• Five Ways To Make Your Flight More Productive


    Whether you’re lucky enough to have a private jet at your disposal or you are stuck in cattle class like the rest of us, travel is a major time sap. Long-haul travel is even worse, and you will typically lose a few days of your life. It probably won’t matter if you don’t have anything useful to do, but if you are running a business or this is a business trip, it is essential that you maintain productivity as much as possible.

    Here are five ways to make your next flight more productive.


    Upgrade Where Possible

    The best way to make a flight more bearable is to upgrade to a premium seat. Business Class and First-Class seats have more room and you are less likely to be elbowed in the ribs by a super-size passenger in the next seat. On some airlines, you may also have access to free Wi-Fi if you travel in Business or First Class, so you can browse RageMaker.net, check your social media feeds or download emails.

    Busy executives often travel Business Class as standard, hence the name, but if your company can’t or won’t pay for an upgrade, look at using air miles or check-in nice and early in case the flight is sold out in economy, as the airline might offer you a free upgrade if you’re a frequent flyer.


    Book a Spot in an Executive Lounge




    You don’t need to be an executive flyer to book a spot in an executive lounge. Most lounges are pay-as-you-go. Once inside, you can work in peace, take advantage of complimentary food and drink, and even have a shower if you’re feeling grubby.


    Invest in Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Noise is a big problem on airplanes. Noise levels in airline cabins often exceed 85 decibels at cruising speed, which is significant when you are used to working in a quiet office. Noise canceling headphones won’t eliminate excessive sound completely, but they will make it easier to bear, thus allowing you to work in comparative peace.


    Take Your Laptop on Board




    It may sound obvious, but the best way to be productive on a flight is to take your laptop with you. Invest in a lightweight laptop, such as a MacBook Air. Prepare a list of tasks you can do while you’re at the airport or in the air but be sensible – even with the best will in the world, there is only so much you can accomplish on a flight.


    Download Documents on to an e-Reader

    If working on a laptop is not an option, download documents on to an e-reader. Most e-readers can handle PDFs and if you use a tablet with a suitable app installed, you may be able to annotate documents or make edits.


    Pack a Notebook

    Don’t forget to do it the old-fashioned way, too. Pack a notebook and some pens. Make notes, plan projects, and flesh out ideas on paper. Yes, you may have to transfer your notes into digital form when you land, but at least if you have a brilliant idea at 10,000 feet, it won’t be lost to the fog of jet lag when you land.

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  • Dreaming Of Being An Expat: 5 Things To Consider


    Almost everyone has dreamed of moving abroad. Whether you have been on holiday and wished you never had to leave, or you have simply lived vicariously through the expats you read about or watch on TV, the idea of moving abroad can be an enticing one.

    It is easy to have a romanticised idea of living abroad, but moving to another country is not always as easy as it looks. It is not a decision to be taken lightly and there are a lot of things to consider. Below are five of the most important things you should consider when deciding on if you should become an expat, and if so, where you should move to:




    1. Location and Climate

    How often do you need and want to see your friends and family back home? If you are someone who would be miserable not seeing your family at least every other month, you should probably move to a country that is only a few hours away by plane rather than on the other side of the globe.


    You need to consider how much money you can set aside for plane tickets, and how much time you are willing and able to take off from work to see your family. If you live on the other side of the world, but you want to see your family for a week every three months, that quickly amounts to 4 weeks of holiday in a year and a big chunk of money spent on plane tickets.


    Also, consider the climate of your future home. Not all countries have both hot summers and cold winters, so it is important that you consider what kind of weather you would thrive in: if you hate having to wear shorts in summer and you have a love for skiing, consider Scandinavia as your future home. On the other hand, if you are someone who detests being cold and loves the beach, maybe aim for Southern Europe, like Spain or Portugal.


    1. Language

    Do you already speak the language of your chosen country, and if not, is the native language difficult to learn? Are the locals happy to speak English while you get to grips with their language? It can be extremely lonely to live in a country where you do not speak the language – not to mention, difficult to find a job – so it is important that you consider how you will communicate with the locals and whether you will be able to learn the local language.


    When you have settled on a country, start your language learning early! Before you move, download some language apps and find somewhere you can take lessons. Your transition into living in another country will go a lot smoother if you are already conversational by the time you get there.


