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    Cannes Film Festival 2017

    Cannes is the most fashionable event of the film industry. The South of France festival lasts for 10 days and there’s a different premiere every single night. That’s not all though because after the parties, there are jewellery parties, fashion parties and charity galas. We’re Cannes veterans, we know exactly what happens as we’re usually there.

    This year, we’ve taken a break from being at the parties ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look (and admire) what’s going on. It’s the best place to look for fashion inspiration for weddings and summer balls.

    Our top 10 fave outfits so far this year are those worn by:
    Kendall Jenner




    Kate Moss


    Jourdan Dunn


    Bella Hadid


    Kristen Stewart


    Nicole Kidman


    Jessica Chastain


    Kourtney Kardashian


    Uma Thurman


    It’s been sooooo glam! Whose outfit do you like the most?

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  • The LLAVIP 2015 Year Review

    Hi VIPs! Where has 2015 gone? It feels like just yesterday that I was celebrating New Year’s Eve and now it’s time for another one.

    Before we look forward to 2016 and start making targets to improve Live Like a VIP, I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that has read us, supported us and chatted with us in 2015. Live Like a VIP has had a brilliant year and my team and I are really grateful to all our readers.

    Here’s a recap of the top 10 events we covered in 2015 and I look forward to bringing you more of the same in 2016:

    (1) The Brit Awards


    Ed Sheeran won practically everything and hit all the after-parties to show off. I met him at the Universal party, which I attended with Ciroc vodka. What a night!

    (2) The BAFTA awards


    The BAFTA season kicked off with the Rising Star awards, which I attended in Shoreditch, followed by the main event at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden a week later. Former Skins actor Jack O’Connell won the Rising Star award, while Julianne Moore and Eddie Redmayne won the leading actress / actor roles. Let’s not forget this was the year of Cumberbatch / Redmaybe rivalry.

    (3) London Fashion Week


    My personal highlight of London Fashion Week was Naomi Campbell’s Fashion For Relief show in which all her celeb mates did the catwalk. Dame Vivienne Westwood even strutted her stuff. Not bad for 70-something!

    (4) The BAFTA TV Awards


    The BAFTA TV awards is always a glam night and this year I got to experience what the stars do to prepare for their big night. I attended a style suite at The Corinthia Hotel for make-up, a blow dry and a glam new dress. It made my night soooo much better!

    (5) VIP Malta


    In April, I visited Malta – a favourite of The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh. I was writing about it’s hotspots for the Mail on Sundy and the article will be published on 17 Jan 2016 so look out for it!

    (6) Cannes


    AMFAR is the highlight of the Cannes film festival, and all the beautiful people are invited. Including me! I was starstruck for once as I saw famous people everywhere I looked at the Hotel Du Cap. From supermodels like Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima, to singers and A’list actors it was celeb central!

    (7) Monaco


    After Cannes, I indulged my inner pit-girl and covered all the F1 parties in Monaco. There were a lot of yacht parties – it’s a hard life!

    (8) Wimbledon Tennis


    I still can’t believe I got to go to Wimbledon! I’ve dreamed about going for ages and never had the opportunity. Not only did I go, but I got to see Serena Williams play on Court One and Maria Sharapova on Centre Court. It made me want to pick up tennis again afterwards.

    (9) Debating with Katie Hopkins


    Love her or hate her, you can’t deny Katie Hopkins always has something to say on a subject. So when I debated against her about the merits of blogging, it was difficult but I wasn’t going to let her beat me. The debate was for Times + and hosted by Sunday Times columnist Katie Glass and I had a really intellectually stimulating evening and hope everyone else did.

    (10) Completing the AJ Bell London Triathlon


    2015 was the year I bought my first ever bicycle as when I was a kid I only had hand-me-downs. It was the year I rode a bike for the first time since I was 11, and the year I was able to ride 40km as part of the London Triathlon, inspired by Mel C, Jenni Falconer and Michelle Heaton who all did it last year. I also swam 1.5km in the Docklands waters and ran 10km through East London after all that. No wonder I had a huge smile on my face when I collected my medal (above).

    What was your highlight of the year – showbiz or personal? It is fun to look back over the highlights of the year as you often realise just how much you’ve achieved.

    Happy New Year to you all and we’ll be back on 1 January for our celebrity predictions of 2016.

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  • Tuesday Showbiz Gossip

    Good morning! Tuesdays can sometimes be hard days as it feels like we’re a long way from both weekends but don’t let it get you down. Look on the bright side – we are getting a bank holiday (three day weekend) coming up and May is a really exciting month full of Spring weather and celebrations. And no matter what the day is, there’s always a bit of celeb goss to catch up on. Today, we see a ‘happy photo’ of Solange and Beyonce with their mum Tina and Jay-Z after the elevator incident. Do the smiles look a bit fake? I think so!


