• Get The VIP Look Without Going To The Gym



    For many non-celeb types, going to the gym can be daunting. First, there’s the embarrassment of being seen in public with a less than toned body. Then there’s the pressure of keeping up with everyone else. For others, it’s simply that the gym doesn’t do it for them and they find it boring. Fortunately, you don’t have to go to the gym to get your dream body. There are lots of viable alternatives.


    If you like to be outdoors, rather than cooped up at home or in an exercise studio, cycling might be the hobby for you. There is no end to the benefits. It’s good for your health. For example, cycling just 20 miles a week can reduce your risk of heart disease by half that of those who don’t do any exercise. It also strengthens the immune system and helps you avoid serious illnesses and conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. It also helps you to lose weight and tone up at the same time.

    Like any exercise, you need to take good care to avoid injury. This is particularly important if you’re cycling on busy roads. If an accident does occur, make sure you find a company that specialises in cycle claims.

    Celebs who cycle: Matt Damon, Beyonce, Seth Meyers


    Walking And Running

    Following on with the theme of being outdoors, walking and running are also good forms of exercise. They get the blood pumping and provide a cardio workout. Try alternating between the two to get the most out of your exercise regime. And ensure you warm up properly and take steps to recover afterward.

    The good thing about walking and running is that you don’t need any fancy equipment, just comfortable clothing and a decent pair of running shoes. It’s something that anyone can do and build up to. You can also fit it into the busiest schedule.

    Celebs who walk: Heidi Klum, Kelly Brook, Elle Macpherson

    Celebs who run: Ellie Goulding, Reese Witherspoon, Renee Zellweger





    Pilates has something to offer everyone of different ages and abilities. It aims to increase general fitness and wellbeing, with an emphasis on the core. There are many benefits, including improving posture, muscle tone and balance. As specialist equipment is required and a qualified trainer to lead you, you will need to find a local class. This shouldn’t be difficult as this form of exercise has become extremely popular over the last few years.

    Celebs who do Pilates: Liz Hurley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna



    Sometimes, the best way to stick to an exercise plan is to build it into your everyday life. If you’re achieving something at the same time as working out, you’re more likely to keep to it and repeat it often. So, for walking and cycling try building this into your daily commute. Even if you can’t walk or cycle the whole way to work, try doing half and half. Get off the bus or train a few stops earlier and walk or cycle home.

    Another good form of exercise is gardening. As well as getting a good workout, you’ll be tidying and maintaining the garden at the same time. Are there any other physical tasks you enjoy doing that could become part of your workout?


    Make It Social

    There are several advantages of working out with friends. The first is that it makes it much more fun. You can laugh and catch up at the same time. Another advantage is that it drives you forward. Having another person to exercise with can push you to keep up and compete.

    If your resolution for the coming year is to get a VIP body, you don’t have to hit the gym to obtain it. Just find an exercise that you enjoy and stick to it.


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  • Stay Unique By Knowing Upcoming Trends

    Are you one of these people who like to keep up with the latest trends? Maybe you like to have the newest products before they hit the shelves. Or, maybe you’ve always wanted to be ahead of the crowd, but never quite achieved the goal. Don’t despair. It’s not impossible to get to the trends before everyone else does. The trick is to do a little research. Keeping ahead of the game was never going to be easy, after all. With a little effort, it’s easy to get a grip on the next big thing before anyone else does. Here are a few tips to get you started.



    Getting to grips with catwalk fashion is crucial for keeping ahead of the trends. Most fashion shows display the trends for the coming season. Keeping up with the catwalk is an excellent way to see the upcoming trends before they hit the shops. It’s also worth becoming familiar with favorite designers. Keeping an eye on particular designers will allow you to see their upcoming collections. This will also help you stay ahead of the game!


    Review sites are perfect for keeping you ahead. There are many fashion and beauty reviewers out there. These reviewers are often sent advance products, so you might get to hear of products that aren’t out. Sites like thankyourbeauty.com are great for discovering the best beauty products. Getting to grips with products as they come out will allow you to show those top choices to your friends. That way, you’ll get credit for being the one who introduced them to their new favorites! Not to mention, you’ll get to try the best products first.


