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    VIP Gig: JLS Supported By X-Factor’s MK1 At G.A.Y

    Celebrity Gig | JLS and MK1 At G.A.Y

    Those JLS boys have come a long way since those X-Factor days haven’t they? The super cheeky boys have written a new album and their new single ‘Hottest Girl In The World’ is fast becoming our fave track to date. Saturday night saw Marvin, Ortise, JB and Aston get the blood pumping through many a man (and woman’s) heart on stage at G.A.Y.

    Not content with putting on a fabulous show full of jumping, flips and gyrating, the boys also had evicted X-Factor urban group MK1. Charlotte and Sim (MK1) may have been gutted they are no longer in the running for the coveted X-Factor prize, but they said they have already been offered support and help from mentor Louis Walsh and Tulisa – with those guys behind you, we think you are going to have a glittering career guys.

    We did have ask the JLS boys if we are going to hear any wedding bells soon, as JB is engaged to childhood sweetheart Chloe and Aston is dating one of his back-up dancers – they wouldn’t give away anything but we think we should start dusting our hats off.

    We wonder if that calender will be going on Marv and Rochelle’s fridge?



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  • VIP Smells: Top 10 Celebrity Fragrances

    Celebrity Beauty | Celebrity Fragrances

    (1) Just when you thought Steps had gone back into retirement, you would be gravely mistaken. The bubblegum poptastic group, who reformed last year following a Take That style documentary have now launched something different entirely. Last night saw the pop stars showcase their new fragrance, Guilty Pleasure at Cafe de Paris. It smells exactly as you would think – very sweet, and a little bit fruity. Click here to buy.

    Obviously, Steps’ new fragrance is number one on our list, but here is a run down of our top 9 to add to your Christmas list to Santa:

    (2) Cher Lloyd Pink Diamond, £14.5

    Click to buy.

    (3) David Beckham Instinct – £19.50

    Click to buy.

    (4) Amy Childs, Amy Childs – £14.5

    Click here to buy.

    (5) Britney Spears Curious – £27

    Visit the website to buy.

    (6) Kim Kardashian Perfume – £22.5

    Click here to buy.

    (7)  JLS Kiss, £13.5

    Click here to buy.

    (8) Katy Perry Purr – £44.99

    Click here to buy

    (9)  Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely – £25

    Click to buy.

    (10) Beyonce, Heat – £24.99

    Click to buy

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  • VIP Night Out: Celebrities, Curry And Charity

    When I received an invitation to what claimed to be ‘South London’s Best Curry House’ for a charity gala, I did not know what to expect. But let me tell you this, I have never ever seen so many celebrities in an Indian restaurant before and EVERYONE seemed to be eating and enjoying themselves and raising £15,000 for the Sue Ryder charity at the same time.

    The venue I am talking about is called Chak 89 in Mitcham, South West London. And let me briefly list some of the celebrities that I hung out with over naan and masala and a bit of dhal:

    Blue (who also sang during the evening), JLS, David Haye, Lucy Pinder, TOWIE star Lydia Bright, ex TOWIE star Mark Wright, Spurs footballer Younes Kaboul and the totally amazing Kerry Katona (below).

    I always try to keep this blog packed with tips about how we can all live like a VIP, so aside from highly recommending popping in for a curry if you’re anywhere near the vicinity of South London, I got some guidance from the celebs about how we can be a bit more like them. I recorded a lot of it for a video so you can hear it from the celebrities themselves but here are some titbits now to whet your appetite while you’re waiting for me to edit the video.

    Kerry and I chatted about exercise. As you can see from our photo, she was drinking water all night, and said she’s doing circuit training and jogging to keep her slim figure. She’s currently an envious size 10 and she said she’d be in the gym today to compensate for the curry. Go, Kerry! And talking of gyms, I met the super ripped boxer David Haye.