    Meanwhile Cheryl Tweedy couldn’t seem to get up a smile in Cannes as she attended the Foxcatcher premiere. She’s out there as part of her role for L’Oreal, which is one of the sponsors of the festival but everyone was looking at her outfit not her hair and make-up. She looked stunning! Shame she didn’t smile though…


    Also, in Cannes a collection of models attended a Chopard party. What do you call a bunch of models? I’m not sure but if I saw them I would be well insecure. So many beautiful people in one party – eeek!


    If you want to feel better about yourself after seeing the model pic, just look at Katy Perry. She won a Billboard Music Award but tour commitments meant she couldn’t go to Las Vegas to collect it. So she went to dinner in Manchester wearing this outfit below. Was it ironic? That is a Chanel rucksack at least, but I’m not loving the green tights.


    Also, in trouble for green / blue is Kylie Jenner. She’s days away from being a bridesmaid to half sister Kim Kardashian and she’s dyed the ends of her hair blue. As you do….Rebel!


    So this is it for now. Go out and have a fabulous day and if you want to chat to us more on Twitter, follow @livelikeavip

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    Travel Mini Break: Live Like A VIP In Cannes

    When you’ve been busy working or looking after your family (or both) and you have free time you need to make the most of it. Recently I wrote about how I went on a mini break to Bath and Windsor (which was INCREDIBLE) but it involved at least three hours of driving. I kept forgetting that lots of European destinations were under a two hour flight away…so with that in mind I picked out Cannes for a weekend break. What can we do for 48 hours in Cannes? Armed with some Gucci sunglasses and a Mulberry handbag, I went off to investigate.


    It may sound a bit like I’m boasting at jetting off to Cannes but please read on because this blog post is about how we can all Live Like VIPs. I’m about to explain how you can keep costs down and suggest what is worth spending money on and what isn’t.

    But first of all, why Cannes? If you want to feel like a VIP, to walk down streets trodden by movie stars, drink Martinis and cocktails and a coupe de Champagne in bars frequented by old school Hollywood actors and directors then it has to be this French city that is world-famous for it’s film festival.

    Eva Longoria - 2012 Cannes Film Festival-02

    From mid-May to the end of May, the entire city is dedicated to all things movie and film with gala premieres in Le Palais Des Festivals and screenings taking place in various venues across the town. The biggest hotels on the Promenade, which is affectionately known La Croisette, host nightly parties in their bars and on their private beaches while super-yachts spill out of the main harbour, where demand for a berth is so precious it starts at 1000Euros rental a day…and no, that doesn’t include the boat. Nor the designer wardrobe you need to show off every day.


    I avoided the film festival for my mini break as I find it too crowded and I’m told July and August are also pretty busy. In September, you have more room on the city’s pavements and in the restaurants but it’s still warm enough to wear a bikini.


    One advantage of going slightly out of season is that the prices drop. During the film festival, I know that hotel rooms are in demand with many Hollywood studios booking up the main hotels on La Croisette so that the cheapest price you’ll get a room for is 600 Euros a night. Breakfast not included. Then it’s 50 Euros in season for breakfast, 35 Euros for a sunbed and 12 Euros for a bottle of water. Unless you really care about something, I don’t think its worth to spend this amount of money on one day’s accommodation.

    However, go in September, like I did, and you can stay in exactly the same hotel the stars stayed in for a fraction of the price. I never ever imagined I would see the inside of a room at the Hotel Martinez let alone sleep there for two nights but check out this photo. I did it!


    How can you do it to? Check out Booking.com and you’ll see that rates in September are from just £234 a night. Ok, that’s not cheap but it’s a hell of a lot better than £500. And I can promise you it’s VIP service – in that hotel during the Cannes film festival I’ve personally seen the staff waiting on celebrities including Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Jonny Depp and Tim Burton,  Damian Lewis, Cheryl Tweedy, Naomi Campbell, Eva Longoria and Mrs Carter herself – Beyonce. And if it’s good enough for Queen Bey…

    Hotels like the Martinez have two main attractions. One is the service as I mentioned above but the other is not the amenities in the hotel rooms. They’re clean and functional but the interior of the room is slightly dated. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why this was but I think it may be because I’ve stayed in Five Star hotels in Dubai and in Asia and they’re miles more sophisticated and decadent than the inside of the Martinez (which is meant to be a Five Star).

