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    Living With Psoriasis: Eating To Avoid Flare-Ups

    Living with psoriasis is bound to make you feel powerless at times, and at one point you’re going to want to look at your diet. It’s the same with any skin condition – although doctors are unable to confirm the effect food has on your condition, many swears that certain products affect their skin more than others. A change of diet can help you in many other ways, too, so why not give it a go; with time, you might experience fewer flare-ups and better skin in general.

    Eliminating them all at once from your diet makes little sense as it will be hard to tell which food caused the flare-ups, so try to cut one or two of these out and see if you notice any difference.



    It’s the number one thing to cut from your diet if you suffer from psoriasis – and even light drinkers can notice a difference when they stop for good. It isn’t one of those things that might make the condition worse; it’s empirically proven and definitely worth a go. If you have a couple of drinks per week, make this month sparkling white and control the condition of your skin every week.

    The increase in psoriasis was associated with specifically two to three drinks per week, so if you only have a glass once in a blue moon, it’s unlikely that stepping down will have an effect.

    Fatty Foods

    This is a standard advice, and something acne sufferers also have to swallow; although scientists are reluctant to admitting a clear connection between skin and diet, there’s a high chance that fatty food makes it worse. Your condition is inflammatory and saturated fats tend to promote the inflammation in your body; it makes sense to steer away from any food that does this.

    Junk food is calorie-heavy food with little nutrients; it fills you up with fat that might increase the inflammation in your system, leaving little room for the foods with more nutritional value. To steer away from junk food means making room for the food that will do your body good, make you full, and give you the fuel you need to perform.

    Weight problems are common for people with psoriasis, who are already more prone to heart disease. Eating fatty foods will only increase this risk, so even if you don’t believe it’s causing your flare-ups, you should consider eliminating it from your diet once and for all.

    The Nightshade Family

    Many people with the same condition as you have found relief by avoiding members of the nightshade family. To some, this is unfortunate news; the family includes well-known figures such as the tomato and aubergine, peppers and even white potatoes. If you have successfully eaten members of this family without experiencing increased flare-ups, we suggest you keep eating them.

    You can give it a week or two if you’re not sure – just remember that you need the nutrients these foods provide, so find some alternatives to keep yourself healthy. There is an abundance of vitamin A and C, specifically, in the nightshade family, so it’s a good idea to substitute them with other foods with the same nutrients; spinach, squash, and carrots, for example, are happy to help you out.

    The Anti-inflammatory Diet

    You can do a lot to make the condition easier on yourself, and to eat the right kind of food is only one step in the right direction. Your body needs to be treated right both on the inside and on the outside; find the best moisturiser for psoriasis on face, as well as the most effective lotion for your body




    We’re talking an anti-inflammatory diet, rich in cold water fish, colorful fruit and vegetables such as carrots and sweet potatoes, and foods with a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. Potassium is also essential, so make sure you get enough of this even if you eliminate white potatoes from your diet – bananas, avocados, and even sweet potatoes carry a lot of potassium, so make sure you fill your fridge with these.

    You can keep a food journal for the first month and note the changes as you go; if an evening of snacking and drinking makes you dry and itchy a day later, you’ll already know what to cut down on.Luckily, you don’t need to only think about the food you shouldn’t eat in order to be healthy; it gets depressing and makes you focus too much on the restrictions in your life. When you know the few ones to steer away from, enrich your life by thinking about the kind of food that might reduce the inflammation in your body.

    Luckily, you don’t need to only think about the food you shouldn’t eat in order to be healthy; it gets depressing and makes you focus too much on the restrictions in your life. When you know the few ones to steer away from, enrich your life by thinking about the kind of food that might reduce the inflammation in your body.


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  • Seven Food Types With Surprising Weight Loss Properties


    Everyone says that the key to losing weight is eating the right thing. And this statement has never been truer. Of course you should be eating freshly prepared meals with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Of course you should cut out sugary snacks, processed foods and ready meals.

    But did you know that some foods actually help you lose weight? They aren’t just good for you – but they help you reach your goals too.

