• Five Tips To Plan Your Romantic Getaway This Year


    If you have an anniversary coming up or you have just survived the critical seven years in your relationship, you might want to celebrate in style. Planning a surprise getaway for your partner’s birthday or your anniversary is a great way of showing them how much you care. If you pay attention to the details, you can create great memories that will keep your relationship going for many years to come. To make the romantic getaway a success, you need to plan ahead and pay attention to every aspect of the trip. The below five tips will help you choose the right destination and theme.




    1.   Make a List of Destinations



    You and your partner must have talked about your dream destinations before. Try to remember which places your partner hasn’t visited yet, and where they really want to go. Alternatively, if your loved one or both of you have a great memory of the place, you could return there for a romantic getaway. Create a list and compare the deals on flights, transfer, and hotels before you pick the destination.

    1.           Choose Your Dates

    You should know when you can get time off work and when your partner has holidays booked before you start planning the trip. If you have children, you must arrange relatives to look after them while you are away. Check the availability of your friends and make sure there is someone who can look after your house while you are away. Planning a trip when the kids are in school is almost impossible for couples with children, but the perfect option for those who don’t have childcare commitment yet.

    1.           Compare Deals

    Once you have your destination and dates picked, you need to look at different holiday booking sites to make sure that you get the best deal. You might have a preferred hotel or tour, maybe you are searching for an offer from Bolsover Cruise Club to enjoy a few days of luxury and pampering in style. Check the prices on different sites and make sure you look at each deal to find out what is included in each package.

    1.           Get a Travel Agent on the Case

    If you are unable to arrange the trip due to work and other family commitments, simply make a list of your requirements and hand it to a travel agent. They will be happy to research the destination and give you different activity and package options to choose from. They can also look at the ratings of the hotels and tours, so you can avoid disappointments.

    1.           Research Special Activities and Arrange a Romantic Night Out

    The focal point of your romantic getaway should be a romantic night out or a dinner at a special place. If you pick a popular place, you will need to make a booking on time. Check out recommendations from fellow travelers and book your activities and dinner cruises before you arrive.

    Getting everything arranged for a romantic getaway is challenging. Make sure that you start on time and allow yourself a few months to put everything in place and keep your plans secret.

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  • Luxuries You Don’t Need But Want When You Are On Vacation


    A beach vacation is a time to rest up, relax, and rejuvenate. So the ideal is to have some accommodation that is going to allow you to do just that. But I’m sure there are plenty of us that have experienced accommodation on vacation that is far from luxurious, and less than ideal.

    What are some of the things that you would love to have, ideally, on a relaxation vacation? Sometimes, a little luxury isn’t essential, but can be much welcomed when you’re looking for somewhere to stay on your vacation. From hotels to apartments and holiday homes, much like the ones from Interhome, you want to choose the one that suits you best. So do any of the the following things make it onto your list of dream things? Would love to hear what you think.




    Luxurious Pool

    Having a pool to relax in, whether that is a private pool in private accommodation, or a shared pool in a hotel, is a must. Even if you don’t plan to be swimming in it all the time, there is nothing more soothing than the sound of moving water when you’re trying to relax. So if there is a waterfall in the pool, then even better. Resorts often have swim-up bars, which can be a nice treat. When you can stay out all day and relax, it makes your vacation much more of a dream.


    Spa Bathroom

    Half of the luxury of being on vacation is that you get to stay in places that are nicer than your own home. If you’re not staying in places that are nicer than your own home, then you might be staying in the wrong kinds of places! And one of the things that you want to be nicer and more luxurious than you have in your own home, is the bathroom. Most bathrooms at home can be some of the smallest in the house. So a large luxurious bathroom can be a real treat, especially if it has a whirlpool bath in there, as well as the usual shower, toilet, and sink. Oversized vanity units, heated flooring or a large wet room are also the things of dreams when it comes to a bathroom on vacation.