    Next to catwalk models, celebs are the most reliable indicators of upcoming trends. Keeping an eye on the celebrity world is a great way to see what’s likely to take off. Sometimes, it’s the celeb themselves who start the trends. Sometimes designers send items for celebs to wear in preparation for an upcoming collection. Develop your eye for a trend as you study celeb magazines. It can also be worth watching awards ceremonies. The red carpet is a prime trendsetting arena. Take a look at what each celebrity wore and judge whether it’s likely to be in the shops in a few weeks. Most magazines do a best and worst for each red carpet session. Alternatively, you could take a look at sites like elle.com which show you what was worn and what worked.

    These tips are sure to help you on your way to keeping ahead. It can be hard to feel individual in a world where we all shop in the same places. Keeping a few paces ahead will allow you to achieve that desired burst of individuality. That is until your fashion hits the stores and everyone else starts wearing it too…Fashion is a constant struggle, though, and there’s always next season to look out for!

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  • How To Prepare For Party Season Like a VIP

    Party season is almost upon us. If you’re eager to impress, why not take some tips from the celebrities, and prepare like a VIP? Here are some handy hints to ensure you look and feel a million dollars.

    Workout wonders

    As the festive period approaches, many of us are looking forward to nights out and Christmas celebrations. If you’re keen to shine in the spotlight, you’ll want to look your best. Channel the A-listers and get in shape. As you approach the final few weeks, it’s time to take your workouts to the next level and increase the intensity. Combine weights and resistance training with cardio sessions if you’re looking to tone those triceps and slim down that waist. If you’re eager to lose weight quickly, opt for high-intensity interval training. The aim of this form of exercise is to raise the heart rate rapidly, and then drop it back it down. You do this by alternating fast-paced exercises with short periods of rest.


    Shop with a stylist

    Everybody could do with a second opinion when they’re shopping for that winning party outfit. You may not be able to afford a professional stylist, but don’t panic. Take a friend whose style you admire, or get some tips from a personal shopper at the store. Even if you think you know what you want, be open-minded. Don’t write styles you love off because you assume they won’t suit you. Try lots of different pieces on, and see how you feel. Go for something that makes you feel confident. Always take a pair of heels and a strapless bra with you. You’ll get a better idea of the overall look.

    Chill out

    At this time of year, life seems to go up a gear, and it can be tiring. You want to look and feel your best at special events, so take some time out. Book a day off a day or two before the party. Or work a half-day and then spend time relaxing. Treat yourselves to a couples massage or take the opportunity to work through that box set. Do a yoga session at home or go to the movies.

    Don’t forget those essential extras

    You’ve got the outfit and the shoes. Now, it’s time to think about those essential extras. How are you going to wear your hair? Who is going to do your makeup? Have you booked your nail appointment? If you don’t want to spend a fortune, ask a friend to help out or do your own hair, nails, and makeup. You’ll find some incredible video tutorials online, and some great tips in magazines. Try and make time for a practice run the day before if possible.


    If you’re gearing up for party season, why not channel the celebrities and prepare in style. Give yourself time to find that perfect outfit, and don’t forget the details. Work out, eat well, and take time out to relax and unwind. Hopefully, by the time the day arrives, you’ll be red-carpet ready.

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  • How Avid Travellers Make The Most Of Their Trip To America


    If you’ve never been to America before but you’re planning a trip, you want to make sure that you’re going to make the most of it. Some people simply travel to one state and explore, however, some people prefer to visit multiple states. Each state usually has it’s own unique personality and cultures, so you can get an idea of what America is really like. Who better to get tips on this from than an Avid traveller who has done it all before? Here’s a little advice, a few tips, and more info you can use to make the most of your time there. Enjoy!


    Choose Your Route Wisely

    You probably know that the USA is big. Are you aware of just how big? It’s 3.8 million square miles! This means, unless you have a ton of cash and time, you’re probably going to have to choose your route wisely. Some people may only get 2 weeks to a month to explore. Getting flights from state to state is the norm, and they aren’t always quick flights, either! Make sure you know exactly where you want to go and how you’ll get there to minimise wasting time, and see everything your heart desires. Do you want the debauchery Vegas can offer? The glam feel of Hollywood? Think about it carefully. You might even want to base it on what you want to see, such as the Statue of Liberty or the Grand Canyon. Whatever you decide, you won’t catch an avid traveller without an https://www.official-esta.com. Don’t forget yours. You’ll likely also need travel insurance, and other things in place to keep you safe as you travel.

