• Midweek Music: Top 5 New Videos

    Hi VIPs! We’re half-way through the week already. Are you having a good one? Now it’s your chance to take control and do something for yourself for once.

    Sit back and listen to these 5 songs and you’ll be in a better mood, we promise.

    (1) Prince Royce ft Pitbull and JLo – Back It Up

    (2) Travie McCoy ft Sia – Golden

    (3) Axwell Ingresso – Sun  Is Shining

    (4) Muse – Mercy

     (5) Ludacris – Grass Is Always Greener

    What do you think? Are you feeling positive? Have a great day and we’ll see you tomorrow for a round-up of what’s been happening in showbiz.

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  • Get The Look: Bun And Plait Up-Do Like Beyonce


    If you want an elegant up-do then why not look at Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez for inspiration? A large plait wrapped around a bun adds a new twist on the bun style and keeps everything neat. This is ideal for girls with hair sensitive to frizz like JLo and Beyonce (and me). This hairstyle will last all night!

    Tatiana Karelina from Tatiana Hair Extensions has shown me exactly how to do it, step by step.



    Here’s a quick overview

    bun-stepsThis is what you need to do:


    Stage 1: Put the hair in a ponytail


    Stage 2: Roll on a bun ‘donut’IMG_7145

    Stage 3: Attach a thin elastic band over the bun to keep it neat. Pin loose strands underneath


    Stage 4: Attach the Tatiana Hair extensions clip-in, which you have pre-plaited.


    Stage 5: Fasten with grips

    If you’d like to see how the expert does it (eg Tatiana) then we have a video to demonstrate the process:

    This is what the clip-in looks like mid-plait. It’s made from human hair so it looks really natural around the bun!


    What do you think? Visit the Tatiana Hair Extensions website to see more or follow them on Twitter @TatianaHairExts

    Follow us on  Twitter @livelikeavip

    Come back soon for more Step by Step celebrity-inspired hairstyle tutorials.

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  • Perfect Cars For Fashionistas

    What is a fashionista? Every time I am asked this question, I always say three things – stepping away from the crowd and trying new things, being brave enough to try new colours rather than sticking to black and knowing your size.

    So when it comes to picking cars, when there are so many to choose from, I think that if you want to be fashionable in your car you need to consider these three principles.

    Today, I’m going to apply these three questions to the Fiat 500C. The Fiat 500 has had some celebrity love as JLo was the face of one of its commercial and the 500C is even more stylish because of its use of colour.


    But just because JLo likes it, is it stepping away from the crowd and answering point one on my fashionista checklist? I think so, because how many car interiors do you see that look like this with a fun pool ball gear stick…


    Also, I don’t think it’s that often that you see a yellow car…


    This leads me on to my second point about colour. The Fashion conscious Fiat 500C Colour Therapy offers 5 new shades of deliciousness inspired by the groovy 70s. The new Tech House Grey is suitable for the fashionista that likes the Victoria Beckham sophisticated muted style. Go for Volare Blue if you like feminine pastels. And if you’re a fiery bold prints and florals kind of fashionista you can show off your spice with a car in the vibrant shade of Passadoble Red, (which actually matches my nail varnish!). Or there’s Countrypolitan Yellow or New Age Cream. All with white wheel covers and white mirror covers and fashion is all about the little details isn’t it?

    Now size….what I like about this car is you can get tons of shopping in the boot, which is very important to me for my trips to Westfield and Bicester Village. But at the same time, it’s compact and therefore easy to park. When it comes to parking, we might as well make life easy for ourselves, right? There are better things to concern ourselves with than parking. Like what

    And finally, fashion isn’t just for the girls now is it? Now you can have His and Hers cars without making your man feel silly. The smooth and stylish 500 GQis the most sexy, masculine of cars.

    Now imagine what your 500C and his 500 GQ would look like together in the driveway. Cute!

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  • JLO’s sequin mini skirt – Get this VIP look!


    How AMAZING does JLo look in this colourful sequin mini skirt. We want this VIP look so we’ve found some similar pieces on the high-street below.

    Topshop £25


    John Lewis £45


    Topshop £25


    River Island £35


    Zara £39.99


    Or if you don’t like the idea of a mini skirt – how about these sequined short from New Look £29.99

    Sequin short nl

    What do you think of this sparkling VIP look?

    Let us know on twitter – @livelikeavip

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  • Jlo’s style

    Jennifer Lopez was spotted recently looking as gorgeous as ever celebrating her 42nd birthday at celebrity favourite restaurant Cipriani’s  in New York. Accompanied by her beau , fresh-faced Jennifer was wearing a pair of skin-tight leather trousers contrasted with a loose fitting cream top.

    The former American Idol judge completed the outfit with some black and metallic heels, hoop earrings and a cream studded clutch bag. Fancy this look? Check out these alternatives.

    Petites Matt PU Leggings from Miss Selfridge £18

    Lace Blouse by Yuki from Topshop £55

    Letitia Metallic Peep Sandals from Topshop £65

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  • Daily Fashion Round-Up

    Kate Moss reveals what she can’t live without:

    When trying to guess what Kate Moss cannot live without, many ideas spring to mind. Eyeliner? Hair straighteners? Skinny jeaned rocker boyfriend?

    Find the answer here

    Male models are treated badly:

    We’ve spoken before about the harsh treatment of models within the industry, placing a strong focus on the extremely punishing photo shoots that female models have to endure and the pressure to remain a skeletal frame.

    But Dolce and Gabbana model David Gandy has spoken out and the treatment of male models, saying they suffer even worse.

    Read his comments here

    How Taylor gets her curls:

    Taylor Swift is blessed with naturally gorgeous looks, so we always hoped that her head of perfect curls was the result of a top hair stylist and a range of expensive treatments.

    But the country star has made us even greener with envy by revealing how she achieves her beautiful barnet – info here

    Katy Perry to appear in Adidas adverts:

    The Adidas adverts are always jam packed with celebrity cameos and manage to pack a hell of a lot of energy into a 30 second slot.

    So we were excited (yes we get excited about adverts, what of it?) to hear rumours that Katy Perry is set to make an appearance in the new ads. Cannot wait to see what the pop singer comes up with.

    JLo defends using her kids in Gucci ad:

    When Jennifer Lopez posed alongside her adorable twins Emme and Max in adverts for the Gucci kid’s line, people were quick to criticise such a decision, claiming that the star was using her kids to further her fame.

    But Jennifer soon snipped back, claiming her decision to allow the twins to model was for the good of charity.

    Read her excuses here

    Kim Cattrall new face of Olay:

    Kim Cattrall is the new face of Olay’s Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Body Wash & Body Lotion and considering the actress always manages to defy her 54 years, we’d say she’s a damn good fit.

    The adverts have been praised for not over airbrushing the images, as Kim is pictured with visible lines and wrinkles. Proving that you can age gracefully and still look bleeding hot.

    Speaking about the product, Kim said:

    It’s important that I keep my body skin looking smooth and radiant. Now that I’ve swapped to Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Advanced Anti-Aging Body Wash and Body Lotion, it’s never been easier to achieve firm skin that looks younger after just one shower.‚Äù

    Nicole Ritchie teaser:

    Nicole is quite the serious designer nowadays and with her new Winter Kate collection set for release next month, the gorgeous blonde has put together a special behind-the-scenes clip featuring a look at her spring/summer lookbook for her Winter Kate and House of Harlow collection.

    Check it out below.

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