    However, the second attraction to the Martinez is brilliant – the location. The Martinez is located right near the row of designer shops open by the seafront. Every designer has a presence in Cannes including Roberto Cavalli, Giorgi Armani, Cartier, Dior, Chanel and a newly opened Michael Kors boutique. Look at how stunning and chic it all is. It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford anything, just walking in the shop and seeing the beautiful handbags and shoes is like being in an art gallery.


    So that’s the hotel sorted, now what to do with the time you’re not sleeping? One of the key social hangouts in Cannes is the beach but it’s a bit more complicated than that – you need to pick which beach club you visit. You would never catch a VIP with their towel spread out on the sand with no staff waiting on them (although it is possible to do this on a stretch of beach near the Palais des Festivals). It’s a lot more fabulous to lounge on a chic lounger with a plump cushion or double bed that’s as comfortable as the one you sleep in, with access to a drinks list served by waiters in pristine uniforms and a snack menu consisting of everything from sushi and wagyu beef burgers to a tangy Tuna Niçoise salad. I was pleased to see that in September prices are half price for a day bed – at the Martinez hotel’s private beach it’s €20 euros for non-hotel residents and €17 for residents. Go early and make a whole day of it and yes it’s expensive but the service makes it completely worth it. Beaches that the stars like are the private beaches of all the hotels plus a chic beach club called Le plage 45. Walk down La Croisette to look at the atmosphere in each before making your decision as you can look down at them from the pavement and assess how buzzing they are inside.


    After a day at the beach, I worked up a bit of an appetite. Partly because it was too hot to eat and partly because, quite frankly, the cost of food in these beach clubs are expensive. So I highly recommend Pizza Cresci, which local Cannes VIPs took me to. Here’s us dining al fresco.


    Fabian (in the hat) owns his own hair salons in Switzerland and Ivana (next to me) is a luxury yacht broker. I was lucky to have these insiders telling me what’s good but now I’m passing them on to you. You won’t be disappointed – I felt stuffed and well refreshed with wine and it was just 23 euros each! Better value than in London?

    Another top tip when it comes to eating and drinking is something the French call Rose-Lima. It’s rose wine with lemonade. I’m very much a Champagne girl – that will always be my number one drink – but a refreshing rose Lima may well be my second. And it’s so cheap! You can buy it by the glass or by a small bottle (50cl) as well as by bottles of magnums. All the restaurants have a decent selection of rose (unlike in the UK where you just get one) and I would highly advise going for one with a pale colour, which feels refreshing and light on the tongue especially when mixed with lemonade.


    Shopping in Cannes the next day, I saw there is something for all budgets. You don’t have to go designer as there’s a high street with all the top European brands like Mango and Zara and there’s also a few brands you won’t find in the UK like pimkie . Even if you don’t buy anything it can be quite fun to walk down the street to see what everyone else is wearing because French style tends to be more chic than what we have in the UK. Find a look you like worn by a Frenchwoman and then go online shopping when you’re back home.

    Shopping always makes me hungry and so we had a delicious lunch at a brasserie called New York, New York. In Cannes, you have to be careful to avoid the tourist traps on the main croisette, so go up away from the main hotels and past the Palais and you’ll see New York, New York on the opposite side of the road near to an area where the local French play boules. Sitting outside on the terrace makes you feel like you’re in a different world and a tasty beef carpaccio served with salad and thin French Fries is just 15 Euros. There’s also some delicious grilled fish and portions are hearty and satisfying! Coffee for afters…


    The weather was so good it was tempting to sleep it off on the beach but I wanted a bit more culture before I left. I found out about Galerie Arista  during the Cannes film festival, as the owners let out property in the area. I briefly visited the gallery while I was staying in their property as they hosted a cocktail party during the Film Festival but I never got a look to check it out properly. So I went back this time…and I was blown away.


    It’s modern, bright and full of strong and bold pieces – from art to sculpture. In fact, I preferred the sculpture. It’s a must- visit if you’re in Cannes – please check out their website for more.

    And to end this post on a sweet note, make sure you try some ice cream while you’re in Cannes! Cannes is very close to Italy and so you’ll find tons of Italian restaurants here as well as places to get a great quality gelato. Some of the beach front stalls have better quality ice creams than others so if it doesn’t set you on fire you must save the calories for something that’s worth eating. The beach shacks are on the other side of the road to the hotel and numbered and there are at least 15 spread out along the side. From number 10 I got banana-chocolate and tiramisu in a waffle coat.


    It was dreamy!


    Nearest Aiprot:  Nice. British Airways often have sales to European destinations like Nice – visit the BA website for details

    To get from Nice to Cannes, the cheapest option is an Express shuttle bus, 3o Euros return. Buy tickets in advance here.