    You even have the option of going on a road trip. Something that people usually associate with Americans! If you want to drive from state to state, go ahead. You have so many options, from Route 66 to Highway 61. Many of them are considered to be awesome.

    Bear in mind that the stereotypes you’ve heard of, are likely going to appear true to you. Many Californians are laidback. New Yorkers can be headstrong. They all have their own personalities and quirks, but that’s the thing about America! If you were hoping to see South America too, chances are you’ll have to make that a different trip.


    Slow Down And Enjoy

    As there’s so much to see and do in America, it’s all too easy to rush from one thing to the next, trying to see and do everything it has to offer. But woah, slow down! You’re not going to enjoy things properly or really take them in if you’re trying too hard to cram things into your itinerary. This is why you should be more selective about the things you want to see, making sure that you do really want to see them and you’re not just following others blindly.

    Accept That Many Americans Are Informal And Friendly

    If you’re from the U.K., this can come as a bit of a surprise. Americans don’t think anything of chatting to you in a queue, or if they are sat next to you at a show. They are informal and friendly. Occasionally, they may come across as rude because of this. Don’t be put off by it – just embrace it!

    Ignore Reviews

    While some review sites can be immensely helpful when it comes to telling you what to do here and giving you ideas, sometimes, it’s better to ignore them altogether and find your own way. What if you find a place with great reviews, only to dislike it yourself? Or you miss out on a great place because of a bad review somebody you don’t even know has written? Explore and see where you want to go. Maybe even ask a local.

    Find The 24/7 Joints!

    If you don’t live anywhere near America, chances are, you’re going to have some jetlag. It’ll take time to get used to the time zone. You can start preparing when you’re at home if possible, but this isn’t always a good idea if you have work and things to do. This means you might find yourself awake and absolutely starving at a strange time. Fear not! There are 24/7 joints in most places, if you know where to look. Keep an eye out and satisfy your cravings, whatever the time is.

    Put. Down. The Camera.

    You see so many tourists with their cameras out 24/7, snapping away at things so they can look back at them later. But this usually means that they didn’t actually appreciate it properly when they saw it the first time! There are so many cool things to see and do in America, but this doesn’t mean you have to take pictures of every single thing. Make sure you’re enjoying it through your own eyes first, and not just snapping without taking it in.

    Do Something Really Weird

    Some people already have an inkling that America is strange. After all, where else would you find a festival dedicated to testicles? In Montana, that’s exactly what you’ll find! Do something really weird, even if it’s just to laugh about it later. They have festivals for just about everything, depending on where you’re travelling.

    California Beach

    Hungry? Supersize it!

    Maybe don’t do this every single day on your trip. You don’t want to get home to find that none of your clothes fit. However, if one day you’re particularly ravenous, supersize your meal. You might be surprised at how big they actually are! Just don’t forget to tip your waiter or waitress. Americans rely on their tips as many are on minimum wage. Although many other countries don’t see tipping as the norm, it’s normal to tip up to 20% in America. Make sure you consider this when deciding where to eat.

    Hopefully, this guide has given you a little insight on how you can make the most of your trip to America. Leave your thoughts and any tips you have below!

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  • Thinking Of Going To Canada? Take This Quiz To Prepare


    So you are pretty sure that it is your destiny to become rich and famous one day, and that means no more economy class for you. You plan on jet-setting all over the world. But your first trip once that cheque comes in is to the beautiful and majestic country of Canada.  But will you actually pass as a VIP traveller, or are you economy travel habits too ingrained? Take this quiz to find out.

    Q1: Who organising your trip by booking flights and checking you have the right documents?


    1. My mum
    2. Me
    3. The department secretary at work
    4. My personal assistant

    Q2: How Do You Get From Your Home To The Airport?

    1. Taxi
    2. Bus
    3. I drive myself
    4. Private helicopter

    Q3: What do you do when you get to the airport?

    1. Grab a Coffee and a Sandwich
    2. Hang around and check that you have the right document until they call your flight
    3. Get some luxury shopping done, duty-free here I come!
    4. Hang out in the executive lounge and get a massage while sipping on a complimentary drink

    Q4: Where is your seat on the plane?


