• Our Showbiz Quiz: 2016

    Hi VIPs! Do you know what day it is? Have you been using your brain much over the festive period? There’s no denying that the country is in downtime until 3 January, when it’s back-to-work proper. And there’s nothing at all wrong with that!

    The Live Like a VIP team is also scattered around the country with their families, doing different things for New Year’s Eve. But we didn’t want to stop posting as we love talking about (and catching up with) the latest showbiz goss. So we’re going to end the year in style with a big, juicy quiz to see how much you knew about 2016. Answers at the bottom.

    (1) Which film did Leonardo DiCaprio win his Best Actor Oscar?



    (2) Which ‘Starman’ was the first major celebrity to die in 2016?

    (3) Who was robbed at gunpoint during Paris Fashion Week

    (4) Prince died in April. How old was he when he died?



    (5) Prince Harry announced he had a new girlfriend, who acts in Suits – what is her name?

    (6) Who released an album called Lemonade?



    (7) Who headlined the pyramid stage on the Saturday night of this year’s Glastonbury festival?

    (8) Who was the surprise tracksuit and sunglass wearing hit of this year’s X Factor?

    (9) Which celebrity sent social media into a frenzy with this shot of him doing naked paddleboarding?



    (10) One Direction’s Liam Payne became a baby daddy with a famous pop star girlfriend – what’s her name?

    (11) Which celebrity Hollywood golden couple who have 6 kids together started divorce proceedings?


    (1) The Revenant

    (2) David Bowie

    (3) Kim Kardashian

    (4) 57 :(

    (5) Meghan Markle

    (6) Beyonce

    (7) Adele

    (8) Honey G

    (9) Orlando Bloom

    (10) Cheryl

    (11) Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt


    We’ll be back in 2017 with our personal highlights of 2016…Have a good one!


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  • The Weekend’s Top Celeb Goss

    Hi VIPs! How was your weekend? Are you getting into the Christmas spirit yet? We have to say that we are as the traditional Christmas outdoor activities have now opened – Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, Somerset House Ice Rink and lots of Christmas markets around the country. Starbucks and Costa have their Christmas drinks and Pret a Manger have their Christmas sandwiches for meat eaters and veggies. There’s no mistaking it’s THAT time of year!

    If you’re not a Christmas person though, don’t fear. Some things don’t change – the celebs release music, fashion lines and films and host parties to celebrate. This is what happened over the weekend:

    Gigi Hadid looking stunning at the American Music Awards

    So did Ariana Grande

    And Selena Gomez….


    Nicole Scherzinger larked around at the VIP screening of kids film Moana

    BAFTA hosted it’s Children’s Awards with hosts like the gorgeous Emma Willis


    And finally, Brad Pitt and Marillon Cotillard attended the Allied film premiere in Paris. They’re in London TONIGHT!

    There aren’t many weekends until Christmas now – make the most of them!

    Now have a great day and we’ll be back tomorrow for some celebrity and fashion goss.

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    Five Celebs Who Give Us Extreme Body Envy

    There are so many gorgeous celebrities out there that it can be hard not to take a few minutes to stop and stare at their pictures online! We ask ourselves, is that real? And how can I get a body like that?! Celebrities have the luxuries of being able to afford personal trainers and health coaches. They have cooks and dietitians who will give them premium advise and train with them daily in order to get the best results. They have the cash to flash and can spend it on the latest ‘must have’ beauty product or expensive treatments.

    While us mere mortals might not always be able to compete with them in that department, we can still dream! It’s inspirational to look at who’s hot so we have something to aim for. Here are just a few celebrities currently causing major body envy around the world with their jaw-dropping looks.

    Jamie Dornan

    Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 13.56.30

    The 50 shades of Grey star has just taken to the big screen to play the highly regarded Christian Grey. This super-fit actor seems to bare a lot of himself in the movie, and it looks as though he’s got no problem with that at all. And why would he, when he looks that good? The film is on many women’s lists of movies to watch this weekend. Whether you are a fan of it or you’re steering clear after some bad reviews, there’s no denying that Jamie Dornan has a great body that most men would be envious of!



    RiRi has been looking smouldering hot for a few years now. She has a fantastic body and isn’t afraid to show it off. Her tattoos have become a real trademark now for the star. Do you have tattoo envy when it comes this superstar or would you be asking how much does tattoo removal cost? If you were in her shoes.

