• Hot And Scary Celebrity Looks

    It’s Halloween week and the celebrities have already started, like I pointed out yesterday. Some of the celebrities had Halloween parties at the weekend (and Lady Gaga looked her normal scary self). Today we have more Halloween looks for you plus Tulisa’s lips…I think these lips are the scariest thing in the whole blog post but see what you think to them when you scroll down.

    First up is a really scary photo of Hugh Hefner – who is 87- and his 27 year old wife Crystal dress as Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus. At his age, dressing up is probably all they were doing but it’s still a but scary that Crystal wants to waster her 20s with a man so old.




    And now, I have to get onto the lips. What has Tulisa done? She’s getting into Leslie Ash territory here, or should that be terror-itry? She’s been photographed levaing the salon so we know she’s had it done again but the question is WHY????


    Now, I have another question – would you let Cheryl Tweedy tattoo you? The tattooist that inked her bottom posted a photo of how he was teaching Cheryl how to use a needle on himself. Brave man! Did seeing Cheryl’s bum up close turn his brain funny?



    With those three frightening tales, I think we sould end with something positive. Fearne Cotton looked lovely in blue as she was photographed on her way to the Radio 1 studios. Fearne’s got a fashion range for Very.co.uk if you like her style.


    Meanwhile Danni Minogue also dressed up spectacurly on her way to work on Australian X Factor. I’m loving the irony of the tartan given she’s as Aussie as they come. And I love the volume in her hair – 80s in a good way!


    Are you ready for Halloween yet? If you’re in the London area  then check out a guide of the best parties here – ones where you can spot a celeb and ones where you can be a celeb.

    I’ll be back tomorrow with more goss, no doubt with a few more scary Halloween outfits!

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    Beauty Essentials: Top Five Dermalogica Products

    As an A-Lister, having great skin is almost as important as having fabulous clothes. We love experimenting with beauty products, but none has caught our eye as much as Dermalogica. Many a celeb has told us that their secret weapon is a Dermalogica product, so we though we would road test them all, and give you a insight into the best.

    1.) Dermalogica Multi-Vitamin Power Recovery Mask.

    This power face mask, which Victoria Beckham calls, ‘my little ambulance in a tube,’ is the ultimate luxe product. The masque is full of antioxidant vitamins to help skin recover from damage while enhancing barrier properties and promoting healthy tissue regeneration. In other words, a facelift in a tube!!

    2.) Dermalogica Active Moist.

    Moisturising is key to having fabulous skin, as it keeps it supple and less dehydrated. The gorgeous Kelly Brook, ‘swears by Active Moist,’ as it gives her skin a silky smooth finish. The lightweight, oil-free lotion combats dehydration and smooths the skin. We love Kelly Brooks’ perfect complexion, so if it’s good enough for our Kel, it’s good enough for us!

    3.) Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel.

    This bestselling cleansing gel is a favourite to stars such as the Minogue sisters, Dannii in particular loves it. “It’s my fail-safe, all in one way to remove make-up and get my skin feeling smooth and soft .” The gel is soap-free, so it’s kind to your skin, and removes all impurities without rocking the skins PH balance.

    4.) Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist.

    Legendary radio DJ Zoe Ball, swears by this Dermalogica toner for calming down her sensitive skin. “I have very sensitive skin so I use Dermalogica. It makes such a difference.” The toner has an antioxidant shield with flash-firming properties to improve texture, environmental damages and dehydrated skin. If Zoe used this after all those early morning breakfast shows and she still looks this good, then we are buying the bottles in bulk!

    5.) Multi-Vitamin Power Power Firm Eye Cream.

    Our favourite Essex girl, Denise Van Outen does not look her years, which she puts down to Dermalogica eye cream. The Legally Blonde star says she’s ‘a massive fan,’ and wouldn’t look this good without the multi-vitamin eye cream. The wonder product combats lines around the eye area with its protective Silicones, Red Seaweed Extract and antioxidant vitamins. That’s it, we’re heading to Dermalogica!

    To see the entire Dermalogica collection visit the website here!

    See more of the LiveLikeaVIP beauty tips here

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