, reminding you just how expensive and luxurious these shops are.

    If you’re shopping more on a budget, I found some good department stores with high street prices, such as Century 21. There are also plenty of candy stores around, including M&M World and the Reese’s store and many more to indulge in a sweet treat. I also found that Saturday’s Central Market sells souvenirs, food, and confectionary treats at a reasonable.

    Street Market

    In terms of food, the US is pretty similar to the UK. There are some great diners around Times Square, as well as your standard fast food joints. For something a little different, why not stop by the beautiful decorated al fresco dining area at the Rockefeller Centre (an ice rink in winter) and watch the world go by? Or be a true tourist and grab breakfast at Grand Central Station!


    With so much to see and do, you’ll leave with thoughts of a return visit for sure. Is easy to understand the appeal the city has to its rich and famous, but also there are a lot of fun stories and quirky characters to be found. I also love the sheer number of pampered pooches around the city!

    Pampered pets


    Nearest Airport: John F. Kennedy International Airport (7.5 hours approx from London)
    Currency: US dollar. £1 = $1.54
    Time Difference: -5 hours
    Guestlist Tips: Instead of paying to go to Ellis Island to see the Statue of Liberty, take the free ferry to Staten Island, birth place of Christian Aguilera, which offers brilliant views as you pass the statue. With celeb properties on Staten Island, you never know who you may bump in to.

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  • This Weekends Hottest Red Carpet News

    Missed out on the hottest red carpet news this weekend? Well, don’t panic because Live Like A VIP has rounded up all the red carpet stories that you need to know of this weekend. Enjoy!

    jennifer lawrence

    The Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence showed off a hot new haircut at the GAAD Media Awards in California yesterday. What do you think of her edgy ‘do? Click here to check out more photos.

    emma roberts

    Emma Roberts glammed it up on the red carpet as she attended the Lexus Design Matters event at Pier 59. Want to read more? Click here.

    drew barrymore

    The normally glamorous Drew Barrymore turned some heads at the GLAAD Media Awards this weekend.. but not in the good way! The actress wore this unusual ensemble that sort of resembled some kind of sleeping bag… What do you think? Read more by clicking here.

    emily blunt

    Emily Blunt avoided a wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet this weekend as the actress opted for this daring black gown which almost revealed too much! To read more click here.

    bryce dallas howard

    Bryce Dallas Howard glowed on the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York yesterday. How cute does she look in those stripes? Click here to find out more.

    So it’s been a great red carpet weekend for the ladies, but where are all the men?! What was you favourite story this weekend? Leave us a comment below or tweet our ed @zoegriffin







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  • Rosario Dawson Is This Weeks Most Glamorous Female

    rosaria dawson

    Actress Rosario Dawson lit up the red carpet at the Trance premiere in London last night. The stunning starlet wore a glittering red Jenny Packham gown with Salvatore Ferregamo shoes and clutch, adding Vhernier jewels to complete the look. Keeping her hair and make-up simple and sophisticated, the 33-year-old looked utterly mesmerizing as she shone next to her co-stars and on-off partner Danny Boyle.

    Has the actress always oozed this much glamour on the carpet, however? Let’s take a look at her style evolution over the years…


    rosario dawson 2012

    The star showed up to the 2012 White House Correspondents’ Dinner in a bright, aquamarine-like gown last year. Despite it’s stunning colour and ability to wow the guests, it seems to be showing off a little too much, don’t you think Rosario??


    rosario dawson 2011

    How fantastic does this colour look on Rosario? The actress wore a pastel yellow J Mendel dress with shoes and clutch from Ferragamo to the SAG Awards in 2011. Showing off her impressive legs and keeping her outfit effortlessly glamorous, we have to admit we’re rather jealous of how fantastic the star looks here! Are you?


    rosario dawson 2010

    The actress wore a vibrant Giambattista Valli gown to the 2010 MET Ball held in New York. Although she’s looking pretty in pink, those ruffles really weren’t doing her any favours… For such a stunning woman, we feel this dress may have let her down a little bit! What do you think?


    rosario dawson 2009

    We much prefer this champagne Dolce & Gabbana gown that Rosario wore to the 2009 SAG Awards to the previous pink ensemble… She looks stunning, don’t you think?

    Although she’s had some bad patches over the years, not always getting her red carpet look quite right, we feel as though Rosario has learned from her mistakes and now simply oozes glamour! What do you think about Rosario’s style change over the years? Leave us a comment below or tweet us @zoegriffin


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  • Best Dressed Celebs Of The Week

    We’ve seen a few celebs make some seriously bad fashion choices this week, but among the fashion fails there have been some triumphs. We’ve picked the top 5 best dressed celebs of the week and boy oh boy do we want to steal their style. Prepare for some serious fashion envy!

    Gemma Arterton looks absolutely stunning in this chic little black dress at a Dior party. This beautiful dress fits Gemma perfectly and is the epitome of elegance. We so want this dress!


    Does Jessica Alba ever get it wrong? The actress does it again and looks super stylish in New York. Jessica worked the monochrome trend in head-to-toe black and white – we are a little bit in love with her monochrome floral trousers!


    Just another day looking fabulous for Victoria Beckham as she steps out in London wearing a black top and skinny jeans with a puffy blue jacket. Is Victoria THE ultimate style icon?


    Kirsten Dunst gets it right at the premiere of Upside Down in a super chic black dress. We love how the black belt really brings the look together and we adore that eye-catching clutch bag!


    A very gorgeous Eva Mendes stepped out in this pretty dress for the Spring/Summer Communications Launch in Beverly Hills. We love the combination of yellow and pink lace and applaud Eva for getting this look right as she could’ve ended up looking sickly sweet instead of stylish.


    We will have more best dressed celebs for you next Friday!

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  • Gerard Butler Is This Weeks Hottest Male

    gerard butler

    Gerard Butler is our hottest male of the week as he stepped onto the red carpet for his latest film Olympus Has Fallen. The actor arrived at the premiere in New York in a grey Z Zenga suit and looked incredibly impressive. Who would’ve thought that he’s 43?!

    So he may have suited up and impressed us this week, but what have his previous red carpet looks been like? Has he always been such a showstopper? Let’s find out by looking at his style evolution over the years…


    gerard butler 2012

    The actor decided to keep things casual at the afterparty of The Iceman held during the 2012 Toronto Film Festival. Is it just us or does he look half-dressed? Where’s the shirt, Gerard?!


    gerard butler 2011

    The Scottish actor mixed things up a bit in a blue suit at the Toronto Film Festival where he walked the red carpet for the premiere of Machine Gun Preacher.


    gerard butler 2010

    This is what we’ve been waiting for – Gerard Butler in a tux! How incredible does the Scot look at the 2010 Oscars?!


    gerard butler 2009

    Looking a bit chilly, Gerry wore a traditional Scottish kilt to the premiere of Law Abiding Citizen held in Glasgow back in 2009. Just look at those legs!

    So he hasn’t always looked his best on the red carpet but the Scot has certainly picked up some Hollywood secrets along the way and just look at him now! What do you think of Gerard’s changing style? Tweet us @zoegriffin or leave us a comment below!

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