    1. Culture

    There is a big difference between visiting a country as a tourist and moving there permanently, so before making a move consider whether you think you can fit into the culture of that country. Do you like the way the locals interact with each other? Do you enjoy the food? Would you feel at home in that country?


    If you like knowing the name of your local bus driver and having a chat with the person next to you in the queue at the supermarket, you should consider moving to a country with an out-going and personable atmosphere. However, if you like your space, consider moving somewhere else.


    Also, remember that different parts of the same country can have different cultures. If you are moving to America and you love city-living and going to the theatre, have a look at flats in New York, but if you love hot days, BBQs and country music, maybe take a look at homes for sale in colleyville tx instead.


    1. Finances and job security

    How are you going to support yourself financially? Have you put money aside for the move? Moving can be expensive, especially if you are moving to another country. Remember that there may be other requirements for renting a property in your chosen country than you are used to; maybe the deposit is larger than what you are used to, maybe you have to pay several months rent up-front because you have never rented in that country before.


    Luckily most countries have a demand for English-speakers, and as long as you have any potential work permits in order, you should be able to find and start a job quickly. However, bear in mind that these jobs are often teaching English or providing customer service, and they are usually not particularly well paid. Consider your career in the long-term: will you be able to craft yourself a financially and personally satisfying career in this country?


    1. Practicalities

    Moving to another country is not all fun and games. There are a lot of practical requirements to consider, and they differ from country to country. It is extremely important that you look into visa requirements and work permits, as well as what you need to rent a property, drive a car, get a bank account and so on.


    Look online and see if you can find someone from your own country that has moved to your future home. The internet is full of blogs and forums run by expats, who are more than happy to give advice and answer any questions you may have.


    Bonus tip: Hit the Internet and Make Some Friends

    Seeing as you are reading this article, you are probably already doing your research, but have a look around the internet and find expats living in the country you wish to move to. Ask them what surprised them most about living in that country, ask them what they did right and what they wish they had done better during the moving process, and so on.


    Better yet: ask them to meet up when you get there! The moving process will go a lot smoother if you have someone there supporting you, who has already gone through it.

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  • Five Clothing Essentials You Need for a Snow Vacation


    With winter in full swing, many people are booking snow vacations across the country and even abroad. Snow vacations provide you with the opportunity to get out and enjoy the great outdoors while it is blanketed in a sheet of sparkling white snow. A destination you’ve visited a handful of times in the summer will look completely different in the winter, and provide you with different recreational and sightseeing opportunities.

    Keeping in mind, packing for a snow vacation requires a different approach to your typical packing. You’ll need to bring plenty of layers and extra items that you may not normally need. To help keep you organized and ensure you don’t forget anything important, here’s a look at clothing essentials you’ll want for your snow vacations.




    Cozy Clothes for Lounging

    Because you won’t be spending all of your time outside of your hotel room, you want to keep your comfort factor in mind. It’s always nice to have warm cozy clothes for lounging in when you’re just staying indoors. It can help ease tired and sore muscles after a busy and long day.

    Loungewear should include a pair of loose and comfy pants, a sweater and, of course, warm slippers to keep your feet happy. You can opt for something like an indoor boot slipper that tends to be really warm and durable, or something a bit smaller and lightweight like a sock slipper. You can check out the best slippers by visiting indreviews.com.

    Extra Outdoor Gear

    If you plan on engaging in winter activities and sports, then your outdoor gear is going to end up getting wet. This is why it’s a good idea to throw a couple of pairs of mitts, hats, and scarves in your suitcase. This way you’re always assured dry clothing to wear.

    Think In Terms of Layers

    When packing, you want to think in terms of layers for a snow vacation. This means you want base layers such as thermal underwear and tops (light breathable items), lightweight sweaters, and heavier sweaters and even a vest. By packing various layers you know you’ll be able to dress for the temperature and conditions, which allows you to enjoy the outdoors that much longer.

    Plenty of Socks

    This one gets a category all its own due to its importance. There’s no question about it, once your feet get cold, there is just no going back. Things get pretty, miserable pretty, quickly at that point. It’s a good idea to invest in a few good-quality thermal socks to bring with you. If you’re going to over-pack on anything, socks are the item to over-pack. You may find you want to layer a couple of pairs at once, or they get dirty and wet, which requires a change midway through the day.

