• Monday’s Hot Showbiz Gossip

    We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. You may notice this blog post appeared on Friday. Bear with us while we upload Monday’s gossip and in the meantime have a recap of what celebs looked hot last week.

    We hope to be back to normal soon!


    Miss You Already Premiere

    Drew Barrymore


    Paloma Faith


    Cosmo’s #FashFest 2015

    Michelle Wright


    Millie Mackintosh


    Binky Felstead


    Lucy Watson


    Jameela Jamil


    Who do you think looked best? Will you take inspiration from anyone?

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  • The Week’s Hot Showbiz Stories

    Hi VIPs! I hope you’ve had a good week? Congratulations on making it to the weekend!

    This week there’s been a proposal, a break-up and a celeb putting on a ton of weight. These are our fave stories of the week, so you’re up to date with the best stories in VIP land.

    (1) Alijaz Skorjanec (who won Strictly Come Dancing with Abbey Clancy) proposes to pro dancer Janette Manara

    2B577C9400000578-0-image-m-86_1439495623616She said yes…

    (2) Caroline Street had the worst break up with ex Jack Street for the 2nd time.


    She dumped him over Twitter only a few weeks after taking him back for a second chance. Awkward.

    (3) A celeb gets a tattoo of the year they were born – can you guess who?


    It’s Rihanna? Is she worried she’ll forget her D.O.B.

    (4) What happened to Shia LaBoeuf?


    He used to be sooo cute, now he looks homeless

    (5) Millie Mackintosh looks stunning at NYX Face Awards, ahead of her new book launch


    Millie’s book called MADE contains all of her tips for a healthy lifestyle and its out on 10 September. We really want it if it gives us a glow like she has.

    Now have a great weekend and we’ll be back on Monday with a roundup of the weekend’s juiciest showbiz news.


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    VIP Workout: Paola’s Body Barre

    On a Saturday morning at 9am, Paola’s Body Barre class is completely full. This isn’t even the first class of the morning. Paola had been doing something to another class before I arrived, which left them revitalised and chatty. There were people walking out of her Fulham studio looking like they had the winning lottery tickets / snogged David Beckham / been told that chocolate was calorie free.

    Naively, I assumed this meant the class would be simple. I’ve been to Barry’s Bootcamp before and nobody speaks before the class as they want to conserve their breath. With the gorgeous studio, which feels feminine and homely, and the happy class who didn’t look like they were about to suffer I thought that I would point my toes and stretch and  then get to the Kings Road for when the shops open.

    Paola's Body Barre - studio shoot

    I think it was five minutes before I realised the class I had signed up for was called Paola’s Body Barre BURN. With lunges, jumps and side steps, your heart rate rises before you know it. Although, perhaps the cardio is the easy part as I soon found myself stretching muscles that I didn’t know existed. It was my lungs that started burning first, but this was nothing compared to the burn I felt in my thighs, followed by my bottom and abs.

    Paola's Body Barre - studio shoot


    Paola's Body Barre - studio shoot

    The class is divided into three parts. After a warm-up on the mat, the class moves to the bar where we used a variety of weights and balls to isolate and work muscles. The final section is all for the abs, which is ideal if, like me, you need to get into a bikini for a holiday anytime soon.

    I can guarantee that you won’t get a workout like this anywhere else as it’s not a traditional barre class – it’s a barre class with extras. The founder Paola di Lanza is a dynamic pilates expert and her classes have elements of this and of core fitness movements as well as the barre work. This reaches more muscles and improves strength as well as flexibility. The muscles you need to walk tall and elegant, the muscles you need to stay stable when you run and those troublesome bingo wings – they all get targeted.

    If you don’t believe my word for it then the list of celebrities and VIPs that work out at Paola’s Body Barre are endless  – Amber Le Bon, Millie Mackintosh, Madeline Shaw, Zara Martin and Lilah Parsons. All the gorgeous bodies I see so regularly on the red carpet were sculpted at PBB. Next time I see these people I’ll look at them with new admiration as I know how hard the workout is.

    Will I be going back? Absolutely – I got a 10 class pack after the class. Here’s me smiling afterwards with Paola herself.


    Visit PaoloasBodyBarre.com for more details about the trainers and to purchase class packs;. The more you buy, the better value it becomes.

    Also, check out my article on post-workout skincare here.

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  • Thursday’s Hot Celeb News

    Hi VIPs! London Fashion Week starts tomorrow. The capital is about to come alive and showcase the best of the UK’s creative talents. We cannot wait to report back on what’s going on and what the new trends are!