    Currency: Euros. £1 = 1.19 Euro

    Travel Tips: Booking.com offers great deals on hotel accommodation. Don’t be scared to walk round before you buy. Because of the quantity of tourists Cannes receives each year there are hundreds of shops and restaurants so don’t part with your money until your REALLY like something and know you’re getting the best deal.

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  • The Bank Holiday Weekend Hot Gossip

    How are you feeling after the bank holiday? Whether you’re feeling refreshed and excited about the four day week ahead, drained after too much partying in the sun or a bit of both, you can always do something to make yourself feel even better, right? Perhaps check out the Live Like a VIP Fashion or Beauty sections…You’ll find navigational links in the header at the top of the page. But right now, let’s have a look at what the stars have been up to. There’s totty for everyone below – George Clooney for the girls and Uma Thurman for the lads.


    The Cannes Film Festival  has finally finished!It seemed to drag on for ages didn’t it? Uma Thurman (above)  presented the main award, the Palme D’or and upstaged EVERYONE. See more photos here.  The full list of winners can be found here

    George Clooney leaving his London hotel Featuring: George Clooney Where: London, England, United Kingdom When: 25 May 2013 Credit: Will Alexander/WENN.com

    George Clooney (and his moustache) come to London. But his girlfriend Stacy Keibler is in Monaco. Is it the end of another relationship for George…because he was spotted with another woman in London. Get the full story at Lainey Gossip.

    Rita Ora lit up the Radio 1 Big Weekend in Derry…and her set made everyone dance. Check out a video below of her performance of Radioactive below:

    I love Rita but I’m not sure about that outfit! What was she thinking? Mila Kunis also wore dodgy fashion as she hung out in London.


    Mila was in the capital with her parents! Check out the pics of the family here.


    Tulisa (above) with a questionable beach outfit showed off a lot of tattoos in Marbella. See  more here

    And finally, talking of Marbs, what celebrity is indulging in a very bizarre water sport?


    Find out the answer here...CLUE: His surname is a county

    Have a great day!! And don’t forget to check out the Live Like a VIP Fashion and Beauty sections.

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  • Exclusive Interview: Dita Von Teese In Cannes


    She’s got a body worth millions so it was quite intimidating to meet Dita Von Teese up close and personal in the flesh. This is a woman that knows how powerful her body is – after all she’s made stripping all about the tease  – while I got ready in about 20 minutes after spending the day running up and down La Croisette (promenade) meeting journalists, PRs and working out a schedule for the night’s parties.

    Dita is one of a few stars that captivates everyone’s attention as soon as she walks into a room. I’ve met Hollywood legends, models and top footballers in the past and normally there are people in the background on their phones or texting or maybe even scratching or biting their nails. That’s not the case with Dita, as soon as she walks into a room all eyes are on her and everyone is paying attention. She just commands respect. To be perfectly honest, what she wears also captivates you as she appeared elegant and conservative in a long red dress with a bow to emphasise her small waist. And then when you get up close you realise it’s enticingly transparent and you can see her fabulous curves in more detail. I’m a woman and I was staring, the men were lost in another world.


    So with the scene set, what did Dita actually say? Here are the best bits…

    QS: What are the favourite items on your dressing table?

    DITA: ‘I like to set the scene with music. When I get ready, music is very important to me. And also, perfume. I do all of my own hair and make-up and I really enjoy getting ready. So perfume is great to get that whole aura. And then music.’

    QS: Would you like to make your own music, an album or anything?

    DITA: ‘I was thinking about making a compilation CD. I was just with my music guy. Because all of the music in the show, that’s my voice. So I do a lot of music for my show. Tonight what you’ll hear is a Mae West song and it’s my voice and I do the arrangement with my music guy. So I’ve about 17 songs and we can put them together – its just about how we do that to make them make sense. We’re working on it.’

    QS: Are you going to do any more in the UK soon?

    DITA: ‘I love making my shows. It’s like my own mini movies. When I do that I’m in control. So I do want to bring my own 90 minute show to the UK and put it in one of the theatres. But it would be expensive as I have to ship over my huge martini glass and my ball. So we have to wait and see. I’d love to.’

    QS: You’ve been doing this for a long time, what are your secrets?

    DITA: Well, I stay out of the sun. I eat well, I rest. I do ballet.

    QS: What about having children?

    I don’t know I don’t have a crystal ball.

    • Dita was speaking at a Cointreau event at Nikki Beach in Cannes
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  • Sparkle Like The Stars For Down To Earth Prices


    At the Cannes Film Festival, it’s all about the sparkles and the bling with the average item of jewellery costing six figures…but you don’t have to spend a fortune to look like the stars.