    Sun Protection



    Yes, you’re going away on a snow vacation, but that doesn’t mean that sun protection should be forgotten. Packing items such as sunglasses or UV protectant ski goggles and sunscreen for your face will ensure you are protected.

    You’re Ready for Your Snow Vacation

    By throwing these essentials into your suitcase, you will be well-prepared and ready to enjoy your snow vacation.

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  • 11 Reasons To Move To America


    Are you considering upping sticks and moving to a new country? You are bound to be spoilt for options. Of course, there are some nations that are more than likely on the top of your bucket list, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the United States were one of them. To help make up your mind, check out the following 11 reasons to move to America.

    1. Employment Opportunities

    If you are fluent in English, you can guarantee a wealth of career opportunities will await you in America. US employers will happily jump through hoops to secure and employ talented foreigners, especially if they are fluent in the English language. So, you simply need to reach out to prospective employers to embark on an exciting career in an exciting city or town.

    1. Beautiful Properties

    Buying a property in America will ensure you receive more living space and land for your money, which is in comparison to the UK and Europe. In fact, it is believed Americans will have twice as much living space compared to someone living in Europe. There are also a wide range of beautiful properties to choose from across America, from a New York apartment to living in a condo in LA.

    1. University Life



    You do not have to restrict your education to your home country. It is possible to study in an American university to gain a degree. You can study at Harvard, Princeton, UCLA or a smaller university, but studying in the United States is not cheap, and you will need to sit an American SAT.

    1. Travel

    America spans 2,600 miles from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, and is more than 1,500 miles from top to bottom. The US, therefore, offers a wide array of landscapes that make the nation so interesting, as you can walk through desserts, climb snow-covered mountains, explore wetlands and temperate rainforests, or can embrace the hustle and bustle of city or small-town life. So, there are many different travel opportunities for you to enjoy, and an extensive range of climates to experience, such as Alaska’s freezing cold winters to the intense heat of a summer in Arizona. You also don’t have to permanently move to America to explore the United States, as you can gain a student or temporary work visa.

    1. Unrivalled Convenience

    The world’s biggest corporation has launched in the United States, so Americans can gain access to everything they could ever need in an instant. You will be spoilt for choice inside their extensive malls and large supermarkets, and many are often open 24 hours per day and offer quick delivery services, so you can quickly gain access to the items you need whenever you need them.

    1. Varied Cuisines

    America is a nation built on multiculturalism, as people across the world travelled to the US to experience a better life – and continue to do so. The multicultural heritage has therefore ensured you will be spoilt for choice for cuisines from around the world, especially if you move to a big city, such as Los Angeles or New York. You can, therefore, experience different aromas, flavours and textures in restaurants up and down the country.




    America is also a foodie’s paradise, as it provides some of the biggest grocery stores in the world, and you can even drop into speciality shops in small towns. You will, therefore, have access to a wide range of ingredients to get creative in the kitchen to cook a Thai, Polish, Chinese, Mexican, Spanish, English or Italian dish, plus more. You will wonder why you never moved to the US sooner.

    1. Freedom

    America is the land of the free. If you want to escape your current life and make a fresh start, then you can trust there is no better place to do so. While obtaining a US visa can be difficult, it will be worth all the hard work and effort once you have started your new life in a new country. You can often gain access to a US visa through sponsorship or if a close relative currently resides in America, such as a parent, child, sibling or partner.

    1. Cultural Similarities

    Relocating to a new country will be a little daunting, to say the least. While America is different to the UK, some cultural similarities will make you feel right at home. Entering a shop that sells similar items to your hometown could make you feel comfortable in your chosen destination. For example, people from the UK will be able to buy a tube of Pringles at a store – or can watch the latest movies before they hit English cinemas.

    1. Cheap Technology



    Are you a gadget lover? You need to move to America, as technology is available for a fraction of the price in comparison to the UK and Europe’s RRPs, so you can buy smartphones and computer products for a much lower rate. The reason being that the devices are produced primarily in the United States, so you will not have to pay for expensive exportation fees.

    1. Exceptional Customer Service

    Both the UK and Europe do not have a tipping culture, which means employees have no incentive to be nice to customers. America’s tipping culture ensures you will always receive the highest standard of customer service, as employees will often go out of their way to ensure you have a memorable experience. So, expect a warm welcome when you walk into a store, and for staff to wish you a pleasant day as you leave a restaurant or café.