    Well, here’s some delicious foods to start adding into your diet now – even better if you can eat them alongside the detox drinks in this post

    (1) Eggs



    Eggs are staging a great comeback. Once, experts said they were bad for you now. But now it’s clear that they are in fact one of the best foods you can eat if you want to lose weight. Packed full of healthy fats and protein, they keep you feeling full without being full of calories. Check out these awesome egg-based recipes here, all designed to help you lose weight.


    2) Leafy green vegetables

    Yes, you’ve heard it millions of times before. Green vegetables are good for you. But leaves like Swiss chard, kale and spinach are full to the brim with iron and nutrients. If you’re doing loads of exercise as part of your weight loss routine, these are your perfect post-workout snacks, as they’ll help your muscles to grow and repair. Plus, they’re low in calories but high in fibre – great for bulking up your meals without the added calories.


    3) Fish like salmon and tuna



    From Omega-3 to protein, fish is a great source of energy if you’re trying to lose weight. These recipes are a fab way to use fish to lose weight! Both salmon and tuna are lean, so they contain very low levels of fat – but are chock full of protein and essential nutrients.


    4) Lean chicken and beef

    While it’s a good idea to cut down on the amount of meat you eat if you’re trying to lose weight, small amounts of lean chicken and lean, grass-fed beef are fine. You don’t need big servings, so make sure you team it up with other tasty foods.


    5) Natural herbs

    There are certain supplements on the market that make the most of naturally occurring herbs and fruit, plant and vegetable extracts to help you lose weight. One of the most famous is natural garcinia cambogia, which comes from an Indonesian citrus fruit. These are a great way to give your diet a boost.


    6) Apple cider vinegar

    While it isn’t the most appetising on our list, apple cider vinegar is key to curbing sugar cravings, and can help you feel full. If you try adding some to a glass of water before eating, you’re likely to feel full – even when you haven’t eaten that much.


    7) Cruciferous vegetables



    Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower are must-haves in any weight loss diet. They help you feel fuller quicker and for longer, and are full of fibre. And they have loads of protein in too. Broccoli is also a great way to get more calcium – it’s full of it.

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  • Get A Body Like The Celebs In No Time


    We always look at magazines and blogs online at celeb’s beautiful bodies. And we wonder if we could ever have the same rocking bod. After all, we are clueless on how they have managed to achieve their great body. But a lot of the time, it’s easier than you think to get their great legs or stomach. In fact, here are some secrets of how you can achieve the same look as the celebs with your own figure.

    Sienna Miller’s slender legs

    Actress Sienna Miller often makes the fashion pages which her vintage and beautiful style. But it’s also her body which can leave us wanting to recreate the same look. And in particular, it’s her slender legs which grab our attention. It’s much easier than you think to recreate those beautiful legs. Sienna apparently goes to yoga several times a week to help tone up her legs. After all, yoga sees you completing a number of stretch exercises which can help to work your muscles. And if you regularly complete yoga, you will soon notice a significant improvement in your body. You can either go to a regular class or do yoga at home to help boost your legs! Also, Sienna makes sure she goes for walks regularly. Therefore, if you want to boost your legs, it’s time to cut the car, and swap to walking on a regular basis.

    Kendall Jenner’s abs



    The Kardashians all have bodies that leave us in admiration. After all, a day doesn’t pass without one of them putting a selfie showing off their fantastic figure. And one of them in particular who has an amazing figure is Kendall Jenner. The young model is always pictured on the catwalk and on the red carpet with killer abs. And it makes us wonder how she manages to get those great abdominal muscles. For one thing, she follows an exercise routine which she does at home. And you wouldn’t believe, only takes just over 10 minutes to do! In fact, you should do these 13 moves which include a plank and crunches to help her get those fab abs. And as well as exercising, Kendall apparently follows a healthy diet full of protein, fiber, and complex carbs. So ensure your diet is on track to help you recreate her look. And remember if you are going to opt for something similar to Crazy bulk supplements to get those abs quicker, read reviews first. That way, you can be sure you are not going to waste your time on supplements for killer abs.