    Rooftop Decking Area

    Found less so in hotels and more in holiday homes, a rooftop deck is a great addition when it comes to vacations. Being out by the pool is great. But when it comes to evening time, entertaining, eating, and drinking out on the rooftop terrace can be a lovely addition. It isn’t something that many of us will get to do at home. So being able to enjoy it while we are on vacation is a real treat. Watch the sunset uninterrupted, and away from prying eyes.


    Large Bed

    If you’re on vacation to relax, then the bed you’re sleeping in is going to play a huge part in that. So if the bed is too small or uncomfortable, it is going to play a huge part in how much you enjoy your vacation. A king size bed is fairly standard in hotels and most holiday homes. But just check before you book. Obviously, a super-king bed can be the dream for a vacation; you’re meant to enjoy things that you don’t normally have at home, right?


    Games Room

    If there is a large group of you going away, or you have children, then having an extra space to play in, whether at a hotel or a holiday home, can be very welcome. If you’re staying in a hotel, then you might only just have bedrooms, leaving very little space to play. Besides from the pool, other space is a must. The same goes for a holiday rental; is there somewhere else to play and relax rather than just the bedrooms or outside? If a home or hotel has a games room, then it is a must for larger groups or families.




    Adventure Tours and Rentals

    As nice as chilling by the beach or pool can be, having access to some adventure tours or being able to hire out equipment to use, can be a big bonus. It could be boat trips, kayaking, hiking tours, jungle tours, or quad biking, for example. Hiring golf carts or bikes to explore the area can be fun, as well as just things like inflatables and paddle boards. So when you’re looking for somewhere to stay, it can be worth checking how close they are to things that you can rent, as well as if they provide this kind of thing themselves. Just adds a little bit of spice to your luxury vacation when you can break the time up doing something a little out of the ordinary.


    Grocery Delivery Service

    Depending where in the world you are staying, as well as what kind of accommodation you are staying in, a grocery delivery service can be much welcomed. Think about having to be in self-catering accommodation. If you’re hot hiring a car, how far will your closest store be? You don’t want to have to hire a car just because you don’t know where the nearest store is, right? Of course, you can eat out from time to time. But for every meal it can be a little much, especially with a younger family. Having breakfasts and lunches in can be really handy. So it can be worth checking out beforehand what services are on offer and if you can order groceries in advance and then have them delivered to your accommodation. Hotels that you’re looking to stay in may have more information about this kind of thing, as well as when you’re booking a vacation rental. Just take some time to plan it all out so that you can make the most of your vacation when you’re on it.


    What other not necessary but do make all of the difference things would you add to the list? What does your perfect luxury vacation look like? Would love to hear what you think and what works for you.


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  • The Hottest Holiday Tips For Creating Unique & Magical Memories




    Holidays are the highlights of our lives and provide a chance to escape the norm and create lifelong memories. In truth, all vacations will do this to some level. However, going the extra mile to seek those special moments often brings far more magical experiences. Quite frankly, that’s the least that you deserve.

     Most people want to gain those extra special experiences, but struggle to make it happen. Here are five of the best tricks to ensure that your future trips exceed even your wildest expectations.


    #1. Make The Journey Fun

     The travel aspects of holidays are often seen as a necessary evil before enjoying those adventures. It doesn’t need to be that way. Without necessarily flying business class, you can make long flights more enjoyable with a few simple luxuries. Meanwhile, renting a car or taking a limo to your final destination can be far more exciting than taking a bus or coach. Aside from anything else, this positive foundation puts you in a positive mind for future activities.


    #2. Discover New Places

     International travel has made the world seem smaller than ever. While visiting the same places as everyone else is fun, exploring places that can throw up a few surprises is very rewarding too. Looking at Costa Rica travel opportunities will open your eyes to those possibilities for adventures. The shock factor alone will enhance those joys. This will provide you with experiences beyond your wildest expectations. Furthermore, it will make your travel stories far more interesting too.  