    What was really cool about David is his suit was embellished with mini black crystals on the shoulders. You can’t see it from my iPhone picture sadly. but he felt amazing (and not just because he has a hot bod). I think more men should add a bit of personality to their suit in this way. Another thing you may not know about David is he is a bit of a computer geek.  He said he can do anything on a PC but I would like to test his skills against mine sometime…it’s a bold claim. Readers, if you want to brush up on your PC knowledge to match us, check out some HOW TO guides on Amazon here

    Aston Merrygold from JLS arrived after filming new Sky 1 show Got To Dance. I asked him how he survived running around from event to event and he took the question quite literally, saying it’s all about the shoes. He has leopard print Louboutin sneakers like this:

    So, I did a bit of research and found there is a great range of Louboutin sneakers at The Pump Store – wow!!! Aston told me he is a size 7 shoe, so he fits into women’s trainers. Bless! JLS are a group that are in touch with their feminine side in general as I spotted Oritise sipping a bright red strawberry daquiri drink with a cocktail stick full of strawberry slices on the side. If you look at the photo right at the top he’s in a red waistcoat on the far right and he said he chose the drink because it matched his waistcoat. As you do…

    And finally, before I go off and edit the video let me just finish by saying Blue put on an amazing show despite bad injuries. Lee Ryan broke his wrist in a charity football match and Simon Webbe ruptured his achilles tendon in a different match in the same tournament. How unlucky is that? Thankfully, the thing about Blue is their vocal talent is strong enough so they have stage presence no matter what…especially Duncan James (my favourite). Fancy seeing them for yourself soon? They’re in a Children In Need special performance of West End musical Jersey Boys on 11 October. Get tickets here

    Well done to restaurant owner Frank Khalid and the Chak 89 team on a spectacularly fun night for a fantastic cause.

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  • VIP Scent: Top 5 Celeb Fragrances

    Those JLS boys have everything don’t they? Music, dolls, condoms and now they have a signature scent – well, for women anyway. Launching their female fragrance at Soho’s Sanctum Hotel, last night the boys said they could break into the grooming market if all else fails. If you fancy attracting one of the boys then nab one of their bottles before they sell out. Visit the website to buy.

    We do love fragrance AND celebrities, so why not fuse the two together? We have a run down of our top 5 celeb scents out now:

    (1) Katy Perry Purr – £44.99 100ml

    If you fancy the likes of Russell Brand and international male models then spritz on some Purr by Katy Perry – you will definitely be the perfect girl for them. Click here to buy

    (2) David Beckham Instinct – £19.50 30ml

    If you have ever had a sexy dream about Mr Beckham before raise your hand. Yep, we thought so. Get your boyfriend a present which will make him smell like Golden Balls and it’s as if you have had your dream all over again. Click to buy.

    (3) Britney Spears Curious – £27 50ml

    With Britney back in the limelight and with a full set of hair again, we have fallen back in love with her Curious fragrance. At last, it’s ok to smell like Brit again! Visit the website to buy.

    (4) Sean John Unforgivable for men – £18.5 75ml

    Ever wanted to have your other half smell like a gangsta rapper? Well, now you can. P.Diddy, Puffy or whatever name he’s going by these days released his first fragrance last year, and it’s rather nice. Click here to buy.

    (5) Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely – £25 30ml

    With Sex and the City fever over we still need a little Carrie Bradshaw in our lives. This scent is feminine, sweet and will hopefully bag us a Mr Big. Click to buy.

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  • VIP Exclusive: London Marathon News

    Jeez, you guys have well and truly put us to shame this weekend. All you crazy runners out there dusted off your training shoes and got the old sports bra out to pound the pavements of London town for the annual Virgin London Marathon. 37,500 people took part in 32nd year of the event and there were more success stories than ever. With all the sweat and body odour in the air, we were glad to see there were some celebs to bring some glitz and glam to the festivities, (well, sort of).

    Celebrity Runners:

    TOWIE’s favourite cuddly crooner, James ‘Arg’ Argent finished the race in 6.01 hours. The chubby Essex boy said he couldn’t believe he made it, “six weeks ago I couldn’t even run down the road.” The loveable, singer proved his haters wrong and managed to raise £3308 for Cancer Research. We’re so proud Arg!