    1. You can sit anywhere all the seats are the same
    2. Economy class
    3. First class
    4. Business class

    Q5: Where are you staying in Canada?

    1. An air B&B close to the airport
    2. A hotel I found on TripAdvisor
    3. This great little boutique place in Montreal
    4. King Pacific Lodge, Princess Royal Island, obviously!  

    Q6: What do you plan to spend most of your time doing while in Canada?


    1. Checking out the street art in the cities and anything else that’s cheap to free
    2. All the major sites like Niagara Falls and the Aurora Borealis
    3. A little shopping in Vancouver, some surfing and then on to a classical music performance
    4. Heli-skiing, obviously!

    Q7: What souvenirs do you bring home for your friends that couldn’t come on our Canadian trip?

    1. Canadian Bumper stickers
    2. Maple syrup and candy
    3. Fruit liqueurs from a microbrewery in a converted iron works
    4. Canadian Diamonds from Yellowknife


    A1: If you picked either a, or b, you might not quite be ready for VIP style travel to Canada just yet. Choice c is better. But d is the real one we are looking for here. Having a PA just screams VIP.

    But if you are not quite yet at the PA stage just yet, you can get some information about flights from the UK to Canada here. You can also find out about the documents you will need to gain entry into the country on pages like this official Canada eTA website.

    A2: Congratulations If you answer was d! Private helicopter means you are well on your way to understanding how luxury travel works. Feel free to sip champagne as you fly over traffic jams of normal people trying to get into the airport car parks!

    However, if you aren’t quite as lucky as to get to the airport that way, then you can find some bus and train times from Central London to Gatwick here.

    A3: You might think that the most VIP thing you can do it give those credit card a good old bashing when you get into duty-free (answer c)?  But actually, true VIP’s and celebrities wouldn’t be seen dead rubbing shoulders with all those normal folk.

    That is why they will hide themselves away in the private departure lounge (answer d). Don’t you know it’s important to relax before a flight, else your skin will look a wreck when you arrive!

    A4: So your VIP status is very obvious from where you will be sitting on the plane. Of course, some VIPs are lucky enough to have their own private jets, so they bypass this section completely! You’ll find most of the others VIPs are likely to plump for d. In business class you can make use of the showers, flat beds and a walk up bar.

    OK, if you are still waiting for that cheque to clear choice f, might seem like a good idea for your bank balance. But remember that flights to Canada are long haul, and you will want to be comfortable while you are travelling. So make sure you have a flight survival pack with you.

    P.s If you chose a, the seats are all the same, you probably not flying to Canada. Flights were the seats are all them same tend to be from budget providers like Easyjet, who currently don’t operate on long haul services.

    A5: So on to your accommodation choices once you have reached your destination. If you picked d, well done! You are really getting the hang of this luxe travel malarkey!

    Staying somewhere like the King Pacific Lodge, Princess Royal Island means you will be in one of Canada’s most expensive hotels. Inaccessible by road you will be flown tour destination. Once there you can get involved in some wildlife watching with whale and bear viewing trips. Or, just spend some time recuperating in the fancy spa that they have. Obviously its eco-conscious too, so you don’t have to worry about that aspects either.

    A6: Remember that it is not only your accommodation but the activities that you participate in that show how much of a VIP you are. If you picked choice b. Because It sounds interesting, you’d be right. Canada is full of amazing natural phenomena that you have to check out while there. But is it the most VIP choice? Probably not. That will definitely be choice d. Helicopters and skiing, together? How much more VIP can you get?

    A7: Of course now you are both rich and famous you will want to bring back gifts that demonstrate that to others. Plus no one can stop you talking about your recent trip if you have just presented them with something nice from said place.

    While there are lots of items that you can purchase while in Canada, the diamonds from Yellowknife, (choice d) are the most luxe item on the list! Unless you are buying for a sugar addict then, they will probably be just as happy with choice b, which is maple candy!