    Kendall Jenner


    She’s part of one of the biggest and best celebrity families and has become a model and a star in her own right. Kendall Jenner has a toned, beautiful body that will have men falling weak at the knees and women hitting the gym! It helps that she seems like a very genuine and down to earth person as well.

    Brad Pitt


    He’s definitely still got it! Ever since his Fight Club days, Brad Pitt has maintained a great body and it’s certainly paid off as he’s now married to one of the hottest women on the planet. He is one of those rare celebrities who seems to get better and better with age, and his choice of movie roles is ever expanding and diversifying. Angelina Jolie is one lucky lady.

    Stephen Amell


    Best known for starring in the hit TV series Arrow, Stephen Amell trains rigorously for his role. He has a great body and both the show and Stephen are gaining a huge cult fan following that show no signs of slowing down. He’s also got a heart of gold as it was revealed he granted a grieving mom’s wish. If only everyone in showbiz was this nice!




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  • Wedding Fashion: VIP inspiration

    Getting married is one of the most expensive things you can do. The average cost of a wedding is now upwards of £18,000 – though thankfully that includes the honeymoon! But it’s your special day, and nothing should stop you enjoying it like a VIP. Brides-to-be are always looking for inspiration for their wedding day, and where better place to look than the weddings of celebrities? They’re always at the forefront of the latest trends, and there’s plenty to inspire you from lots of different weddings. From gowns and venues to cakes and bridesmaids, you can take inspiration from your favourite VIPs to create the wedding of your dreams.

    More Than One Dress


    When your wedding dress could cost you a thousand pounds or more, it might seem insane to buy more than one. But money is no object for Kim Kardashian, who reportedly wore three different Vera Wang gowns for her special day. Although, she actually wore two different dresses from two designers. You don’t have to splash out on three designer dresses, but many women choose to have a separate outfit for the reception. Your beautiful white dress might not be suitable for eating and dancing in, so get another dress if you would prefer to slip into something more comfortable.

    Simple Dresses


    It might seem a bit of a surprise, but a lot of celebrity brides are choosing to go for simple, understated wedding dresses. You don’t need any fancy jewels or embellishments when your dress is subtly enhancing your natural beauty. You can choose a gown that has one distinguishing feature, like Khloe Kardashian’s white Vera Wang bridesmaid dress and its fishtail skirt.

    Outdoor Weddings

    Celebrities are pretty fond of getting married outdoors, but you can hardly blame them when they have so many beautiful landscapes to choose from. You can make nature your wedding venue and play off the environment with your decorations. Celebrity wedding planner Tara Guerard Soiree has previously used rose petals strewn across a grassy green aisle for a dreamy fairytale effect. Just make sure that when you send out your wedding invites all your guests know that it’s going to be outside.

    Destination Weddings

    When you need to invite guests from all over the world, it’s best to go somewhere neutral than squabble about whose home you’ll go to. Several couples got married abroad in 2014, including Kim and Kanye, and Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, who both chose Italy as their destination. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie went for a quiet and intimate wedding in France. If you’re going to get married abroad, it’s best to keep it small, so why not keep the guest list to your close family and friends for an unforgettable time in another country?


    All in White

    It’s traditional for the bride to wear white, but some celebrity brides chose to take the white theme further. Kim Kardashian had her bridesmaids in white, while Solange Knowles has the whole wedding party dress in ivory, from the groom to the guests. You could pick your own single colour scheme for that wow-effect.


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  • Weekend Showbiz Round-Up!

    Hello VIPs! How’s the New Year going for you so far? Hopefully you’re still sticking to your New Year Resolutions. In the meantime, here’s some juicy gossip for all of you who want to get more involved with the world of celebrity.

    Baywatch’s Jeremy Jackson has been asked to leave the Celebrity Big Brother house after exposing Chloe Goodman’s breast which left her in tears. Limits!

    Jeremy Jackson

    Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagain has thanked Twitter trolls for her weight loss body transformation. She looks amazing and strong in her latest photo-shoot.

    Holly Hagan

    Kylie Jenner has credited Khloe Kardashian as being her mother figure. She claims that Khloe has always been strict with her such as hiding her cell phone and taking down her passwords for everything.

    Kylie Jenner Khlo

    Khloe Kardashian on the other hand has admitted that she gained weight during her Summer filming Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons. She said it was due to the slacking of her fitness regime.