    I was recently invited to preview the QVC 20th anniversary collection and new season ranges and I have to admit I was sceptical. I watched the Freeview TV channel when ex Spice Girl Mel C appeared on it to sell her single, mainly because I was curious about what an ex Spice Girl was doing on the channel and I turned it over pretty much straight after that. So I went to the launch with an open mind and then I saw this:


    On being told that it was by Giles Deacon I assumed it would be £100s but actually it’s just £36 at QVC online! The first Giles collection, Libertine, features unique a lobster claw ring, antler ear-rings and some quirky cartoon shapes (see below) and there is an equally fabulous second collection out next month…


    The Giles collection is just one of QVC’s collaborations with famous people that caught my eye that day. Check out the Andrea McLean range:


    Yes, that is Andrea McLean from Loose Women. She may the lady your mum watches at lunchtime but I’d buy her jewellery. The bell pendant on the left reminds me of a De Grisogono item and it’s just £25.50 at QVC online. My favourite thing in her collection is the statement feather ring (top right) which so big and bold it’ll have everyone asking you where it’s from. You don’t have to tell them but you may find it difficult to hide your joy that it’s just £42. What do you think?

    And finally, a TV and radio presenter designed these – try guessing who…


    It’s Lisa Snowdon, former Britain’s Next Top Model presenter turned Capital FM radio DJ. I wouldn’t have thought that either, I just love the classic elegance of it all. The bracelets come adorned with a heart or a star made from REAL DIAMONDS. The technical term for it is diamond-accent but they’re still great value for money with the double circle necklace costing £149. New pieces will be out next month – I have my eyes on one of the bracelets!

    So now you know…QVC does rather fantastic jewellery, made by VIPs, for affordable prices. Which one’s your favourite?

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  • Pre-Cannes Film Networking Party: Inside Gossip

    The Cannes Film Festival starts on  14 May but that seems so far away. I want to know what’s happening in the film world now, don’t you? Good job I was invited to a Pre Cannes networking party in London club No 5 Cavendish Square. And not only was I invited, the Live Like a VIP logo was on the branding board, which meant I decided to pose for a cheesy photo. (In hindsight, I probably should have played it cooler but I was EXCITED!)



    This was a truly glam event – maybe because everyone knows Cannes is so busy they may not get a chance to spend this long getting ready while they’re out there. For most film-makers Cannes passes in a whirlwind of screenings and meetings and screenings and parties, fuelled by champagne and vodka and the occasional baguette (but there’s not always time to eat).

    At this event it was all about preparing for Cannes and that may have involved fuelling up in advance – this bouquet of flowers from Delights of Italy is edible!


    The sweets are chocolate with a sugar coating and flavoured with palate-pleasing flavours like grappa and limencello. Seriously amazing. And there were cupcakes by MyPink Cakes, deliciously smooth The Tall Blond & The Queen vodka as well as a lot more sweets. Double yum!


    But let’s not forget the real reason we were there – networking and knowledge. I have a few secrets to share with you, readers…

    1) Nollywood. The Nigerian film industry is getting to be more lucrative than Hollywood. First in the film league is without a doubt Indian cinema Bollywood as there are 1 billion people in India. However, there are 750 million in Nigeria. And the stories are seriously gritty. At the party, I met producer Sunny King, who’s made a short film called Unspoken.


    The maid of honour finds out secrets about a bride and it gets you thinking – what would you do if you had an explosive secret? You can watch the short film on the Oakman Films website – a perfect introduction to Nollywood

    (2) Catherine Balvage


    Catherine has been named as one of the top 50 Scottish actresses under 30 and it won’t be long til she makes the top 10. This girl’s IMDB profile is seriously impressive – from Madonna’s film W.E to Downton Abbey. Expect bigget things in future as not a week goes by when she doesn’t audition.

    (3) The film I Know What I’m Doing


    Producer Robbie Moffat is a truly established Scottish director, making film after film after film. When so many films struggle to get funding, the fact that Robbie can produce so much content (and high quality content) is pretty impressive. I Know What I’m Doing will be screened at Cannes. Check out the trailer here

    Go to your diary now, put a marker in it for a year today and come back to Live Like a VIP to re-read this post. You may see that some of the stars I mentioned are growing in fame. You heard it here first!

    PS The event was organised by actress / producer / PR Paola Berta – another name to watch out for as she did an amazing job of planning a fun but very useful networking event. Fashion blogger Cris Polizzi thought the same – read her fashion blog here

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