    #3. Meet People

     Stunning sceneries and landmarks can take your breath away. However, it’s time spent with people that provide unforgettable moments. Taking the time to interact with others can transform your entire holiday for the better. Attending events like marathons can be a great way to combine this aspect with a desire to complete personal challenges. But even if you just meet people in the towns and cities you visit, their influence on the vacation can be cast.


    #4. Tick Off Bucket List Items

     Aside from the holiday bucket list, you probably have an agenda of activities and challenges you’d like to complete. Whether it’s taking a helicopter tour, a parachute jump, or deep sea diving doesn’t matter. Vacations are the ideal time to embrace those activities for unforgettable memories. You could do it alone or with a travel partner. Either way, the emotional rewards are sure to turn a great holiday into a perfect one.   


    #5. Be Prepared   

     Regardless of what you do on your holiday, time is the most valuable asset. As such, you don’t want to be left spending it on the hunt for vacation essentials. From clothing to sun lotions, it’s imperative that you pack the things you need. Meanwhile, a translator App will go a long way to helping. Just make sure that the banks and other key people are aware of your plans too, as chasing up those potential issues can eat away at your time too. Be organised, and it’ll be 100% enjoyment.

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  • The High Life Abroad: 3 Glamorous Cities


    Sometimes, a cheap package holiday somewhere sunny is all you want in a holiday. A glass of sangria in hand; a nice sunset; a beach to lay on – that’ll suffice much of the time.

    But the rest of the time, well, you just want a little luxury.

    To live the high life, it makes sense to go to some of the most wealthy and glamorous cities on earth. Here, you can enjoy a city break in five-star bliss, without having to worry too much about funding a longer stay. You want to visit cities with the very best hotels, the best cuisine, and the most engaging nightlife. So if you want to take such a jaunt, where in the world should you be looking to go?


    1. Dubai



    When it comes to luxury, Dubai has got more than most of us could ever handle. Claimed from the sand and human-made, luxury has been the key focus for Dubai – making it one of the most sought-after destinations in the world – and it’s home to a coveted seven-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab.

    Whether it’s admiring the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa – or just shopping up a storm at the Dubai Mall, a weekend spent in the most glittering of the Emirates is the touch of class you have been searching for. Transport links are well maintained and easy to manage, meaning you can spend more time enjoying the sites rather than worrying about logistics. A break in Dubai isn’t going to be cheap, but it’s an experience that any lux-lover needs to experience at least once in their life.


    1. Paris



    If you’re a fashion fanatic, then there is nowhere on earth for you but Paris. The home to hundreds of influential designers, a Parisian city break is destined to give your credit card a serious workout. On top of that, Paris is home to some of the most sumptuous hotels in the world, as well as a fashion week you might want to arrange your trip around.

    The city is pleasantly simple to navigate, with plenty of English signage. The airport, Charles De Gaulle, is well serviced; Paris airport taxis are frequent and well-priced. Once in the city, it’s best explored on foot, giving you time to build up an appetite to sample all the luxury patisseries the city plays host to.


    1. Shanghai



    Shanghai has a reputation as the tech capital of the world; you only need to glimpse at the neon-tastic skyline to see it takes this reputation seriously. However, there’s plenty of high living to be done in China’s second city.

    The iconic Bund region, to the north of the city, has a host of recognizable and Chinese designers to choose from for a shopping trip. There’s plenty of five-star hotels to stay at, offering a unique taste of luxury cuisine with an Asian influence. The nightlife is spectacular, too – so don’t shop too hard and tire yourself out! First-time visitors can find the city overwhelming; transport is somewhat complicated, with the bus and metro systems probably your best bet if it’s your first trip.


    Whichever city you choose to travel to, you’re guaranteed to have a taste of the high-life in these fascinating and fabulous cities.

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  • Exciting Adventures: New Ways To See The World


    Do you find that every year you end up at the same old beach vacations? Perhaps you book the same destination every time because you know you like it, or maybe you just end up on similar kind of trips? If so, it’s time to do things a little differently! Here are a few different experiences you need to try when you’re travelling.