    In the meantime, we’re taking inspiration from what the celebs have been wearing to do their day to day business. Thursday is our trends day at Live Like a VIP when we look at the celeb news and pick our top 5 stories based on the outfits the stars involved wore. So lets get on with it:

    (1) Millie Mackintosh at the NME awards in rock chick mode

    millie-mack-fashion (1)

    (2) Donna Air at the Lei Lou mirror collection launch in boho beauty.

    millie-mack-fashion (2)

    (3) Charlie XCX at the NME awads in full on glam


    (4) Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson (right) in an adorable skirt


    (5) Stacey Solomon at the launch of her new erotic book. She’s written a book???! 



    What was your fave look?

    Have a lovely day and we’ll see you tomorrow for another roundup of the stories everyone should be talking about.

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  • Tuesday Trends: Hot Celeb Looks

    Hi VIPs! How’s February treating you so far? Now we’re well into the swing of 2015 it’s time to reassess our new year’s resolutions. Are we sticking to them? If not then why not?

    If you want to look more stylish this year and feel more confident about your looks then why not look to the celebs for example. Here are our top 5 hottest women of the week so far:

    Naomi Campbell at the BAFTA Rising Stars party – we love her leather mesh!


    Millie Mackintosh at the BAFTA Rising Stars party – talk about a thigh split!


    Ellie Goulding on a NIKE photoshoot – kicks ass, literally!


    Sarah Jane Crawford at the Radio 1 studios – pretty in pink!


    Kate Beckinsale at LAX airport – she’s clearly travelled in 1st class, you could never get your hair like that in ‘economy’


    Now have a great day. Find us on Twitter and Instagram – livelikeavip – and see you tomorrow for more celebrity gossip!

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  • Celebrity Fashion Roundup

    Hi VIPS! London Fashion Week is starting tomorrow, which means it’s probably about time the LLAVIP team start planning what we’re going to wear. We’ll be at some of the shows, taking photos and reporting back on what’s going to be hot next season.

    But what should we be wearing right now? Let’s look at some of the celebs for inspiration.

    Jennifer Lopez


    We’re in lust with what JLo wore to the Fashion Rocks gig. In fact, we think Jen dresses better in her 40s than she did in her 20s. What do you think?

    Rita Ora


    For some reason, Rita looked like she’d forgotten to get dressed at the same Fashion Rocks event. And she clearly hadn’t bothered to put much effort into her hair either. Did her dressing room burn down before stage time or something? What was she thinking?

    Millie Mackintosh


    The former Made In Chelsea star launched her own clothing line yesterday. You can check it out now on Millie’s website.

    Binky Felstead


    Hot on Millie’s heels, the current Made in Chelsea star has a new range of clothes out for online retailer Lipstick Boutique. We love Binky’s boho style and the collection is based around that with items like the gorgeous kimono above. Check it out at Lipstick Boutique now!

    Lauren Pope


    At first glance I thought this was a glam LA star like Lauren Conrad. Pope’s got a lot more classy (and maybe had her cheeks done?) If you like the look as much as we do you can shop it on the In The Style website.

    I think we’re fashion week ready now! Watch this space for all our updates and follow us on Twitter @livelikeavip for all the most recent news.

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  • Tuesday’s Hot Celebrity Gossip

    Good morning VIPs! It’s the last week of July, which is kind of scary, but they do say that time flies when you’re having fun. We always try to have fun at the Live Like a VIP offices and we think that if you’re not having fun then it’s time to do something different.

    So with that mini-lecture out the way, let’s look at a few fun things coming up.

    Firstly, Amelle Berrabah from The Sugababes is one of the celebrities to take part in new BBC show Tumble. It’s like Strictly Come Dancing but with gymnastics instead of dancing. It will be on from 9 August.


    Made In Chelsea will be back on our TV screens next month. There’s a new twist. The next season will be set in New York. Totes amazing!


    Lily Allen has slimmed down and she revealed it’s not through anything fancy, she still eats potato chips. I guess it’s the classic tale of calories in vs calories out. You can eat up to 2000 calories a day if you’re a woman and crisps are only 150 cals, so they’re not that bad for you. That’s what we think anyway!


    Talking of crisps, Millie Mackintosh and her husband Professor Green attended the launch of Walkers Crisps new flavours on Monday night. They’ve been married nearly a year now and look just as loved up as ever. I wonder what their secret is?


    Finally, did you watch the documentary about Tulisa from NDubz about her coccaine deal trial? It documents the highs and lows of showbiz and it’s definitely worth a watch if you’d like to know what goes on behind the scenes of celebrity life. Catch it on BBC iplayer.


    Tweet us what you think – @livelikeavip

    Have a good day and have fun!

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  • Wednesday Showbiz Round-Up!

    Happy hump day VIPs! How’s the week going? Let us know and enjoy today’s showbiz gossip.

    Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson is the new face of Lipsy. She mentioned that she was honoured as she’s been wearing dresses from Lipsy since she was 16 years old.

    Lucy Watson

    Made in Chelsea’s former star Millie Mackintosh looks fabulous in the campaign for Nip & Fab. She has also revealed that she’s bringing out her own clothing line and is in talks to launch her own lifestyle book.

    Millie Mackintosh

    Zayn Malik has made his fans happy with a sexy selfie that showcases his tattoos. Looking good!

    Zayn Malik

    Katie Price has revealed that Kieran Hayler was unfaithful to her with another woman as well as her ex-best friend. She has however seemed to confirm that she is sticking by him.

    Katie Price

    Kendall Jenner’s modelling career seems to be getting better and better. She is now the new face of Givenchy and looks gothic glamorous in the fall/winter campaign alongside other models.

    Kendall jenner

    Kanye West has revealed that it took four days to perfect the first wedding kiss photo. Apparently photographer Annie Leibovitz pulled out the day before the wedding and they wanted the picture to look as good as possible.


    Miley Cyrus posted a picture of her posing alongside her sister Noah. The pair seem to be having fun on the set of a music video. So cute!

    Miley Cyrus

    Tweet @livelikeavip your showbiz thoughts.

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    Drink Like A VIP: Smirnoff And Celebs

    When you go to a bar and order a vodka do you ever get confused? It seems like every week there’s a new vodka launch with some unique twist or some spin about how many time it’s been distilled. But do you know what the celebs like Millie Mackintosh, Lilah Parsons and Bip Ling are drinking? It’s Smirnoff.


    Smirnoff was the first vodka I ever drank and although you can get a lot of new flavours than when I was younger (including the tasty green apple flavour) it still remains a quality brand. What’s particularly great about it is Smirnoff’s emphasis on using it in cocktails. Some vodkas say they’re so pure that you could drink them neat. Well, I’m sure you could drink Smirnoff neat, but everything’s more delicious when it comes in cocktail form, right?

    Their cocktail recipes – which you can find on the Smirnoff website – not only look appetising but have been carefully designed so the ingredients complement each other perfectly. And as they celebrated their cocktail excellence with a party at trendy London bar, Tanner & Co, they had a special twist on cocktail mixology. Their cocktail mixologist Frankie made the cocktails as music producer and DJ Mr Hudson mixed the tunes. It’s all about feeling a vibe and being able to keep up that feeling with what you drink as well as what you’re listening to. There is no way you’d get the same feeling from a neat vodka.


    Dot Major from London Grammar could have been a bit hungover as he had his own gig and after-party the previous night. But if you get invited to a Smirnoff party, you can’t really turn it down can you?


    So if you want to make these cocktails yourself, what do you need? Firstly, you need fresh fruit and maybe some jam or marmalade…


    Then you need a fridge freezer to keep the mixers cool (and ice!). Sorry if this is stating the obvious, but there is nothing worse than warm drinks.


    And then you need the recipes which you will find on the Smirnoff website. Here’s a teaser of what you might find:




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  • Friday Showbiz Round-Up!

    Hello VIPs! How great does the sun feel? Let’s hope this great weather stays throughout the weekend. Here’s some showbiz gossip for you to indulge in to get your weekend started off on the right foot.

    Chanelle Hayes has shown off her incredible weight loss in a series of selfies- And rightly so! She looks impressive after she jumped to a size 16 earlier on this year.

    Chanelle Hayes

    Somebody else who’s flaunting her figure is Kerry Katona. She’s back in a bikini just 5 weeks after giving birth. Sources say that she is proud of her body following her traumatic labour.

    Kerry Katona

    Guess who’s having fun in Los Angeles? Millie Mackintosh of course. She was pictured having a whole lot of fun in the sea wearing a tiny black bikini.

    Millie Mackintosh

    Cara Delevigne and Rita Ora reunited for a girls night out in London. As usual they posted goofy Instagram shots where they called each other their ‘wifey’.

    Rita ora

    Anna Wintour has apparently turned down an invite to Kimye’s wedding. However, she is in talks to feature the wedding of the year in an upcoming issue of Vogue. We’ll gladly take Anna’s place!

    Anna Wintour

    Bradley Cooper has taken his much younger model girlfriend Suki Waterhouse home to meet his mother in Los Angeles. Oh Suki, how we wish we could have your life.

    Suki Waterhouse

    So after the now infamous video footage of Solange attacking Jay Z in a lift was leaked, The Standard Hotel has fired the employee responsible for all of it in the first place. The employee was paid £250,000 for the footage but it came at a cost.


    Tweet @livelikeavip your showbiz thoughts.

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