    1. Extra Holidays

    Americans celebrate many holidays throughout the year, which provides the perfect excuse for a party and, of course, a day off work. In addition to celebrating Christmas, New Year and Easter, Americans also celebrate Thanksgiving and Independence Day, which commonly require families and friends to come together to enjoy home-cooked food.

    Are you considering relocating to America? Have you made a successful move to the United States? Please share your advice and stories by posting a comment below.

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  • Amazing Reasons Everyone Should Visit The Alps At Least Once




    If there is one destination that should definitely be on your bucket list of places to visit, it is the Alps. It doesn’t matter whether you are someone who usually prefers a sunny beach break, the Alps is somewhere everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. Read on to discover the reasons why.

    • The Great Aletsch Glacier – Let’s begin with the biggest glacier in Europe. This glacier stretches to 23 km. This is a magical experience – to spend your holiday chilling out by a glacier, at high altitude, experiencing somewhere that dates back to the ice age.
    • The food If you are a lover of cheese, you are going to love the Alps. After all, this is where melted cheese fondue originated. It used to be a dish for poor farmers who sought a way to use ingredients that were leftover during the cold, winter months.
    • The Alpine village life – There are many charming little villages in the Swiss Alps, including the likes of Grindelwald. This is a place where you can breathe in the clean mountain air, relax, and be at one with nature. It is the perfect way to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
    • The scenery – Another reason why The Alps should be your next holiday destination is because of the stunning scenery that is on display. You will witness some of the most dramatic sights in the world. There are many beautiful, isolated lakes, and the mountain tops are impossible to do justice with using mere words.
    • The chalets – In terms of accommodation options, you will struggle to find better than the Alps. While you have so many different options to choose from, such as hotels and B&Bs, there is no denying that the best option is to stay in a chalet. Chalets offer a warm and homely feel, with luxurious extras. Take a look at the Chalet La Petite Pia from Purple Ski for a great example of this. With gorgeous mountain views, a hand-warming fireplace, a snug TV room, and a well-equipped bar, this gives you a good glimpse into what you can expect from a chalet.
    • The skiing – Last but not least, this article simply would not be complete without mentioning skiing in the Alps. The Alps boasts a reputation as one of the best skiing destinations across the globe, and this is no fluke. No matter whether you are a keen skier or you have never hit the slopes in your life, you will have a lot of fun while skiing at the Alps.

    As you can see, there are many reasons why you should visit the Alps at last once in your lifetime. From the obvious reasons, like the skiing and the scenery, to the more unique reasons, such as the food and village life, the Alps is truly one of a kind.

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  • ,

    Best Places To Ring In The New Year



    If you are thinking about booking a last minute holiday for the upcoming New Year, you certainly aren’t short of options. Every country and city around the world has its own unique way of ringing in the year ahead. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best places to celebrate the start of 2018.


    Oahu – What sounds better than spending your New Year on a gorgeous Hawaiian island? Not only is Oahu a magical destination, with beautiful scenery and culture, but also it hosts a number of traditional and quirky events for New Year’s Eve. For something a bit different, Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii puts on a celebration during the day in West Oahu for families, which concludes after sunset with fireworks. There is also a calmer affair at Waikiki Beach with a traditional fireworks show.

    Bangkok – If you are looking for somewhere a bit more manic, crazy, and fast paced, you will struggle to find better than Bangkok. This is a bustling metropolis where expats and locals come together. The Central World Square is the centrepiece where masses gather to celebrate the turn of the New Year. You will see video screens that project celebrations from across the globe, as well as a live concert, and a spectacular light show. You will then enjoy the majestic firework show, followed by parties at lively beer gardens and nightclubs.

    Cape Town – If you are the type of person that likes to make celebrations last as long as possible (i.e., you have a birthday week rather than a birthday!), you will love Cape Town. This is because the celebrations take place over three days in this vibrant city in South Africa. There is a midnight fireworks display and concert at the Victoria & Albert Waterfront on New Year’s Eve itself. There is also a live music and a carnival-themed train at the Victoria Falls New Year’s Carnival. On New Year’s Day, and the following day, thousands of people will flock to the beaches. There is also a parade through downtown as part of the Cape Town Minstrel Carnival, which sees the streets laced with 10,000 entertainers singing and dancing. It’s a spectacle to marvel.