    Go on a Cruise

    Travelling the world on a cruise ship certainly, beats sitting on a cramped plane or train! Cruise ships offer a wide range of  activities and experiences, and there are things to do for adults and children alike. Expect to find everything from shops, restaurants, wine tastings, classes- everything you would expect from a nice hotel! But best of all, you get to stop off at different locations and see some amazing parts of the world.




    Be A Tourist In Your Home Town/ City

    Travelling somewhere new is always exciting, but when was the last time you explored the place where you live? Everywhere in the world has places of interest, don’t become desensitised or bored by it just because you grew up there. If you live in the countryside why not go on a hike, explore the woods and go camping?. If you live in a city, why not check out the different attractions and stay overnight in a hotel? There’s plenty you can do without spending much or having to jet off halfway across the world.


    Volunteer Abroad

    Volunteering is something that everyone should aim to do, it allows you to help others while gaining new experiences and getting to travel. There are lots of countries in the world that have different kinds of volunteering opportunities available, it could be helping animals, children or even with conservation efforts. From a purely selfish point of view, this looks great on your CV, but you also get to help others and to see another part of the world, and it can give you a new perspective on your own life too.


    Visit Somewhere Cultural

    If you want more to your vacation experience than just pretty beaches and tourist attractions, why not travel to a place which allows you to indulge in history and culture? These days, historical and cultural destinations are often full of contrast, Rome, for example, has the ancient ruins alongside modern malls, festivals and restaurants. Snag yourself some Dubai cheap flights, and you’ll see Muslim culture and Arab history when you scratch the surface of glamorous and glittering shops, hotels and buildings. Do some research and find somewhere that offers culture as well as just tourism.


    Go Backpacking

    Backpacking allows you to see a destination in a different way. It’s not about five-star hotels and luxury restaurants- instead, you’re mixing with the locals and travelling by foot and public transport. You can lose yourself in the essence of a place and get to understand a location in the world in a way that just isn’t possible when you’re on a luxury vacation. If you don’t have a lot of money to travel with this is a good choice because backpacking is much cheaper than other forms of travel.

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  • 5 Things Your Travels Should Be Used For


    There are so many reasons to travel. But if you’re wondering why you should carry on going to new places and doing things that you haven’t done before, there are few things to remember. Below, you will find 5 things that your travels should be used for. By reminding yourself of these, you could get some new inspiration and consider new experiences, rather than doing the same things again and again..

    1. Escape

    Simply getting away from your everyday life is a great reason to go away and travel. When you have a life that you don’t feel particularly challenged or excited by, it’s important to get away whenever you can. It gives you a form of release that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get. So, if you are unsure of why you should travel, make sure you keep this factor in mind. It could be just what you need.


    1. Exploration

    Exploration can be thrilling and sometimes risky, but it’s something that many people do each year. They head to places that they don’t know, and they delve into what’s there. They explore everything they come across and don’t have much of a plan to fall back. It’s often the best way to see and experience a new place if you have never been there before. And there is so much to explore, so you’ll never run out of places to head to.




    1. Learning New Things

    Learning new things is always good, and it’s not something that you should discount. There are so many things out there in the world that you’ve never done and know nothing about. You could attend Canada Ski Instructor Courses or learn about wild animals by going on a Saharan safari trip. It’s entirely up to you what you learn and how you do it. But remember just how much is out there.


    1. Meeting People Who Live Differently to You

    If you’re a people person, meeting people and learning about how their lives differ from your own might provide the main thrill of traveling. It’s always good to learn about other ways of life. It’s important to be reminded of the breadth and variation in the way we all live our lives. And going to another part of the world allows you to see all that with your own two eyes. It’s a great reason to want to travel.


    1. Unwinding

    Everyone needs the chance to unwind and take things a little more slowly from time to time. That’s only natural. And traveling allows you to do that. We’re not just talking about sitting by the pool, though. Unwinding and relaxing means different things for different people. For some, there is nothing more relaxing than trekking up an Austrian mountain and enjoying the view at the top. Whereas, others like to lie in the sun and do nothing.