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  • Meet A Lion And Bathe In The Devil’s Pools In Africa


    If you’re thinking about switching it up next time you go on holiday, you might want to consider heading to Africa. There are a few things you need to think about before you head off to this region. First, you need to check the reports to make sure where you’re traveling to is safe. Despite all, it’s wonder there are still places in Africa that are not currently safe for travel. Though generally speaking, if you stay in the South you’ll be fine. Then, you need to make sure that you have the right supplies. Africa is always a hot mess that is thrilling to discover but only if you have the right supplies. Once you’ve sorted out those two issues, you can start to think about the experiences that Africa offers. I can introduce you to a few right here.

    Meet A Lion


    You may have seen a lion in a Zoo or even a controlled safari. But I promise you it’s nothing compared to getting up close and personal with a free lion in an African nature reserve. Once you do that, you’ll see how these animals are supposed to be. They are kings, they are magnificent, majestic and boy are they powerful. If you are brave enough, you can even head out on a midnight safari. It’s here that the jungle comes alive in a whole new way that few people ever experience. The animals will be all around you but you won’t always see them, and that’s what makes it more exciting and thrilling.

    If you want to get a little closer with the animals of Africa, you can participate in a volunteer program. Companies like The Great Projects arrange opportunities for people like us to help these animals. They need us to help them survive in a changing world where environmental destruction and hunting are a constant threat. Be sure to look into this possibility if you plan on heading over there.

    See A New Way Of Life

    Visiting Africa gives you the chance to explore an entirely new way of life. These days, we are focused on changing and altering the way African culture operates. But it’s only by traveling there that you will begin to understand it. For instance, it might be useful to supply fresh water to African villages. But collecting the water is a chance for socialization in the village. It also allows them a chance to leave their homes throughout the day. When you visit secluded African villages, you’ll see how a completely different culture operates. It’s a life changing experience and could completely alter your entire perspective.



    Bathe In The Devil’s Pool

    Finally, you must make sure that you visit the Devil’s Pool while you’re over in Africa. Getting there from Cape Town takes a couple of hours, but it’s well worth it. You’ll discover it at the top of Victoria Falls. The pool is a natural formation that lets you bathe at the edge of a waterfall. You can even dangle from it upside down if you’re brave enough! It’s an unforgettable experience that should be on your bucket list and the list of things to do visiting Africa.

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  • Pregnancy And Motherhood Lessons We Can Learn From Celebs

    Most celebs don’t let a little thing like being pregnant get in their way. You still seem them out at parties looking fabulous and enjoying themselves, albeit in a non-alcoholic fashion. They continue on with their careers and balance the responsibilities of motherhood with working. In fact, many of them are excellent role models, and we can really learn a lot from their example. Read on to find out more.

    Kim Kardashian – West – Infertility



    Kim, married to legendary rapper and music producer Kanye West is a mother of two. She has been very vocal about how tough it was to conceive a second time. Going so far as to film episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, where she visits her fertility doctor.

    In making her problems with fertility public, Kim has been an inspiration to women all over the world that are trying to convince. She has shown that fertility problems can affect any of us. She has broken the silence on the frustration women can face when trying to get pregnant. This has helped many women and couples realise that they are not alone with fertility issues and that something can be done to help.

    There are a lot of things that can assist couples trying to conceive that celebrities use. These include things such as diet changes, acupuncture infertility help, and even surrogacy.  

    Kim was a trooper when she was suffering from infertility issues and made sue whatever happened she didn’t stop trying. Happily, she was rewarded with the beautiful North last year.

    Beyonce – Mother-Child Bond



    Queen B is a legend in our lifetime, so it’s only fair to expect good things of her in the motherhood department. Of course since the birth of Blue Ivy she has not disappointed.

    In fact, this Halloween she has given us a spot on mother-daughter costume with her and Blue dressed as 90’s stars Salt n’ Pepper.

    In this way, Beyonce is an inspiration to mothers. She is showing how including your kids in important aspects of your life can foster a positive mother- daughter bond.

    Blac Chyna – not changing her style

    Blac Chyna is engaged to Rob Kardashian and pregnant with his child. She is an inspiration to women because despite being pregnant she hasn’t changed her style or look.

    She continues to rock crop tops and is proudly showing off her pregnancy belly. She is a great role model for women because it can be difficult to dress your body due to all the changes that are going on. But Chyna is just taking it all in her stride. She is showing that being confident in who you are is enough to look great, pregnant or not.

