• Weekend Showbiz Round-Up!

    Hello VIPs! How’s the Christmas shopping going? Good, we hope! The festive spirit certainly hasn’t slowed down the following celebrities with their juicy gossip.

    Footballer Ashley Cole is expecting his first child with Italian girlfriend Sharon Canu. Congratulations.


    Hasn’t been a good time for Simon Cowell as his London home was burgled. £500,000 worth of jewellery was stolen which was later recovered. Simon also feared baby Eric would have been snatched as well.

    simon cowell

    Will Young has rubbed some viewers the wrong way after he flipped the V sign at a caller on the Saturday Kitchen. Not cool Will!

    will young

    Kylie Jenner looked amazing in a natural no make-up selfie she shared on Instagram. This comes after she secretly admitted to hating wearing tonnes of make-up.


    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have welcomed their baby boy over the weekend! They made the announcement over social media.  North West is finally a big sister. Congratulation guys.


    Justin Theroux revealed his near death experience in Bora Bora whilst on honeymoon with Jennifer Aniston. Whilst he was scuba diving he found himself in deep water with no oxygen left to breathe. Thankfully, the diving instructor came to his rescue.

    jennifer aniston

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  • VIP Video Pick: What makes a great GQ man?

    So, this week brought us that time of year again – The GQ Man Of The Year Awards: where tons of gorgeous men (and a few not s0 gorgeous men) all gather in one place to celebrate their… well… manhood (no, not that kind!).

    Our video pick this week looks back on what the guests of last years Gentleman’s Quarterly Awards thought makes the perfect man – and who their secret man crushes are! Who do you agree with?

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  • VIP Venue: Wyndham Grand Hotel

    Some of the nations favourite football players form Chelsea F.C find it difficult to resist popping over to the Wyndham hotel, after all it is opposite their training ground. The likes of Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard and John Terry have all been seen staying, dining and relaxing at this super plush hotel and we can see why.

    The Wyndham Grand is not just a hotel, it is a dining experience, a spa, and one of the best places to sit back and enjoy a London street themed afternoon tea. If you want the full luxury experience then we highly advise you rent a room, check into the spa and scoff the scones until you feel a little queasy.

    The key thing to remember about this super swanky hotel is that it is OPPOSITE the Chelsea ground which means the players can be seen here A LOT. So if you want some eye candy and enjoy an amazing hotel experience then we suggest you get on Twitter to see when the players will be kicking back at the hotel bar.

    If you want to stay in a super luxe hotel but far enough away from the hustle and bustle of central London, then this is what we recommend:

    HOW TO GET IN: The Wyndham gets pretty busy as they host many events and business meetings. It is vital that you book and the same principle should be applied to dining at the riverside restaurant. Either call 020 7823 3000 or visit the website.

    HOW MUCH TO PAY: It is pretty pricey. Afternoon tea starts at £28 which is fairly reasonabe, but dinner will be in the region of £70 per head, whilst the rooms start at £175 per night. That has tightened our purse strings a little.

    THE YAYS: (1) Its a lovely location as it overlooks the Chelsea Harbor and football ground. (2) The Earl Grey creme brulee is like heaven in your mouth. (3) The hotel and restaurant is a celebrity magnet. We’ve seen the entire Chelsea team, Robbie Williams and Peter Andre there.

    THE NAYS: (1) It is very expensive, but what do you expect from a hotel in Chelsea Harbour?  (2) The other guests can be a little snooty and pretentious. (3) On the night we went there were a lot of groups of businessmen – not a young atmosphere that we were expecting.

    INSIDER KNOWLEDGE: The Raimat Abadia rose wine is Christine Bleakley’s tipple of choice when she dines here with Frank.

    WHAT COULD HAPPEN: This hotel is not only is one of the poshest hotspots in London, but a stones throw away from the Chelsea ground. Last time we went, who did we see but Chelsea player Ashley Cole. He was looking pretty dapper and seemed to be loving the attention from the ladies – no surprises there then.


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  • VIP Cheryl Cole News: Fight, Fight, Fight!!

    Oh deary me! Has Cheryl Cole got herself into another celebrity argument? This time, it seems the pop Princess has gone to war with her former protegee, Cher Lloyd. Swagger Jagger singer Cher appeared to be making fun of her former mentor during an interview on the Real Breakfast, for Real Radio. When the presenter asked her if she would sing with Cheryl, Cher replied: “Maybe if she sings live with me.”

    When the singer was asked if she thought Cheryl would find this tough, the teen simply replied, “well it is nowadays, when you haven’t got the nifty little button to press.” Ouch!!

    In true Geordie style, Chezza hit back at the teen’s comments through Twitter. The Girls Aloud star took to Twitter and blasted her ‘mini-me.’ “Be careful who you kick on your way up…They kick you twice as hard on your way down.” Something tells us that the duet will not be happening in the near future.

    This isn’t the first fight the Geordie lass has managed to get herself into. We’ve sifted through the best ones to create our top ten!

    1.) MC Harvey, 2012.