    Traveling is a whole lot of fun, and if you haven’t been a big traveler in life up until now, make sure that changes. It could be the best decision you ever make.

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  • Making The Most Of Your Couples Trip


    Maybe you and your other half have wanted to go away together for a while. For many couples, it’s healthy to take a little time alone, away from kids and pets, to just enjoy one another and start to feel more connected. While of course you should plan trips and vacations with your children, and even other members of your family, you should never feel like going away just the two of you is the wrong thing to do. Here’s how you can make the most of your couple’s trip:




    Start Planning With One Another’s Strengths in Mind

    When you start planning your couple’s trip, make sure you do so with one another’s strengths in mind. You’ll need to figure out where to stay, what flights to book, and the top attractions you want to see upon arrival. If you enjoy something and your partner doesn’t, you take on that role.

    If you’re still researching Christmas snow holidays for couples and other types of holidays you could take together, it’s probably best to do this together. Once you’ve started planning, you’ll quickly see who was better at what and what you both enjoy doing. This will make the planning process simple and stress free. You must trust one another though; if your partner’s job is to choose accommodation, don’t micromanage them.


    Trust, Compromise, And Work As A Team

    You must compromise and work as a team for your trip to go as smoothly as possible. Put your trust in the other sometimes; if they think you go left but you think you go right, consider going with them and laughing about it later if they were wrong. You might just see things you never would have seen otherwise! If they want to go to an art gallery but it isn’t your thing, think about going anyway. You might just enjoy it.


    Forget That ‘Perfect’ Narrative

    No couple is perfect, so forget all of the fairytales you see on TV and read about in books. Manage your expectations for your trip so you don’t feel like you’ve failed if you have a disagreement about something. Your trip won’t be perfect, and it probably won’t be the way you pictured it in your head. That’s normal!


    Don’t Cram It All In At Once

    Trying to cram everything in can leave you exhausted and feeling like you need another holiday when you return home. Less is more; do the things you really want to do but give yourselves free time to enjoy.


    Don’t Take Things So Seriously

    Try not to take things so seriously. Laugh together as often as possible. It’s too easy to take one another for granted too, especially if you’ve been together a while. Don’t snap at them, and make sure you appreciate that they are doing their best.


    Taking a couple’s trip could be just what you need to bring you both closer together again, and return home an even stronger team than before. This is the kind of relationship your kids should be seeing! Do you have any suggestions for couple’s trips? Leave them below!


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  • Get More Out Of Your Next Holiday By Camping

    Everyone loves going on holiday. There’s just something so brilliant about traveling to a new place and escaping daily life. I’m sure there are loads of you that have been on many cool and amazing holidays. However, I’m sure there are equal amounts of people that haven’t. They’ve been on bad holidays and wanted to get a bit more out of them.

    Well, this article is for anyone that wants to take their holidays to the next level. Today, I’ll be talking about camping. In my eyes, it’s a great way to get more out of your next holiday. I’ll explain why, and give you some camping tips to get you started.


    What’s So Good About Camping?

    So, you probably want to know why I think camping is so good, right? Well, the following points will provide proof that it’s an amazing idea:

    Saves So Much Money

    The best thing about camping is that it saves you a tonne of money. Seriously, it is so cheap to camp rather than pay for a hotel. Once you do it once, you’ll never go back to your hotel days. No matter where you stay, you’re going to pay a high price for traditional travel accommodation. Especially if it’s during peak holiday season, and you’re staying for more than a few days. With camping, you only have to pay a small campsite fee. Even then, some places are free, depending on where you are. So, you can stay for much longer, and enjoy your holiday even more.

    Reveals Hidden Gems

    One thing I love about camping is that it reveals places you never knew existed. A campsite in a foreign country can take you to a real hidden gem. You may be in a cute corner of the country, and see so many amazing sights and scenes. There’s no doubt that camping takes you places you wouldn’t have gone before. Sometimes, it’s great to get out of the city and explore different areas of a tourist location. So, camping is a great way to do this.