    Posh Spice – Working Mummy

    X 135219-17  Victoria Beckham. Obligatory Credit - CAMERA PRESS/Sam Harris. SPECIAL PRICE APPLIES - CONSULT CAMERA PRESS OR ITS LOCAL AGENT.  EMBARGOED FOR USE IN THE UK UNTIL: 25/05/2002.  Former Spice Girl, Victoria 'Posh Spice' Beckham is pictured on the set of her new video 'A Mind of Its Own', released in February 2002.  She and her husband, Manchester United footballer and England Captain, David Beckham have announced they are expecting their second child in September.   ?Retna Ltd.

    Victoria Beckham is blessed with a brood of wonderful kids. With three boys and one girl, she certainly must have been pretty busy at times.

    Yet she is an inspiration to working mothers everywhere. Not only did she used to sing with the Spice Girls, but she also has her own successful fashion line. Not bad for a mum of 4!

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  • Do You Have To Spend A Fortune For A VIP Look?


    The beauty industry has a habit of portraying itself with a “for everyone” approach. Certain brands have made a habit of collecting all women together as if they have the same issues – and, most importantly, the same budget.

    The sad truth is that when it comes to beauty, you need to spend money. While you can try and curl your hair at home or dye your own eyelashes, it’s almost impossible to replicate the results of a salon. As well as the result of the treatment differing, the price point is huge. A DIY eyelash tint is around £5, whereas salons can ask for up to five times that.



    If you want to look good, then it might be tempting to think you should spend whatever it costs. Oh, but it costs so very much. If you don’t have that high a disposable income or just think spending that amount of money on beauty is problematic, then where do you turn next?

    Understanding The Power of Branding

    For the vast majority of “miracle products” loved by the rich and famous, the products have nothing to do with the cost price. Just because something has a label slapped on it does not mean it’s more effective. It just means it’s exclusive. Rather than your beauty treatments being about you and your individual needs, it’s more a statement. It says: look what I can afford!

    A BBC documentary revealed that the most famed of face creams, Creme de la Mer , is actually… not that moisturising. That’s a problem for something that retails for over £100 for a tiny tub and claims to be a moisturiser. It’s supposed to be beloved of Kate Moss and a raft of other celebrities. So why does everyone love it, if it’s not so good? Because they have been duped by branding and exclusivity.

    So learning to step outside of that world is a major part of finding a beauty regime that suits you. You can investigate treatments, products and elixir promising youth on their own merits.

    If it’s so easy, why do so many of us still fall into the same trap? Because this isn’t the Wizard of Oz; and as hard as some of us try to pull back the curtain, some people will still believe. They think cost equals quality and – importantly – makes things more efficient. To support this notion, they surround themselves with some infamous myths – so let’s debunk them, once and for all.

    Myth: “Cheaper makeup brands aren’t as good for your skin.”

    The Argument: To have a cheaper price point, lower-cost makeup brands use ingredients that aren’t good for you. You have to go into premium beauty, where there are no compromises on quality for cost, to avoid it. This is particularly important if you have sensitive skin.

    The Reality: Nope!

    The ethics of the company and the ingredients they use is rarely decided on cost. You can find high-street brands that don’t use parabens for example, and premium beauty brands that do. There’s simply no truth whatsoever that the idea that price dictates the impact on your skin.

    The key here is to learn to read ingredients lists and find out the things you should avoid. And if you’re concerned about animal welfare, it’s worth looking into cruelty-free credentials too. Some of the most famous – and therefore most expensive – brands still test on animals.


    Myth: “Okay, fine, they’re not better for you – but they do last longer!”

    The Argument: A cheap eyeshadow will rub off in no time. A more expensive eye shadow will have poor pigment and no staying power.

    The Reality: Some truth, but some lies.

    Again, it all depends on the brand. There are brands available in your local Superdrug that have better reports of eyeshadow pigment than high-end. And of course, vice versa. The result of how something works and its staying power depends somewhat on the product, but also on how you use it. Primers have been in circulation for awhile now and can make a huge difference.

    Myth: “You can’t do something with a cream that should be done with surgery!”

