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    VIP Fitness Vid: Bunny Bootcamp

    There are a few excuses people make when they don’t want to go to the gym. One is that it is boring. The second is that they want to keep their curves rather than develop muscles. Well then, I’m sorry but I am about to bust those myths because the Playboy Bunny Bootcamp I did recently is both fun and designed to better your bod for all the right reasons.

    Playboy has teamed up with London’s cool GymBox gyms to devise the classes and the BMI (Bunny Measurement Index), which is an entirely new measurement; a twist on the traditional BMI (Body Measurement Index). It  mixes the traditional BMI as well as elements of inner beauty and feminity to give an indication of health and wellbeing. Several experts got involved in creating this including psychology professor  Dr Jane Ogden, trainer Hester Campbell and Chef Judy Joo, so you can rest assured this is no gimmick – it will help you become fitter. To try it for yourself, visit www.BunnyMeasurementIndex.co.uk. Now you can track your progress and find out how close you’re getting to being able to ditch the day job and become a Playboy Bunny. Well, a girl can dream…

    I found the workout really good for making my heart-rate rise – it’s an extreme cardio workout! But there are also press-ups and sit ups and squats so you’re building lean muscle at the same time. The goal is to end up looking toned not skinny. If you want more info then check out the Gymbox website or follow @GymBox on Twitter. See you at the Playboy Mansion!

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    VIP Fitness Video: Watch Us Try Twist & Pout

    I recently showed you a Barretoned exercise class, which is based on the principles of ballet and I promised to bring you a new workout video every Friday. So here is the next one and it’s another fun one, based on a dance method. Above, I am introduced to the art of burlesque dancing by Lauren Mack from Twist & Pout

    Twist & Pout runs courses across London so although I only went to one class, I would have been better if I’d completed more. At the start of the class I felt a bit awkward but as I let my inhibitions go I relaxed and got my legs higher and my body moving and writhing to the beat. It’s great for the core and also for the thighs and hamstrings as you’re doing it all in high heels.

    If you like what you see, visit the Twist & Pout website to see a class near you or to organise one for your next girly get together. Follow them on Twitter @TwistPout

    PS I’ll bring you a new Get a VIP Body video every week so come back every Friday…watch and enjoy!

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    VIP Fitness Video: Watch Us Try A Barretoned Class

    Ballet is a lot tougher than what it looks! This may be why a new fitness craze is sweeping celebrity land – the ballet barre class. If you haven’t heard of it yet than get with the program because so many stars in New York and LA have been tweeting or instagramming statuses of how they are doing it…and then showing off about the results.

    Slowly but surely the craze is coming to the UK and one of the specialist studios in London for it is Barretoned. I went along to show you what it’s really like inside a class and what an amazing figure you can get from it if the long, lean torsos of the teachers are anything to go by.

    If you like what you see, visit the Barretoned website or follow them on Twitter @Barretoned

    PS I’ll bring you a new Get a VIP Body video every week so come back every Friday…watch and enjoy!

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    VIP Hair: Watch Zoe Get Tatiana Hair Extensions

    Sometimes we all need a little extra help to look VIP and I’m not afraid to admit I have hair extensions. There is so much fear and controversy surrounding hair extensions as it can either leave you looking full-haired au naturel or you can look like someone has stuck some dead animal to your head.

    I want all you readers to look as fab as you can so when I find something good I’m happy to share my tips. In April, I tried out Tatiana Hair Extensions, loved it and wrote a blog post about it. They lasted more than three months (they were that good quality) and the video above explains how to maintain them so they stay looking natural. Instead of paying lots of money to buy new hair on each visit to the salon, the hair is re-attached using new micro-ring bonds.

    Visit the Tatiana Hair Extensions website for details and prices. There are salons in London and Manchester. Want to know how to style long hair? Tatiana’s given me a few tips, which I’ll post on this blog next week.

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  • Bar Buzz: VIP Cocktail Tasting At The Arch Hotel

    The Arch Hotel is one of the most gorgeous, sophisticated and downright fabulous hotels in London. It’s in an ideal location (on the same road as where Madonna lives and a stone’s throw from Selfridges), the decor alternates between quirky and sumptuous (a polar bear in the reception vs soft leather seats in the bar) AND the cocktails are delicious – as you may be able to see in the video above.

    Watch the video all the way through and you will see that canapes are served with the cocktails. If you visit The Arch Hotel’s bar between 5pm and 7pm, these will also be served to you. This is brilliant value, we think – it’s not everyday you get smoked salmon and foie gras for free.

    If your mouth is now watering, visit The Arch Hotel website to see details of the location and a full menu. And stay in touch on Twitter – you can follow them @thearchlondon and follow Zoe to see where she goes to next @zoegriffin

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  • Inside And Backstage At Nico Didonna London Fashion Week

    Recently we showed you what it was like to sit front row at a London Fashion Week show and now we have gone one better.

    When Nico Didonna showed his Autumn/ Winter 2013 collection at Baku in Knightsbridge, we were EVERYWHERE. In the video above you can see the clothes and you can see what some of the celebs thought.  We caught up with the beautiful socialite Basia Briggs and the delightfully bubbly Nancy Dell Olio.

    What do you think of the outfits? Tweet me @zoegriffin – I love hearing from you!

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    A Birdseye View From Front Row At Nina Naustdal LFW

    London Fashion Week was a blur of sequins, prints, scrunchies, air kissing, caffeine and trying to pretend popcorn was a satisfying alternative to eating dinner. And we loved it!
    Have you ever wondered what it’s actually like to attend a show? I was really lucky to get to sit front row at the Nina Naustdal show at Baku in Knightsbridge, which was one of the highlights of fashion week. Above is a birdseye view plus a bit of a chat with the TV presenter Sinitta to get her VIP tips. How nice is she? The artist at the beginning of the video is called Pandemonia, who was at tons of fashion week shows. Always in the front row. We’re all jealous!

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  • Mayfair Hotel Bar Buzz: London Fashion Week

    The Mayfair Hotel is one of London’s best known celebrity hangouts. But why do people love it so much?

    If you look at the video above you may start to see why. It is the official hotel of London Fashion Week so tons of beautiful people are around and sipping even more beautiful drinks. In fact, the cocktails look so stylish you almost don’t want to drink them!

    Have you visited the Mayfair hotel bar? Are you planning a trip? Tell us about it on Twitter @zoegriffin – we love talking cocktails and nights out.

    PS – If you liked the cocktails in the video above, we’re going to find out the recipe and update this post later today. They ARE tasty!

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