    Introduces You To New People

    Camping is brilliant because you get to meet new people. If you stay in a hotel, everyone tends to keep to themselves. You may get the odd couple of family that engage in holiday conversation. But, when camping, everyone is willing to talk. There’s a sense of comradery around every campsite. It’s like everyone there has a secret bond as you’re all camping. Walk around a campsite and you’ll meet lots of new and friendly people. They might invite you to their tent for the night and sit around a campfire exchanging stories. There’s no doubt that camping is a great way to make friends and create memories.

    So, now you can see why I talk so highly of camping! It’s fantastic, and there are loads of benefits to it. If you’ve camped before, then you know how amazing it can be. But, if you haven’t, then you probably don’t know what to do.

    Bearing that in mind, I have some amazing camping tips to help you get started. Take a look at them down below:


    Bring A Caravan

    My top camping tip is to bring a caravan. If you own one, then that’s great, you’re sorted. If not, then there are a few options. First, you can invest in one, and it will serve you well for many years to come. Alternatively, if you don’t travel often, renting one may be your best bet. The reason you should get one is because they make things more convenient. You have a space to sleep and to cook things in. It allows you to stay for much longer when you have a caravan.

    Plus, you can attach a tent like structure to the caravan and create an awning. Think of this as a massive porch for your caravan. It gives you extra room, and people can sleep in there if they want. My advice is to find a tarp supply store and get some of it on top to keep the place waterproof. Then, you have the perfect setup for days, maybe even weeks, of fun!

    Find A Campsite With Good Facilities

    Many people think camping is just finding a field and putting a tent up. But, it’s not that at all. In fact, many campsites can have numerous cool facilities. Your task is to find one with the best facilities for you to enjoy.

    An essential thing to look for is a shower/toilet building. If the campsite provides one, then you’re on to a winner. This means you can shower and go to the toilet more comfortably. Granted, you can do this in your caravan. However, it means more effort for you as you have to empty the septic tank. No one likes doing this, so, look for a campsite with showers. Optional facilities include a games room for you to have fun and meet new people. Or, areas for you to play sports like football or basketball. If your campsite has all this, then it’s a dream come true.

    Always Look At Reviews

    My final tip is to make sure you check the reviews of every campsite. For me, if a place has no reviews, then it gets a red flag. I want to stay somewhere that I know will be comfortable and safe. So, head to Google and search for any reviews you can find. Obviously, if something has bad reviews, then it’s advisable to stay away.

    What you’re looking for are reviews that go into detail on the site. Primarily, you want to see people say that it’s safe. Another thing to look for is what everyone says about the other campers. Some sites are known for being quite rowdy, while others are family-friendly. Depending on your holiday, this will be important.

    If you follow these tips, you’ll soon have an amazing camping experience. Now, you can get the most out of your next holiday. Say goodbye to the same old holiday, and hello to something new and exciting.

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  • Planning Your Perfect Road Trip

    When you think of travel, your mind might jump straight to glamorous European cities and white, sandy beaches on idyllic resorts. Of course, these would both give you experiences to remember. However, sometimes the best trips you take are a little more unplanned and rugged. One kind of trip that everyone should try once in their lifetime is an American road trip. If that’s got your imagination going crazy, then here’s how to plan yours!



    First of all, plan your route and stops well in advance. I know that the classic idea of the road trip is something completely spontaneous. Grab a few essentials, gas up the car, and then go! As romantic as that sounds, it’s a sure-fire way to run into trouble. Talk to the party you’re going with about landmarks you definitely want to see. There’s bound to be more than a few ideas shouted out in this stage. Once you’re done arguing, plot out the definite must-sees on a route that’s going to be easy enough to follow. In this first stage, it’s also a good idea to sort out your accommodation. Planning to hit several different hotels is exciting, but will get pretty expensive. However, if you really want to get full road-trip experience, get a Vermont Country Campers travel trailer and find some spots to park it up. These can be much more comfortable than you may think!