    The Argument: Creams, serums, toners, cellulite treatment, breast enhancers – they’re pointless. The only route to smooth skin, less cellulite or a bust boost is to go under the knife. While this has a myriad of potential surgical complications, it costs more, but it’s because it works.

    The Reality: Variable

    It depends on the result that you’re after. If you have severe facial wrinkles then there is a chance that a cream can’t fix them – but do you need a total fix? For the fraction of a cost of surgery, you can improve areas you dislike to the point you are comfortable with them. Retinol creams have made advancements in anti-ageing; Naturaful cream can let your cup size runneth over.

    The change is never going to be as dramatic as with a four-figure surgical procedure, but the risks are much lower too. Less money spent and lowering your risk of a serious problem like DVT? Seems worth it.

    Myth: “Sensitive skin can’t handle cheap products, be it skincare, makeup – whatever. You have to invest.”

    The Argument: As sensitive skin makes you a super special snowflake, if you are cursed with it then your beauty budget has to go through the roof. Only high-end brands can cater to your needs.

    The Reality: Absolutely Not

    When a brand can stamp “for sensitive skin” on a product, what they really mean is “another marketing tactic”. The term is not protected or regulated, so it could contain sulphuric acid and still be marketed as sensitive-friendly.

    Again, this is about knowing your ingredients list. Try and find out the particular chemical components that irritate your skin and then avoid them. The brand of what works for you doesn’t matter; it’s what they contain that does.


    So why waste money on high-end products if you can achieve the same, or similar, impacts for less? The VIP lifestyle in this regard is just about following a trend, rather than following the things your body actually needs.

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  • Weird Habits That Can Benefit Your Health


    The human body is a weird and wonderful thing. It seems that no matter what we try and do, there are always things in our lives that damage it. According to the media that includes virtually everything. Whether you’re sitting down for too long or even just spraying yourself with deodorant in the morning, you could be damaging your health. That’s according to research reports that are released annually with new scares and threats against our bodies. We’ve run out of food that is safe to eat because all of it has now been labelled as bad for you. Don’t eat superfoods because they’ve been genetically enhanced. Don’t eat any meat because all of the animals have been pumped full of antibiotics. Don’t drink water because that’s got dangerous chemicals like fluoride.

    It might seem like there’s no winning. But you have to remember one thing when you’re listening to all the health scares in the media. Bad news sells more than good news. Scaremongering keeps website traffic levels high. That doesn’t mean there aren’t weird and wonderful things that are actually good for you. In fact, some of them may surprise you.




    There are a few ways that smoking can be a positive rather than the negative that it’s often labelled as. First, you might be vaping and if you’re vaping it’s possible to smoke a substance without nicotine. If that’s the case, you’ve removed the substance that’s harmful from smoking. All that’s left is a liquid that is often herbal. At that point, you get one of the benefits of smoking which is more psychological than anything else. Breathing in and out a substance calms the body and regulates the processes in a similar way to yoga. When you learn about Vaporescence, you’ll find that you can customise vaping devices. This allows you to smoke whatever you want, however you want. Due to this, it shouldn’t be tarred with the same harmful brush as nicotine cigarettes.

    There’s another way smoking can be beneficial too. You may be aware that California has just legalised Marijuana for recreational use. This means that people in Cali can now buy Marijuana purely for the pleasure of smoking it. You might think this is a weird decision. However, the actual negative reported effects of marijuana use are severely limited. They are certainly less than the reported effects of both drinking and smoking nicotine. As such, there is no real reason why the drug shouldn’t be legal. Many people believe it also has benefits for the body and the mind. Smoking marijuana does relieve stress and has helped many people sleep better. The drug is also widely used in Hollywood as a creative process tool.

    Stabbing Your Skin



    No, we’re not talking about jamming a knife in your body or some sort of weird masochistic torture. Instead, we suggest you look into the possibility of acupuncture. Acupuncture is the process of targeting pressure points on the body using needles. With these needles, tension and stress can be relieved. The needles must be left in for several hours to see any notable effect. You might think this is purely based on scientific research, but it’s actually more closely related to spiritual belief. Acupuncturists believe that there are auras around the body, both negative and positive. Through this form of therapy, you break the negative auras releasing the tension that you’re carrying around. This is no scientific research to back this up. Indeed, it’s true to say that results could be a placebo effect. However, while the reasoning may be debatable, the benefits are clear. There are plenty of people who find acupuncture helps them live their lives free from stresses of the world. Acupuncture therapy has also been used by numerous celebrities in the past. Sofia Vergara, star of Modern Family, was recently spotted leaving an acupuncturists.