    Khloe Kardashian

    In more Kardashian news (we can’t resist) Kim Kardashian has bagged another Vogue cover! This time she looks like a white-laden goddess on the cover of Australian Vogue.

    Kim Kardashian

    Angelina Jolie admitted that her and Brad Pitt were already married before their French nuptials last Summer. They married during an afternoon break from shooting Unbroken.

    angelina jolie

    John Legend celebrated his 36th birthday with wife Chrissy Teigan. Guests included Kimye, Robert De Niro and Katie Couric.

    John Legend

    Tweet @livelikeavip your showbiz thoughts.

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  • The Week’s Hottest News

    Morning VIPs! We’ve reached the weekend. This means we should celebrate! Sometimes we’re so busy looking at the future that we forget to look at past achievements. Take a moment: what have you done this week that you’re proud of?

    Let’s do the same with showbiz. What’s happened that’s been fun? This list just about sums it up

    The Duchess of Cambridge is showing off the first signs of a baby bump in a Alice Temperley dress.


    Mel B’s outfit changing at the MOBOs – sexy!



    Ella Eyre winning best newcomer at the MOBOs – we love her!



    Nicole Scherzinger wearing one of the best outfits to the MOBOs – we love the mixture of leather and cut out tattoo style tailoring.


    She combines this with getting almost nude for the album cover for her upcoming release Big Fat Lie. Wow!


    TOWIE star Ferne McCann looks quite good when she’s dressed up and not crying over on-off boyfriend Charlie Sims. Who’d have known?


    And finally, for the funniest Brad Pitt video we’ve ever seen head to the website Funny or Die. Just do it!


    Have a great weekend and we;ll see you on Monday for more celeb goss. You can also follow us on Twitter – @livelikeavip – or find livelikeavip on Instagram.

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  • Wednesday Showbiz Round-Up!

    Hi VIPs! Happy hump day once again! The days are going by so quickly. So much so that you have to make sure you don’t miss the latest showbiz round-up. We have you covered below.

    Michelle Keegan has been voted best beach body and beat out the likes of Rihanna and Kim Kardashian. It’s not difficult to see why!

    Michelle Keegan

    What was Lauren Goodger thinking? She posted a selfie of her copying Rihanna’s infamous look from the CFDA’s and also criticised the singer’s body. No way to gain fans.

    Lauren Goodger

    Miranda Kerr and her son Flynn look absolutely adorable in a photo-shoot for Vogue Australia. It’s his first photo-shoot and most definitely won’t be his last.

    Miranda Kerr

    Oh no! Kris Jenner’s Instagram has been hacked with hate filled messages towards her new son-in-law Kanye West. Come on now, we all know she loves Kanye.

    Kris Jenner

    There is more evidence of a feud between Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez as the twerk star threw out a cut-out of Selena into the audience whilst singing her angry ‘FU’ song. It is reported that they are feuding over Justin Bieber.

    Miley Cyrus

    James Franco is causing drama again and has written a short story to once again deny that he’s slept with Lindsay Lohan after she admitted it earlier on in the year. Who do you think is telling the truth?

    James Franco

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have jetted off to Malta to location scout for their first movie together in almost ten years. Let’s see if it can top Mr and Mrs. Smith.

    Angelina Jolie

    Tweet @livelikeavip your showbiz thoughts.

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  • Friday Showbiz Round-Up!

    Hello VIPs! Hope you’re enjoying your Friday and have made some fun plans for the weekend. We’ll get the party vibe started with some showbiz gossip especially for you.

    Katie Price has treated herself to a £100,000 white Bentley convertible after her relationship drama- And rightly so! Perfect to get over a broken heart.

    Katie Price

    Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright are partying it up in Marbella. Mark tweeted a photo with the caption- ‘Couples that rave together stays together #FACT’.

    Mark wright

    Mark’s sister Jessica Wright has been living it up on a Miami beach with her boyfriend Ricky Rayment. They look like they’re having the best time!

    Jessica Wright

    Notorious Ukrainian journalist Vitalii Sediuk has struck again! This time he hit Brad Pitt in the face at the Maleficent premiere in Los Angeles. Security intervened immediately and he was later booked on suspicion of misdemeanour battery. How awful.

