• Oscars 2017: Red Carpet Looks

    It’s one of our favourite times of the year! The Oscars is not just a celebration of film, but of fashion. The stars put on some stunning, magical dresses and we can wake up lusting over them and pretend everything is ok in the world.

    Unless you’ve missed all news on the TV / radio / web  you’ll know that there was drama when La La Land were accidentally named Best Picture instead of moonlight, which was v awkward! But we don’t care about that too much. Mistakes happen, let’s just look at what went well – eg the fashion.

    These are our top 10 Best Dressed:

    (1) Emma Stone


    (2) Jessica Biel


    (3) Karlie Kloss


    (4) Naomie Harris


    (5) Viola Davis


    (6) Nicole Kidman


    (7) Chrissy Teigen


    (8) Kirsten Dunst


    (9) Hailee Steinfeld


    (10) Halle Berry


    Who do you think looked the best? We liked Jessica Biel’s strong look, but Chrissy Teigen always looks gorgeous, doesn’t she?

    Have a great day – do something to make yourself feel like an Oscar winner before you go to bed!

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  • Thursday’s Hottest Celeb News

    Hi VIPs! How’s your week going so far? Apologies if you couldn’t see Live Like a VIP yesterday as we had server issues. Hopefully, we’ve sorted them now and can continue as usual to the weekend.

    So what’s the latest in celeb land? Here’s a round-up of what showbiz stories that have got us excited:

    (1) Britney’s back.

    2A90E99000000578-0-image-m-28_1437007863079 2A90F07B00000578-3163247-Flashing_the_flesh_Britney_Spears_showed_off_her_toned_shape_in_-a-89_1437012226698

    The star looked super glam at the Espy awards in LA.

    (2) The Espy Awards had an amazing red carpet


    Rachel McAdams looked particularly good in a red trouser suit. What do you think?

    (3) Is Beyonce pregnant?


    Beyonce stepped out in NYC wearing slimming black clothes AND had a bag over her mid-section. Looks a bit suspicious to us!

    (4) Caitlyn Jenner’s filming her new reality TV show for E!


    And Kim Kardashian can’t help but be involved. After all, her ‘talent’ is being on reality TV Shows.

    (5) And more Espy news – what is Halle Berry wearing?


    Has she got confused between the awards and the set of Catwoman?

    You can see who won what at the Espy awards here (from the US women’s football team to Caitlyn Jenner)

    Have a great day and we’ll be back tomorrow with another roundup of celebrity news.


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    VIP Beauty: Teeth Whitening

    There is one thing that all celebrities make their mission to have. It’s bright, white and a guaranteed head turner. Yes, our celebs just can’t do without a dazzling Hollywood smile.

    sam halle cherylFrom reality star royalty, to Hollywood legends and pop star personalities, this luminous look is simply essential for each and every VIP. That must include us too then!

    Normally, our celebs spend a whopping amount of money trying to buy their perfect smiles – hundreds, sometimes thousands. Nevertheless VIP’s, don’t fret! You don’t have to spend a ton of money in order to get your sparkling set. You can achieve whiter teeth the affordable way and even do it in the comfort of your own home.

    I’ve been on the hunt for the best home whitening kits on the market and I found two great options.

    Luster Premium White Luster Pro Light Teeth Whitening System £49.99


    This American bestseller launched in the UK this summer, available for purchase at all boot stores. It comes with a whitening mouth rinse solution, an activator whitening gel and a dual action whitening light which has it’s own timer. This kit’s really simple to use as well. All you do is rinse your mouth with the whitening mouth rinse, paint your teeth with the whitening gel and then use the light to cover it for 2 minutes. Now, this kit is easy to use but a tad bit repetitive because you must repeat these steps 20 times which equates to an hour of whitening. But, the good news is you only have to do it once a week. What also makes this kit so good is that is doesn’t make your teeth sensitive afterwards, so it’s pain free and that’s always a plus.

    Pearl Drops Pure White Whitening Kit £24.99


    This kit has been around for a while. It’s definitely an oldie but goodie. It comes with a brush on brightener serum, an activator serum and a pure white tooth polish. After brushing your teeth, apply the brightener serum and wait 30 secs. Then do the same with the activator serum again waiting 30 secs. After rinsing, wait 20 minutes without any consumption to brush on the tooth polish for 2 minutes. The downside with this is there is a lot of waiting involved and you have to repeat the ritual everyday however, you only have to do it for 10 days. Not so bad if it’s the price you pay for smile brightening pearly whites.

    Both of these kits are designed to restore the natural whiteness of your teeth, so for those who go weak at the knees for a cigarette or some Starbucks, these kits are ideal for you.

    Let us know which one worked for you!

    Tweet us @livelikeavip or find us on Instagram LiveLikeAVIP



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  • The Week’s Best Gossip

    Hi VIPs! Congratulations on surviving another week. The weekend starts now with some great tv (see below) which you must catch-up on if you’re going out to welcome in the weekend with some cocktails. You can do whatever you want – you’re free!