    Miami – If you are someone who likes to party the night away, and you spend most of your weekends at your local club, Miami is a no-brainer. The world-class nightlife scene in Miami won’t disappoint. There are celebrations for all budgets, but for the real party people amongst you, the glitzy hotels in the area host the best events. These events feature firework displays, open bars, and big-name acts. Some standout events this year include the Worldwide New Years Eve Party at Bayfront Park with Pitbull as a special guest, and Billy Joel’s New Year’s Eve 2018 Concert.

    Reykjavik – If you are looking for somewhere truly unique to ring in the New Year, Reykjavik certainly lives up to expectations. In late December, there are only four hours of daylight, meaning the locals are ready to party like no one else. A community bonfires kick off New Year’s Eve. This is a lovely tradition, as it symbolises burning away troubles from the past year. Also, fairly relaxed government restrictions mean that fireworks virtually light up every corner of the city. It’s a magical sight to behold to say the least.

    Vienna – Vienna is a city that has become famous for the Grand Ball that is hosted on New Year’s Eve at Hofburg Palace. The throwback elegance is a feature of this event, but it is not the only thing on offer. The famous markets in the city transform into incredible New Year’s fairs, with hundreds of thousands of people gathering at New Year’s Path. The party starts early, at 2 pm, and it continues until the early hours of the morning. Expect lots of mulled wine, and of course, there is a traditional fireworks display too. Another highlight is the Vienna Philharmonic’s New Year’s concert, which is displayed on a huge screen outside of the City Hall.


    So there you have it: some of the best places to visit if you are looking for somewhere exciting to ring in the New Year. Hopefully, you will have found something that appeals to you from the list mentioned above. No matter where you go, you will have a celebration to remember for years and years to come.

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  • How To Have The VIP Experience In Roma


    Rome is an ancient city that everyone absolutely must visit. The Romans themselves held a vast empire that influenced much of the modern world as we know it today. According to legend, it was founded thousands of years ago by Romulus and Remus. It has since been a republic, an empire, the seat of the Catholic Church, and finally the capital of Italy. Rome is the most ancient and beautiful city of all Europe, and to have the VIP experience for you and your partner, you need to do these five things:




    1. Get VIP Tours

    Don’t settle for following the immense crowds that flock to Rome each year. Around 14 million visitors flock to Rome each year, and you don’t want to fight those numbers to see the beauty that Rome has to offer. Instead, you need to search for VIP and private tours of her most famous sites and take tours of the Vatican that will show you the wonders the city has to hold, while also allowing you to skip the lines.


    1. Find the Authentic

    Since Rome is so popular with tourists, it also has its fair share of tourist traps. These are places where the food is subpar, overly expensive, and tacky. These are the places that shut down the real businesses of Rome. So, next time you see a souvenir shop, stay away! Those stores are doing nothing to help support the local artisans of the city. Instead, go off the beaten path. Try to go where the locals go, and pay a bit more for a unique item to bring home as a souvenir, instead of a keychain.


    1. Visit Museums and Galleries




    Another way you can have a truly VIP experience is to visit the many museums such as the Vatican museums which host Renaissance art and a wealth of beauty and culture. By visiting such museums, you will be expanding your cultural experiences and be able to come home and show off everything you’ve learned to friends and family. The best places to visit aside from the Vatican Museums are the Galleria Borghese and the Capitoline Museums. Even if you don’t consider yourself the ‘artsy type,’ you may surprise yourself and find a new hobby or interest.


    1. Go on a Road Trip

    Expand your horizons and consider Rome’s surroundings. Italy is a beautiful country as a whole, and you’ll want to do the country justice. Therefore, hire a car and drive the coastline; go further afield and indulgence in every Italian. If you can, and if you have enough time, visit Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast; if you want to go inland, then go to Tivoli.


    Your Rome experience should be catered to you. You should feel like a VIP no matter what your budget is. If you want the spontaneous, authentic experience, then there are options galore. All you need to do is a little bit of research, and you can have the VIP experience you deserve.



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  • Five Tips To Plan Your Romantic Getaway This Year


    If you have an anniversary coming up or you have just survived the critical seven years in your relationship, you might want to celebrate in style. Planning a surprise getaway for your partner’s birthday or your anniversary is a great way of showing them how much you care. If you pay attention to the details, you can create great memories that will keep your relationship going for many years to come. To make the romantic getaway a success, you need to plan ahead and pay attention to every aspect of the trip. The below five tips will help you choose the right destination and theme.




