• Freggo Ice Cream Parlour

    Ice cream is a sexy food but eat it at Freggo and it’s even more pleasurable and indulgent thanks to the plush purple leather booths where you can lick and lap up an ever-changing menu of ice cream, frozen yoghurt, pancakes and Argentinian cakes.

    With unique and delicious flavours like Dulce de Leche, Passionfruit and Malbec and Berries, you’ll be screaming with joy with each spoonful. When you’ve finished you can skip out of the venue guilt-free as Freggo’s ice-cream is made from the milk of Argentine Fresian cows which graze freely on the pampas. Their milk is less rich than European milk, making Argentine ice cream lower in fat and calories than Italian or American ice cream.

    But what really makes Freggo stand out from every other ice cream parlour in the capital is that it’s open until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays meaning you can go straight from the club to the cone paradise. It’s a far classier option than taking your date to the kebab shop!

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    Cost: Two scoops for £3.95 and a chocolate or dulche de leche dip for 50p extra. Alfajores (Argentinan cakes smothered in dulce de leche) are £1.95.

    Contact: 27-29 Swallow Street, London W1B 4QR. 020 7287 9506. Freggo Website

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  • Sumosan

    For the above reason – which tastes even better than how it looks – Sumosan is in our list of top 5 restaurants in London. A dome made from sugar covers a milk chocolate cake smothered in green tea mousse served with fresh coconut ice cream. AND it gets better as warm, melted white chocolate oozes out of the cake as soon as it’s cut.

    Sumosan is a Japanese restaurant in the heart of Mayfair with Nobu-quality dishes served in a laid-back atmosphere. Minimal effort has gone into furnishing the venue – think plain wooden tables and chairs with the only comfort being a cushion on the chair – but that’s part of the charm that attracts a diverse mix of diners after one thing and that’s superb food. Christina Aguilera and Will Smith have visited on separate occasions and gone un-noticed as people were focussed on their mouth-watering meals.

    On the main course menu, you’ll find sushi so fresh it could swim back into the sea with the sushi rice succulently juicier than in the chain sushi bars. The black cod in miso will transform your dining experiences forever as you’ll want to keep returning to Sumosan to have it over and over again.

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    Cost: £125 for two including a basic bottle of wine and the fabulous white chocolate fondant. Quite pricey but this is Mayfair.

    Contact: 26 Albermarle Street, London W1S 4HY. 020 7495 5999. Sumosan website

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