    Jennifer Lopez’s great arms

    Singer Jennifer Lopez has a fantastic body. In fact, it’s unbelievable to consider she’s in her 40’s. But one area of her body which leaves us wanting to recreate her shape is her arms. After all, they are lean and perfect for rocking during the summer months. It’s easy to recreate her great arms. You firstly need to do some strength exercises. After all, using some dumbbells can ensure you have slim arms before long. Also, yoga and pilates are great for toning those arms. And on top of this, J-lo follows a healthy diet which can ensure she can create muscles!


    And don’t forget it takes time to recreate that celeb’s body. So don’t expect a quick solution which will get you your dream body straight away!

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  • Dubai’s Most Luxurious Hotels



    Dubai is one of the most luxurious vacation destinations on the planet, so it isn’t surprising that it’s also home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. If you’re looking for a place to go where you’ll be pampered, treated like a prince, or princess and have your every desire catered to, it’s probably safe to say that Dubai is the place for you.

    Before you run to Jettly and charter a flight to the United Arab Emirates immediately, take a look at this list of Dubai’s most luxurious hotels, so that you’re guaranteed a great experience while you’re there…

    Bab Al Shams

    Bab Al Shams is the place to take your date if you want to impress them in a luxuriously romantic setting. This desert getaway just outside the main city of Dubai is home to a first class spa and swimming pool, an open-air restaurant – the Al Hadheerah – who’s design was inspired by atmospheric Arabic markets, complete with belly dancers, and amazing landscaped gardens, which can be viewed from the rooms’ spacious balconies.

    Burj Al Arab


    The Burj Al Arab is impressive from the second you lay eyes on it. The building, which was created to look just like a boat’s billowing sail stretches an astonishing 1000 feet into the sky, and if you visit it at night, lights u with its very own light show!

    If you think that’s impressive, just wait until you get inside, where you will be blown away by its luxurious suites, which stretch out over two floors. There’s huge four poster beds, gold, and marble staircases, butlers on hand to take care of guests’ every whim and you can even hire a Rolls Royce to show you the sights if you can bring yourself to leave the opulence of the hotel!

    The Shangri-La Hotel

    If you like your luxury to be understated, then a trip to the Shangri-La Hotel is sure to be right up your street. More restrained than some of the big ‘show-stopping’ hotels in the city, the Shangri-La is a 302 room hotel decorated with impressive local artworks and fully fitted out with luxurious deep bathtubs, soothing rain showers and its own swimming pool and squash courts. The hotel’s main restaurant also serves up some of the finest Cantonese food you are ever likely to taste outside of China.

    Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort


    Staying in the desert has never been as spectacular as a stay at the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort in the Liwa Desert. The rooms within this luxury establishment are all decorated in earth tones, which are in keeping with the desert setting, but they’re embellished with the most beautiful jewel and encrusted mosaic accessories, which glint and sparkle in the light. There are also four great restaurants, serving up the finest Middle Eastern foods onsite, as well as a luxury spa and pool, where you can indulge in floral footbaths, aromatic massages, and luxurious detox treatments.


    Have you been to Dubai? Where did you stay?

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  • From Apples To Pears: How To Dress For Your Body Shape

    Do you know which body shape you have? Apple-shaped women have quite broad shoulders and thinner hips while pear-shaped women are a lot rounder at the hips. Those with an hourglass figure have busts and hips that are the same width. These aren’t the only body shapes, there are actually quite a few more. You just need to quickly Google different body shapes to find out which is closest to yours.

    So, once you know this, how can you use this information? Well, lots of people buy their clothes according to their shape, as different styles will flatter various types of body. If you dress according to your body, you will find that all your clothes look great on you! Ready to start dressing in a way that flaunts your natural shape? Here are some great tips:




    As most pears carry more weight on the bottom half of their body, you will find that plus size dresses work very well and will greatly highlight all of your fantastic curves! Try and find a dress or top that has a neckline which accentuates the shoulders. When it comes to dresses and skirts, asymmetrical hemlines will also work wonders for your body as they attract attention down to your gorgeous legs!


    If you have a full bust and thighs, but a thin waist, then it sounds like you have an hourglass figure. Which is cool as it’s the same as Beyonce! One of the main things to remember when it comes to buying new clothes is that you should stay away from baggy clothes. These will seriously hide your brilliant curves! Wrap dresses will look great on you, and you will also find that belts will help to accentuate your shape.