    Other members of the TOWIE cast who spent yesterday running was Cara Kileby and Billi Mucklow. The BFFs finished the race in 6.02 and 5.47 respectively and raised over £1000 each for the Samaritans. We caught up with Cara last week and she confessed that her and Bill would be wearing a full face of make-up for the charity event. “We will be having a spray tan before the race and waterproof mascara. We can’t do the run without our faces on.” We’re pleased to see no mascara escaped the reality stars faces, so next stop for us is Maybelline.

    Gordan and Tana Ramsay both donned their running gear to raise money for The Scottish Spina Biffida Association and Meningitis Trust. Gordon probably hated the fact that Tana finished the race 15 minutes before him, as he confessed last week that he wanted to out run his wife – bad luck Gord!

    Cheeky chappy Prince Harry was on hand to help the volunteers collect the runners belongings. The naughty Prince, (who, by the way, looked FIT, even in his super creased kecks), joked that his brother and new wife will be running next year. “What’s fantastic is that my brother and his wife will be doing it next year, I think. He’s going to have to now, isn’t he?” Ooooh, we think Haz dropped the Royal pair right in it. An official spokesman from Clarence House said this comment was merely in jest, and the couple have not said they are officially running the race. Ooooh, we really hope they do!

    Aside from the celebs, there were some pretty extraordinary people who took part in the race and completed it in record time:

    Top 5 mens winners

    1 Wilson Kipsang (Ken) 2hrs 04mins 44secs

    2 Martin Lel (Ken) 2:06.51

    3 Tsegaye Kebede (Eth) 2:06.52

    4 Adil Annani (Mar) 2:07.43

    5 Jaouad Gharib (Mar) 2:07.44

    Top 5 Women’s Winners

    1 Mary Keitany (Ken) 2hrs 18mins 37secs

    2 Edna Kiplagat (Ken) 2:19.50

    3 Priscah Jeptoo (Ken) 2:20.14

    4 Florence Kiplagat (Ken) 2:20.57

    5 Lucy Kabuu (Ken) 2:23.12

    Well done to all those who took part in this years Virgin London Marathon, many of you changed lives with the money you raised. If you want to know how to take part in next years event visit the official website and start training for 2013.

    JLS Wrap Party

    Some stars who decided to get their dancing shoes instead of their running shoes on, were JLS and Little Mix. The X-Factor runners up and winners attended the boy bands official tour party at trendy London nightclub Aura on Saturday night. It was definitely a messy one as the boys Tweeted a rather amusing message the next day, “wow what a night out last night, feeling a lil mash up lol! Cant wait for Cardiff tonight ! Ori x x x.” Oh boys, we thought you were toning the partying down, no?!

    Although it was the boys party, the attention was firmly on the ladies, and in particular we drooled over Rochelle Wiseman’s frock (pictured above). The Saturdays singer wore a knee-length bird printed dress and had amazing, natural make-up – we can’t wait to see her in her wedding dress! Next stop for us is Topshop to nab a similar frock.


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  • VIP Charity News: Prince’s Trust Valentine’s Ball

    The Event: The Prince’s Trust Valentine’s Day Ball

    The VIPs: The Mayfair Hotel, London

    The VIPs: Marvin Humes and Aston Merrygold from JLS, Arlene Phillips, Louie Spence, Liz McClarnon, Charlie Brooks, Faye Tozer, Ola and James Jordan

    The Gossip: (1) JLS star Marvin Humes’ girlfrien Rochelle Wiseman is in LA with the Saturdays so he spent Valentines Day with his bandmate Aston Merrygold instead. Bless! Both boys put on their best – studded – shoes for the event. Check out the photo above to see the boys’ bling shoes. What do you think? We want to know why Aston’s wearing red socks and black shoes!