    Ice Cold Water



    Have you ever looked at an ice cold ocean or river and thought, I wonder what would happen if I jumped in? Despite the risk of hypothermia and shock, it could be beneficial. It’s true to say that there are many people who believe jumping in cold water is a great kick start. It certainly gives you a surge of adrenaline that many people find absolutely intoxicating. It’s similar to the feeling that you’ll get if you run for twenty miles straight in a massive marathon. Your brain throws endorphins around your body, giving you a natural high. It’s why some people love competing and pushing their bodies to the limit. If you do try to get the benefits of ice cold water, make sure you are ready to warm up as soon as you get out. You’ll be fine for the brief few minutes you’re in the water. It’s once you’re out and wet that health issues can arise.




    There are plenty of people who believe the world would be a much better place without belief and religion. Indeed, many atheists feel that plenty of regional disputes would cease to exist if religion disappeared. However, over the years research has proved religion and faith have positive effects on the human mind. There are even studies that have investigated the real impact of prayer and faith healing. You may dismiss this as nonsense, but you might be surprised to learn that prayer can have a real physical impact. In the past, prayer has been shown to reduce tumours and even heal sickness. Again, this is most likely the placebo effect, but it does show the power of positive thinking. It’s not the only reason why faith is useful either. Studies have shown that people who believe in life after death find it easier to cope with personal losses. Their religious mechanism allows them to believe that life goes on.

    You see, it’s not all doom and gloom. Despite the reports in the media, there are plenty of things in life that are good for you. Some of them have been labelled negatively and still have positive effects.

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  • Easy Ways To Make Travel More Affordable


    For many of us, travel is something we enjoy but don’t do enough. There’s often an assumption that seeing the world is expensive. Sometimes, that’s true. But there are ways of making travel more affordable. Here are some tips to help you achieve your goal of traveling more frequently.


    Invest in an RV

    Are you a fan of road trips? Is your dream weekend spent exploring national parks or watching the waves roll in at the beach? You don’t need to get off to foreign lands to experience new things and see the sights. You’ll find that there’s plenty to keep you busy on your doorstep. If you go camping frequently, or you enjoy short breaks, buying an RV is an excellent option. In the long-term, you’ll save money on accommodation. You can also travel freely, and you don’t need to worry about booking hotels or trying to pitch a tent. If you’re interested, search online for used RVs and fifth wheels for sale. You can read reviews, and contact sellers to arrange a test drive. If you’ve got the power to set off at your leisure, you’re likely to get away more.

    Make use of the Internet

    The Internet is a very precious resource for those who like to travel. If you’re looking for vacations, or you’re planning a getaway, don’t book anything without going online. Not only will you the find the best deals online. You can also compare prices from different agents and tour operators. You can search for the cheapest flights and hotels, and you can look for discount codes and promos.

    Be prepared to forgo creature comforts

    If you’d like to travel more, assess your priorities. Is a vacation all about enjoying the finer things in life? Or are you prepared to forgo luxuries? If you can live without creature comforts, you’ll be able to travel more. The cost of your vacation will be much lower. You’ll also spend a lot less once you get to your destination. Of course, it’s wonderful to be pampered and spoiled. But traveling isn’t all about 5-star hotels and private beaches. Outdoor adventures often provide you with incredible memories for much less money.

    Be more flexible

    If you can be flexible about where and when you travel, you can save a fortune. Traveling out of season is one of the best ways to save on flights and accommodation. You could also consider stopping over rather than getting direct flights. It will take you longer to get there, but it’ll make your trip more affordable.

    Many of us would love to see more of the world. Thankfully, there are ways of exploring for less. Don’t discount vacations that don’t revolve around lying by a pool sipping cocktails. Consider a staycation, and explore what’s closer to home. If you’re a fan of spontaneous breaks, think about buying an RV or investing in a bolthole. If you’re planning holidays, use the Internet to track down the best prices, and try and be as flexible as possible.

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