    Brad Pitt

    Bad news from Lady Gaga. The singer had to cancel her Seattle and Vancouver shows due to bronchitis. She took to Twitter to apologise to her ‘monsters’.

    Lady Gaga

    George Michael was rushed to hospital after a friend made an emergency 999 call. He has now been discharged and is resting. Get well soon George!

    George Michael

    Scout Willis is a brave one! She paraded around the streets of New York topless in regards to the Instagram anti-nudity policy. She had incredible body confidence.

    Scout willis

    Tweet @livelikeavip your showbiz thoughts.

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  • Gallery: Oscar red carpet fashion 2014








    Hello VIPs! What a great night for fashion at the Oscars last night! Let’s remind ourselves of the fashion choices of the night in our colour coded gallery. Take a look below.



    Portia De Rossi, Kate Hudson, Naomi Watts







    Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Garner








    Bette Midler,  Ireland Baldwin, Jennifer Lawrence 









    Amy Adams, Lupita Nyong’o, Sandra Bullock 




    Light Pink

    light pink



    Jada Pinkett Smith, Lady Gaga, Penelope Cruz










    Olivia Wilde, Margot Robbie, Charlize Theron



    And lets not forget the men…





    Chris Hemsworth, Matthew McConaughey, Will Smith



    Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Joseph Gordon-Levitt 

    Who was your pick for best dressed? Are you as gutted as we are that Leo didn’t win AGAIN?

    Let us know on twitter – @livelikeavip

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  • Weekend Showbiz Round-Up!

    It was BAFTAs weekend! Did all of you VIPs watch it? Or where you more fixated on the fashion? We were!

    The queen of Hollywood Angelina Jolie certainly put her fashion foot forward with her androgynous look which matched her handsome husband Brad Pitt. She looked absolutely incredible and earned bonus points for wearing something different.

    Angelina Jolie

    Lupita Nyong’o showed all of us Brits the reason why she’s the main rising fashion darling of the moment with an emerald green Dior dress, in which she looked simply divine! Mega movie star moment right here.

    Lupita Nyong'o

    Uma Thurman opted for a low-key strapless black gown which made her body look flawless!

    Uma Thurman

    The Wolf of Wall Street star Leonardo Dicaprio pleased the ladies (and some men) with his dapper self- all suited and booted!

    Leonardo Dicaprio

    Talk show queen Oprah Winfrey looked spectacular with her Stella McCartney gown, which she apparently had to be stitched into! She even posted a video of herself being fitted into the dress!

     Oprah Winfrey

    Zoe wrote more on the BAFTA fashion for the Very.co.uk blog  so make sure you check that out by clicking on the Very.co.uk blog! We’ve listed the winners at the end of this blog post too.

    But in other news, Simon Cowell has become a dad! We never thought that day would come but his girlfriend Lauren Silverman gave birth to their son Eric on Valentine’s Day. Hopefully it’ll encourage him to be a bit nicer. Congratulations.

    Simon Cowell

    Juno star Ellen Page is the latest celebrity to come out. She made the announcement at the Human Rights Campaign’s Time to Thrive in Las Vegas, Nevada and was immediately met with a wave of celebrity support. Congratulations.

    Ellen Page


    The winners of the BAFTAs 2014 are:

    Outstanding British FilmGravity

    Best British Short FilmRoom 8

    Best British Short AnimationSleeping With The Fishes

    Best Production DesignThe Great Gatsby

    Best SoundGravity

    Best EditingRush

    Best DocumentaryThe Act Of Killing

    Best Make-Up & HairAmerican Hustle

    Best Costume DesignThe Great Gatsby

    Best Original MusicGravity

    Best Animated FilmFrozen

    Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer: Kieran Evans, Kelly + Victor

    Best Supporting Actor: Barkhad Abdi, Captain Phillips

    Best CinematographyGravity

    Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle

    Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema: Peter Greenway

    Best Original ScreenplayAmerican Hustle

    Best Adapted ScreenplayPhilomena

    EE Rising Star Award: Will Poulter

    Best Special Visual EffectsGravity

    Best Film Not in the English LanguageThe Great Beauty

    Best Leading Actor: Chiwetel Ejiofor, 12 Years a Slave

    Best Director: Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity

    Best Leading Actress: Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine

    Best Film12 Years a Slave

    So there was a heavy dose of celebrity today! What did you think? Tweet @livelikeavip your thoughts.

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