    Is most of your weight above your hips? If so, then you have an apple shape just like Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Hudson. One great look that always helps apples look totally gorgeous is the monochrome trend. Lots of apples also like to wear v-line tops as these accentuate the torso and make it look longer than what it is. When you do wear this kind of top, it’s important that you were a strong and stable bra to ensure you have good lift.


    Do people compare your body to Cameron Diaz and Natalie Portman? Then it sounds like you have a rectangle body shape. You won’t be the most curvaceous woman, but there are various ways you can create the illusion of beautiful curves. One of the easiest ways is to wear tops with sweetheart necklines. Layering up is also a great idea as this will create further curves. One of the best things about being a rectangle is that you will be able to get away with bright and colorful bottoms. Most women may wear these bright items of clothing, but few will pull them off as well as you!


    Hopefully, you now know everything you need to so that you can dress for your body shape and look amazing every day!

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  • Get The Celebrity Look Without Paying The Bill


    Everyone wants to look like a celebrity. They want to glow and stand out in a crowd of people, they want to look like they walked straight out of a gossip magazine, and they want to look amazing in every photograph they’re in. Sadly, getting the celebrity look is difficult and can often be incredibly expensive. Be it fashion, makeup or just your own body, celebrities will pay exorbitant amounts of money just to get the look that they desire. They have the money to afford the best stylists and advice they can get, so while it can be difficult to maintain appearances, they can at least afford the luxury lifestyle they live.

    For others, it’s not so easy. Getting an appointment at a luxury stylist could take weeks or months if you’re not a VIP, high-end fashion can be extremely expensive, and hiring a personal trainer can eat up a lot of your funds. It goes without saying that looking like a celebrity can be extremely expensive, but here are a few ways to get the look without having to splash all your money on it.



    Weight Loss

    Looking like a celebrity usually means taking good care of your body. Maintaining a healthy image can be as simple as cutting out the fats and sugars in your diet, but it’s also helped by burning weight with exercise. Although it’s completely possible to lose weight by just eating a little less, it’s also dangerous because you need to ensure you’re getting the right nutrients and minerals from your food. Good and bad calories exist, so make sure you’re eating healthy foods like salads and protein instead of doughnuts and chocolate! Ensure you drink plenty of water as well if you want to have amazing skin and assist your weight loss.

    However, most of us choose to go with personal trainers and expensive gym memberships. This isn’t really needed. If you’re willing to head out in public, then get a pair of running shoes and use jogging as your main form of exercise. Cardio is great for the heart and helps you stay healthy. When it comes to nutrition, use online websites and calorie counters to check how your nutrient intake is looking.


    Looking like a celebrity doesn’t need to be that expensive. There are plenty of online clothing boutiques that sell beautiful dresses, shirts and trousers that will make you feel like a celebrity for less. You don’t want to match the exact same outfit as a celebrity, but looking up inspiration is a great way to coordinate your own outfits.

    If you’re concerned about the cost of high-end fashion, then keep in mind that not every celebrity wears it. There are plenty that will pick clothes from thrift stores as long as they’re clean, fashionable and stylish. There are also people that buy from everyday clothing stores that everyone else does. There are plenty of websites on the internet that give you inspiration for celebrity-like fashion, so you just need to inspire yourself and pick out an outfit that matches and looks great.

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  • Get Fit While Fundraising


    Raising money for charity is probably one of the most admirable things that you can do with your time. Health and fitness, especially as the weather gets warmer, gets brought into focus with charity runs like the Cancer Research Race for Life taking place throughout the summer. Getting fit while raising money for charity is popular and puts the fun into fundraising.

    Sometimes, a fitness plan can feel boring but with the right motivation, it can be just what you need. Choosing to support your favourite charity is a great way of doing something good for yourself and for others – so why not make yourself feel great? There are so many ways you can set up a fitness fundraiser, but if you can’t set one up for yourself, why not get involved in the many that are out there?



    Fun Football

    One of the biggest office fundraising ideas is five a side football. Raising money for charity while playing against your colleagues is always a good time. You could charge a player fee, for tickets for spectators and you could have people donate food and drink to the day and a minimal charge. Everything can be given to your chosen charity, and it’s a great way to get your team together and working solidly.