    So let’s start with the TV I mentioned. The nation’s favourite TV based reality TV show Gogglebox is about to get a whole lot more entertaining as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Noel Gallagher take part in a one-off charity special at 9pm on Friday night. They’re raising money for Stand Up to Cancer. I don’t know how, but one thing I do know is I’ll be watching it.


    The movie Foxcatcher had it’s premiere on Thursday night. Sienna Miller plays the widow of a murdered boxer whose brother in law vows to avenge the murder. It’s dark and gripping and based on a true story, which is always even more scary.


    Beyonce is continuing with her ‘alternative look’. I reckon she’s been taking style tips from Solange as Beyonce is normally a lot more conservative. The fringe has given her a new lease of life. She visited the Frieze art fair in London but left empty-handed. However, she could have bought something and arranged for it to be delivered….


    Jude Law is set to be a father for the fifth time…with his ex-girlfriend. He’ll now have 5 kids by 3 partners. His most recent baby mum is just 23. Hmmm


    Now what’s going on with Kelly Brook? She’s going to a big effort to show that she’s not wearing a ring isn’t she? That’s because she had dinner the previous night with ex fiance David Mcintosh in LA. But surely even having dinner with him is too much? Only a couple of days after their split he kissed someone else. Gross!


    However, let’s  end on a high. Halle Berry is 48 but still looks around 28. The dress she wore to the Gold Heart dinner in LA is evidence of how to keep it classy in later life. You don’t need to show off everything – eg Madonna – to look amazing


    And that’s it for now. Get out and enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you for more gossip on Monday.

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  • Wednesday Showbiz Round-Up!

    Hello VIPs! So we’ve made it to hump day! Hopefully you’re well immersed in your goals for this week and are having a great time working towards them. Best of luck. Here’s some juicy showbiz gossip for extra motivation.

    Congratulations to Sam Faiers who picked up three awards at the Reveal Online Fashion Awards. She won Most Stylish Celeb whilst her boutique picked up Best Boutique and Best for Celeb Style.

    Sam Faiers

    Talk about splurging! Zayn Malin has bought a new house for his fiancée Perrie Edwards’ mum. He will definitely be the best son-in-law ever!

    Zayn Malik

    Kate Winslet revealed in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar that she wants to re-focus on her career now that her youngest son is five months old. She wants to take her acting up a notch which is pretty difficult when you’re already an extraordinarily talented actress!

    Kate winslet

    Halle Berry appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show to talk about her ‘miracle baby’. The actress who is 47 thought she wouldn’t be able to conceive again as she was feeling ‘pre-menopausal’. However, that didn’t stop baby Maceo from being born.

    Halley Berry

    Rob Kardashian has defended his weight gain after he trended on Twitter for size. He mentioned that he is aware of weight and his only therapy is the gym. His sister Khloe has also blasted trolls for saying they should be ashamed of themselves.

    Rob Kardashian

    Alicia Keys’ son made his fashion show debut for Ralph Lauren kids at the age of three. The children’s fashion show was in partnership with Support of Literacy. Looking good Egypt!

    Alicia Keys

    Taylor Swift and Lorde have reunited for a catchup in New York over lunch and some shopping. Can we please join the friendship?


    Tweet @livelikeavip your showbiz thoughts.

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    Pamper Like Willow Smith With Lush’s Newest Products

    Halle Berry, Jessica Biel, Willow Smith and even Jude Law have all publicly professed their love for Lush products, with little Willow even popping into the store in California to stock up on pampering treats for a girly sleepover… how cute?!


    Us Brits are no strangers to the waft of sweet smelling bath bombs when walking past Lush stores on a weekend shopping spree either, and here at Live Like a VIP we can never resist popping in for a sneaky browse! When we heard Lush were reformulating their already fabulous lip balms and massage bars, we just had to give them a go. And guess what? We love them.


    The lip balms come in tiny little screw lid pots that are perfect for popping in your handbag or even slipping in your jeans pocket if you’re having a low maintenance, lazy day. They come in four lovely scents: Lip Service, Honey Trap, None of my Beeswax and Whipstick. Honey Trap is definitely the pick of the bunch though. It’s described as a ‘white chocolate balm for vanilla-honey kisses’, but it smells exactly like mint humbugs… even better! All the lipbalms are 100% preservative free and are all colourless once applied, so they’re perfect for popping on under that beautifully matte but crazily drying lippie.


    The massage bars have been reformulated with an aerated formula which means they melt onto the skin like a dream with zero dragging. These are best used when you’re fresh out of the shower or bath, as they glide onto warm skin beautifully leaving your skin nourished with super moisturising essential oils. We’ve been loving using the ‘From Dusk til’ Dawn’ scent during a weekend pamper session; it’s a blend of sweet wild orange and lemon oils which is supposed to awaken the senses but it’s actually really relaxing and luxurious!

    Both the newly formulated lip balms (£5.50) and massage bars (£4.95 – £6.95) are available for you to get your mitts on at Lush stores now, or you could pop a few in your online basket at lush.co.uk

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