    Cheryl and Harvey had a full on Twitter war last week, when he So Solid star claimed he was having a secret relationship with her.

    2.) Lily Allen, 2007.

    Lily had said Cheryl’s music was awful, so the X-Factor judge branded the Smile star a, ‘Chick with a D**k.’ Now that’s not very nice is it Cheryl?

    3.) Charlotte Church, 2005.


    In 2005, Charlotte Church branded Cheryl a “cow,” and went on to say Girls Aloud were, “five dogs without balls.” Cheryl hit back by slamming the opera star, calling her, “a nasty little piece of work with a fat head.” Come on girls, lets try and be friends shall we?

    4.) Cher Lloyd, 2012.

    A Twitter war between the X-Factor stars, surely not?

    5.) Pete Doherty, 2007.

    The gobby Girls Aloud singer branded ex-Libertines singer, Pete Doherty, “a waste of fresh air.” The star then went on to say he was a, “junkie idiot.” We’re pretty sure though that Pete didn’t care!

    6.) Nadine Coyle, 2010.

    Cheryl managed to put her foot in it, with fellow band mate, Nadine Coyle. Nadine tweeted that she had written a duet Cheryl, only to be shot down by her mate on live radio. Miss Cole brandished the claims as, “weird.”

    7.) Nicole Scherzinger, 2011.

    The axed X-Factor judge took a swipe at the rival by commenting on her outfit of choice. Cheryl was being interviewed by Lorraine Kelly about the X-Factor and fashion disaster. The former judge made a catty comment about her predecessor Nicole, “I’m not being funny, but everyone else started wearing orange and purple. It’s a fact.” Hmmm, could  she be talking about Nicole’s above outfit?

    8.) Paula Abdul, 2011.

    American Idol veteran, Paula Abdul was at the end of Chezza’s acid tongue. The singer called Paula a, “has been.”

    9.) Ashley Cole, 2011.

    Ex-hubby, Ashley Cole has always been at the end of Cheryl’s rants. The Chelsea star has cheated on her and humiliated her, so we think he kind of deserves it!

    10.) Mrs Amogbokpa, 2003.

    Way back in 2003 Cheryl allegedly punched toilet attendant, Mrs Amogbokpa in a Guilford nightclub. The case went to court and the singer was found guilty of assault.

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  • London Last Night: MW3 Launch Event

    The Event: Call of Duty: MW3 launch event

    The Venue: The Old Billingsgate

    The VIPs: Example, Ashley Cole, Sophie Ellis-Bexter, Mike Tindall, Chase and Status, Joey Barton, Danny Wallace, Katie Melua, Dynamo, Rizzle Kicks, Anton Ferdinand, TOWIEs James Arg Argent and Mario Falcone

    The Gossip: (1) At any point in last night’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 launch we faced court martial. Instead of the usual burly bouncers, there was an army of hardened guards to keep guests in check, suited and booted in black spec ops gear, wielding assault rifles (no-one chanced asking if they were loaded), and murmuring convincing chatter into their walkie talkies. Needless to say there weren’t many people wearing dresses on the night so Zoe’s gorgeous Karen Millen animal print dress got a few compliments.

    There were strict orders– have fun, solider. Not ones to disobey a direct command, we tried our hand at 16-player LAN multiplayer, ducked and dived our way through a CoD-inspired laser tag, and later proceed onto a packed dance floor with Dubsteppers Example and Chase and Status.

    (2) The launch party was one of three Activision capital takeovers, with simultaneous events happening in Paris and Berlin. There was even a pan-European deathmatch streamed to the crowd and narrated by Danny Wallace. Popular music acts and convenient bathroom facilities aside, these events mirrored the game’s campaign – coordinated terrorist attacks on key cities which spark off World War 3. In keeping with the theme, caterers were more field support, offering ration boxes of nachos, fried chicken and mini burgers (hopefully an unlockable perk for MW4), attendees could pose with soldiers and there was camouflage netting everywhere. Just like real war.

    (3) Best of all, though, was laser tag. Taken through in twos, guests were strapped up with bulletproof vests, given chunky carbines with red dot sights, and ordered to breach an underground facility. Think MW2’s The Pit, only with real guards comically floundering when hit with laser fire, and a mean-looking officer growing ever raspier yelling “Confirmed kill!” from a balcony. Of course, the focus of the evening was on the game itself. Dozens of pods were set up around the venue, some showing off the solo campaign, others letting pairs try their hand at the new wave-based Spec Ops mode. Best was the 16-player roundtable deathmatch, complete with massive HDTV’s for each player and just-released MW3 Turtle Beach headsets which made the game sound incredible.

    (4) Love it or hate it, Call of Duty has hit the mainstream like a tactical nuke. With a single sweep of the show floor you could spot celebrities like Example, Ashley Cole, Sophie Ellis-Bexter, Mike Tindall, Chase and Status, Joey Barton and Danny Wallace. Much like its campaign, Call of Duty is a globally impactive phenomenon, and last night proved it.



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