    1.   Make a List of Destinations



    You and your partner must have talked about your dream destinations before. Try to remember which places your partner hasn’t visited yet, and where they really want to go. Alternatively, if your loved one or both of you have a great memory of the place, you could return there for a romantic getaway. Create a list and compare the deals on flights, transfer, and hotels before you pick the destination.

    1.           Choose Your Dates

    You should know when you can get time off work and when your partner has holidays booked before you start planning the trip. If you have children, you must arrange relatives to look after them while you are away. Check the availability of your friends and make sure there is someone who can look after your house while you are away. Planning a trip when the kids are in school is almost impossible for couples with children, but the perfect option for those who don’t have childcare commitment yet.

    1.           Compare Deals

    Once you have your destination and dates picked, you need to look at different holiday booking sites to make sure that you get the best deal. You might have a preferred hotel or tour, maybe you are searching for an offer from Bolsover Cruise Club to enjoy a few days of luxury and pampering in style. Check the prices on different sites and make sure you look at each deal to find out what is included in each package.

    1.           Get a Travel Agent on the Case

    If you are unable to arrange the trip due to work and other family commitments, simply make a list of your requirements and hand it to a travel agent. They will be happy to research the destination and give you different activity and package options to choose from. They can also look at the ratings of the hotels and tours, so you can avoid disappointments.

    1.           Research Special Activities and Arrange a Romantic Night Out

    The focal point of your romantic getaway should be a romantic night out or a dinner at a special place. If you pick a popular place, you will need to make a booking on time. Check out recommendations from fellow travelers and book your activities and dinner cruises before you arrive.

    Getting everything arranged for a romantic getaway is challenging. Make sure that you start on time and allow yourself a few months to put everything in place and keep your plans secret.

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  • Luxuries You Don’t Need But Want When You Are On Vacation


    A beach vacation is a time to rest up, relax, and rejuvenate. So the ideal is to have some accommodation that is going to allow you to do just that. But I’m sure there are plenty of us that have experienced accommodation on vacation that is far from luxurious, and less than ideal.

    What are some of the things that you would love to have, ideally, on a relaxation vacation? Sometimes, a little luxury isn’t essential, but can be much welcomed when you’re looking for somewhere to stay on your vacation. From hotels to apartments and holiday homes, much like the ones from Interhome, you want to choose the one that suits you best. So do any of the the following things make it onto your list of dream things? Would love to hear what you think.




    Luxurious Pool

    Having a pool to relax in, whether that is a private pool in private accommodation, or a shared pool in a hotel, is a must. Even if you don’t plan to be swimming in it all the time, there is nothing more soothing than the sound of moving water when you’re trying to relax. So if there is a waterfall in the pool, then even better. Resorts often have swim-up bars, which can be a nice treat. When you can stay out all day and relax, it makes your vacation much more of a dream.


    Spa Bathroom

    Half of the luxury of being on vacation is that you get to stay in places that are nicer than your own home. If you’re not staying in places that are nicer than your own home, then you might be staying in the wrong kinds of places! And one of the things that you want to be nicer and more luxurious than you have in your own home, is the bathroom. Most bathrooms at home can be some of the smallest in the house. So a large luxurious bathroom can be a real treat, especially if it has a whirlpool bath in there, as well as the usual shower, toilet, and sink. Oversized vanity units, heated flooring or a large wet room are also the things of dreams when it comes to a bathroom on vacation.




    Rooftop Decking Area

    Found less so in hotels and more in holiday homes, a rooftop deck is a great addition when it comes to vacations. Being out by the pool is great. But when it comes to evening time, entertaining, eating, and drinking out on the rooftop terrace can be a lovely addition. It isn’t something that many of us will get to do at home. So being able to enjoy it while we are on vacation is a real treat. Watch the sunset uninterrupted, and away from prying eyes.


    Large Bed

    If you’re on vacation to relax, then the bed you’re sleeping in is going to play a huge part in that. So if the bed is too small or uncomfortable, it is going to play a huge part in how much you enjoy your vacation. A king size bed is fairly standard in hotels and most holiday homes. But just check before you book. Obviously, a super-king bed can be the dream for a vacation; you’re meant to enjoy things that you don’t normally have at home, right?