    (2) Former Strictly judge and now lingerie designer, Arlene Phillips was keeping tight lipped about who the new Strictly Come Dancing judge is going to be. The BBC famously kicked her off the panel and replaced her with Alesha Dixon. It’s been rumoured that Arlene will take her place back on the show.

    (3) DOI judge Louie Spence was giving JLS a run for their money last night. The Pineapple Dance Studios’ star was dominating the dancefloor but JLS did not get up and show their moves. Shame! We love you Louis.

    (4) Getting ready for the Steps tour, Faye Tozer told us that she’s more nervous than when she first stepped on a stage. The singer said she doesn’t know how the audience will react now they are all a bit older. To be honest Faye, if they are paying to go and watch you, they probably love you anyway!

    All the celebs were there to support The Prince’s Trust – visit the website to see how you can get involved too.


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  • VIP Celeb Spots: JLS And Big Time Rush

    I’m so impressed (and jealous) that people are now using my celeb spotter map to tell me of boyband sightings. In fact, I wish I’d been there to get the same things – you guys are catching up on me in the celeb spotting stakes. If anyone beats me, I’ll give the winner a VIP meal night and club night at the venues of their choice anywhere in the UK. Let the challenge begin!

    If you want to take this seriously then you need to know where the celebs are hanging out already and that means visiting my Celeb spot map here.

    HINT: It looks like JLS like London club Aura while Big Time Rush are doing lots of interviews including Daybreak and Radio 1.

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  • VIP Sports News: Gaucho Polo Challenge

    Why am I wearing White Jeans? I’m joining JLS in raising money for charity and planning to go and watch some polo. And you could be there too!

    JLS  have teamed up with Gaucho tohelp raise money for the British Forces Foundation at the Gaucho Polo International at the o2 arena in London on 28 March. Tickets are available here if you want to join us

    For every pair of fabulous white jeans worn to the event, £1 will be donated to the BFF. “The White Jeans Party’, is not only a fun way to raise money, but also leaves you miles ahead in the fashion stakes, just ask hot Royal, Prince Harry, who wears white jeans a lot.

    Click here to see the Gaucho on Facebook, where there’s more photos of fit people in white trousers!

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  • VIP Music News: Brit Award Nominations

    The Event: Brit Awards Nominations 2012

    The Venue: Savoy Hotel Ballroom

    The VIPs: JLS (yay!), Ed Sheeran  (above), Jessie J, Professor Green, Rizzle Kicks, Professor Green, James Corden, magician Dynamo, artist / trophy designer Sir Peter Blake and Radio 1’s Greg James

    The Gossip: (1) We already know one award winner is Emeli Sande, who has scooped the Critics Choice Award. Here’s Emeli picking up the award from last year’s winner Jessie J and radio 1 DJ Greg James.

    We took this video showing exactly why Emeli deserves the award. What a voice!

    (2) But what on earth was Jessie J wearing? Or not wearing? Jessie’s up for three nominations (best female, best breakthrough and best single for Price Tag) bit she forgot to put clothes on. In mid-January.

    However, we do like Jessie’s long waves, which make a change from the blunt bob she’s become known for. However, get ready for another hair shock soon as the Do It Like A Dude singer says she wants to shave off her hair soon for charity. Visit Jessie J’s website to keep track of what’s happening.

    (3) Visit the Brit Awards website for the full list of nominations. What we’re shocked about is Ed Sheeran got four (although whether or not he’ll win any is a diferent story). Adele quite rightly got three (she’ll win them all) and 80s icon Kate Bush was nominated for Best British Solo Artist (where did that come from?)


    JLS are nominated for Best Single for She Makes Me Wanna. They exclusively told us they are now planning the stag do to end all stag dos for bandmate Marvin Humes. If we were Marvin’s Saturdays singer fiancee Rochelle Wiseman, we would be worried! Let’s hope it’s not like The Hangover movies….

    (5) And on a non-music related front, we’d like to say a big thank you to the Smooth You salon for styling Zoe for the night. We’re going to be working with them more closely in the future to explain how to Look Like A VIP.

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