    Wipe Out!



    Okay, so you may have heard of the game show It’s A Wipe Out! And if so, you will absolutely love this fundraising idea. Healthy competition is great fun for the whole office to get involved in and you can reach out to sports venues and events providers for charitable donations of the equipment needed for the obstacle course. Where you can, ask for donations of food and refreshments for the day and charge for tickets. Have participants raise money for sponsorship so that you can get as much done for your chosen charity as possible.

    Colour Run



    One of the biggest events of the year is the Happy 5K Colour Run, so take some inspiration and buy color powder for a run of your own. It’s messy, it’s colourful and best of all, it’s non-toxic so you can have an Eighties themed charity day! Sponsorship forms can be created and you could ask for a field or park owner to donate the space you need. You can buy the colourful powders in bulk, too, which can save money and direct more to your charity.

    Sponsored Swim



    Getting a great deal on a public pool allowing you an afternoon to use it for fundraising purposes won’t always be difficult. Get everyone in the office who is a competent swimmer involved and enjoy the workout that comes with training for a swimming event. You could contact local newspapers to get the right turn out and charge for tickets to the event. Sponsorship will also raise a good amount of money for your charity.


    Fundraising should be fun, raise a lot of money and if you can manage it, burn a few hundred calories. Getting fit in the name of charity is going to be one of the most satisfying decisions you’ll make this year!

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  • Celeb Worthy Hair And Beauty Bites To Try Today




    Who says the best health and beauty services should be saved for celebrities? If you want to get that A-list glow, look like a million dollars as soon as you wake up, and feel like it too, you’re going to want to get on the celeb-worthy treatment list. It might seem like celeb body secrets are a mystery, but really, they just try new things until they find a health service or beauty treatment that works best for them. So now, you should do the same!


    Unless you’ve been in hiding for the last five years, you know know that the entire world has gone brow crazy. From catwalk models to actresses and back again, these girls know how to rock a strong brow. But, if you weren’t blessed with high arches and a lot of brow hair, you probably think that you’re destined to be out of the brow game forever, right? Wrong! You just need microblading. This incredible beauty treatment creates hair-like strokes using dye (like tattooing) so that you get the look of bolder, fuller brows for up to two years!

    Private Doctor

    From waking up with celeb level looks to being treated like one, let’s talk health care. If you want to make sure that your female health gets checked when you need it to, or that you can see a dermatology specialist at the drop of a hat, you need to take your medical care to the private level, just like a celeb would. With places like http://samedaydoctor.org/, there’s no waiting around. Finally, celeb style access to the services you need is no longer a secret!

    Chemical Peel

    Ever wondered why the A-list always seem to have incredible skin? Okay, so maybe some of them were born with it, but most just know how to look after it. Yes, you need to make sure you have a flawless skincare routine, but you also need a few killer treatments every once in awhile to keep it in tip-top shape. Like a chemical peel – just like Samantha has in Sex and the City! And if you’ve ever wondered if it really works, Lauren’s review is hilarious and honest, so take a read and see for yourself – http://www.marieclaire.com/beauty/news/a14293/first-chemical-peel-benefits-review/.

    Vitamin Infusion

    If you ever wonder if celebs always feel as good as they look, they probably do. Because they know what treatments to try to really get results. To feel incredible, a vitamin infusion could be all you need. Essentially, you’ll be hooked up to an IV and pumped full of essential vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin B or calcium. Your own personal cocktail will depend on what you’re looking to get out of the infusion. But for a short term perk, it’s an A-list style treatment.

    Personal Trainer

    And of course, there’s always the option to go with a personal trainer – maybe even a nutritionist too. Yes, celebrities always look incredible, because their job often requires that they do, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t too. If you really want the body of your dreams, find the right personal trainer to create a workout plan that works for you and a nutritionist to create a diet that follows suit.



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  • Celeb Body Secrets The A’list Don’t Want You To Know


    It’s no secret that the A-listers on the red carpet look amazing! But what is a secret is how they can possibly look that good, bearing in mind that they only have the same 24-hours in a day as the rest of us. But we have uncovered a few of their hush-hush methods, just read on to find out more.

