• VIP Music: Estelle’s Comeback


    East London rapper Estelle has always been one of our favourite female artists. We love her voice, style and her ear splitting laugh, which could fill the O2. The singer has recently released her new album, ‘All of Me,‘ which was was out February 28th. Since then she has had a massive amount of success, with the album making it into the top 20, and many of her old friends, such as Kanye West racing to work with her again.

    Estelle said she had been “going through a couple of things,” since the release of her debut album ‘Shine,’ and wanted to work through these issues before starting a new record. The 31-year old has confessed that she has used her tie away from the spotlight to concentrate on herself. “I had to write the songs and go through some stuff and I definitely went through some things and the album has all of me. It’s everything. It’s happy, it’s joy, it’s pain, it’s sad, it’s crying, it’s jumping for joy, it’s a mess.”

    We love Estelle and have waited for her return to the stage, (and show us a thing or two about style), for too long, and did we mention the new record is amazing?! Here’s a sneaky peak look at the video to get you salivating:



    The West Kensington-born singer/rapper scored a huge international hit with Kanye West collaboration ‘American Boy’ in 2008, winning a Grammy for the single. However, bar a few cameo apperances on tracks with big-name artists like Busta Rhymes, Mr. Hudson and David Guetta, Estelle has maintained radio silence. Estelle has said that this album concentrates more on her music and soul rather than other people’s, which is what she was doing too much of before. We hope there is room for her to do a few more collaborations; please?!

    We love Estelle’s music, but we love the girls style even more. The ‘American Boy,’ singers funky make-up, big Pat Butcher earrings and high top sneakers, is what makes this pop princess a true style icon. She recently told us her style inspirations are Salt ‘n’ Pepper, (the 80’s American rap duo, who rapped hit ‘Push It’), and we can see why. The hair, the big earrings and the leather’ which is everything Estelle loves to wear, is an iconic look from the 80’s band. We think we can see where she gets her inspiration from!

    While the Brit singer has been away, she said the thing she missed most about the UK was the shopping. Estelle confessed that she’s not bowled over by American designers, and often flew back to England just to get clothes. She told us that when she comes home she, “looses her mind in Topshop, and I come out with too much stuff.” We love your style Estelle, but wow, that is a lot of effort!

    Estelle’s hair and make-up have always been the envy of many fashionistas around the world, but these days she says she’s keeping it simple. “I just wear thick eyeliner and red lipstick. Keeping it simple is probably the best beauty advice I can give.” Less is more people!

    The star also said the best style advice she could give is to make sure you have three essentials in your bag, “Always have a good lipgloss, big earrings and a black eyeliner. These three things will transform an outfit.” Well, if it’s works for Estelle, it works for us too.

    Estelle’s singer Thank You is out now and you can download her new album ‘All of Me,’ from ITunes this very minute!

    If you want to hear more style and beauty tips from the woman herself, check this video out to get some inspiration:



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  • VIP Charity: The Didier Drogba Foundation Charity Ball

    The Event: The Didier Drogba Foundation Charity Ball

    The Venue: The Dorchester, London

    The VIPs: Didier Drogba, Frank Lampard, Christine Bleakley, Estelle, Wretch 32, Whitney Port, John Terry

    REASON FOR THE PARTY: To raise money for the Didier Drogba Foundation! Since going to sleep after the party on Saturday night and this morning, we’ve heard reports the charity’s raised over £300,000 so far, and still has donations coming in. With the bad press surrounding football recently, it’s refreshing to see a sportsman believe, “there is more to life than football”. To make a contribution to this amazing cause go to The Didier Drogba Foundation.

    The Gossip: (1) Chelsea star Frank Lampard had a dark cloud hanging over his head at the ball last night. The footballer had just been informed that his uncle had been arrested over paedophile charges. The England footballer, who has two young daughters, said he was disgusted by the revelations, and hopes that justice will be served in court.

    (2) Irish beauty Christine Bleakley looked like the happiest woman in the world yesterday ,as she posed for the press with fiancé Frank Lampard. She recently revealed that she’s never walked confidently into a room, but last night she was acting like no-one was watching. The Dancing on Ice presenter, who has recently teamed up with Jack Osbourne for a new fitness campaign looked more toned than ever. Christine and Jack were named Reebok Ambassadors as they joined forces to launch the brand’s The Sport Of Fitness Has Arrived event. The new fitness craze is called CrossFit which is a type of strength and conditioning programme, designed to fight fat and tone up. The ex-Daybreak host said her best tip for keeping fit is to work out with your partner, as it spurs you on to keep running. ‘Fitness is very much part of our lives, it has to be. I like to think I inspire him and vice versa.’ She did say though that Frank is a little too fit for her, and sometimes she just likes to sit back and admire. If you want to have toned arms like Christine, and want to know more about CrossFit, have a look at this video:




    (3) Style icon Whitney Port has been making the party rounds in London this week. The American reality star, who is a new judge on Britain and Irelands Next Top Model has been impressing industry insiders since her trip to the UK. The Hills star has been given the go-ahead to produce a cut-price fashion line which will make it in time for the SS13 collection. Whitney has said she believes every woman should be able to dress with style and class, and if that means she has to make a cheaper version of her designs then she’s happy with that. If you simply cannot wait until SS13 to look like Whitney, then click here to by some of her more up-market (expensive) designs.

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  • London Last Night: Launch Of W Hotel

    The Event: Launch of W Hotel

    The Venue: W Hotel, Leicester Square, London

    The VIPs: Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Estelle, Olivia Inge, Jade Jagger, Camilla Fayed and Boy George (above)

    The Gossip:

    1) Any event with Kate Moss is undeniably going to be a ritzy affair. Kate added a touch of glam to the occasion in a black sequin top teamed with black skinny trousers, pointed ankle boots and a black blazer. Check out the model below

    2) It had been long time no see for Estelle so we’re happy to see her back and partying.

    But she was not too happy at the start of last night as she tweeted  ‚Äú@ the opening of the w hotel just walked up a couple floors‚Ķ Erm.‚Äù We don’t blame her for the ‚Äòerm’ as she was in a full-length blue velvet dress and heels‚Ķ Killer!

    3) This party was a feast for the eyes in terms of fab outfits – click here to see more pictures from the sparkly night last night

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