    Although it’s important to have some kind of structure to your road trip, you should also keep your plans fairly loose if you want to get the most out of your trip. When you spend that much time on American roads, you’re sure to come across your fair share of cool little stores and local curiosities. Some of them will lead to amazing experiences. Others will be all hype. However, the secret to having a great road trip is keeping an open mind and going where the wind blows you. Aside from that, days on the road usually means closed roads, traffic jams and if you’re unlucky enough, breakdowns. If something unexpected pops up which means you can’t follow your planned route, don’t stress about it too much! Instead, take your route off the beaten track, have a look around, or just find a more scenic route towards your next stop. Go looking for adventure, and you’ll find it!

    Finally, look for ways to save some money here and there. Road trips are great, but the big downside is that they can get very expensive. I’m sure you don’t want to run down your budget right before you come across some beautiful dreamcatcher you can’t afford! Gas is one of the major ones. Fill up the day before you set off, seen as you already know where the cheapest gas stations are in your area. You can also encourage your party to pack light, improving efficiency. Space is good for all the souvenirs you’ll invariably pick up as well. If you’ve got the facilities, try to cook your own food rather than eating out every day. A little here and there goes a long way!

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  • Running Like a VIP In New York: Part 2

    Do you like to stay in shape on holiday? I feel that if you work out, even just once or twice, it will mean you don’t feel so bad about yourself when you get back home. If you eat and drink too much on holiday with no exercise then you’re going to have to starve yourself and exercise more when you get back and that’s not good for the post-holiday blues.

    I went to New York to run the marathon in 2013 and I found it was really easy to find running routes to warm up my legs in preparation for the main day. Running outside is so much better than a hotel gym and as more and more of us stay in an Air BnB property when we’re away, it’s important to plan ways to stay in shape. If you leave it til you’re out there then you won’t fit it in and then you’ll miss out. Here are my  top 3 running routes:

    (1) Central Park Loop


    This is a 10K run (approx 6 miles) but if you’re not feeling that energetic then just do half of it? It’s all outside through gorgeous green scenery and if you’ve ever watched movies or TV shows  with locations  in central park (eg When Harry Met Sally / Sex and The City) then this is your chance to relive those moments. Staying in shape has never been so much fun. There are subway stops all round so you can ride to the park, run and ride back to where you’re staying.

    (2) West Hudson River Run



    The path runs from the Bronx all the way down to Battery Park and is accessible from nearly anywhere. It’s 8.89 miles up and down but just do half or whatever you can manage. If you do it from top to bottom you’ll see the Statue of Liberty, Chelsea Piers, USS Intrepid, art installations, the George Washington Bridge.

    (3) Guided Sports Shop RunParagon Sports (Tues) or Super Runners Shop Group (Weds / Thurs or Sat)



    If you would rather let someone else plan your route then visit the websites of these sports shops (click through the names above) and you’ll find out how to sign up. The benefit of this is you have a group to run with so you meet new people and it may even help you improve your pace. As most of them are real New Yorkers, you can get their local tips about where to eat and drink after.

    OR if its cycling you prefer the you can sign-up for individual classes at the celebs’ fave spin studio, Soulcycle. You know, the one David and Victoria Beckham are always papped at along with Katie Holmes, Orlando Bloom and Coldplay’s Chris Martin.



    I visited the one in the West Village, as it was 10 mins walk from my hotel but there’s 11 throughout the city. Visit the SoulCycle website to book and choose a location. They’ll give you cycling shoes so all you need to bring is some suitable exercise kit.

    With all this exercise you deserve afew treats and a good night’s rest! Check out my blog post about where to sleep and eat in NYC.

    PS My tips worked. I completed the marathon in 3 : 36 and here is photo evidence, from  the framed medal and pics I proudly display in my home.

    photo (51)

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