    Mindful eating

    Mindful eating is the last thing that you would expect the most celeb to be doing. As it means connecting with every facet of the food. From its taste to its texture and smell.

    For some celebs that take extreme dieting to the max, this could be pretty tough. As they aren’t exactly eating the most delicious things, to begin with. That is why when doing mindful eating, it’s best to make less restrictive choices about what food to consume.

    The benefits of mindful eating are meant to be a more healthy relationship with food, which a lot of famous celebs could do with. Although I’m naming no names! As well as weight loss because you learn to recognize your body’s signs of being full, and so don’t eat as much.


    Keto diet

    Something that is going the round in celebrity circles at the moment is the keto diet. This is where you eat a higher fat diet, but pretty much cut out all carbs.

    The idea behind this is that your body goes into ketosis, where it burns fat for fuel instead of glucose from carbs. Meaning you can shift any unwanted fat stores and look amazing.

    However, while it might be a celebrity body solution, some of the side effects are fewer than glamorous. These include bad breath and keto flu. Which can make your feel pretty ill for a few days. Although If you are a celeb, I guess you can just sleep it off until you feel better.


    Home gyms

    There are very few celebrities that would be caught dead without a home gym. Even if they do pop out to the ones where the public can see them, and the paparazzo can photograph them from time to time.

    The hottest equipment for these home gyms at the moment are things like recumbent exercise bikes. Which allow you to burn calories but also be comfortable and reduce any strain on your back. As well as vibration plates which make the stretches that you do much more effective helping you to get the celeb body quicker.





    Now yoga is still popular in celeb circles as a way of toning and shaping the body. But just being able to bend yourself into untenable positions isn’t enough anymore. Now you have to do it in a boiling hot room too!

    This style of Yoga is called Bikram, and it’s not actually as bad as it sounds. It fact the heat does make you sweat more. But it also helps you to stretch more and be flexible. So making your progress to that celeb body that much faster.

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  • The Traveler’s Guide To Fitness On The Move



    While you’re away on holiday or traveling to see the sights, it can be really hard to keep your fitness regime in order. A lot of people work very hard to make their bodies perfect for tips like this. So, in most cases, you will want to maintain what you already have. With the temptation to lie in the sun and eat to your heart’s content there, though; it can be hard to be conservative. To help you out, this post will be going through some of the ways to make sure that you are able to keep up your normal workouts while you’re away. And, it will also be looking at ways to make sure that you eat healthy, too.

    To start this off, most people will be most concerned about their exercise while away. Of course, you can’t exactly drag the treadmill or a set of weights with you. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise as normal. Every country has gyms. And, the odds are that your hotel will have one that you have free access to. In most cases, these places are largely deserted, and you will be able to exercise in peace. Along with this, you could also consider going for runs or cycles instead of hiring a car. Sightseeing can be made much more pleasant when you’re doing it slowly. And, so, not having a car is never a bad thing. Instead, you just have to use your body.

    Next, it’s time to start thinking about the food you eat while you’re away. In most cases, it’s best to avoid the allure of all-inclusive breaks. These sorts of trips will make it far too easy for you to eat bad food. Instead, you should try and source your own food while away. Self-catering breaks will give you the chance to make basic meals for yourself. And, then, you can also find healthy  places to eat near your hotel. Some people will be happy to miss out on nice food altogether and go for something like Huel. These nutritionally complete meal systems are great for traveling because they’re cheap and easy to pack.

    Last on this list comes health. A lot of people won’t consider this side of their fitness to be important while they’re away. But, it’s critical to make sure that you’re healthy; even when you’re on holiday. When you’re exercising, you increase the chances that you’ll have an injury. While you’re away, this can be very hard to deal with. Medical professionals in the place you’re staying may not speak the same language as you. So, it’s better to have a dr app ready to serve you whenever you need it. This will enable you to get free and simple advice; without having to use a translation tool.

    Hopefully, this will inspire you to start working harder when you go on holiday. It’s a shame to let the work you’ve done to get into shape go to waste. Instead, you should be actively trying to get fitter while you’re on your break.

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