    Games Room

    If there is a large group of you going away, or you have children, then having an extra space to play in, whether at a hotel or a holiday home, can be very welcome. If you’re staying in a hotel, then you might only just have bedrooms, leaving very little space to play. Besides from the pool, other space is a must. The same goes for a holiday rental; is there somewhere else to play and relax rather than just the bedrooms or outside? If a home or hotel has a games room, then it is a must for larger groups or families.




    Adventure Tours and Rentals

    As nice as chilling by the beach or pool can be, having access to some adventure tours or being able to hire out equipment to use, can be a big bonus. It could be boat trips, kayaking, hiking tours, jungle tours, or quad biking, for example. Hiring golf carts or bikes to explore the area can be fun, as well as just things like inflatables and paddle boards. So when you’re looking for somewhere to stay, it can be worth checking how close they are to things that you can rent, as well as if they provide this kind of thing themselves. Just adds a little bit of spice to your luxury vacation when you can break the time up doing something a little out of the ordinary.


    Grocery Delivery Service

    Depending where in the world you are staying, as well as what kind of accommodation you are staying in, a grocery delivery service can be much welcomed. Think about having to be in self-catering accommodation. If you’re hot hiring a car, how far will your closest store be? You don’t want to have to hire a car just because you don’t know where the nearest store is, right? Of course, you can eat out from time to time. But for every meal it can be a little much, especially with a younger family. Having breakfasts and lunches in can be really handy. So it can be worth checking out beforehand what services are on offer and if you can order groceries in advance and then have them delivered to your accommodation. Hotels that you’re looking to stay in may have more information about this kind of thing, as well as when you’re booking a vacation rental. Just take some time to plan it all out so that you can make the most of your vacation when you’re on it.


    What other not necessary but do make all of the difference things would you add to the list? What does your perfect luxury vacation look like? Would love to hear what you think and what works for you.


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  • The Hottest Holiday Tips For Creating Unique & Magical Memories




    Holidays are the highlights of our lives and provide a chance to escape the norm and create lifelong memories. In truth, all vacations will do this to some level. However, going the extra mile to seek those special moments often brings far more magical experiences. Quite frankly, that’s the least that you deserve.

     Most people want to gain those extra special experiences, but struggle to make it happen. Here are five of the best tricks to ensure that your future trips exceed even your wildest expectations.


    #1. Make The Journey Fun

     The travel aspects of holidays are often seen as a necessary evil before enjoying those adventures. It doesn’t need to be that way. Without necessarily flying business class, you can make long flights more enjoyable with a few simple luxuries. Meanwhile, renting a car or taking a limo to your final destination can be far more exciting than taking a bus or coach. Aside from anything else, this positive foundation puts you in a positive mind for future activities.


    #2. Discover New Places

     International travel has made the world seem smaller than ever. While visiting the same places as everyone else is fun, exploring places that can throw up a few surprises is very rewarding too. Looking at Costa Rica travel opportunities will open your eyes to those possibilities for adventures. The shock factor alone will enhance those joys. This will provide you with experiences beyond your wildest expectations. Furthermore, it will make your travel stories far more interesting too.  




    #3. Meet People

     Stunning sceneries and landmarks can take your breath away. However, it’s time spent with people that provide unforgettable moments. Taking the time to interact with others can transform your entire holiday for the better. Attending events like marathons can be a great way to combine this aspect with a desire to complete personal challenges. But even if you just meet people in the towns and cities you visit, their influence on the vacation can be cast.


    #4. Tick Off Bucket List Items

     Aside from the holiday bucket list, you probably have an agenda of activities and challenges you’d like to complete. Whether it’s taking a helicopter tour, a parachute jump, or deep sea diving doesn’t matter. Vacations are the ideal time to embrace those activities for unforgettable memories. You could do it alone or with a travel partner. Either way, the emotional rewards are sure to turn a great holiday into a perfect one.   


    #5. Be Prepared   

     Regardless of what you do on your holiday, time is the most valuable asset. As such, you don’t want to be left spending it on the hunt for vacation essentials. From clothing to sun lotions, it’s imperative that you pack the things you need. Meanwhile, a translator App will go a long way to helping. Just make sure that the banks and other key people are aware of your plans too, as chasing up those potential issues can eat away at your time too. Be organised, and it’ll be 100% enjoyment.

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